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By Fishbiscuit,

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As a great fan of DocArzt and his wonderful blog, I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to post my episode recaps during this coming season. As my screen name implies, I am a hardcore fan of Sawyer and Kate, but I take great exception to the idea that the only way to properly digest Lost is with geek enzymes. Yeah, I know we’re being told now that Lost was always a Time Travel show, but I’ve always focussed more on the other elements – the characters, the philosophical themes, the comedy, the romance…and the visual artistry. I love the images of Lost most of all and feature them prominently in my reviews. As for the sci fi tidal wave that threatens to overwhelm the show this season, I’m not worried. I figure I probably took as much math and science in college as either Damon Lindelof or Carlton Cuse did. If they can write it, I can find a way to grok it.

For anyone who is interested in a preview of how my recaps look and read, my Season Four recap can be found here:

I hope you all enjoy the recaps and I’ll try my best to make them worth your reading while. See you next week!

  • iamme

    The one thing I look forward to after an episode of Lost is Fish’s Recaps! So glad that you’re going to be posting them here this season. I’m excited!!!

  • I’m so glad you moved here, Fish. This place seems like a better fit. I’m looking forward to your recaps on the episodes. There’s always something to take from them, be it a different insight I hadn’t thought of, or a good old belly laugh.

  • lizzie

    I’m really looking forward to S5 starting, but I’m nearly as anxious to get FB’s recaps. Glad you’re here at Doc’s.

  • aprilshowers

    I’m so happy you’ll be posting at Docs. Your recaps are always filled with thought, creativity and most importantly, humor. Doc’s site is honorable and filled with the Lost goodies we all crave. This is a great match for two of Losts biggest fans.

  • LostTvFan

    I’m thrilled your fantastic recaps will appear here Fish. I hope posters will take a look at the one for Season Four and realize that while Kate and Sawyer fans may support that romance; they truly love ALL of Lost. Yes, including the science fictions elements. Yes, Damon and Carlton, even the time travel stuff.; female viewers are not quite as shallow as you think, No amount of shirtless Sawyer would have kept me tuned in for four plus years including this last long hiatus. I was a Lost fan long before I was a Sawyer fan and long before I had every heard of ‘shipping’. Since 40% of the fans of Lost are women, I think we impact the ratings just as much as our male counterparts do. Thanks Doc for making us feel welcome!!!

  • Lost_Fan

    So, will you be posting at DarkUFO also? Or just here?

  • susan14509

    I am glad you’re posting your recaps here, Fish. Can’t wait to see your Season 5 reviews!

  • Darbi

    Hellooooo, Ms. Fish! Ah, your official welcoming to Doc’s wonderful site! Glad you found a new home for your blog. Looks like you’ll be amongst some great company.

  • rove3

    So glad that you’ll be posting your recaps here Fish! This is by far the best source for all things LOST.

  • welcome here fish 🙂

  • grabbypaws

    Great to see you’ve moved to a new place, Fish. Youre recaps are going to add much to an already great site. I’m looking forward to reading your insight on all things Lost over here at Doc’s.

  • KalS

    It was about time you moved over here, I am sure you will find Doc’s site a very welcoming place not to mention the fact that you will be giving true fans of the show the chance to read some of the most thought provoking, intelligent and down right hilarious recaps in the fandom!Congrats!

  • Marystat

    I’m to looking fwd to read Fish’s recaps on this site too and again very grateful for Docarzt for welcoming us Fishies to his site as well not to mention the HELP he offered Fish!

    So to Fish and Docarzt..on this historical day (inaguration of President Obama) I cannot WAIT for this season to start!! …only one day now hehe.

    And I’m sitting here at a hotel room in Hawaii basking in the Aloha spirit :D.

  • Reese

    ‘Tis lovely to hear you’ll be posting the recaps over here at Doc’s site, Fish. Can’t wait to read them!

  • Phrandile

    Hooray! Ms. Fish is #1!

  • Bezmina

    Hi! That was amazing, I am really looking forward to your writings on S5, I am a UK reader so I won’t see the show until Sunday night, I can’t wait to see your thoughts on it!

  • Bella

    Nice to see you moving here Fish. Apparently this has ticked off ‘someone’ who can’t manage to be a gentleman about it. Doc is a class act and class beat ass every time.

  • Ann

    Can’t wait for your recaps!