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Yet Another Mrs. Hawking Post

By professorstotch,

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hawkingEver since Daniel and Desmond met up at the hatch in this season’s premiere episode, there have been countless people coming forth to proclaim that Daniel’s mother is none other than the infamous Mrs. Hawking. However, I remain a little skeptical. I’m not ready to believe in the Hawking/Faraday connection. In fact, I hope it doesn’t happen. Here’s why:

I can handle the writer’s throwing time travel at us. I can handle all the flashes and jumps and everything crazy that’s been going on. However, I may not be able to handle the writer’s falling into a trap of predictability. There’s no one out there who can honestly say they’ve uttered the phrase: “Oh, I saw that coming” more than a handful of times on Lost. In fact, looking back, I really only remember saying it once myself. This was during the start of season four, when Ben began talking about his spy on the boat. Along with everyone else, I knew it was Michael. I saw that coming. Yet, the only reason I was able to see it coming was because of the fact that I knew Harold Perrineau was being brought back to the show. If I had missed that little piece of information, I would’ve been amoung the minority that was completely dumbfounded upon finding out the spy was Michael. Back to my point…

If Hawking turns out to be Daniel’s mom, I may feel cheated a bit. There are a few things that just don’t add up for me. The first being the fact that Daniel mentions his mother in one episode, and by the end of the next, we’re seeing Ms. Hawking doing some kooky calculations. This feels too coincidental to me. Maybe it was the fact that the two episodes were back to back, and this made it seem like the reveal was coming too quickly. I don’t know what it is, all I know is that I don’t really want her to be his mom. How about making his mother some one we’ve never met before?

Another thing that doesn’t add up is Hawking’s connection to Ben and Widmore. If Hawking is Ms. Faraday, and Widmore knows where she is, does he know she’s working with Ben? Widmore must be aware of the fact that Hawking is trying to find the location of the island. Perhaps she was the one who found it for him and his happy freighter crew. So when did she start working with Ben? How does she know about the island? Is she Ellie? There are so many questions surrounding this woman. I’m just hoping that Lost continues to keep us surprised with the revelation that Hawking and Ms. Faraday are not the same person.