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Déjà Vu All Over Again – 6.10 “The Package”

By Fishbiscuit,

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Another Tuesday night, another stop on the Great LOST Farewell Nostalgia Tour. Season Six is turning out to be like a trip back to the old neighborhood. Before it all ends, we’re getting one more chance to see all the faces and places we remember. Look! There’s the big bully who terrified all the locals.

Oh, and over there! The garden where Sun used to grow healing herbs, until she got conked over the head by Charlie so Sawyer could steal the guns.

Yay! Bpo Bpo lives!

And OMG! Whaddayaknow! There’s that super kewl brainwashing room from all those years ago! Room 23!

The purpose of which was …

… uh

… ?

Oh, whatever, it was wicked cool.

I’ve got to admit LOST is losing me. Here we are just past the halfway point of the grand finale season, a perfectly legitimate point at which to stop and take stock. So where are we? What has this season been all about? Where is it headed? Where are we going now that we’re close enough for the end to be in sight? I don’t know about you, but I’m totally lost when it comes to trying to figure out LOST.

I’ll start with something fairly basic – the unmistakable pattern that has emerged, where each character’s centric is framed as an homage to centrics past. This week it was KwonBack Time. For the last time.

The Kwons have become background furniture on LOST in recent years, but in this final season, it’s only right that they should be honored for their rightful place in LOST history. As with other KwonBacks, in The Package Jin and Sun weren’t two separate people. They were a pair.
Sun was playful and adventurous.
Jin was straitlaced, conservative, restrained … and hard as a rock. Yeah, baby. Even Omar wanted a second look.
They had the same passion for each other.
They feared Sun’s powerful father the same way.
OtherSun, just like original Sun, had made a careful plan to run away from home. Only since she’d never married Jin, she hadn’t had a chance to hate him, she hadn’t had a chance to cheat on him, hadn’t had a reason to learn English from her English speaking lover and so therefore it wasn’t Jin that she was dying to get away from. She was trying to run from Daddy. This time it was Jin she wanted to run to.
But just like Sun’s plan to leave Jin ended in an unplanned disaster,
OtherSun’s plan to flee her father ended horrifically as well.

In the Season One KwonBacks, …In Translation and House of the Rising Sun, Jin insisted that Sun’s father acknowledge him openly, that they marry, even if that meant he had to work for the sturgeon faced Mr. Paik.

But in OtherLOST, Jin and Sun were not that honest. They were sneaking around doing the wild thing while putting on a big front about booking separate hotel rooms.
Their hanky panky had aroused the wrath of the great and powerful Paik, and he had come up with a brilliant solution: OtherPaik sent OtherJin on a mission to L.A., to deliver a watch …

… the same thing original Paik had sent original Jin to do.
We never found out who Jin was bringing the watch to. It ended up in a pawnshop in Brooklyn after Michael Dawson sold it to buy the gun that wouldn’t kill him.
In OtherLOST we found out that Jin was bringing the watch, along with a fat wad of cash, to pay off Martin Keamy, who was then going to deliver services on the spot … and kill Jin dead.
Jin was paying his own assassin. That’s how much OtherPaik hated OtherJin. He wasn’t going to just kill him – he was going to make him kill himself. A perfect closed loop of conserved energy.

Other circles and loops were closed as we took our weekly trip down Memory Lane.

Jin’s “button your sweater” byline was recycled to good use in this episode. Jin’s domination of Sun was tweaked seductively into Sun’s ability to effortlessly control Jin.

In …And Found, a Season Two KwonBack, Locke enters Sun’s garden while she’s working and asks her, “Bad day?”

In The Package, Locke’s doppelganger, The Smoke Monster, approaches Sun the identical way and asks the same question.

In Glass Ballerina, Sun shoots Colleen in the stomach, killing her.

In The Package, Sun is the one who takes the gut shot.

Women dying from bullets to the belly is one of LOST’s most hallowed traditions.
In fact, it’s a rare woman on LOST who dies any other way! Does this mean OtherSun will soon go the way of Colleen … and of Shannon, Ana Lucia, Libby and Danielle Rousseau?

It wasn’t only Kwon memories that got reprised. Sawyer and Kate drank imaginary cocoa under the watchful green eye of Widmore’s spies –

– a dimly lit shoutout to the imaginary peanut butter that once sustained Charlie and Claire during hard times.

Jack was acting very Season One doctorlike, calmly traipsing around with his backpack full of helpful life lessons.

His scene on the beach with Sun, where he gently offered help as a caring human being, reminded me of the scene long ago in Walkabout when he reached out to Rose in much the same way. Oh, Jack, where’d you go all these years?

And having Desmond and Sayid meet up again at the submarine dock,

while obviously under very changed circumstances,

couldn’t help but remind me of the last time Desmond ended up one of Widmore’s boats.

Like other Kwon centrics, this episode was slight, delicate, concise. There’s a kind of origami feeling to all the Kwonbacks.

Sun was first introduced to us as the Korean wife who secretly knew how to speak English. In this episode, that talent left her. Apparently it got knocked out of her head by the tree trunk she ran into.

She can still understand English and she can write it. Just can’t speak it anymore. Of course, Jin can speak English now. It should make for a very interesting kabuki dance when the two lovers finally reunite and try to have a conversation.

While Sun was forgetting how to speak English, we were watching OtherSun, who apparently never learned it.

This was one of the ways that the relationship between the two realities began to evolve in this episode. The correlations between LOST and OtherLOST are becoming more intriguing. Did Sun forget to speak English because she hit a tree trunk, or did she hit a tree trunk and forget to speak English because her OtherSelf never learned how?

Mikhail Bakunin was back in this episode, looking decidedly less grizzled with two working eyes and a nice suit on.

But then Jin put his eye out! So that’s how Mikhail lost his eye, right?

Uh, except no. Original Jin didn’t shoot original Mikhail. So even though Mikhail would always lose his eye, the way he lost his eye could be different in differing realities.

I’m sure that further explains the relationship between the two worlds as well. Except I don’t think anyone can figure out exactly HOW it explains it. Which means it didn’t explain much.

Of course the most important interdimensional interface, the only one that really matters, is this one.

Original Jin had been diagnosed as infertile, making it something of a miracle when Sun conceived a child on the Island. OtherJin’s swimmers, on the other hand, do not seem to have ever had any such problems.

Since we’re all tripping down Memory Lane these days, this reminds me of one of the first reviews I ever did.

Season Three’s KwonBack, D.O.C., was an episode of unalloyed hilarity, where Juliet famously tried to date Sun’s pregnancy by the date when she’d last had sex, proving that she may have been a fertility genius, but she’d skipped seventh grade sex ed class. That KwonBack was the episode that first introduced us to LOST’s most outlandish male fantasy – Super!Sperm!

Super!Sperm! turned out to be one of the great blind alley wild goose chases for those of us who once regarded every kooky LOST plotline as an ingenious mystery to be solved. In the past, I could joke that maybe this was how the mystery would be solved.

And wouldn’t you know it? All these years later, I think that’s probably as close as we’re ever going to get to solving that particular mystery!

When Sun conceived on the Island, it was feared the child was in jeopardy, since one of the Island’s misogynistic properties was that it killed young mothers dead for the crime of having a working uterus. In this episode, we saw that OtherSun and her baby were similarly endangered.

Ji Yeon survived. Will OtherBaby make it? Is OtherBaby going to be OtherJiYeon? Or would a baby conceived from normal non-Super!Sperm! be an entirely different baby? Will we ever find out? Maybe. Maybe not.

One of the things I’m beginning to do with LOST is try and define it in terms of what it is not. Since I really have no frakking clue what it might actually be about these days, I’m trying to use the process of elimination to whittle down the possiblities.

As we were told long ago, it’s not about Purgatory.

Even though last week they seemed to be hinting very hard that it might be about Hell.

I know there’s still some science fiction fans hanging onto hope for some pseudo-scientific pseudo-explanation for the shenanigans of the Island. For years many have suspected that the freaky magnetic properties of the Island are the reason that Widmore has prized it and sought to possess it. It’s interesting that scientists at MIT have recently discovered that magnets can distort our ability to make moral evaluations. Maybe that’s what’s at the heart of our story … but I really don’t think so. At this point, I’d say it’s a fiction that any of LOST’s mysteries will ever be explained by anything remotely resembling science.

I don’t think it’s a Christian allegory either, despite the enthusiastic certainty some fans have that it’s all devolving down to some clearcut Calvinist demarcation of good vs. evil. I don’t see that happening. Jacob’s willingness to drag civilians into his family feud is too evil for me to ever consider him good. And there is nothing in the OtherLOST storyline that looks to me like either reward or punishment. I don’t think the story is going there, though it’s certainly putting on a fine show of pretending.

It’s not a Buddhist allegory either.

Although there is an occasional nod to the concept of balancing good and evil, yin yang style, it’s going to be a hard sell for them to make that philosophical point conclusively at this point. It’s a great idea, and something LOST could have been about, but I no longer see it happening.

LOST has always been a confusing story, but nothing really has befuddled me as much as trying to piece together the reason behind this season’s sudden lurch into an alternate reality. Yes, I know we’re not supposed to call it an alternate reality. We were told that it isn’t alternate or less real than the reality of the six year storyline we were striving so mightily to comprehend.

That leaves us with a Many Worlds concept of infinitely diverging realities.

With each decision, each turning point, a new set of possibilities and probabilities spring into being. In a Many Worlds universe each new possibility creates an entirely new, entirely unique reality. The new realities do not intersect. They go off into infinity as separate lines, always diverging, never converging. The moment of choice is like the moment of conception, where something that never existed before comes into being.

But now we see that on LOST, the realities are starting to converge. Mikhail’s lost eye, Sun’s lost English, the baby who may be lost … all these things seem to be echoing between the two realities.

There are other echoes. Jack’s new slaphappy demeanor seems to have taken hold just as we met an OtherJack who seemed a lot less type A.
OtherSayid seemed more deadeyed in this episode, just as Sayid has become more zombielike on the Island.

What is OtherLOST trying to tell us? The timespace for OtherLOST is 2004, while LOST Is taking place in 2007. Time travel has not stopped after all. If 2007 LOST is converging with 2004 OtherLOST, does that mean that a new past is being written? If consciousness is now skipping across time and space and theoretical multidimensionalities, then it’s not really a Schrodinger’s cat situation any longer. It’s not like the cat is both alive and dead until we make a final deciding measurement. It’s more like the cat itself is ping ponging through quantum states, interfering in the mechanics of its own hypothetical dilemma. I’m starting to get the real sense that the reason they’ve referenced Alice in Wonderland so often on this show is they want us to just shut up and bathe in the pure nonsense of it.

“That’s one stubborn tomato.”

Some have theorized that OtherLOST represents the final reality. That this time in the past will become the one true reality once the characters in the present resolve all their issues on the Island of Mystery.

This would mean a number of things. For one thing, it would mean that if this child exists,

then this one does not. Or vice versa.

It would mean that people who died on the Island could be alive again, at least for a little while.

It also means that some characters that now exist, no longer do.

In fact, since the characters of OtherLOST are not the same characters that we’ve watched evolve all these years, it would mean the entire story we’ve been watching all these years will have never happened.
We were just running around in circles, caring about and learning about and wondering about characters that never really existed. The joke was on us.

One fun fact about this episode is that it’s the first since the Season Three finale where all the credited cast members made an appearance. The Powers That Be even found some facetime for the annoying new character they decided in their infinite wisdom to spring on us in this final season.


Ben and Ilana traded some choice snark, which was fun, but redemption seems to have worked its magic on Ben and made him kind of … boring.

He can still bring the funny, but he’s a neutered puppy. The devious mastermind, murderer, and once omnipotent overlord of the fearsome Others has become just a witty schlub tagging along for the ride.

Ilana seems to have quite the crush on Richard.

If only he could manage to forget dead Isabella.

Claire is still seething. She’s realizing that even if she were to see Aaron again, she’d be a stranger to him. A batshit crazy stranger, at that.

But her friend, Mr. Monster, assures her that she’ll still have a chance to punish Kate. He tells her “Whatever happens, happens”, a telling change of verb tense that seems to give Crazy Claire carte blanche to murder Kate once his mission is accomplished.

Kate appeared in this episode, but aside from drinking imaginary cocoa and staring impassively into the fire, she was just a placeholder.

Sawyer’s plan to walk The Monster into Widmore’s trap didn’t turn out as planned, so the elaborate set up in Recon seems to have fizzled out already.

He confesses to Kate that he’s as frightened as she is, but he’s hiding it, still trying to deke out the Monster’s weakness and find a way to defeat him.

Jack, on the other hand, has become a zealot, a true believer, a faithful apostle of the Gospel of Jacob.

He tries in vain to convince Sun that having a Purpose! and a Destiny! is just the bestest thing ever, but she’s not buying it. Poor Sun still seems to think she’s got a chance of going home with her husband to their three year old.

Jin finds himself captured in both realities.

But we can see how his confidence has grown. On the Island, he demands that he be allowed to confront Widmore directly. And in the Other Reality, he takes command of the situation and does not hesitate to kill as needed.

At first I thought OtherKeamy seemed like a markedly less evil version, but then I realized that he was probably only sparing Jin long enough to get his paycheck.

Keamy has gotten a lot of facetime in this final season of LOST. We’ve seen more of him than we have of Rose or Boone or Charlie. I guess they figured we’d just like to watch him die a few more times. Bastards! You killed Keamy!

Since I have no idea where the storytellers are taking us with their parallel coexisting reality storyline that is bleeding into and out of their original storyline, I think I’ll revisit a storyline of considerably longer standing – the Great Almost War of LOST Island.

The one that has been almost about to happen for going on three years now. It’s not that they have always been at war. It’s more like they have always been talking about how they’re going to be at war. Like any day now.

In The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, Widmore told John Locke that a war was coming to the Island. The Monster again had one of those deja vu moments where he experienced the memories of the dead man he was impersonating, and he repeated Widmore’s line to Sawyer.

The NotLocke Monster and Widmore had a face down on the beach, separated by the pylons that Widmore erected to keep the Smokey One at bay. In Recon some questioned whether the Monster could have gone to Hydra Island and killed the survivors of Ajira Flight 316. We know that he can travel back and forth to the Island in his man form, so I assumed he did just that and then converted to Killer Smoke once he was there. But it’s an interesting point. Perhaps the Island has been such an effective prison for the Smoke Monster precisely because he can not travel over water. Now that he’s inhabiting a human organism all he needs is a seaworthy vessel.

However that does not explain the pylons, which appear to still be an effective anti-Monster shield. Do they also repel the Monster when he’s inside his humanoid Locke shape? Or was NotLocke just respecting the boundaries that not-yet warriors must respect? I mean, Monster has been waiting for Widmore and now there he is. Why not just leap across the invisible boundary, turn into Smokey and swallow him down like a little tasty morsel?

The Great Monstro-Widmore War can’t happen yet because that would be the end of the story. In the meantime, I guess we can still try to understand why it is that Widmore wants so badly to kill poor old Monster. Was this what Widmore was always doing on the Island? Was he Jacob’s General, and if so, why was Ben allowed to kick him out? It seems pretty obvious that Widmore is here to lead the final charge for Jacob in the battle against the Monster.

His people used darts and tazers to subdue the Losties, just like the Others did.
We can see that the Others learned their tricks from Widmore.
Widmore speaks to Jin about the Monster in apocalyptic terminology. It’s obvious that the Monster isn’t just the embodiment of evil, or that evil is being kept out of the world by keeping the Monster on the Island. The world has plenty of evil in it, with or without the Monster. Plenty of death and destruction and cruelty and violence and sin. But Widmore describes the Monster as something worse than evil. It almost seems like the Monster represents total annihilation.
“If that thing masquerading as John Locke ever got off this island, your wife, your daughter, my daughter, everyone we know and love – would simply cease to be.”
Cease to be. Is Widmore talking about this timeline, on the Island? Or does that go for all existence everywhere of everyone? Does the Monster have the power to obliterate all existences in every reality for all of infinity? Does he represent pure nothingness? Is he The Void?

I am become Death, the destroyer of Worlds. – Bhagavad Gita

Maybe we’re headed for a showdown where the Monster wins and wipes out this reality, but since OtherLOST is a reality already in progress, all of their consciousnesses can just hop skip and jump over there and go on as if nothing happened. Or maybe the Monster will be defeated and that will be how the Island sinks to the bottom of the ocean … but everyone’s consciousness will still get to hop skip and jump over to OtherLOST. Maybe that’s why they zapped this other reality into the storyline at the last minute, to give our Losties a lifeboat after the Titanic of this hopelessly muddled storyline finally sinks into oblivion.

If that is where this is headed, then what to make of the everpresent Fate vs. Free Will contest that has shadowed the plot since its beginnings?
It was interesting to me that the Monster did not snatch Sun after she’d fallen to the ground while running away from him.
Clearly he must have her. Sun was told by Ilana that she is a Candidate. It struck me as a little weird that Sun could be important in that way, after spending the better part of two seasons restricted to a one note storyline.
But it seems to be the case. We are learning a few things about the making of a Candidate. First of all, a Candidate can not be killed – not by Jacob, not by the Monster, not by Widmore. Why? I don’t think it’s because they are unkillable. I think it’s because they are all necessities. The winner in this game of unknown rules must gain possession of all six Candidates in order to prevail.
But the intriguing thing is that the Candidates must choose to align themselves with one side or the other.
The Monster can not win the game if he takes any of the Candidates by force. I am only guessing at this explanation and as with any other LOST theory, there are holes in it. Did Locke choose to be killed by Ben and donate his doppelganger to the Monster? I don’t think so.
Did Sayid choose to be drowned in the dirtywater mikvah and be resurrected as a soulless zombie? Not really.
Sawyer has chosen to be with the Monster, but he’s only there in body, not in spirit, only hiding out to try and game the system.
Now that Jin is lost, it will be harder for the Monster to ever convince Sun to join him.
And what does it mean that Widmore has now brought Jacob an unwilling “package” that quite clearly has NOT made the choice to be there?

And so at the midpoint of this last ever season of LOST, I’m not giving myself very high marks for figuring anything out. I can think of lots of things LOST is not – it’s not much of a science fiction, it’s not a monomyth, it’s not holding together as any kind of philosophical allegory. It seems like maybe it could be entitled Six Numbers in Search of Characters in Search of a Plot that Might Tie Them Together.

Maybe it’s an anthology of character studies wrapped up inside a fairy tale where the characters have stumbled into an ancient family feud and are being forced to play out parts in a story that has nothing to do with them. Once the feud is settled, perhaps the fairy tale world will just collapse, and we’ll watch all the characters, the dead ones and the live ones, head out into a non magical mundane reality that is entirely incidental to the story we thought we were watching.
There’s a problem with all this of course. We’ve known the Smoke Monster for five years, and have heard Jacob’s name for three, but their overarching myth only began in last season’s final episode. I hate to say this, but sometimes it seems like the gods came out of the machine just in time to wrap up a story that never had an ending of its own.
And as for OtherLOST … how can OtherLOST ever become the one true underlying reality? Since all of it happened the way it happened only because Flight 815 never crashed on LOST Island, wouldn’t that mean that for the last six years we’ve been watching an actual Show About Nothing?

Your guess is as good as mine.

What else can we do but keep guessing to the end? At this point we’re all prisoners.

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  • Angie

    I’m glad you’re finally considering the possibility of the show ending with OtherLOST because that seems to be where the story is headed. You also know that probably also means Juliet’s death was not the end of Suliet.

    Whether OtherLOST characters regain their memories or not, I will never be able to view them as the Losties I’ve been watching and following all these years.

    • neoloki

      i am sorry but the show is not going to end with the Mirror world.

  • me

    so much negativity from the very beginning of this recap that I had to stop bc it was ruining my buzz for the show and the final season. what used to be fun to read has become so negative and pessimistic, and its not just fish. my only choice is to go into total media lock down until after the finale. lates!

    • shauniqua

      i have to agree, this post was a series bummer.

      i, for one, feel like this final season fits perfectly with everything we’ve seen from the show and the general “reveal all at the end” style of other Abrams creations.

      people have got themselves so wrapped up in what they *think* the show is, they forgot to watch til the end to see first.

      • minnie swirl

        I agree. I didn’t think last week’s show was the last, but apparently it was according to this article. As usual this was well put together, but the cynicism and disappointment with an ending that hasn’t happened yet is a real drag. I read a lot of LOST analysis to get a better understanding, but now it really just seems like people just complain that the show didn’t end the way they wanted it to. I also don’t think Ben is boring and saying “well I guess he is just along for the ride” is premature. We don’t know what is going to happen next. shauniqua said it best: “People have got themselves so wrapped up in what they *think* the show is, they forgot to watch til the end to see first.” Indeed.

        • RodimusBen

          Ironically, in Season 4 FB was complaining that there was too much Ben. So which is it, Fish?

      • dd

        This recap was another example of why I don’t take FB seriously. There are lot of obvious things can and should be inducted by some of the issues that leave her floundering, but she really can’t pull it together for something comprehensive.

        I get the vibe FB will be one of the many blowhards that will be dissatisfied with the conclusion because they haven’t been able to follow the implications of a few jumps.

        • John K

          Let me agree with many sentiments above. I love FB’s recaps usually, but the absolute lack of understanding FB references is a little too snarky, a little too reminiscent of the “Lost is Lost” and “Lost has lost the plot” articles the mainstream peddled a few years back. I’m sure the content of this article is great, but when you express you don’t “get” what is going on, how are we supposed to have any faith in your recaps as anything other than throwing gum at the wall and seeing what sticks?

        • Shark tacO

          “I get the vibe FB will be one of the many blowhards that will be dissatisfied with the conclusion because they haven’t been able to follow the implications of a few jumps.”

          I feel sorry for those types, but hey…what can you do?

          • Samuel

            I on the other hand have your back FB…this seasons episodes have all come out of left field. There’s no cohesiveness to any of it and I am glad to finally hear someone else say that having Jacob come in and be the reason for all of the “mysteries” of the island when he wasn’t really featured on the show for 5 and a half years is pretty lame. Also destroying the timeline that we know is a cop out negating all but one season of the show and I for one hope the ending is much more creative.

          • Handsome Smitty


            Jacob out of “left field” is no different than Ben or Desmond coming out of nowhere. We’ve all assumed Jack and Kate are the stars of the show (and they are according to The Darlton), but they’re just part of a larger story. Doesn’t mean they won’t play a “climatic” role at the end.

            In fact, you could look at it like THEY are the characters coming out of nowhere into Jacob and MIB’s reality!

          • RodimusBen

            Interestingly, all stuff that hasn’t happened yet, and may in fact NOT happen. Maybe you should hold your trigger finger until the series ends, hmm?

          • Aldo lover


            Every season of Lost has come out of “left field” with ideas and premises that were unexpected and surprising.

    • The Magician

      I agree completely; Lost has THE most negative, cynical fans on the planet. The fact that we are still quite unable to define what Lost is, is to me part of its genius and magic. But in the eyes of this recapper of course, it is just another opportunity for nitpicking.

  • Silly question but I can’t seem to remember, who’s the baby in the picture who wouldn’t exist if the Lostie universe turned into the alt?

    Also, as for why Smokie can’t just come across the pylons in human form, well, the pylons still have an effect on people. Remember poor old Mikhail, who seems to have died almost as many times as Keamy 🙂

    • shauniqua

      that’s sawyer’s daughter, clementine.

      • Handsome Smitty

        And it doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist in Sideways(c)Lost. It would be cool to have a reference to her, or see a picture of her on Sawyer’s desk or at his apartment.

        • Seabiscuit

          Be a pity if she didn’t exist in the alt, they made such a huge deal out of Kate finding her and taking care of her the last two seasons, and all we saw of her was a brief glimpse of a maniacally grinning child at the door of Cassidy’s house.

  • dd

    So many missed opportunities. Typical of a fangirl.

    • MoniquE

      As usual, the same guy who shrieks about his twisted panties the minute someone calls him a fanboy, loves to throw epithets around the other way. One thing I won’t miss about Lost is the absolutely dreadful people who follow it online. And this loser DD who never tried to add one idea to the discussion, but sits around looking for someone to insult, is typical of what they’re made up of.

      • dd

        I’ve actually contributed to a lot of discussions.

        The “fangirl” thing is satire. Add that to a long list of things you don’t understand.

        • MoniquE

          Really? I’ve never seen you add a single interesting, constructive or original idea to the discussion here. You have a thing against FB, you lie in wait to insult each thing she writes, then you try and spread the insult to anyone who enjoys her writing. You’re horrified that anyone should be so bold as to use a common and well understood word like fanboy. I guess it harms your fragile self identification as a superior intellectual being. Whatever you may add to discussions elsewhere your only purpose to be here, like sharktaco and some of the other abusive fanboys, is to make yourself feel better about yourself. Maybe you could have tried actually WRITING something interesting yourself, but that would have taken work.Better to bitch and whine about your fanboy status and just pretend you could do so much better, if only you had time in your busy fanboy life.

          • dd

            Remember the Deus Ex Machina discussion? What about when I had to remind everyone that FB was misleading them when she said Juliet killed herself? There has been more, but those are the two that have been most memorable.

            I already have wrote something interesting. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do serious writing about LOST. I thought I could find it, but I can’t. So I have one piece to call my own! Hooray! Still, this doesn’t mean anything. Without or without a body or work, the criticism against FB’s work still stands. I mean, how can someone not understand “we are the causes of our own suffering”? Wait, let’s all remember the recap of the Constant to review how someone doesn’t understand tragedy.

            I still don’t understand what a “fanboy” is. You’ve never explained this. Please, tell us why it is terrible to be a “fanboy” and what exactly being a “fanboy” entails. Why is your camp preferable? I would like a real answer, please.

            To be honest, I’ve never seen FB offer a single “single interesting, constructive or original idea to the discussion.” It’s usually common sense stuff that people have already discussed before the recap is released mixed with stretched comparisons.

            I’m still waiting for you to contribute something to any of the discussions that don’t involved FB apologetics and Sawyer fantasies. Indulge us.

          • MoniquE

            “Remember the Deus Ex Machina discussion? What about when I had to remind everyone that FB was misleading them when she said Juliet killed herself? There has been more, but those are the two that have been most memorable.”

            LOL! Two of your obnoxious nitpicks don’t add up to an interesting or original contribution to the discussion. All I remember about the Deus Ex Machina discussion is that you made an ass of yourself and told everyone how you were too busy in the library to actually write anything constructive. You only had to time to tear down someone else’s ideas, same as always. But it figures you think your whiny nitpicks are on a par with someone else’s hard work.

            For the record, whether or not Juliet killed herself is an opinion. They’re like assholes, everyone has them. Just cause you like the smell of your own doesn’t make yours better.

            Fanboy can have a couple of meanings, but in your case, it’s defined as a self important asstard who thinks that he’s superior to others just because he declares himself to be. It’s generally a young guy with not much life experience, who is emotionally stunted, but who thinks his average intelligence qualifies him to pass judgment on the rest of the human race. Fanboys tend to direct most of their bitterness at women (in this fandom that would be the “shippers”), probably because they’re so frustrated in that area. Hope that clears it up for ya. The shoe fits you like it was custom made.

          • Handsome Smitty

            @MoNiQue –


          • Handsome Smitty


            You’re an idiot.

            Which is not the definition of “fanboy.”

            Fanboy’s are giddy and silly and overly impassioned, much to the chagrin of others.

          • chad


          • Shark tacO

            do you know why I dislike fishbiscuits “recaps”, SloniquE”? Its because they fucking suck! She is a horrible writer with an extremely unoriginal and lackluster way of presenting her “work”. If thats what you want to call it. Her lame ass whining about the show shes not getting is a perfect example of the sour attitude a lot of LOSTS online community has taken. Get over it fools, they dont write this show for you specifically, nor do people like fish write the show. Its probably the reason why guys and girls like the writers on LOST are writers on LOST and fish is just an angry little writer that posts pictures with a sentence or two under them on a dieing blog.

            You should just quit watching fish, save yourself the self induced headache.

            And damn monique, Ive never seen anyoneone on the internet argue for such a bad thing as hard as you do. is fish paying you? yall dating or are you married? friends outside the net? or are you really fishbiscuit under a different name?

        • I recall a couple of weeks ago being repeatedly bashed for giving what was essentially a statement of glowing praise for FB’s recaps with the single caveat that I don’t enjoy her recaps of Sawyer episodes as much because I perceived a Sawyer/Skate bias. I was, and still am, at a loss to figure out why I was not allowed to have a single area of criticism of someone who is otherwise a very entertaining recapper. I agree that it’s silly to wait for FB’s recaps just to attack them with glee, but it’s equally silly to immediately dismiss any criticism of FB as without merit and unworthy of consideration.

        • Latika

          You only contribute negativity, dd. You’re worse than the idiots who run the Planet of the Apes Discussion Group over on Yahoo.

          • Handsome Smitty

            That’s a joke, right? Planet of the Apes Discussion Group!?!


            If you’re not joking…that’s just…sad.

          • Dorf

            I’m not sure what you mean, Smitty. This here is a LOST discussion group. What’s the difference? Both are devoted to discussing a series that has fans. (Of course, the big difference, according to Latika, is that the Planet of the Apes Discussion Group is apparently run by idiots, whereas this site is not.) Why is one group sad, but not the other? Isn’t your comment basically a “pot meets kettle” situation?

          • Handsome Smitty

            My “point” is that Plant of the Apes is so old!!! how could there be a discussion group for it!?!

            And yeah, it’s pot and kettle.

            But…Planet of the Apes!?!?!!?!


    • me

      agree with dd – monique, you seem unstable or something…

      seems like a lot of people on here agree that this recap was SHITE.

      • MoniquE

        I didn’t even comment on the review. It wasn’t one of my favorites, but I don’t crap on people who give me free stuff.

        Unstable? Yeah, calling out a whiney little fanboy for what he really is makes me “unstable”. Because how could anyone disagree with a pompous blowhard like dd unless there was something mentally wrong with them? LOL!

        • me

          so everyone on here that disliked this recap, like dd, is mentally unstable?

          did you hear that shark taco? wnt2kno? ambivalentman? mikey2? aldolover? ajiralover? eural joiner? geiger counter?

          you are all unstable. this was a good recap. no need to say it was the most negative thing you’ve ever read bc Monique tells us so !

          • MoniquE

            Are you retarded? Can you read? What is your problem? You are the only one calling anyone mentally unstable.

          • me

            my problem is that dd said that there were missed opportunities in this recap and you immediately shot him down and wrote a dissertation about how horrible a person he is taking up half of the comments section – and he was right! there WERE so many missed opportunties in this recap – like the opportunity to celebrate the end of our favourite show by really giving it some effort to help us figure what is going on instead of throwing in the towel 6 hours before the end bc she doesn’t get it! other recappers were able to do it – even without putting in their own pessimistic and negative attitudes and opinions in in it.

            someone had to defend dd’s opinion and i stand by it even though he has been a pain in the past – this article is counter intuitive, counter productive, counter imagination and counter LOST – which is the worst part bc that is the whole point. FB wouldn,t be FB without Lost.

            free or not, that is awful for us people who come here bc we love the show only to have someone tell us it sucks, has always sucked, and will end up sucking – so what does that make us in the end?

            and calling someone “retarded” is not only not funny but should have people banned from this site entirely if there are any moderators out there. i mean, what the heck is this? are you 12? that is so offensive you obviously have no idea how much.

          • MoniquE

            I didn’t call you anything – not like how you insulted me. I asked you a question because you were twisting my words to make it seem I said something I didn’t say.

            You and dd and all the others ALWAYS hate this writers recap. Always. You don’t only hate this one becuase it’s negative. You are angry, nasty fanboys (Sharktaco is the most vicious) with a bug up your butts about this writer.

            Here’s the question all you should answer WHY DO YOU READ IT EVERY SINGLE WEEK?????

            Go put your time to better use and read something you like. If it was your first time here that would be one thing but you come here only to hate, to hate FB, to hate me, to hate anyone who agrees with FB. You’re exactly what makes this fanbase so toxic. The best thing about Lost ending is never having to run into one of you people ever again.

          • The Mantis

            Have to agree, MoniquE, it seems like anytime I see your name you’re just trying to start a fight with someone or ripping on somebody’s comment. You seem like a very angry person…

          • MoniquE

            You think I’m angry? Angrier than the vicious fanboy who wrote this?

            “do you know why I dislike fishbiscuits “recaps”, SloniquE”? Its because they fucking suck! She is a horrible writer with an extremely unoriginal and lackluster way of presenting her “work”. If thats what you want to call it. Her lame ass whining about the show shes not getting is a perfect example of the sour attitude a lot of LOSTS online community has taken. Get over it fools, they dont write this show for you specifically, nor do people like fish write the show. Its probably the reason why guys and girls like the writers on LOST are writers on LOST and fish is just an angry little writer that posts pictures with a sentence or two under them on a dieing blog.”

            In the Lost fandom, fanboys can spew this kind of shit all over the place and it’s just fine. It’s only when someone calls them on it that suddenly they’re angry or unstable. It’s a very sexist fandom, I’ve noticed it for a long time, but it’s extra bad when these creeps pile on to say over and over how they hate this writer. My advice to Fish would be to just quit posting here. Even if it is probably one of the most popular posts Doc Arzt has. Why she takes the abuse is beyond me.

          • Handsome Smitty

            Monique is right – dd is a little harsh. She brings something to the table, he only complains.

          • Dorf

            “dd” and “me” are obviously the same troll.

          • wnt2kno

            You know, i might be unstable…. I actually liked this episode quite a bit.

  • wnt2kno

    It’s funny, this episode was the only one from this season that i enjoyed. I’m not a big fan of Sun and Jin but it was really touching when Jin saw the pictures of his daughter. It actually made me look forward to the rest of the season.

    I agree with some of the other posters — the writers are giving us the story they created, we’re along for the ride.

  • Horace

    Doubtless the relevance of the alterna-timeline will become clear. I agree with the sentiments I’ve heard about not connecting as greatly with the side-aways, because they aren’t the characters we’ve grown invested in (or, at least, not from the point of some undetermined divergence). When Sun was shot, I was kind of unconcerned, because, as I said….to me she wasn’t the Sun I’ve been interested in.
    I’m sure it will be brought into focus soon enough. The thing that worries me is the presence of the little mysteries that must now presumably be dealt with for the side-aways until we resolve it. To run down: Jack (who’s David’s Mom?), Locke (Daddy issue or not?), Sun/Jin (you know….she’s shot), Kate (uh…I guess nothing really…what she did to get in trouble, if you’d like), Sayid (seems settled), Ben (nope…also seems settled), Sawyer (maybe the Cooper thing, not sure). Are any of these pressing mysteries? Hurley TBA….will he be the one to shed light? Will Desmond encounter Faraday and constant the whole thing back into alignment? Will the last episode start on a CU of Vincent’s big brown colorblind eyeball? I think it will all converge in an unexpected and satisfying way………I’m serious……why are you laughing?

  • Benjamin

    I’m surprised I haven’t heard other people discussing the Room 23 situation. Everyone remembers the brainwashing scene with Karl and those crazy goggles he was wearing, from back in season 3. In ‘the Package’ they reveal that Dharma was doing psychological tests and whatnot in the room, and thats understandable. But the whole ‘God loves you as he loved Jacob’ slide? Where the hell does that come in? Did Ben tamper with the slides or something to mess with Karl’s mind? If Room 23 was being controlled by the DI (also why was it being used at the Hydra rather than another station on the main Island) then how would Jacob have a place in their experiments? I know this probably has no real significance in the grand story of LOST, but it seems a little too odd. Am I missing or forgetting something? Do tell.

    • Horace

      I’m guessing that the Room 23 concept was adopted by the Others since it had been years since the DI had operated the station at that point.

  • OtherJacob

    I’m just glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks that Zoe looks a fair bit like Tina Fey!

    • Dee

      Yeah, and don’t you think it looks like she’s wearing some kind of bad costume? Its almost like the writers are trying to conceal her identity. I wonder if she’s Widmore’s daughter from his “off island” relationship.

      • MIB Pants


        • Dee

          Maybe he had more than one child and more than one “off island” relationship. He was banished when he was young. Or maybe she’s someone else altogether. This new character just strikes me as a weird throw-in all of a sudden. There’s no explanation of why she’s seems to be second in command to Widmore or what she’s even doing there. I feel like she must be connected to someone else in some way. Any ideas?

          • Dee

            BTW, I haven’t had a chance to watch last night’s new episode yet, so maybe my question was answered, but I just thought of something. Daniel Faraday is Widmore son’s and he’s a scientist. Zoe has said she is a geophysicist, when she told Widmore he should have put a mercenary in charge instead of a geophysicist. Don’t you think its an odd coincidence that both her and Daniel are scientists and Widmore has given her a position of power in his “army”?

  • Handsome Smitty

    This is what happens when you put all your faith in science. You become Job wailing, “Why me, Lord.” We still can’t explain exactly how (or more accurately WHAT) gravity is or how lightning forms. So why would you expect WRITERS (TV ones no less) to explain the science of Lost,.,

    Me more than anyone was upset with the Sideway(c) reality even before I created that term for that UnLost that we’re seeing. But I see where they’re going and I’m starting to be okay with it.

    It’s just thatni don’t know where we’ve been that’s the problem. I for one won’t be surprised to see MIB take off in a spaceship in the ’77 reality: Nor would I be surprised to see Richard go back in time and blow the Island up with Jughead in ’54.

    By far your best recap Fishy,

  • Shark tacO

    Cant wait to see how monique’s gonna attempt to defend this mess.


  • Windham

    I’m still wondering how Dharma got all those hippie vans and equipment on the island. The vans had to come on a ship, right? And what’s with the subs anyway? Why not a ship? Have to do with the rough travel? Maybe so nobody sees your arrival? Subs are underwater and the island was underwater in the first episode. And how does Ben summon Smokey by turning the drain? Just random thoughts. Agree with the Post, by the way.

    • adam118

      Yeah I’d like to see what it was like when Dharma arrived. I hoped it would be in Richard’s ep, but, naaaahhh.

  • Aldo lover

    I enjoy fb’s recaps but I don’t understand the frustration of not knowing what’s going on. For six seasons we’ve been watching this show and really have never known what direction their going. (There’s a man inside the hatch? Time travel? Donkey wheels!?) Why would anything change this last season? All I know is that Lost has been a consistently interesting story to watch and I look forward to enjoying the ride until The End.

  • FB seems to imply that the flash sideways is a real possibility of how this story is going to end. A lifeboat for our characters. I seriously doubt the writers are ignorant enough to string us along for 6 years and in the end say, “Everything you just watched, didn’t actually ever happen. Welcome to the Flash Sideways for ever and ever”. We’ve invested everything into our Island characters and the writers know this better than anyone. The final battle will come down to which timeline will win out, this is the struggle, but our Island timeline that we all are invested in will prevail or it will all seem like a waste of time. J.J, Damon, and Carlton are not that stupid so relax Fish.

    • Benjamin

      It’s been said time and time again by Damon and Carlton..the show is about the characters, and has been since the beginning. They’re not gonna pull a fast one and make the last 6 years (and many more for the characters) of exceptional character development and much invested time, end up being for nothing.

      As for FB and all who think alike. Ride out the freakin story, and see where it takes you. If you haven’t learned by now that you’re not gonna get the entire picture halfway through..then you might have an issue.

      • Handsome Smitty

        I agree with the last, and the first as well, but constrained by time the characters are getting short shrift in favor of resolution.

  • adam118

    That gif of Desmond running through the frieghter waving his hands is f’n hilarious!

    • rich

      thats true!! lol, and another great argument about the recap!! seriously these comments are far more entertaining than the post, nice work firing everyone up fb!

  • Zonker

    Once again, great recap, FB! Oddly enough, I agree with BOTH you AND your critics. Last week’s episode seemed to me like mostly a waste of scare Season 6 real estate. And I’ll be equally bummed as you if your fears play out, specifically the deux ex machina on-screen introduction of Jacob & MIB only after 80% plus of the show was already over, and the eventual abandonment of the timeline from Seasons 1-4 in favor of this OtherLost reality. But this week will be a Desmond episode, and the producers have hinted in last week’s podcast that Desmond episodes tend to act to subvert the audience’s expectations of what the show is about… so hang tight for a couple of days. Maybe the producers have us right where they want us at this point, lulled into a sleepy Season 6 lethargy before they pull a “Flashes Before Your Eyes” game-changer or a “Live Together, Die Alone” island history download on us. That’s the hope I’m clinging to: Desmond the rulebreaker arrives to smash through the wall between OriginalLost and OtherLost realities and redeems the Season 1-4 storyline from its otherwise-approaching-irrelevance! (Fingers crossed…)

    • Zonker

      Yep… Desmond episodes almost always rock!

  • Ajira Luggage

    A bit of a downer but interesting recap anyway.

    I’ve been struck by how much this season reminds me of Survivor. It has two teams, recruiting, alliances, posturing and threats and all that. It’s odd, sometimes I’m like this is Lost, right? I have the right channel?

    • naultz

      can’t wait for the tribal council episode. i’d vote Kate off the island.

  • Eural Joiner

    Really really enjoyed your recaps in the past but this one just sucked. Very little of your usual penetrating/interesting meta-analysis: just a whole lotta of bitching about a story-line you’ve already seen – in your head! You just make all sorts of assumtions about where the story is headed and then complain because you don’t like it. Here’s my take:
    1) This episode -like most of this season – is beautifully constructed to echo and loop from various seasons of the past, really and truly tying everything we’ve seen together once all the pieces are in place. Your recaps have opened my eyes to the fantastic connections and beautiful structure of this series so it’s ironic you should start bailing on it now. (Much like Locke vs. Echo, eh?)
    2) The series is not going to end with an erasure of the past 5 seasons. The writers (a pretty smart bunch) have repeatedly stated that was one ending they were not interested in. They’ve done a great job so far, why turn so negative now?
    3) Imagine if all the answers were as predictable as we had guessed? We’d all be bitching right now about how all the mysteries had been tied up in overly predictable, cliched, boring manners. But no…”Lost” is still keeping us guessing and off balance even heading into the series finale. This is the bread and butter of the show and one of your greatest talents in your analysis. Enjoy it! Savor it! Come June we will all wish we had it to do again…

    Buck up, little camper and turn your laser like scalpel of analysis onto the next episode and give me that Fishbiscuit commentary I’ve come to know and love!

    • me

      i wonder why she chose to jump on the season 6 sucks bandwagon – maybe as a preventative measure – if people are upset with the way the show ends, she can say, well I said that 6 episodes ago so in the end, i was always right about it all.


      • whateverhappenedhappened

        Why is everyone ripping her to shreds? this review makes it perfectly clear that she doesn’t know what is going to happen. She is not claiming that her answers are final, she is simply saying that AT THE MOMENT she doesn’t see how the CURRENT storyline will make a satisfying end. Personally I disagree, but pretty much everyone who watches LOST theorises about it, has an idea about how they feel it should end, and takes what they want from it… even if its subconcious. FB has constructed a perfectly respectable argument for how she feels at this time. She has in no way suggested that this is her final opinion on the entire series. At this point I think the intellegencia of LOST watchers are all trying to figure out what the show is REALLY about. Maybe thats a bad thing, maybe its good. For me it has been and will always be a story of redemption (hopefully not in a religious sense, but on a personal level) I for one have doubted the producers on many occasions -happily I have been wrong most of the time- but nonetheless there are times when they don’t quite hit the mark. For example, Season 5’s Dharma storylines were all pretty disappointing. none of us can say that we have complete assurance that they won’t end the series in a way that says ‘the alternate timeline is the real timeline’ because the producers have always been experimental with their methods and characterisations. One can only hope that if that is the asnwer, they find an interesting way of making it relevent to the rest of the series. ‘Joiner’, I agree with a lot of what you say, but this review does give plenty of refernece to the beautiful contruction of The Package. It is only in the last half that, at this midpoint in the final season, FB reflects where she thinks this story is going and her fears for it. As for ‘Me’, reading some of FB’s past reviews has shown that she is much more intellegent than just ‘hoping’ to call the right answer. As far as I’m concerned, FB is still the best LOST reviewer out there. Rant over.

  • GeigerCounter

    I just couldn’t finish reading this. Why all the negativity? Because “I’m totally lost when it comes to trying to figure out LOST”? Well isn’t that kind of the point? If you don’t like it so much then why spend what I assume must have been hours doing this article?

    • me

      agree 100%

  • lostfanboy16

    Im tired of people thinking that every episode is going to reveal something huge. This season has mainly been about great character development and the Flash Sideways give us fresh perspectives on characters we have been watching for five seasons. Whatever the outcome for the reasons of the sideways I find them very interesting.Also how can anyone in thier right mind say Ben is boring. He is and has always been one of the most interesting characters. Just watch the show and let the writers do what they have awlays done. Amaze us with their fascinating story.

    Also having a picture after every two sentaces is really annoying and so is your whining.

    • GeigerCounter

      Exactly! You are right on all accounts.

    • Aldo lover

      That last sentence was a little harsh but otherwise I agree!

      • me

        here here !

    • Handsome Smitty

      Uh, I think the point of the pictures is to support her narrative. It’s called “style,” babe. And often it’s the best part of Fishy’s commentary!

    • Dorf

      lostfanboy16 wrote: [a lot of useless bitching]

      Hey, here’s a thought…don’t read her articles. No one is forcing you to. But if you do, why be such an asshole about it? Be respectful–just because this is the Internet doesn’t mean you need to be entirely socially inept when dealing with others.

  • I love how this show, which has always been about the significance and importance of faith versus science, is testing the faith of its “subjects” (we the fans). Fishbiscuit sounds a bit like Locke near the end of his anti-climatic life — despairing and frustrated. I get that. Lots of fans have been sharing similar ideas for several episodes now, but at least Fishbiscuit is fair and thoughtful.

    As for me, I’m in it for the ride. The show is building towards something very satisfying. There’s no sense in losing hope now. I have this distinct feeling that there will be a reveal coming soon that will answer multiple mysteries at once AND provide some phenomenal character development.

    • Handsome Smitty

      Let’s just hope she doesn’t hang herself.

      Or have a Ben-Friend in her life…

      SOMEBODY CALL 9-1-1 NOW!!!

  • tinaw

    “I hate to say this, but sometimes it seems like the gods came out of the machine just in time to wrap up a story that never had an ending of its own.”

    While I agree with this statement, this does not make me like Lost any less. When the show first started out, the writers of Lost were content to present a problem each season, and then attempt to wrap up the most important aspects of the problem at the end of the season. When they negotiated a date, they realized they needed to have a conflict that would appear to have been going on all along, so they grabbed elements from the 1st and 3rd seasons (Smokey and Jacob, respectively), and wove a story around them.

    I’m fine with this. I got into this show because I’d heard that it was mysterious, and I thought I would enjoy trying to figure it out. I could follow the story most of the time. When I couldn’t, or if I found one or two points a bit weird, I discovered that waiting until the end of the season usually helped clear up any confusion I might have had. This was especially true during the 5th season.

    Don’t be frustrated because you can’t figure out where Lost is going at this point. That’s the beauty of it. Like they said “It’ll all make sense in 2010”. The year isn’t over, so just give them time to tell the story. In the end, all the elements that seemed to drag the show down or seemed completely random will fit in perfectly.

    As huge a fan as I am of Lost, one fact this season has made me face is that this . . . is a television show. All this speculation is fun, but the fact is, it’s just a tv show written by people who apparently have their fingers on the pulse of the masses. The best thing one can do when it comes to watching television, is just wait to see what they do next. That’s all we’ve ever been required to do, and in this case, probably the best way to approach the final season of Lost.

  • The Mantis

    Holy crap Fish, how fickle the crowd can be huh? I will agree that there seems to be a lot of negative thinking here, but I can feel where you’re coming from. Me personally, I’m just worried every week that goes by that we’re gonna get stuck with too many things we’ve been invested in for years of our lives that don’t get resolved or touched on again. I don’t need everything explained, but with 7 to go and tons of shite still to get to, it seems a bit ominous… Oh, and this article sucked, you suck, everything sucks. Fuck LOST.

  • Seabiscuit

    Word up, Fish!

  • desertgem

    I read several recappers each week for their different perspectives and insights. Fishbiscuit is one of my favorites but I’m not overly excited about this review. It seems that each of the reviewers expressed similar frustrations this week but I can’t really put my finger on why. I liked the episode. I also like the alt vs island storytelling method. I think the series is winding down quite nicely and we’ll have a satisfying ending to this long journey. If we’ve been taken for a ride, well… what a ride!!

  • tabletop1

    Don’t know if this has been brought up yet, but I’m dying to get an opinion on this. Locke says that he can’t turn into the smoke monster and travel across the water to get to Hydra Island. Isn’t that what he would have had to do in order to travel to the ship to appear in the form of Christian to Michael before the ship exploded?

    • gusteaux

      I’m thinking that Christian is one of the largest mysteries and most unexpected reveals left to come. Christian’s physical body is MISSING IN BOTH the island and sideways realities. There is something huge to be revealed there. And, to your point TT1, not only did he appear on the freighter…but he appeared to Jack back in LA during the Oceanic Six episodes. It would not surprise me in the least if #23:Shepard, turns out to be Christian!

    • Zonker

      Whether or not Christian was the smoke monster (I’m now betting he was not), we still have the problem that UnLocke first appeared (last season) on Hydra island. So what’s up with that?

  • dolce

    Holy crap! I think I.m going to start skipping reading these articles and skip directly to the HIGHlarity that is the comments section!

  • gusteaux

    Yes, Jacob was watching Jack’s childhood home from the Lighthouse…but that was also the home of Christian Shepard, father of Jack, father of Claire and grandfather of Aaron…

  • briguyx

    Just because we haven’t seen Jacob in action every season doesn’t mean his game with the Smoke Monster hasn’t been going on. We can now look back and see where Smokey took other forms to try to make things go the way he wants leading up to the killing of Jacob. Plus we now know Richard was Jacob’s agent on the island and Jacob rarely if ever took a direct hand with those he brought to the island. Makes sense to me!

    • The Mantis

      I can’t believe I just read this. Really? Reeeeeeaaallllyyy??????

  • elginmiller

    Man, you could cut the sexual tension in this comments section with a knife (but if dd or MoniquE speaks, it will already be too late.)

    I think it’s kinda funny how some loyal viewers are turning on the writers in the final season. It seems to be mostly those who have been over-thinking things all along who are having trouble course-correcting their pet theories as answers are revealed. Let’s see how things play out, give it some time to sink in, then decide whether or not “Lost” has been philosophically cohesive? M’kay?

    • dd

      I think that’s the consensus in this comment section.

  • dd

    I do not post under different identities on this website (if anyone is wondering).

    Smitty, You’re accusation of me being an “idiot” is extremely stupid, but that’s irrelevant. The truth of the matter is that the discourse contained in and surrounding the recaps on this site (and others) is useful to a slight degree. For instance, if I could not follow the show very well, I might find recaps and summaries of past episodes helpful. If I was unaware of the implications of certain references, some recaps could point me in the right direction. But that’s it. These things are not helpful if one knows a little something about this-or-that or pays attention to detail.

    The issue with “fanboys” is that the compliment seems to find its positive status in delusion. “Fangirls” (for a lack of a better term) appear to believe their alternate reading/viewing is superior to the evidence driven discussions of “fanboys” (many of whom are not even male). The Fangirl reading relies on distortions of events or pure fabrication. They also tend to believe the story is centered on Sawyer’s relationship. Their interest in the story is more akin to romantic or sexual projection. Disagreement with their position results in weak accusations of sexism. I don’t find posting ambiguous shipper spoilers useful nor the claims that shippers understand the story better than anyone. It reeks of madness surrounding juvenile Twilight fans trying to find comfort in the arms of a fictional character.

    Monique, the discussion about Deus Ex Machina followed like this: I mentioned that FB incorrectly defined the term and incorrectly applied it. A few of us discussed the limits of Deus Ex Machina and how it has worked in the narrative of LOST and other stories. You yelled at everyone for disagreeing and calling-out FB for not writing accurate recaps (in story details or references).

    Juliet’s death: There is no evidence to support that she killed herself. It’s not a matter of opinion unlike the the intentions of Sawyer’s gaze when he looks at Kate on the sub. Juliet’s death follows in this way:

    1) Juliet is pulled into the Swan shaft after being tangled in a mess of chains.
    2) Juliet falls into the shaft and acquires injuries from the fall and debris.
    3) Juliet hits the bomb with a rock with the intent of sacrificing herself. The bomb does not explode.
    4) Juliet and friends are transported back to present day through an electromagnetic eruption.
    5) Juliet dies from what appears to be massive internal injuries.

    If you have problems with this, you should investigate what happens to a human body after exposure to a nuclear blast– especially people who are within the immediate blast radius of a nuclear bomb. They don’t kiss and talk about love.

    This ties us back to “We are the causes of our own suffering,” which in turn leads us to the game between Jacob and the Monster, along with Season Five being clearly justifying this idea.

    The lack of precision in these recaps and the “throw the gum on the wall” style (as stated by another person in this comment section) are dreadful. This is why I think Fishbiscuit, Vozzek, and Doc Jensen are the worst (DJ is harmless, mostly just annoying in style).

    Well, crap, I’d say more, but I am a busy person and I need to end this little break. If you’re wondering, Monique, I need to shower (I just came home from work), finish reading about British counterinsurgency strategy in Aden, ? ????? ??????? ??????? ?? ???????
    And then do stuff like laundry, eat, and breathe a little. I hope that’s okay with you. I haven’t even found the time to rewatch the last episode.

    • dd

      Oh yeah, why does one read things that he or she may not find agreeable? To explore what people are saying. To challenge ones perspective? General curiosity?

      I have “The Al Qaeda Reader,” “My Life with the Taliban,” “the Voice of Hezbollah” and a variety of books supporting Hamas sitting right next to me, but I don’t sympathize with the perspectives contain within those books. But should I not be interested in their perspectives because I do not think they are “right?”

      I’m sure this will be countered by an onslaught of platitudes.

      • Jimmy Zer0

        That was some on point annihilation right there.

      • MoniquE

        Honey, if you can’t tell the difference between exposing yourself to different perspectives in the course of your studies and reading a fan review of a pop tv show that you KNOW you will HATE, then I feel sorry for you. It’s obvious to anyone except your fanboy fans (Shark Tac0 = Jimmy Zer0) that you read this recap for no reason other than to bash it, and you’ve been doing it now for almost a year. You’re not exposing yourself to an alternate viewpoint, since you decided long ago to hate it. You’re just showing your ass week after week. Your predictable diatribe begins the same way “This is why I hate Fishbiscuit”. I don’t know if you’re even fooling yourself, you sad kid, but you’re not fooling anyone else. I hope it at least makes you feel better about yourself. You don’t sound like you have much in life except your ego about your pompous intellectualism.

        • Jimmy Zer0

          I don’t hate fb at all, I actually usually enjoy her stuff. But it’s okay to criticize, and I’m sorry but that’s all dd’s initial comment was. Then you jumped in and made it this whole thing. Then dd blew you and the whole shipper thing out of the water, and I applauded him for it.

          • MoniquE

            Really? He blew the shipper thing out of the water. How? By regurgitating the standard male biases about women and how their judgment is impaired?

            The Fangirl reading relies on distortions of events or pure fabrication. They also tend to believe the story is centered on Sawyer’s relationship. Their interest in the story is more akin to romantic or sexual projection.

            This is his male centric, very sexist opinion, and he threw in some Twilight insults for good measure. He even covered himself by saying that disagreeing with him on the basis of sexism was invalid – because he said so!

            I guess he probably reinforced your own preexisting biases on the matter, but all he did was lay out his opinions, as usual, and declare them to be inarguable fact.

          • dd

            Monique, your judgment– not the judgment of women– is impaired. There is nothing sexist or male-centric in that statement. You’re trying to base another argument on nothing. It’s tiresome.

    • MoniquE

      Aw, now I feel sorry for you, DD. You’ve proved your credentials as a pompous asstard but i also just realized what a lonely sheltered life you’re leading. You even threw some Arab writing in there to show us all what a big smart boy you are. LOL.

      You are so obsessed with fish it’s kind of scary. I’m sorry I don’t remember that Deus Ex Machina conversation as clearyl as you, but I do remember quite a few posters telling you to STFU. LOL, I have a feeling that “consensus” went straight over your head. As for Juliet’s suicide, you choose to call it “sacrificing herself” because that’s your OPINION. It’s not unusual for self important schoolboys to have trouble differentiating between their opinions and facts, but that doesn’t change the objective facts. Your OPINION is that Juliet didn’t kill herself. It’s nice that you can write in Arabic, but it doesn’t make your opinion about a Lost plot any truer than anyone else’s.

      You are whining about “lack of precision” on an increasingly silly tv show. Again, the joke goes over your head. You probably can’t even grasp how ridiculous that sounds.

      And as for your condescending certainty that fangirls are so confused by their sexual projections, while an Arab studying schoolboy like you has the infallible powers of precision – gee I don’t even know what to say, except you must be very lonely.

      I’m really glad you never tried to write anything about Lost. I can’t even imagine how boring and pompous it would be. Luckily for everyone you’ve got that laundry to do.

      • Christine (faraday’s constant)

        I’m kinda confused. When did fanboy/fangirl become an insult? I feel like I missed some kind of memo. What’s the new definition of it now? Isn’t a fanboy or fangirl a guy or a girl who gets really die hard about something for that something’s sake? I probably qualify for fangirl status then, even though I’m mostly indifferent to Sawyer.

    • Handsome Smitty

      If you can write and reason that intelligently, and peruse vile reasoning for academic reasons – the later which I highly doubt – then you have the sense not to be so antagonistic. But often people who are intelligent think themselves so superior that they often lack the ability to self-reflect.

      And it’s funny you’ll take the time to snipe at those gum-on-the-wall commentaries and not contribute when obviously you have the skill to do so (although usually some talent is involved and maybe that’s where you’re lacking). Doc Jensen is far superior in his posts than anyone contributing here; and Fishy and Marc O may be blighted by their biases but they ain’t bad either.

      I totally agree with you on Juliet, though.

      So maybe we’re both idiots.

      • dd

        Smitty, none of that made any sense. To be honest, it’s not criticism that is helpful since it has no connection to the real world or a real person. It’s silly to make those kinds of assertions online.

        It’s not a matter of talent but time.

        • MoniquE

          We’ll never know, will we? Unless we’re also supposed to take your word for it that you’re incredibly talented and could easily outdo Vozzek, Fish AND Doc Jensen and make them all look like pikers. Gee if only you had the time we wouldn’t all be missing out. 😉

          Funny how criticism is suddenly invalid when it’s directed at you. How convenient for you.

          • dd

            This is very simple, so I trust you can understand the point I’m about to make: I don’t know you and it would be ridiculous for me to make claims about your lifestyle and abilities based on your posts. I am not going to create a character nor unjustifiable claims based on your comments. That would be ridiculous– just as ridiculous as assumptions made by you and Smitty. It is extremely irrelevant and distracting.

            But, if you like, I will start to develop a character based on MONIQUE: the FishBiscuit Avenger.

          • MoniquE

            No it’s even simpler than that DD. You are a self important, condescending, humorless nerd. That is apparent from your obnoxious rants and your jealousy based fixation on Fish.

            How about you write your own autobiography instead: DD, Revenge of the Nerd.

          • dd

            Being a nerd is prefered to being a snorting mess who enjoys internet “humor” and long imaginary walks on the beach with Sawyer.

  • Abigail

    For arguments sake – I’m not sure these supposed “fangirls” and their supposed sexual projections are any different than another fan thinking that Sun’s hot or that Faraday is sexy (I know many people who do). People like who they like. It’s called having favorites. Why can’t we all the relationships, Suliet and Skate or Jate or Hayid, as just another theory? One is going to win out or maybe none, but until the last scene airs we won’t know how it ends. Maybe people see things you don’t see or don’t believe is correct. That’s fine. But it doesn’t invalidate their viewing. It’s not your favorite aspect of the show. Ok. Well it’s theirs, so let them talk about it. It’s just like some people hating Jacob (which I don’t agree with Fish about). It’s all just theories. No need to get so worked up about it, DD.

    • Christine (faraday’s constant)

      *seconds that Faraday thing*

      That’s a good way to put it. I’m not a shipper fan or anything like that in any way, although some of the pairings are worth watching (Desmond/Penny, Charlotte, Daniel), but I like the idea of that being it’s own theory. After all, LOST has always had that whole Six Degrees thing happening, and the relationships are a result of that. That makes the shipper ideas and theories worth exploring.

  • joe_bones

    i couldnt disagree MORE than jack was acting like season 1 jack when he confronted sun at the beach… he was being mystical and philosophical… he was acting like SEASON 1 LOCKE!!! jack is now the resident man of faith, and “locke” is running around trying to escape the island and promising no more secrets. locke and jack have completely switched roles, and the scene with jack and sun on the beach illustrates this.

    • Ajira Luggage

      Watch Tabula Rasa again, the ending scene with Jack and Kate. It was in line with that.

  • joe_bones


    lost is clearly following the path of battlestar gallactica, where the final season alienates the die-hard fans. but i loved the last season of bsg, especially the finale…. so i have high hopes for the lost finale even though it is certain to disappoint many fans.

    lost could have just wrapped everything up neatly and created a dull but crowd-pleasing final season. i appreciate the lost producers trying to do something weird and taking the chance of failing.

  • Things like comments section are exactly what makes the show so good… if we all loved every story arc and plot line, no one would discuss or argue… and isn’t that what makes this show so good? Exchanging theories, arguing season story arcs and the ending, what makes sense vs. what doesn’t… we’re just like the characters on the show. That’s what makes it so damn good.

    I didn’t agree with anything in this review, but I loved it because it raised questions.

    4 words: It’s not over yet.

  • Christine (faraday’s constant)

    I liked this recap. I liked a lot of the recaps for this episode, and it’s not even one of my favorites.

    As for LOST getting me lost, that’s totally fine with me. I like that this is a show that not only lives up to its name, but actually throws me off track and tries to get me to think of something else. I’d like to think the timelines are seperate in some way though. I’d hate to think that some of the kids exist and some don’t. Maybe all of them will exist. Jack didn’t have any kids in OriginalLOST, Sawyer had none in OtherLOST, maybe they all exist, like that whole cat thing, all possibilities in the box are possible, that cat’s either alive or dead. I’d also hate to think that characters who died earlier are condemned to die here. We just got Charlotte back! And Charlie! And Faraday, who I’ll bet money comes back today! We can’t lose them already!

    As for the negativity and stuff, personally I don’t agree with it, as the show isn’t over yet, which is why I’m trying to steer clear from trying to find a solution to the show, I’d personally rather just enjoy the ride.

    As for the arguments that always erupt between the same people: I always thought being a fangirl/fanboy was a good thing. That means you get invested in characters and are actively rooting for people in the story. I’m not the biggest Sawyer fan in the world, but the chicks who are are cool because they’re rooting for his success. What’s the point in liking and analyzing the characters if you don’t really root for them in some way? That being said, the characters keep being compared to game pieces, pawns for the overarching story, which is also important. So that makes both sides of that argument right.

    Personally, I don’t think it matters what’s the big part of the show, the characters or the story or the shippers or whatever. Either way, the fans of all of those discuss and they still like the show, albiet in different ways. Either way, we’re all Losties, you know?

    I don’t know, that’s just me.

  • domcruise

    great write up, FB. glad someone else agrees. I understand why people may get annoyed at reading articles like this, because we are all HUGE fans of the show and all have our opinions (part of what makes it so much fun to be a fan).

    My main gripe with season 6 is… it’s just not been as good as previous seasons. simple. i know its far from over yet, but with all the previous seasons (especially with season 4 and 5) at the end of each episode me and my friends would be gobsmacked with how good it was and usually sit there in silence for about 10 minutes. this season, the response to pretty much every episode has been, meh. its forgotten straight away and we just get on with something else.

    i hope from here on in, they get on with it and it starts becoming amazing but right now there is a sense that the writers themselves are lost and were never too sure how it ended afterall. booo.

    • Ajira Luggage

      Sadly I agree that the writing has gone downhill. It seemed to happen about half way through season 5. Did the show lose a key writer or two? Anyone know?

      Something definitely changed, the show started seeming more sloppy.

      • MoniquE

        It has gotten more sloppy. That’s a fact. Even the birthday banner for Ji Yeon – it’s in ENGLISH! That shouldn’t happen on a show like Lost where they know we look for every tiny detail and clue. It just shows a lack of attention to detail and I think you can see that laziness and sloppiness all over the place this year. That makes it all the more silly that DD criticizes recappers for not being “precise”. How can anyone be precise about interpreting a story that the writers aren’t putting any precision into anymore?

        • dp2

          As entertaining as it is to read you and dd going at it, I have to wonder why you bring him/her up in this comment.

          • MoniquE

            Sorry. It just reminded me how silly it is to keep looking for precision on Lost.

          • The Mantis

            MoniquE has a huge crush on her enemy, DD. I think it’s super cute that she’s included him in every comment she’s left. I’m pullin for you two!

          • dp2

            @The Mantis: Go Team DDoniquE!

          • MoniquE

            Just what I need, a British nerd with a stick up his butt attitude. LOL!

        • neoloki

          It is called emotional impact. That is why the banner is in english. Jin is looking at a picture of his daughter that he has never seen. The happy birthday, a precious moment in Ji Yeon’s life, is there to reinforce the amount of time that has already passed in the child’s life without Jin. Time he will never get back. That first birthday. It was all about the emotional impact of that scene. Id the banner was in Korean that would have been completely lost and a subtitle would have been distracting.

          90% of the time it is the fans who are being lazy viewers and not the writer’s being sloppy. Lost is far from being sloppy. Actually it has become more mature and demanding, but self-righteous and immature fan’s who don’t understand the context for certain events lean on the write’s for being at fault.

          • MoniquE

            I think the cake and balloons and party hats made the point it was a birthday very well.I think the English banner was sloppy. I think the way Kate’s name has been handled has been sloppy also. We didn’t see it anywhere in the caves, were told via podcast it was crossed off, and then we saw it on the wheel not crossed off. It’s all muddled now. Maybe they’ll clear it up, but maybe they won’t.

            I think it’s ok to enjoy Lost without worshipping it.

          • Liz79

            In regards to Kate I thought it connected to the fact that the MIB thinks she is no longer a candidate. Her name not being crossed out might suggest she still is, which would be a major kink in his plans. I think the cave belongs to the MIB (thus the crossing out) and the Lighthouse to Jacob. Now it’s just a theory but I never thought it was sloppiness on their part.

            I’m inclined to go with Neoloki’s viewing of the birthday picture because to be honest it didn’t register on me it was in English. Instead with the quick succession of pictures being shown it immediately registered to me that it was a birthday party and that Jin had missed momentous occasion in his child’s life. I wonder if that was also less sloppiness and more a storytelling choice so that audience got it right away without the benefit of a DVR or screenshots. Just my opinion. I agree they haven’t been perfect, no one is, but I think they have pretty much been on their game.

          • sneezy

            Hey, maybe Hurley was throwing the party. He met up with Sun at one point in season four, it’s not implausible he visited again.

    • gusteaux

      Domcruise: Dude, I had your screen name on AOL back in the early 90’s…brings back many memories…

  • I, for one, really enjoyed reading, and totally sympathized with this recap. FB’s come a long way since season three (I admit, back then I used to think some of her posts came across as mean-spirited, but that’s probably because I sided with Jack, haha). Anyway, thanks for summing up that feeling I keep having of “Uh-oh… we’re really halfway through the final season here?? REALLY??”

    It’s a strange place we’ve landed, but I have faith that the endgame will relate to the entirety of what’s come before it in a suitable manner. That being said, the season so far isn’t at all what I expected, after years of guessing and even sometimes getting it right. I’m conflicted because I could have sworn TPTB said repeatedly that the main thing to be concerned about in the endgame are the questions of the fate of the characters [I took that to mean their personal demons], yet this season has largely been about a mythic battle between Jacob and Smokey. At the same time, though, that I am really enjoying not knowing what the hell is going on and truly, for the first time since Season Two probably, feeling completely “lost” as far as figuring it out. It makes it easier to just ride the current of the final storyline and enjoy it for what it is, for better or worse! We are certainly, all prisoners at this point, aren’t we?

  • jojolost

    Great review FB. Wanted to add 2 other Deja Vous. When Jin was captured and Chloe was asking him questions about the map. This reminded me alot of when Jack was captured and held on Hydra Island (Season 3) with Juliet asking him questions.
    The other one was when Jack asks Richard “where are we going” and Richard tells them the are going to Hydra Island to destroy the plane. This reminded me alot of the end of Season 5 with Jack blowing up the island with the bomb.
    Anyone agree?

    • dp2

      It reminds me more of Locke going to blow up the sub. Jack was going to leave in the sub until Locke blew it up. Now Locke wants to leave in the plane, I think Jack’s going to be on board with Richard’s plan.

      • whateverhappenedhappened

        good catch

  • elginmiller

    I like the way all the little detours along the way seem like micro-versions of the macro-story. The whole Swan-station thing has been discussed in depth, but it also occurred to me that the beginning of season 3, when they are in the cages on Hydra island, can be viewed as another version of Jacob’s free-will game. Ben kidnapped the Losties and locked them in cages and used Kate and Sawyer to manipulate Jack, but in the end he wanted Jack to WANT to operate on him. He needed Jack to choose to operate of his own free will. The synchronicity is nice. Thanks, writers.

    I’m sure there are more instances of this sort of thing.

  • lostinnashville

    Does anyone know if Mr. Paik has a glass eye? Just rewatched the Glass Ballerina (which was awesome to compare to the last episode) and I could swear he does. Lostpedia mentions it only in one spot. The fact that Mikhail is tied into the Kwon story and we just saw Jin shoot his eye in the Sideways world seems interesting if Mr. Paik has the same missing eye.

  • bplenc

    im curious how FB will eat her own negative words in this weeks recap!

    • JJ

      I find it hilarious that people get their panties in a twist just because someone isn’t kissing the writers’ ass 24/7. I prefer a recapper who acknowledges both the good AND the bad instead of just being a mindless sheep.

      • me

        i disagree – there are many recappers who are not this negative – male and female – while still offering constructive criticism. she says she is GIVING UP ON IT 6 episodes before it ends bc she doesn’t get it! RIDICULOUS. its not about kissing anyones ass but if you dont even like the show, why are you watching it against your will and then spewing negativity about it throughout your review? this reads as if the author had a gun to her head.

        • JJ

          I have read all of Fish’s recaps. She has given endless praise to the show but only when she feels it is deserved.

          I didn’t read that as her giving up on the show and hating it but rather her deciding to go with the flow instead of trying to go crazy piecing it all together. Right now most of it doesn’t make sense because there are still many pieces missing so there’s no point in doing that.

          Honestly, I think this seasons has been disappointing. I should be able to voice that without getting my head cut off and told to stop watching.

          • bplenc

            but no one said that to you.

          • JJ

            Not in this post but i’ve heard it many times before. The ridiculous comments in this post telling Fish to stop watching and whining about her being negative says it all.

            I’ve been a part of this fandom for years. One thing is for sure, people will try to slit your throat if you say anything negative about the show.