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Kate, Interrupted – 6.03 “What Kate Does”

By Fishbiscuit,

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Alone I can never be.
Others before me going and away from me flowing
Were weaving, weaving at the I that is me.

– Rainer Maria Rilke

As we begin this long season’s journey into the end of LOST, each milestone we pass is like a sad old friend we’re saying goodbye to. It occurred to me watching What Kate Does that we may have been watching the last Kate-centric episode of LOST ever.

Kate-centrics have their own peculiar flavor out in the LOST-o-sphere. LOST fans have a decidedly love-hate relationship with their freckled femme fatale. Actually, a lot of the time, it seems like they mostly have a hate relationship with her. Message boards the day after a Kate-centric episode will inevitably erupt in a collective fanboy bitchfest. They haaaate Kaaaate!!!! They wish she would die already. Because she’s useless. And they want her to Shut. Up. Kate.

I don’t get it myself. But I can definitely tell that they don’t like her.

Maybe the writers have to take some responsibility for not doing their best by Kate over the years. It’s true they have written her into a bunch of shitty little corners – like making her a father killer who doesn’t really much care that she did that, or by having her raise Claire’s baby and lie about it, or by having her – incredibly – not be able to decide between Jack or Sawyer all these years. That last one has definitely ruffled the most feathers.

But perhaps we should get into that later.

Early in the episode, OtherKate notices OtherJack yakking on his cellphone, and she looks to be momentarily stunned by a flash of recognition.

It might seem like she’s only remembering the guy whose pocket she just picked on the plane. Or maybe she’s doing a double take and asking herself,

“Hey, isn’t that the guy from that show LOST?”
But it happens again when she pulls out the stuffed Shamu from the luggage she has stolen from Claire.
And again when she first hears Claire’s baby’s name is Aaron.
It is becoming clear, in a very not clear kind of way, that OtherLOST shares a very porous boundary with the world of LOST as we have known it. There is leakage across the border – a nebulous, maybe subconscious, kind of cognition by the OtherLosties of the road never taken. It’s exactly the kind of thing that makes the puzzlement of OtherLOST such an inviting game.

It was interesting to see in this episode that Kate and OtherKate seemed, on the surface at least, to be almost exactly the same person. We saw last week that many OtherLosties are different, but this does not seem to be the case with Kate. Like our old beloved Kate, OtherKate is a murderer on the run, and like original flavored Kate, she is a damn fine escape artist. She’s almost a girl version of Jason Bourne.

Like Kate, OtherKate has a fractious relationship with motor vehicles.

She is well acquainted with the best methods of extricating oneself from handcuffs.

OtherKate also uses the same aliases as Kate. In this episode, as in Born to Run, she called herself “Joan Hart”. I don’t know what that means … except maybe that OtherKate was a fan of OtherSabrina, the Teenage Witch?

It does make sense that Kate would like that show. After all, Melissa Joan Hart’s Aunt Zelda on the show (top left) is Kate’s mother!

OtherKate was similar to Kate in many ways. We have always known that Kate is a helpful person.

She hauled the farmer to safety in Tabula Rasa (after she’d crashed his truck),

and she put the airmask on the Marshall during the crash in The Pilot (after she’d stolen the keys to the cuffs),
and she saved the bank manager from getting shot in Whatever the Case May Be (after she’d robbed his bank).
This is the pattern to Kate.Whenever she does a person wrong, she turns around and pours her heart into helping them recover from whatever it is she just did.

Kate may be a world class screwup, but when she remembers where it is, her heart is always in the right place. The thing is, a lot of the time she forgets. And when she does – watch out!

In Season Three’s Left Behind, Kate met Cassidy in a gas station, then went off on a Girls in Cars adventure before convincing her pregnant friend to do the right thing by her baby – who turned out to be Sawyer’s daughter.

In What Kate Does, Kate went through Claire’s bag in a gas station – after a Girls in Cars adventure – and then convinced her pregnant friend to do right by her baby – who turned out to be Kate’s sorta kinda “son”.

The symmetry of the seasons is beginning to synch up. Old references are bubbling up, reminding us of questions we never realized we forgot to ask. The same baffling patterns that we remember from seasons past are re-weaving themselves into our new altered reality.

In Do No Harm, Kate delivered Aaron on the jungle floor. In OtherLOST, she made sure that Claire made it to the hospital to have him.

In Maternity Leave, Ethan Rom was very pleasant to Claire, as he prepared to rip her baby from her in the Others’ medical dungeon.

In OtherLOST, Ethan has kept his maiden name Goodspeed, but otherwise seems unchanged.

He still has a serial killer face, he’s still a doctor, and he offers up the same kind of unctuous encouragement to the frightened child-mother as he did back then. But does OtherEthan have an evil agenda? Hard to tell, although the name of the hospital might be a clue – Angel of Mercy, the creepy venue well known to any fan of Dexter.

Maybe they’re trying to tell us that even though Ethan is super extra creepy, his motives for doing evil are always good.

Claire goes to the home of the infamous “nice couple in L.A.” but finds only a weepy woman too distraught about her lousy husband to give a young girl the courtesy of a phone call before she flew across the Pacific eight months pregnant to a city where she knew no one.

The woman’s name, we can learn from credits, was Lindsey Baskum – our first anagram from OtherLOST!
It works out to “Used by Malkins”, as in the famed psychic Malkins of Seasons 1 and 2, who conspired with the extrasensory universe to finagle Claire and Aaron onto Flight 815. It seems that all of LOST’s intricate details are being copied over onto OtherLOST.

Someone made a chart years ago, showing the ganglia-like net of connections between the characters prior to them coming to the Island.

It’s out of date now that we’ve been back and forth to the future so many times, but it’s still interesting to see how thickly this tangled web has been woven, right from the start. Over time it has only gotten denser, but for Kate, as the chart above shows, one connection has been constant. As has almost always been the case, in a Kate-centric episode, Sawyer’s story takes a dramatic turn.

In this episode, we see Sawyer more lost than we have ever seen him. He has cut all emotional ties. He makes it clear to the templefolk that they can kill anyone they want – they aren’t his friends. He orders Kate not to follow him. He runs.

In the past, Kate would have let him do just that, but this time she follows.
And there’s a funny thing about that. Now I know many readers aren’t familiar with the dark underbelly of the online LOST spoiler-sphere, but suffice to say there is at least one individual out there who has made quite a career out of stealing Darlton’s secrets and broadcasting them to the worldwide web. For some reason, this episode seemed to bring out a new degree of interactivity from the spoiler snitches. Not content to merely spoil the facts of the episode, for this one they decided to actually pre-spoil our interpretation of the episode. We were informed, in no uncertain terms some weeks ago, that in this very episode, Kate and Sawyer’s story together would come to an unequivocal end. Forevah.

Naturally, having gotten wind of this prediction, I was curious to see how it would all work out. It seems an odd point in the series for such an endpoint to arrive, but stranger things have certainly happened on LOST. The title of this episode, What Kate Does, was an obvious cross reference to the Season Two episode where we first found out What Kate Did. You may or may not have realized it, depending on how closely you follow this sort of thing, but that particular episode was a pivotal one for the love triangle.

In Season Two, Jack pulled a desperately confused Kate towards him for a kiss, a kiss she ran from, with a rather horrified expression, straight to the side of Sawyer.

In Season Six, Jack pulls Kate to him again, but this time she barely stops for a quick goodbye. She’s running to Sawyer again, and this time when Jack goes in for the kiss, all he gets is a mouthful of hair. It is a striking change in tone.

Hey, now, wait a minute! Is it possible the spoiler snitches got the whole thing backwards and the angle of the triangle that’s shutting down is actually … Jack and Kate?


In What Kate Did, Kate and Sawyer had a famous scene where she opened up to him about her secret. She thought he was asleep when she confessed to him that she killed her father, and that she saw her father somehow in Sawyer, and that she couldn’t let herself feel anything for him because of that.

In What Kate Does, Kate and Sawyer again have a beautiful scene, alone, this time on the very dock where Sawyer once convinced Juliet to stay and keep him company. And again, secrets are revealed. Kate tells Sawyer, finally, about her mission to return Aaron to his true mother. Sawyer tells Kate something that he had never even told Juliet – that he was planning to give her a ring.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t explain to Kate why exactly he never did ask Juliet to marry him back when the poor soul was fretting herself into a lather about Kate’s return. And he doesn’t explain why he buried the damn thing so deep into the foundation of his house that he needed a wrecking bar and a sledgehammer to retrieve it. Who was he hiding it from exactly – Juliet or himself?

But he does tell her why he feels so guilty, and perhaps what he is telling her, much like she did back in What Kate Did, is that from now on, whenever he looks at Kate, he will always remember why Juliet died.

It was on that very dock that he convinced Juliet to stay with him in 1974. Josh Holloway’s performance is heartbreaking in this scene, as Sawyer turns to Kate and reminds her just why he tried to cling to Juliet in the first place … because he didn’t want to be alone.
Much is left unspoken, but it really isn’t hard to read between the tears. Sawyer’s feelings for Kate didn’t kill Juliet in The Incident. They started to kill her all the way back in LaFleur, when he first tried to plug the hole Kate had left, by keeping Juliet on the Island that would become her grave. And to drive the point home even deeper, he reminds Kate – and the audience – that Kate had done exactly the same thing, and for exactly the same reason.
Kate breaks down into sobs. But why exactly? Is she feeling the enormity of Sawyer’s loss, of her own, of what they have lost together?
Sawyer, nearly a zombie, leaves Kate and walks mournfully back into the ghost of the house he had lived in with Juliet. He plans to stay alone in his abandoned DharmaTown, making a home with his memories.

I know the poor man needs his space, but he’s going to have to snap out of it pretty quick. We’ve only got three months left! I don’t want to see him dressing up in her clothes and building a shrine to her in his attic or anything like that.

I’ve noticed a creeping necrophilia in the romantic tastes of the online LOST fandom, but I really hope they don’t have Sawyer go all Norman on us. I’ve seen those avis the Sawyer/Juliet fans have been circulating, and I know you all are grieving. But when you find yourself kvelling over something like this:

… It’s time to let it go, girls. Trust me.

That is the fundamental question of the Buddha Dharma.?
Is it a joyous thing to live long?
Life is not that way.?
Is it sorrowful to die after a short life??
Life is not that way.?
The question is how we shall live.

– Dogen

Early in the episode, Sawyer is bitter as he and Kate watch Sayid return from the dead. The good woman Juliet is dead. The Iraqi torturer who shoots kids has been given a second life. Or has he? Just as Kate’s theme is running, Sayid’s theme is torture. He continues to reap his karmic penalty, even in his reincarnation.

The mystery of what happened to Sayid only deepens in this episode. Again there was a reprise from Season One. In Solitary, Rousseau tortured the torturer in her primitive chamber of horrors.

Our new Samurai Other, Dogen, also favors electroshock therapy on his subject. And like Rousseau, he is not looking for answers from Sayid. He is “diagnosing” him.

It is not clear afterwards whether or not Sayid has passed this test. Some say yes, some say no.
John and Yoko don’t really seem like straight shooters to me. Their agenda is impossible to discern. What are they testing for, how do they obtain their answers, what do they put in the pill they prescribe for their patient?
Pill popper Jack comes along and sacrificially throws himself on the poison grenade, but that doesn’t tell us anything either, because Dogen karate chops him into upchucking it. We can see that Dogen doesn’t want Jack to swallow the pill, but does that mean we can assume it would have killed Sayid?

What happened to Sayid when they drowned him in the dirty water? We are told that he was “claimed”, although that definition is only approximated from the Japanese word misuru, which translates more as “bewitched” or “charmed”. He has been diagnosed with an Infection, one that will spread to his heart like a darkness until he is no more. So is it the Infection that has “claimed” him?

The Infection is another dropped story thread from earlier seasons that is now being picked up and woven back into the tapestry. In Season One we heard Rousseau tell how The Sickness claimed the lives of her crew.
The exact details have always been sketchy, but the best guess generally was that the crew had been altered by their visit to the temple in such a way that Rousseau was forced to kill them. Of course there has always been the alternate explanation that perhaps Rousseau lost her mind and just murdered her crew for no reason. Which could mean, it would seem, that Rousseau may have been the one who actuallly caught The Infection. After all, her new doppelganger in the story is Claire and we are told outright that Claire has in fact become one of the Infected.

“The plague had swallowed up everything and everyone. No longer were there individual destinies; only a collective destiny, made of plague and the emotions shared by all.” – Albert Camus, The Plague

What is The Infection? Images of disease have been ever present on the Island throughout the story.

Injections and vaccines are a big part of LOST imagery.

Ethan injected Claire. Kelvin instructed Desmond to take daily injections down in the Swan Hatch. Charlie found injections and Claire gave them to Aaron. Juliet buried vaccines beneath a tree to create an elaborate ruse, back in her Other days. There is the “cabin fever” sickness that afflicts the Kahana.
The Dharma initiative innoculated all their new recruits.
There has been an ongoing theme of illness on the Island, and of people taking measures to ward it off. It hasn’t been a focus of the plot recently, but it seems to be making a comeback. Does it have any substance to it, or is it another one of the Island’s many illusions?

It certainly makes sense to look at The Infection as a metaphor – although what it might be a metaphor of is not clear. Infection is an evil thing. If The Infection is creeping towards Sayid’s heart, perhaps we can expect to see him becoming ever darker and more evil as the story continues. But that metaphor doesn’t seem to fit. We’ve been watching Sayid’s heart darken since the story began, and especially the last few years. There’s nothing new in that. It seems to me the important place to look for clues is – as always – in the connections.

Sayid’s story has become bound inextricably to Ben’s. Ben is the man who made Sayid a professional killer, a job that turned his heart into an icy black rock. Sayid is the man who mortally wounded Ben as a boy, forcing Ben to be brought to the temple – and presumably drowned in the same waters as Sayid has just been. Was Ben “claimed” as a boy?
And what about Claire, who we are told has the same illness as Sayid? Did Claire in fact die the day her yellow house exploded around her … and was her long walk off into the jungle really a trip to the temple, to the same mikveh where Ben and Sayid were also claimed?

If Ben is one of the claimants, that might explain a lot. It might explain what turned the sweet bespectacled boy into the heartless killer and conniver we all love to hate. But it would also seem, if Ben is infected, that The Infection doesn’t kill people and it doesn’t make them unable to love or to feel. It may be that what the Infection does is imbue its host body with some power that others lack. Was Ben able to kill Jacob precisely because he was “claimed”? Was The Infection the agent that turned Ben into The Loophole?

The choice of the word “claiming” is also interesting. It sounds like a game move. It reminds me of Backgammon, the Official Board Game of LOST, where if a playing piece is left unprotected, it may be hit by an opposing piece and taken off the board. A player cannot continue to bear off his other pieces until he reclaims the lost piece and returns it to play. Is that what’s happening here?

It’s another indication that the choices we saw Jacob making in last season’s finale were the equivalent of Jacob assembling his team. When Sawyer tries to escape from the temple, Dogen’s reaction is to protect him. He orders his soldiers to hold their fire. He tells Sawyer, almost plaintively, that he “has to stay.”

Later in the jungle, when his men want to get rid of Jin, they are stopped from harming him because he “might be one of them.” The suspicion continues to grow that the reason this group of survivors has been brought – and brought back – to this Island is because they are the essential necessary playing pieces in a gigantic cosmic game they don’t even realize they are playing.

We are back among the language of games, which is one of the favorite dialects of LOST. I’m sure everyone sat up and took notice when the scene came up on Dogen sitting behind his desk contemplating a baseball.

Baseballs are always important totems on LOST. In one of Kate’s great flashbacks, Born to Run, a baseball (cryptically autographed by a name that looks like “John Locke”) is among the items she and Tom retrieve from their time capsule. Is this baseball there only to remind us of that one?

Maybe it means that Dogen, like Jack, is a Red Sox fan. Maybe we’ll see OtherDogen sitting next row down from Other Jack at Fenway Park in some sideways flash a few episodes from now.

Or maybe it’s a clue to Dogen’s past. Maybe in his pre-Island life, he came to the Island only after he got let go by the Hanshin Tigers. It could be a shoutout to Deep Space Nine’s Benjamin Sisko and the many deep existential truths he found hidden within that little 108 stitched wonder.

“I’ve tried all the major religions, and most of the minor ones. I’ve worshipped Buddha, Allah, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, trees, mushrooms, and Isadora Duncan … I believe in the Church of Baseball.”– Annie Savoy, Bull Durham

It could be a reminder that baseball is the most Eastern of Western games.

This year’s Other is named after Dogen – a 13th century Japanese monk who was a great proponent of the practice of zazen, or sitting meditation. By training the body to be still, the mind becomes like a mirror, reflecting in itself a transcendant enlightenment that cannot be described in words. Dogen said, “you hear the sound of the dharma…. with the body first and the mind last.”

Zen monks have developed arts to help them attain this most indescribable of states – archery, for instance, and brush painting. For Americans, perhaps the closest approximation of this kind of active meditation might be baseball. As Yogi Berra explained it, “You can’t think and hit at the same time.” You need to shut off the mind to let the perfect self shine through and do its thing.

This is what, I think, Jack Shephard is currently trying to do. He isn’t thinking any longer. He’s just acting on instinct, without any more need to try and control the outcomes of his actions. It’s a big change, as we saw last week, to the point that Jack almost seems like more of a different person than any of the people in OtherLOST do. He’s like a 12 Stepper who has finally gone all in and accepted that all he needs to do is “let go and let God.”

“I am in no way interested in immortality, but only in the taste of tea.”
– Lu t’ung

After Dogen heimlichs the pill out of him, he offers Jack tea. And even though he knows this guy just conjured up a poison pill for his friend, Jack accepts. You almost get the sense that if Dogen wanted to handcuff Jack to a polar bear, this new Jack would go along with it, just to see what kind of head trip it might turn out to be.

Whatever it is that Dogen is selling, and for whatever reason, Jack is buying it. Dogen explains to Jack that he doesn’t speak English in front of his people because it’s important that he keep himself isolated from them. Leaders do not get to mingle with the minions. It’s something Jack has known for some time.

Until now, he never really had to face up to the implications of that body art he wanted so badly: “He walks among us but is not of us.” In other words, Jack Shephard, this is your life.

Jack didn’t choose this life. It was thrust upon him, against and in spite of his own free will. And what’s making it even worse is that he doesn’t even understand yet what it is he doesn’t get to have any choice about. The never ending dilemma of fate vs. volition continues to generate new ripples within the story.

Jack and Locke, Kate and Sawyer, Hurley and Sayid, Sun and Jin – all were brought to the Island by Fate. Dogen says that he was also “brought” to the Island. It’s an Island of immigrants, where everyone is imported from somewhere else. There are no indigenous people. Who brings them there and for what purpose? That is the question we are now circling in an ever decreasing orbit, but it doesn’t seem to me that Free Will has much of anything to do with it.

We saw in OtherLOST that Kate is fated always to be a part of Aaron’s story. OtherClaire names her son the same way Claire did back in Exodus. The name just blurts out of her: “Is my baby ok? Is Aaron ok?” We have heard her say almost exactly the same lines on the Island. Both times, she says that she has no idea how the name came to be. It just happened. Claire never chose Aaron’s name. It was destined that he be named Aaron. It’s a punctuation point that’s been made twice now, so I am guessing there is a reason it is important.

OtherLOST also provides a window into just how much things stay the same, even in decoherent coexisting parallel realities. Horace and Amy’s baby boy must have been evacuated off of the Island just prior to The Incident, but even though he never became Ethan Rom, the Other Man, he still became the world’s creepiest OBGYN. And he still ended up poking around and taking an interest in Claire’s unborn son.

At some point after The Incident, Christian Shephard apparently still played around on his wife with a mistress in Australia, still fathered and abandoned a daughter. Claire still went on to become a teenage mother, who handed over her credit card to the woman who just carjacked her while she was running from a U. S. Marshall.

… proving once again exactly why children having children is such a very bad idea, whatever reality they find themselves in.
Claire still wanted to find adoptive parents in America, and she still ended up deciding to keep her baby. Kate, as we know, still became a criminal and a fugitive with a heart of gold.
The question that interests me is this: In a world where all the choices were different, why did Ethan, and Kate, and Claire, and Christian, all end up making the same decisions? And those are just the ones we know about. I admit that I am excited to see what has become of all the OtherLosties as well. I think what we learn about their OtherLives is going to be the key to unlocking just what role Fate and Free Will are playing in this mind game.

However tenuous its existence, Free Will is a concept near and dear to all our hearts. Most of the time we don’t even care if it’s true or not. We just choose to believe that we have the power to choose.

The pill that Dogen wants Sayid to take must be taken willingly, or apparently it will not do its intended work. But Sayid has acquiesced his free will to Jack and is asking to be told what to do. Since being claimed, Sayid doesn’t want to think for himself any longer. So while he may take the pill willingly, if Jack tells him to, it can’t really be said that it’s Sayid’s free will that is choosing. Jack, on the other hand, does demonstrate free will when he tries to take the pill himself. But Dogen’s quick reaction immediately prevents his will from working its way.

Although Fate seems to be the power player thus far in this story, it’s impossible for us to rule out the dark horse potential of Free Will. In Season Two’s What Kate Did, one of LOST’s most enigmatic moments happened when Kate and Sawyer witnessed the dark horse in the forest. That magical image has never been explained, or even referenced, in all the episodes since.

In What Kate Does, we see these same two characters attempting to exercise their free will. Sawyer chooses to leave the temple grounds, despite Dogen’s command that he can not. Kate chooses to run after him, and she chooses to lie to Jack about her true intentions.
It’s interesting that she makes another choice in this episode – one that seems to have flown under the radar of much of the fandom. Perhaps no one expected to find it buried in the middle of an episode this way, or delivered in such an understated way, and that explains the lack of fanfare it has received. As they are about to go their separate ways in the jungle, Jin asks, “Who do you care about, Kate?”
Kate’s answer is that she is going with Sawyer, that she has lied about bringing him back, and that she intends for him and her to figure things out “together” from here on out. Jin is now the only other person who knows that, in the interminable question of “Jack or Sawyer”, Kate has finally made her choice.

The only problem, of course, is that Sawyer has also made his. While Kate has finally made up her mind about where her heart lies, Sawyer has just shut down his heart and thrown it into the bottom of the sea. Sawyer doesn’t want to be together with anything but his memories right now. The trauma of Juliet’s death has convinced him that he is meant to be alone. Just as we saw him do in Confidence Man, he has shut Kate out and marooned himself on the island of his own despair.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. – Buddha

It is impossible for me to believe that any character will be left entirely alone at the end of this tale. An episode about Kate reminds us of her connections to Sawyer and to Aaron, and through Aaron to Claire, and through Claire to Ethan and Rousseau, and through Rousseau to Sayid, and through Sayid to Ben, and through Ben to Jacob. The characters write one anothers stories. The past stories we have seen on LOST echo back into the story as we continue going forward. The unknown new reality bleeds into the reality we thought we knew all along. Everything is fluid. All the elements are still in flux. They haven’t started yet to cohere into one consistent truth.
We’re still being peppered with questions.

What took place on the Island during the dead zone of 2004 – 2007, when none of the Losties were there? We know the timeline up until 2004 is still in place, since Aldo makes an appearance to remind us of his encounter with Kate in Season Three’s Not in Portland.

Why does he keep telling his buddy to shut up? What is the big secret?

And speaking of dates,why was the date on Aaron’s sonogram exactly one month later than the fateful Flight 815’s original date? Is everything in OtherLOST off by a factor of +1?

We don’t have time to stop and linger over the questions that never stop multiplying. The playing pieces are moving around the board now. The game is in motion. Claire has been brought back onto the board, remodeled into someone intriguingly different.
Sawyer has called a time out.
Kate has finally focussed all her better angels and has begun her final quest.
Jack is still downloading input from Destiny Central, but it seems only a matter of time until he makes a bold gambit.

We know they are all cross Island from the psychodrama still unfolding in and around Jacob’s bloody foot. What will happen when their worlds collide with that of NotJohnLocke?

At the same time, the co-reality of OtherLOST seems poised to begin spiraling around and into the reality of our Island as we’ve known it. I haven’t got the faintest frakking clue what’s going on around here, but damn! This thing is fascinating.

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  • clueless1der

    I watched that animated image cycle through twice… sad.


    • Twitchy

      veeery saaad.
      If you add the music theme from ‘exodus’ (the raft being launched), you’ll find urself crying like a calf.

      • I had no idea calfs were such a popular simile for crying.

        • Twitchy

          well actually it’s a way of saying here in italy, so i believe poor calves do cry a lot when their time comes and they get slaughtered. Sad again.

          • clueless1der

            Cool. Of course, now I want some hamburger.

  • DamntheTorpedos

    I was really hoping Jack and Kate would end up together – but she lied to him – once by omission – not telling him she had no plans to come back, then again when she told him he couldn’t come because Sawyer would kill him. Sawyer had just told her that he wasn’t going after jack. She planned everything to go after Sawyer and be with him – the irony was that he is not emotionally available.

    I think Jack needs to let go of her now, she’s never going to let go of Sawyer.

    • Seabiscuit

      I thought it was devilishly clever on Kate’s part to withhold that truth from Jack to keep him out of her hair. That’s my girl.

      • “Devilishly” being the key word…

        • Seabiscuit

          And she wouldn’t be half as interesting to me if she were a saint. Same goes for Ben.

      • dtruth

        I have never loved her more 🙂

    • dd

      Kate gives her reason for going with Sawyer: to find Claire.

      • Jenna

        Yep, because Kate always tells the truth, doesn’t she? Or I guess only when you desperately want to believe what she’s saying.

        Actually, she had already given her initial reason in the house when Sawyer asked why she followed him. “I was worried about you.”

        Fixating on random, tiny details won’t change things, sorry people. You can try to ignore the big-picture fact that a Kate-centric was ONCE AGAIN focused on her relationship with Sawyer, that she lied to Jack, chose Sawyer, that they had an emotional scene (just the two of them) in a goregous location AGAIN, that their love theme has already been used this season in the premiere, that the the last two recap shows and pretty much all the official promotion this season has emphasized Kate/Sawyer… ignore all of that and pretend that because Kate had a line of dialogue in which she said she wanted Sawyer to help her find Claire, THESE TWO ARE OVER THEY’RE JUST FRIENDS SAWYER WILL NEVER LOVE HER AGAIN EVEN IF JOSH HOLLOWAY SAYS HE WILL LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!!!!

        You rock, Fish. I’m so glad to be on the side of sanity.

        • dd

          I don’t think I’m going on a limb when I say you and FB are not “on the side of sanity.” Shippers are as nuts as Twilight dorks.

          Like I was saying, I see projection, not evidence backed by the story. Review season five and the episode in wgich Kate discusses her intention. Then spend the rest of the last episode reviewing the state of Sawyer’s reason-for-being. Kate’s “one line” remind’s the viewer of her intention– it’s one that is very different than Jack and pal’s notion of “destiny” or Island politicking. Sawyer and Kate don’t have much interest in that– but that doesn’t necessitate a love story. Juliet most likely didn’t die to rekindle a romance with Kate.

          Also, the span of season five will most likely cover no more than a week or two. I don’t buy that a convincing romance will spring from this. Three years with Juliet, a deep and mature love or the resurgence of a fling? I suppose if you’re content with paperback romance trash or lonely nights daydreaming about a bad boy hunk to save you from knitting another scarf, the latter might work well for you.

          Juliet most likely didn’t die to rekindle a romance with Kate.

          • Jenna

            Juliet, sad to say, ONLY died to rekindle a romance with Kate. And no, I don’t believe Kate and Sawyer are going to be returning to the bear cages this season. There will likely be no sex scene, but I do think there will be a kiss toward the very end, when they make it clear which two end up together. Both of them may not even necessarily survive the final episode. Doesn’t matter, because that doesn’t negate the fact that theirs is the love story that “won” in the triangle.

            When they ran out of ideas for what to do with Juliet, they stuck her with Sawyer in an off-screen, shorthand relationship. We saw none of it except the end, just as we saw none of Jack and Kate’s romantic interlude except the break-up. Why? Because those parts just weren’t important in the grand scheme of things. Not like Kate and Sawyer’s first kiss was, or their first love scene, first “I love you,” first break-up, reunion, etc. Harping on the THREE YEARS! is silly when the relationship wasn’t even important enough to be shown to the audience. In the same episode that the Sawyer/Juliet relationship was revealed, Kate returned to the island. The last shot of the episode was of Sawyer seeing her face again, while their love theme played. (And there’s another big clue that I know fanboys/Jaters love to ignore – why do Kate and Sawyer have their own love them when Jack/Kate and Sawyer/Juliet don’t? No one’s yet been able to answer that question.)

            What happened to Juliet sucked, and they never should have destroyed her character that way. But it is what it is. There’s a reason the writers kept playing up her insecurity about Kate’s return, and a reason why they showed her noticing Sawyer looking at Kate, not her, when Bernard talked about being together in the end because “that’s all that matters.” The writers intended for her to get it. They intended for the audience to get it. I think most of the non-online fans do, at least the ones that I know. Just not the fanboys with the emotional intelligence of lizards.

            Sawyer will mourn, he will feel guilty, he will go dark and join Smokey Locke, and then about midway through the season he’ll have a catharsis, probably brought on by tragedy or near-tragedy, when he realizes his friends still mean the world to him, he doesn’t have to be alone forever, and he doesn’t have to punish himself by denying his love for Kate. It’s not rocket science.

        • Cronue



        • dp2

          It wasn’t just one line to Sawyer. She also told Claire’s mother (or was that just a line also? Because if it is, we’re now rooting for the woman who unloaded her adopted child on an unsuspecting grandmother so she could be with a guy. Lovely.) If you missed that Kate is as fatalistically entwined with Claire as either of her men, you slept through half of the episode.

  • thetrunkmonkey

    Interesting that Jack takes a pill in order to selflessly save Sayid. Stark contrast to season 4 and 5 when he was off island and taking pills to selfishly drowned his sorrows.

    Great recap!

  • You are, by far, the most entertaining and informative LOST re-capper on the internet. I look forward to your posts every week after a new episode and you never disappoint. (Loved the subtle/not-so-subtle shot at Dark UFO at the beginning of the post.)
    No one seems to be talking about this on the LOST internet fair grounds, and it’s shocking cause when I notice something that I think may be a huge clue to what is going on in the show, a hundred other people mentioned it already by the time I go to post it.
    THIS IS THE SECOND EPISODE IN A ROW WHERE AN OCEANIC SIX CHARACTER HAS LOOKED LONGINGLY INTO A MIRROR. Jack notices his cut neck (that you only see in the mirror reflection) in LA X part 1, and now, in What Kate Does, Kate looks into a mirror after seeing Claire’s belongings in her bag and that’s when her goodness comes out. Again, no one has written about this yet that I’ve seen or noticed. Remember the writer’s love for Alice in Wonderland and the Looking Glass element. If another off island character has a ‘mirror moment’ in next weeks episode ‘The Substitute’ then something is going on. And I’m sure by then EVERYONE will be talking about it.
    Keep doing what you’re doing Fish.

    • thetrunkmonkey

      Oh snap, great observation. I bet you are totally right.

    • ninjaraiden2k

      Yeah remember what Jack read to Aaron in “Something Nice Back Home”:”I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night. Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? But if I’m not the same, the next question is, Who in the world am I? Aha, that’s the great puzzle.” Is this the main clue to the flash-sideways? Is this what the “Infection” is? The transference of essence between flashes? The pairing of characters(i.e. Kate and Claire)being Constants? This is a lot to think about

    • Kat

      I noticed the repeated Longing Looks into the Mirror, too, and am also expecting one for each main character. Additionally, I’ve just begun reading the book Breakfast of Champions by Lost-cited writer Kurt Vonnegut. In this book, a character calls mirrors “leaks” because he likes to imagine that there is another world through the looking glass and that the two worlds sometimes leak into each other and blend. I have a feeling that something similar is going on, and these mirror gazes are an important clue. Are Lost and OtherLost going to merge at some point, or has the leakage already begun?

    • Cronue

      “Again, no one has written about this yet that I’ve seen or noticed.”

      That’s not true. Plenty of bloggers have comment on it. It’s not a new observation.

  • Oh yeah- didn’t that pill look like St. John’s Wart? I turned to my girlfriend during the episode when they showed the pill and said, ‘Their giving Sayid a placebo?’, and we both shared a good laugh.

  • “We’re still being peppered with questions.”

    Man…er, woman, ain’t that the truth!?!

    “We don’t have time to stop and linger over the questions that never stop multiplying.”

    And just where do you find the time make all these connections and questions!?!

  • Wanda

    Great recap. I was just rewatching Season 5, either the Lie or Jughead, where Jack revives Sayid from the poison dart. Sayid leaps up, tries to strangle Jack, and asks “What happened?” So I guess Sayid has changed. And then again he hasn’t.

    Thanks for the insights on Kate. She made up her mind about Jack after she slept with him the last night in LA, after leaving Aaron. She basically broke up with him (again) on the plane. (“Just because we’re on the same plane doesn’t mean we’re together.”) Which I think is only a couple of days ago, present island time.

    Sawyer and Juliet on the dock was 1974. And agreed, he’d better not spend the next couple of months sulking with his shirt on.

  • dd

    1) The discussion of fate vs freewill really lacked nuance and a clear sense of understanding.

    2) the Kate + Sawyer stuff is so contrived that it hurt to read. Shipper nerds, the love triangle pretty much effectively ended in season five. The parallel universe might be a different game– but on the Island? I don’t think a convincing story can be built around a romance involving Sawyer and Kate. FB analysis is made to fit.

    This stuff is still just as trying to read as the Vozzek dude

    • Jennifer

      Vozzek’s a woman if I’m not mistaken.

    • Andy

      You live for Fish’s posts, don’t you? I bet you think if you keep insulting her, she’ll deem you worthy of a response. I almost feel sorry for you.

      • dd

        no. I don’t really care, man. What’s she going to do? huff and puff like all her mindless minions?

        these reviews are the easiest to discuss because they are such a huge distortion of multiple things.

        • MoniquE

          And yet you never discuss anything. you whine and bitch. You’re obviously incapable of writing anything coherent yourself. Them that can,does. Them that can’t, bitches.

          • dd

            Or your reading comprehension is lacking and you can only reason with platitudes.

  • dd

    oh, man when I say love triangle, i mean jack and kate and sawyer and kate.

    Really poor analysis on FB’s part concerning that mess. More weirdo projection.

    • Cronue

      What’s your beef? Fishbicsuit is the site’s best and most insightful writer, by far. Be grateful FB’s posts are here–they’re a gift to fans. Would you rather read more poorly constructed English sentences containing very little insight, as we tend to get from a certain non-English-speaking regular? I personally can’t wait for each of Fishbiscuit’s articles.

      • dd

        I don’t think it’s really a gift to fans. A lot of it is misleading or straight-up incorrect.

        You’re right, it’s not as bad as the writing as that certain someone, but the content has a lot to be desired.

        Maybe I just can’t get into these reviews because I know when FB is full of BS (acting as an authority on various subjects through wiki research while usually getting it wrong). Nor can I get into the lowbrow referencing and internet humor. It’s just tacky– especially all the LOLs, WUTs, WTFs and assorted abominations of speech.

        But the shipper stuff is the worst. Unlike the claims made by weirdos like Monique, I accept the love stories. I think they do add depth to the show. What I do not enjoy is the willful ignorance of details and the projection of fantasy to assert the truth of the shipper argument. When people make interpretations that say that Sawyer absolutely looked at something a certain way and that it meant-this-and-that, I have my doubts.

        Even in this most recent review, FB claims Kate looks at Claire’s belongings as if it was deja vu. I don’t really think that was the purpose of that scene (Instead, I saw Kate realizing that what she took was not helpful– she maybe even experienced some guilt. I have no idea because we don’t know the parallel Kate).

        FB might be a voice for some, but I don’t find it insightful or bringing anything to the table that I haven’t considered. But what do I know? I’m a fanboy who takes everything at face value, apparently.

        • Don’t worry, dd, great writing allows for both those who take things at face value and those who find deeper meanings to walk away entertained and fulfilled or piqued and enlightened. The torah and christian bible are great examples.

          Most writers – probably the best ones – don’t even intend to imply deeper meaning; it’s usually subliminal no matter what professors teach about explication.

          Like Hemingway supposedly said, sometimes a mountain is just a fucking mountain.

          • Cronue

            The difference being that the Bible is not an example of great writing. It’s pathetic and ridiculous.

  • Nabokov’s Pants

    hatterandharestudios, cool observation about the mirrors! How did no one else notice that?

    Great review. I’m new to the Lost online world, I just recently watched all 5 seasons in a marathon. Maybe I have a differnt perspective because of not having any hiatus gaps, but I admit (no offense to their fans) that I was surprised to see there are groups rooting for Jack/Kate and even Sawyer/Juliette to end up together. I think when you see all the episodes in a row it’s pretty clear that Sawyer/Kate are being written as the big romance. Like this recapper pointed out, Juliette helped Sawyer fill the void of losing Kate the way Claire’s baby did for Kate. It doesn’t mean there wasn’t real love involved in both, just that they weren’t meant to last, storywise. The writers always intended to bring Kate and Sawyer back into each other’s orbit. They’ve set up this last emotional hurdle at the beginning of the last seasion (I refer to Sawyer thinking he should be alone) so that it can be resolved by the end of the season. How could anyone have thought it was over already?

    Not that I don’t think Jack and Kate are very important as a relationship, I do. They’re like the Harry Potter and Hermione of the show, if Harry and Hermione had a disastrous shortlived engagement while Ron was thousands of miles away and presumed dead. But I think what the writers have done so brilliantly with Jack is create a hero who’s in love with a woman who’s in love with someone else. It’s very sad, but Matthew Fox does great with that storyline. And let’s face it, it’s not a rom-com where everyone ends up happily paired off. It’s a grownup drama. If they’d wanted to go that route, they’d have kept Jack with Juliet. He needs to be in love with Kate and will ultimately “let her go” I think. He won’t get the girl in the end, but his ending will be pretty damn amazing, I think.

    Fishbiscuit, interesting point about how we don’t know what happened on the island between 2004-2007. There have been so many time jumps that I couldn’t begin to sort them out.

    Overall, great recap! I’m glad I found this site. I’m going to go back and read some of your earlier reviews that I missed out on. Are they all posted here?

    • Jack’s Sidekick

      I agree. I think he was never meant to be with anyone (Sarah, Juliet or Kate).I think he is meant to be the leader. Though, wouldn’t it be interesting if Kate died and these two guys would be left to grieve together.

    • kc

      Yes, yes, yes to everything you’ve said!

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    I just figure the whole Jack-Kate-Sawyer thing works into Evil Locke’s plan. In the previews we can see he’s going to use Sawyer next week. I think Jack and Sawyer will be on opposite sides and Kate will stand between them. As for Ethan Goodspeed (formerly Rom) being a doctor in the second time line, there’s a Ben centric episode coming up (6-7) titled, “Dr. Linus.” Maybe the Other’s are all doctors in this time line. Or maybe they know what happened to the island and they have to stop these alternate forms of the survivors from going on 316, going back in time and dropping a bomb. This last part is hardly a theory.

  • Crystal

    Awesome recap, Fish! Your observations and insights never fail to make me think twice.

  • onlyendsonce

    Man, this recap was incredible. I think your strength lies in tackling the ideas of Lost. When you go outside, and try to imagine the motives of the writers and/or the fans, your recaps tend to get bogged down and, frankly, a bit annoying and/or uninteresting. But when you focus on the overarching themes, you are aces.

  • anon

    .. collective fanboy bitchfest

    you sure it was gender specific?

    And they want her to Shut. Up. Kate.

    yes, she’s like Lutz of 30 Rock in that way. Everybody SHUT UP! Shut Up Lutz!

    ..not be able to decide between Jack or Sawyer all these years. That last one has definitely ruffled the most feathers.

    Including your very own, judging by the number of skate posts on your blog. Wait, my bad, you’re obviously covered with scales…

    She’s almost a girl version of Jason Bourne.

    Why not Jack Bauer while we’re at it?

    Angel of Mercy, the creepy venue well known to any fan of Dexter

    I applaud your reference to Dexter. Nice.

    And he doesn’t explain why he buried the damn thing so deep into the foundation of his house that he needed a wrecking bar and a sledgehammer to retrieve it. Who was he hiding it from exactly – Juliet or himself?

    I believe that could be for continuity reasons. If he had hidden it somewhere more accessible, it might have been taken by one of the others when they settled in the barracks. That ring has been there for 30 years by the time Sawyer goes to retrieve it.

    It’s time to let it go…

    Yes, it’s time to let go of all this pointless stupid shipper crap. Only 3 months left, there are way more important questions for this show to answer.

    I’ve noticed a creeping necrophilia in the romantic tastes of the online LOST fandom

    Wait! Necrophilia? Juliet wasn’t dead yet in that picture. And how do you know so much about all those people’s romantic tastes? Is that all you ever do, obsess compulsively over what other people are saying? So you can ridicule them in your recaps? No? ok…

    Of course there has always been the alternate explanation that perhaps Rousseau lost her mind and just murdered her crew for no reason

    Somehow I doubt that. You should rewatch the scene where Rousseau kills her boyfriend. He’s clearly possessed or something. Rousseau just has a case of ‘jungle nuts’.

    The choice of the word “claiming” is also interesting…..

    It could also be a reference to a game of chess.. I claim your knight, then your queen and check-mate…

    I haven’t got the faintest frakking clue what’s going on around here…

    Lol! Really? That was so not obvious… Well, at least, you know all there is to know about the romantic fantasies of Online Fandom…

    • hugo

      Good points and very well said. I was also curious about the scene where Sawyer retrieves the ring. It feels like the whole question of the others living in the barracks has been side-stepped. The room looked very much like it was last time it was seen in LaFleur. But it shouldn’t, since the others were there, and Ben probably ordered them to re-decorate.

      • I’m surprised no one else has noticed this, or at least I haven’t seen it mentioned that I can remember. The compound doesn’t look like it does because of Keamy’s assault, but more like it was abandoned in ’77. That’s why I keep saying Faraday’s plan worked, but stuff is off-kilter because Sun, her baby, and Aaron were not present when Jughead blew.

        Something has to happen to culminate the ’77 event to allow for the sideways flashes© to occur. Obviously THAT will happen because we are seeing the sideways reality©.

        • Wanda

          Yes, this was apparent at the end of last season, when Sun and Frank Lapidus meet “Christian” and “Locke” in the abandoned barracks with the Namaste photos.

          I also think of Richard telling her he watched their friends die. From the poison gas attack of the purge, or from the bomb, in another parallel world?

          Did anyone else wonder where Sawyer picked up an engagement ring on the island?

          • glueyoureyelids

            Ooops Wanda, I didn’t see your comment when I posted mine!

        • glueyoureyelids

          Yeah, and that fits with the detail of Sun finding the “welcome to the Dharma initiative” pictures last season. Back then I thought it was Christian’s/Mib’s doing, but it might very well be that in this timeline the Others never moved there.

  • dd

    I’m officially tired of these weirdo shippers using “fanboy” to derisively describe people who use balanced textual evidence, skepticism, and thoughtful comprehension of literary technique to discuss the story.

    As a fanboy, I’d like to declare that I don’t dislike Kate. I liked the last episode. I think Kate would make a great pair with either Sawyer or Jack– I just don’t see it happening in the Island universe. The romantic angle has been exhausted. Kate seems to be upset with Jack because he chose the bomb over her; Kate seems to understand that Sawyer was deeply in love with Juliet and comes to him as a friend (although an invasive pal, but Sawyer acknowledges that); Kate’s interest is to reunite Claire and Aaron (it’s not some cursory mission that will be dropped for an unbelievable love story).

    To Jenna: I think you missed the point of Jack and Kate’s flashforward in season 4. You’re right, first dates and post-Island kisses weren’t important to show– but that’s because there’s a bigger story to discuss. You have to realize LOST exists within a very specific frame: 45 minutes over this-or-that number of episodes. This requires efficient story-telling that is selective in information that is displayed. Not everything is going to be shown to affirm sides of what has always been an intentionally ambiguous depiction of a love triangle.

    But really, Juliet’s death brings Sawyer to tears. We’ve never seen this side of Sawyer. And you think it’s reasonable to cheapen this and the depth of his relationship with Juliet with a character he admits was just a fling? A character that he strongly states had been forgotten? I don’t think Juliet’s death leads to a romance (I might be wrong, and I’m willing to accept that)– but I think whichever path Sawyer takes will be the consequence of guilt and anger. I get more of a Darth Vader vibe than Han Solo.

    • MoniquE

      “I’m officially tired of these weirdo shippers using “fanboy” to derisively describe people who use balanced textual evidence, skepticism, and thoughtful comprehension of literary technique to discuss the story.”

      So you’re calling Fish a fanboy then? LOL.

      I think a fanboy is mainly someone who can’t read emotions, who doesn’t get anything that isn’t black and white. A great example are the fanboys at darkufo. For instance whoever watched this episode and saw it was the end of Sawyer and Kate, and managed to miss that it was so so much worse for Jack and Kate. They also tend to be superior and nasty and praise their own insights even when they don’t really offer up anything new, kind of like how you do most of the time, dd.

      Like when you discuss why Jack and Kate’s story in season 4 had to be condensed. You don’t even notice that they NEVER did that with Sawyer and Kate. You can’t draw the obvious conclusion. Also when you say “A character that he strongly states has been forgotten” LOL that’s perfect fanboy tone deafness right there. You just don’t get that he said that THE SCENE BEFORE he saw her face again and it was obvious he never forgot a thing. You’re so literal minded I wonder how you can even enjoy a show like Lost.

      • anonymously anynomous

        cool story bro

      • Jennifer

        Exactly! I can’t believe how many people seem to only understand the surface interpretations of things. “Lost” is huge on irony.

        • hugo

          What?!? Surface interpretation? What are you on about? Whenever I feel there’s something I don’t understand about Lost, I just go to Lostpedia and look it up. Recaps are usually good to read, but I always keep in mind it’s just one person’s point of view.

          You don’t need to go around and respond to everyone who disagress with you, so you can have the last word or try and force your opinion onto them. We get it, you want Sawyer and Kate together. Great. I, personally, enjoy the Sawyer character, along with Ben, Hurley, Miles, Richard and Locke/FLocke, etc..

          But do you need to argue with and annoy everyone with your Skate fantasies every week? You’ve been doing that for about five years. Give it a rest for god’s sakes.

          If you think I’m being harsh or rude, just look at how many comments actually discuss the shipper plots and how many discuss everything else.

          • MoniquE

            It’s so funny how it never occurs to the haters that the “shipper fantasies” of someone like FB are as much a part of the story as the things they happen to like.

            Trashing shippers as some kind of dimwits is totally acceptable on Lost boards but the same people who do it end up going ballistic at the mere mention of the word fanboy. From what I can see, a shipper like Fish who understands the whole show makes a lot more sense than the fanboys with their fingers in their ears who are missing out on a huge part of the show. Maybe its you guys who need to give it a rest.

          • JS

            Funny how things are…

            I have no problem with a great read. I love reading about LOST but to say that she is a great insightful recapper is crazy. Most things are funny but you need to keep in mind the complete distaste that she has for Jack and how biased she is for Sawyer.

            For example,

            She said that Jack pulled Kate for a kiss – I remember her kissing him and then running away. If I recall Sawyer conned Kate for a kiss and then she punched him – but that is ok… it is Sawyer afterall. Right?

            Sawyer kissing the woman he loves when she is dying is gross because of all the blood. Kate kissing Sawyer when he is bloodied is super hot.

            I love Jack and I love Sawyer. I cannot stand Kate. If she ends up alone, I will be VERY happy with at least this one tiny aspect of the show.

        • hugo

          @ MoniquE (February 14, 2010 at 11:03 am)

          Why do you assume it’s hate? Maybe some people just choose to ignore that aspect of the show? Has that thought never occurred to you? We don’t hate it, or enjoy it, we’re just indifferent to it. Is that too hard to accept? I don’t know, are you open to being reasoned with?

          • MoniquE

            Am I open to being reasoned with? Geez, the passive aggression never stops from you fanboys does it?

            Hows this for reason? You just admitted you IGNORE the parts of the show you don’t care about. how does that make you more credible or rational about the show than those who happen to love ALL of it? Sounds like you’re the one who’s missing out, not them.

          • hugo

            Choosing to ignore and plain ignorance are two very different things. You say you love all of it, so I assume you enjoyed the Jack/Kate romance angles as well? And the Nikki/Paolo subplots?

            How does that make me more rational or credible? I never made that claim. But, then again, I don’t go around annoying the hell out of everyone nor do I jump to conclusions about someone as soon as that person disagrees with me.

        • dd

          I don’t really understand what you are agreeing to right there.

          Most of us enjoy the many layers– we aren’t seeing things as straight forward as Monique suggests. However, there are good and bad interpretations. Generally, those who try to argue the shipper angle (whichever side) generally pick-and-choose and purposefully ignore most of the story to support their argument.

          • hugo

            Well, to their credit, they’d make good lawyers. I do somewhat agree with what you’re saying. I only started reading online recaps last year, and before that I never knew the romance angle was such an important issue to so many people. And it’s not like the poly-angle love affair on Lost is less cliche than on any other show.

          • Jenna

            Then tell us, since you’re such an expert on this topic, what part did Fish “purposefully ignore” in her interpretation of the relationship storylines this episode?

            Your contention that Sawyer was head over heels in love with Juliet and had forgotten Kate is, as someone else pointed out, completely typical of the literal-minded tone-deafness of so much of the online fandom. You have no grasp of the big picture at all. You take everything the characters say at face value, despite the fact that everything else (Sawyer’s gestures, expressions, the lighting cues, the musical cues, the insecurity of Juliet, his inadvertent slipping back into the “Freckles” nickname, the longing looks) as well as comments the writers have made about their own story (“When Sawyer and Kate see each other, that chemistry just locks in for both of them. And that throws a huge wrench in the mechanism.”) –ALL that stuff lets the audience know we can’t trust simply the words the characters say. Have you never watched TV before? Or movies? Or read anything besides comic books?

            I think the funniest thing is that Juliet herself got it, loud and clear. That’s why she decided to detonate the bomb, when she told Sawyer “Just because people love each other, it doesn’t mean they’re meant to be together.” (Also a nice echo of Kate’s “We’re on the same plane, Jack. Doesn’t make us together.”) And Sawyer didn’t fight very hard to stop her. Which is likely why he can’t stand to look at Kate right now, because he knows Juliet was right, and it killed her. It’s a beautiful, rich, emotional, tragic story. It’s a shame you miss out on so much while you’re cruising Lostpedia and believing every literal word that comes from the characters’ mouths.

          • hugo

            All right, let’s say it’s set in stone, Sawyer and Kate will end up together. Is that the big picture you’re referring to? Then what?

            [Have you never watched TV before? Or movies? Or read anything besides comic books? It’s a beautiful, rich, emotional, tragic story]

            Locke’s story is tragic and emotional. Ben’s story is tragic and created a psycopath. The Sawyer/Kate/Jack triangle is a daytime soap-opera cliche. It’s sad that you don’t realize that. And Lost being a show which is mostly about mystery, if it’s clear where the romance angle is heading, then where’s the fun in that?

            I never said anything about Juliet btw, maybe you read that wrong.

            I also don’t read comic books. I do watch a few other TV Shows (Dexter, and a few comedy shows), and old movies, I’m not too fond of cgi.

            And it’s ok to trust some of the dialogue on the show, otherwise everything would be a mess.

          • Jenna

            Hugo, I wasn’t responding to your post, I was responding to dd’s above yours.

            Since you said in your earlier comment that you simply IGNORE the parts of the show you don’t like, including the love triangle, I’m sorry if I don’t give a flying bleep how much of a “mess” you think it is. You’ve already let us know your opinion means nothing, since you don’t pay attention to that aspect of Lost.

            For those of us who do pay attention to it as one of the central character stories of the show, and who love the Kate/Sawyer angle, it just keeps getting better and better, especially now that they’ve made it very obvious in the last two Kate-centrics (WHH and WKD) that Kate’s heart lies with Sawyer. I’m sorry to inform you that Lindelof and Cuse recently said in Entertainment Weekly that the love triangle will be “absolutely central” this season, with a lot of “twists and turns” and that they’re “very engaged by it.” If you read spoilers, you know how true that is based on all the set reports with Kate and Sawyer together. So, looks like you’re going to have to ignore a lot this season!

          • hugo

            And you thinks yours means a fucking lot more? The only fucking thing you talk about is Sawyer and Kate hooking up. And how everybody else is wrong in assuming otherwise. I am not saying I would be disappointed if those two ended up together at the end of the show, but rather, that’s not the reason why I tune it to watch the show (btw, that’s what I meant by choosing to ignore). Sure, Sawyer is a great character, but then so is Locke, Ben, Richard, Hurley, Sayid and so on. Seems to me you have problems reading.

          • dolce

            @jenna: please post a link to the interview where the writers say that the “love triangle” will be central to season 6 and the mysterious magical property having-invisible time jumping- smoke monster inhabiting island. I would love to document the moment that I realized I have wasted 6 years of viewing this show.
            P.S.: they’re not real.

          • MoniquE

            @ Dolce: Try to keep up. It was in the Entertainment Weekly issue that came out right before the premiere. It was a quote in the article and also a part that was singled out to be featured in a bubble within the article.

            Also, what’s with the condescension? Does it make you feel better to act like a douche to other people online?

          • dolce

            seems to me there is a lot of that going around. I just don’t understand week in and week out you guys try to make this show about 3 characters to the point that I can almost see how red your you and Jenna ) faces get when you rant about it. Whenever fb does her incredible write ups about it ( where never once have I gleaned that there was a shippers slant to the writing ), that’s what it becomes all about in the comments somehow. In order to read the interesting ( and some not so much ) viewpoints of other fans, I have to wade through 60+ comments about who’s in love with who. Dedicate a thread in the forums instead. Also my comment was not meant to be condescending, but dry humor. Don’t be so sensitive.

      • thetrunkmonkey

        Monique you are the biggest troll on these boards. You know, it is possible to make an argument without calling everybody who disagrees with you a fanboy. I’m guessing your response to this will be to call me a fanboy as well. Ah well, such is life.

      • ‘Fanboy’ has nothing to do with misreading emotional contexts or exuding intelligence superiority: That’s called ‘human nature.’

        “You’re so literal minded I wonder how you can even enjoy a show like Lost.”

        Again, as I mentioned in another post, great writing satisfies all levels of intellect.

        Although it doesn’t account for snobbish behavior.

  • spinflip

    If Ben has the sickness, how come he was actually made the leader of the Others and wasn’t given the death pill? We really still don’t know what’s going on…

    • aug

      ben never got “the sickness”. he was a manipulative liar before he ever got shot, thanks to his dad’s abuse. If you remember the look in his eyes when he was talking to sayid about richard and his plans to defect, how long he waited, patiently, for that one moment of opportunity, then stole a van, set it ablaze and set it on a collision course with the barracks so he could break sayid out of the dharma jail. Richard said he would merely lose his innocence, not that he would turn into a lying manipulative weasel. there IS a difference,

      then notice how in the temple when sayid was brought to the spring, they mention how the water is different, and sayid is very much dead after they hold him underwater. The Lennon character is very visually surprised when he sees sayid waking up from death.

      what happened to ben and sayid were probably two very different things.

      • Same process, though, or so we can assume.

        • glueyoureyelids

          Well, I guess that it was the water purity or lack thereof which made a different. I assume that Ben was successfully *healed*, loss of innocence or not, while what heppened to Sayid is sort of the contrary, if we have to take the “infection” thing literally. Argh!QUESTIONS! XD

          • Nick Stevens

            I suspect that Jacob could see the infection and tasked Hurley with taking Sayid to the pool not just to heal his mortal wound but moreso to clear said infection before it took root. The pool being murky it did one but not the other.

          • How serious should we take this ‘infection’ thing? I’m not sure I’m biting. Ben didn’t turn out too nice in the clear bath, maybe things will be better for Sayid. And since he already had a dark heart perhaps there’ll be no effect.

            And, IF Jacob is the good guy, I have faith that what he wanted for Sayid was benevolent.

          • MsDee

            hmmm what made the water so murky? It seemed to surprise them like it hadn’t happened before

          • Nick Stevens

            There’s an obvious parallel between the timing of Jacob’s death and the turning of the water. There’s a theory that it was Jacob’s presence or power or some such that kept the water pure. As I say above though I’m not convinced that the water’s murkiness is the cause of the infection. In fact I’m close to certain of it.

        • aug

          sure, at least both were attempts at the same process. one successful (ben) and one not so much (sayid, or so we are meant to assume)

          what i’m positing is that ben would have been an conniving greaseball whether or not he was shot by sayid, whether or not he was taken to the spring and became an other. i’ve a sneaking suspicion the powers that be will either confirm or deny this before the show ends … given the spirit of the last 3 episodes anyway.

          • MsDee

            maybe the innocence lost, was the fact that Ben at an early age would be exposed to a different side if the island, a more “supernatural” side

            Also like Aug says,”ben would have been an conniving greaseball” because his dad is a greaseball and he was abused and that could make anyone turn

    • Jack’s Sidekick

      Maybe it was really a test for Jack.

      • stweedle

        I agree I think there is a little more to it like Smitty says. How did Rousseau’s team get the sickness? Maybe the water has nothing to do with it.

        • spinflip

          As I say, in the end we don’t really know what’s going on. 🙂

  • MoniquE

    Great recap Fish. I love how you tell it like it is. I am so looking forward to the rest of this season.

  • Demy

    Fish that was fantastic! You are an amazing recapper and lost fan! I love how you nail the characters and the mythology! BRAVA!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for this! You have always been my favorite re-capper and you always offer quality insights into the show’s little secrets. As for people calling you delusional for being a shipper – I’d like them to find me one Kate-hater who bothered to rewatch “What Kate Did” or to pick up on the origins of Dogen’s name or what misuru means in Japanese.

    I’ve always felt that people who understand the Sawyer and Kate relationship – and I mean understand it, not just ship it – tend to be the smartest fans of “Lost.”

    Thanks a lot!

    • KiKi

      Jeff Jenkins mentioned the origins of Dogens name days ago. Is this the only recap you read? If Fish wanted to be considered ‘the first’ in noticing things or the ‘most insightful’, then her Fishbiscuit recap would have been posted days ago.
      Hers is always the last of the recaps to be posted. Check the dates on her postings versus other recappers over time. Her recaps are different in that everything is funneled through a Sawyer and Kate ship and that is all.

      • MoniquE

        Did you happen to notice that Jeff Jensen himself just called Fishbiscuit one of the best recappers out there and one of his personal favorites? I’d guess that her recaps are last because she puts about a 1000 times more work into them with the pictures and all. Plus I’d take hers over Jeff Jensens any day. For all the people whining about Fish’s take on the romance, did you read the drivel Jensen came out with? He thought Jack and Kate were like the Castaway Dad and the Castaway Mom looking after their Castaway kids. LOL! I’m sorry, he’s getting paid to write drivel and you all are bashing Fish who does all this for free.

        • What makes Fishy’s post work are the connections she makes, the questions she raises, and the pics. Like anyone she can go off-course or make errant analysis. Doesn’t make it any less entertaining or less wrong than the pros or the amateurs.

          Sorry, but Jensen, even when he plays left field, is more insightful AND entertaining.

          Of course, nobody puts J. Wood in a corner, babe. That guy ROCKED!

        • KiKi

          Wow,pictures and all? Did I bash Fish or point out facts?

          I was replying to ‘Jennifer’ – WHO STATED ” I’d like them to find me one Kate-hater who bothered to rewatch “What Kate Did” or to pick up on the origins of Dogen’s name or what misuru means in Japanese.” I cited Jeff Jenkins as an example, who days ago had already pointed this out. Do you understand? Nowhere did I say that I liked his recaps any better. So insert yourself some place else, there are plenty of other posts to defend your beloved Fishbiscuit.

          • KiKi

            Sorry, I am responding to MoniqueE, not Handsome Smitty if that wasn’t clear.

      • Jennifer

        I’d already read 3 or 4 recaps (most at Dark Ufo) before I re-stumbled on Fishbiscuit’s here. Hers have always been my favorite. I find them the most insightful and the most thorough in their scanning of all the clues in the episodes. She’s also the only one who seems to accurately read character motivation, not just taking all the dialogue and plot twists at face value, but rather measuring them against the entire narrative arc of the series and character arcs. If she wasn’t trained in literary criticism or film criticism she certainly writes like someone who has been.

        • dd

          She doesn’t write like someone who has been trained in literary criticism. She might appear that way to people who don’t know any better.

          • Jennifer

            Dude, I majored in lit crit. She doesn’t use fancy lit crit language, but she makes connections like someone who studied lit crit.

            And I graduated summa cum laude, before you start making aspersions on my education, k?

          • MoniquE

            Bitch, whine, repeat. DD, you may just be the quintessential fanboy. I know a lot of guys object to that term, but you’ve made yourself a shining example of just what makes them so obnoxious.

            Why don’t you write something yourself and give us a link sometime? Try putting your own ass on the line. LOL, who am I kidding? Then we’d all know how full of crap you are.

    • Mel

      I’ve always felt that anyone who agrees with my interpretations is unquestionably intellectually and morally superior. And undoubtedly great-looking too, like me.

    • MsDee

      yikes! I am a big fan and I think Lost creators bring a liitle of everything to the table and though enjoyable, some parts are enjoyed more than others, doesn’t mean you are not a true Lost fan if you are not super interested in the love triangle, not at all. I think a true Lost fan appreciates the show and also appreciates the other fans even though they might not agree, Some things can be taken at face value but we know most things on a show like this, is not.

  • stillLOSTstillLyndsey

    Beautiful recap per usual, Fish! Totatlly missed the anagram in the credits re: Lindsey Baskum…great eye! As you pointed out, Kate eps are always regarded with unfettered malignance by the masses, but I thought that this one was extremely significant. Maybe I am just an eternal sucker for the anti-hero, but I loved the choices that both Jack and Kate were forced to make in a world that felt extremely “Looking Glass-ed” to me. No-one knows what the eff is happening, wrong is right and up is down and in the words of the ever-sardonic Miles,’As you can see, Hugo’s taken on a leadership role now, so that’s … really great,’ but it was in this sort of space (abyss) that Jack was finally able to trust his gut (re: asking Sayid to take the pill.) Maybe Jack’s gut is finally healed? (S4 “The Shape of Things to Come” JACK: My gut says we’re getting off this island. KATE: I thought your gut was sick…)
    Also, maybe Jack is learning that in order to effectively ‘lead’ he cannot ‘walk among them?’ I mean, it seems like in the past, death threats notwithstanding, Jack would’ve somehow whined his way into Kate’s “Bring Back Sawyer” mission… whereas here he settles for a longing glance as he bids her adieu.
    While I do sort of feel like this was a faux-Kate ep. in many ways (in that Claire and Jack and even Sawyer had more plot progression than Kate herself,) the moment that I found truly heart-wrenching was when Kate really, really, really cried on the dock. My God…we have all been there. When you just feel like you are so far gone and the pain is so real that you wonder how you might recover or how you might continue at all…It was (for me) as if every single thing she’s been running to and from for her entire life (in any timeline) caught up with her on that dock and was completely real. It was a huge ‘Game Over’ for Kate. It made me wonder if the next incarnation of Kate, maybe the best one, is still to come?
    Just my two cents. You are awesome Fish…thanks for always seeing the big picture!

  • Shaun

    “As we begin this long season’s journey into the end of LOST, each milestone we pass is like a sad old friend we’re saying goodbye to. It occurred to me watching What Kate Does that we may have been watching the last Kate-centric episode of LOST ever.”

    I’m confused… You’re saying this like it’s a bad thing?

  • B.A.Y.

    You bring us a gift with each of your postings. Thank you very much.

  • lostmio

    It’s crystal clear that Kate’s reply to Jin’s question re who she cares about is “Claire and Aaron”.

    Kate followed Sawyer for the reason she stated: she wanted his help to find Claire.
    Kate’s tears aren’t about a lost romance. She’s crying because she’s losing a friend and the ally she needed in her hunt for Claire. She’s crying because he no longer cares for any of his friends… including Claire.

    Kate came back to the island and she ‘escaped’ the temple for one reason: to find Claire and reunite her with Aaron.

    There’s no romantic triangle in this episode. Nada. No Skate. No Jate.
    Other than that, I loved your analysis!

    • So, she’s the actual hero of Lost? Didn’t The Darlton say Kate was supposed to be the original lead of Lost and switched the focus more on Jack after the pilot?

      You know, you may have something there….

    • DamntheTorpedos

      As much as I wish that were true – it’s just not. Her plan was to go to Sawyer and figure out what to do next TOGETHER.

      As much as I want it to not have happened…this time she flat out said it. I’m sure finding Claire is up there on her to do list…but being with Sawyer was a top priority too.

    • NaBa

      Uhh, yes of COURSE there’s a love triangle! Kate loves Sawyer – always has, always will. Those tears? They were for two reasons. 1) She feels like she has lost Sawyer forever and 2)She loves Sawyer, Sawyer is grieving so naturally that makes her heart break as well.

      I have to agree with DamntheTorpedos and I really don’t think Kate gives a rat’s ass about bringing Claire back. Well, maybe a “little” rat’s ass. 😉 Her priority is certainly being with Sawyer. That’s not to say now that Sawyer is unavailable that she won’t become the hero-ine that JJ Abrams always wanted her to be (remember he likes that plot line, i.e. Alias, Felicity…).

  • RodimusBen

    Normally I love FB’s recaps, but I knew this particular one would be biased because of her weakness as a Skater. As expected, the normally brilliant analysis of the show’s deeper meaning is replaced by an obviously skewed perspective about the love triangle, which divides people into two categories: A) people who don’t care about it, and B) people who are too invested in one “ship” to look at any of it objectively (that’s FB).

    Most people I’ve talked to about 6×03 think that that it actually put the triangle to bed at long last, as it became clear that Sawyer’s feelings for Juliet were genuine, and she was the true love of his life. But of course, if you’re a Skater, you can always find a way to reinterpret the exact same scenes in a way that favors your ship, just like a Jater could reinterpret the temple scenes between Jack and Kate so that, in their mind, it was conclusive proof that “Jate is fate.”

    My point is, the triangle/ship scenes only mean what you want them to believe. To most people, that’s “nothing,” which is why this episode rated so low. I resent being looked down upon for having a distaste for the triangle, as if that automatically makes me a zit-faced nerd who concocts theories that explain the Island with quantum physics in my grandmother’s basement. The fact is that the triangle is just POORLY WRITTEN. It’s been dragged on to the point of nausea because the writers know that there is a contingent of their viewership lives and dies on the sweet nothings whispered between these three characters. For that reason, the rest of us tolerate it, but don’t for a second try to convince me that it’s even remotely compelling character drama.

    FB, love your recaps. I realize everyone has their own biases (I frequently rail on season 5 on my own blog), so I’m willing to let my eyes glaze over the Skate stuff to get to your brilliant commentary and research.

    • MoniquE

      There’s nothing wrong if you don’t like the romance, but that doesn’t mean your understanding of it is somehow more legitimate or accurate. If you didn’t see the difference between Jack and Kate in this episode vs. Sawyer and Kate then I can see why you don’t enjoy it. A whole big part of the show is going over your head. That doesn’t mean you have to trash it or make those who enjoy it out to be fools. If you like Fish’s reviews, I wonder why you think she suddenly has a blind spot when it comes to this one thing. Did it ever occur to you that maybe she’s on to something.

      • RodimusBen

        I know she has a blind spot because I read her other blog entries (not just the episode reviews) and half of them are protracted arguments about why Skate will be the triumphant ship in the end. It’s obvious that it’s a major interest for her. Again, nothing wrong with that. But the idea that the ship drama is “going over my head” is simply laughable. Maybe under my toes. Like many viewers, I am perfectly willing to entertain romance and character drama on the show (I’m not exclusively a mythology junkie), but literally EVERY other romance on the show has been more believable than Jate/Skate, the reason being because they’re not artificially dragged out to milk an obsession of a certain percentage of the viewership.

    • Mel

      Well-said. I’ve always been more of a Jater myself, but agree that this ep put the triangle to rest once and for all, for all sides. I found the Sawyer and Kate scenes incredibly moving and think it was ultimately a satisfying end. I’ve actually enjoyed the romantic relationship aspects of the show, but I’m ready to move on and sincerely hope neither Jate nor Skate gets resurrected.

      • RodimusBen

        You’re right, the scene was fantastic. Both Josh and Evi gave great performances. It was really wonderful and to me it would only sully the scene if it becomes just another stage in the ongoing tug of war betweek J/K/S.

        • MoniquE

          LOL, “sully” the scene?

          I hope that you guys can forgive the writers when they don’t meet your dull expectations. You are going to be so disappointed.

          • Jenna

            No kidding, Monique. Can you imagine if these guys wrote the show? All the romances would take place primarily off screen and be told in shorthand, there’d be no sex, no real passion, no complicated long-running, slowly developed love stories between characters gradually getting to know each other and falling in love.

            The epitome of Twu Wuv would be symbolized by rings and marriage (because characters with rings MUST BE IN LOVE AND STAY TOGETHER FOREVER, THE END.) And all the characters would speak in literal, factual statements like “You are the love of my life. We will never be apart.” And you could totally believe them, because they would never lie or be wrong or have any concept of irony or self-deception or denial.

            And then once they made their factual statements, the women could go cook bacon or something while the men solved the mysteries, because that’s after all what the show is really about. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

          • Mel

            I’m actually not a “fan boy” or even a “guy.” Forgive me if I would prefer to see a more heroic end for Kate’s character than simply reuniting with Sawyer or Jack. The writers haven’t disappointed me yet (when it comes to the major stuff), so I’m not worried.

          • Ed-Mars

            Please, stop your nonsensical rambling MoniquE and Jenna. You go around on this page attacking everyone who doesn’t agree with your one-dimensional opinion. You’re the ones with dull expectations since you can’t see this show beyond the skate storyline. You’re not in the writers room either, so unless you can see the future, nothing is set in stone yet. Kate/Sawyer/Jack, any one of them could still die before the show is over.

            !- there’d be no sex, no real passion, no complicated long-running, slowly developed love stories between characters gradually getting to know each other and falling in love -!
            You do realize it’s just two actors simulating, and if there is to be onscreen sex, it needs to be like on HBO, explicit without being distasteful. Maybe you think you’re responding to children or something. The triangle is just about 0.1% of what’s happening on the show. There is irony, self-deception, denial, treachery, back-stabbing, comedy, hell even romance and a whole lot more in the other 99.9%. Maybe you would have noticed if you actually bothered to pay attention instead of just drooling at the mouth over Skate scenes.

            And nobody is saying the female characters on the show need to be married and do the laundry/ cook/etc. Why do you need to insinuate such a screwed-up thing? Are you being forced to act like a subservient cook in real-life? Is that why you feel the need to come here and rant to blow off some steam?

  • Nick Stevens

    Just out of curiosity and in all seriousness: what will be the reaction if Kate doesn’t end up with either Sawyer or Jack?

    For my part it would perhaps be a good thing, crazy as that might sound. The romance angle has been walking down an increasingly twisty and treacherous road for some time now and, for me, it’s getting to the point that the only mature way out would be to gracefully exit that path.

    Sawyer, to me, already seems to be done with it. Jack might also have let go, as he made no attempt to stop Kate going after Sawyer. This, potentially, leaves Kate as the only one with an angle left in this mess. Could be that after seeing Sawyer so cut up she’s let go of him, and thanks to Jack’s “I’ll blow us all up so we never had a failed relationship” thing she’ll not be pursuing Jack either.

    • glueyoureyelids

      Just out of curiosity and in all seriousness: what will be the reaction if Kate doesn’t end up with either Sawyer or Jack?

      Well, *my* reaction would probably include champagne bottles, fireworks and confetti.

      [Disclaimer: I’m a girl, I have my favorite ships in Lost as well as other fandoms, and I just. Don’t. Like. The. Triangle. It’s entirely possible. The only other option that I’d find satisfactory would be it turning into a happy threesome involving three hot people, like Sawyer, Kate and Jack are. Alas, it’s a Disney produced show so it’s not happening. If it was an HBO series, maybe… ;)]

      • Nick Stevens

        Sounds like you take a similar view to my girlfriend, who has a bit of favourite ship but otherwise thinks the whole thing is a mess and could happily live without it ever being realised.

      • Seabiscuit

        Take Jack out and put Sayid in there instead and I’d be thrilled beyond reasoning.

        • Seabiscuit

          As a threesome, I mean, not a triangle. Though I would have bought a Sawyer-Kate-Sayid triangle over the original triangle.

  • LostTvFan

    “Not content to merely spoil the facts of the episode, for this one they decided to actually pre-spoil our interpretation of the episode. We were informed, in no uncertain terms some weeks ago, that in this very episode, Kate and Sawyer’s story together would come to an unequivocal end. Forevah.”

    LOL Fish! Well given the episode and all the recent Kate and Sawyer spoilers and filming reports, both on island and in the AU storyline, I have to ask Dark and his gang of eight – How’s that working for you? Wipe the egg off your faces and cowboy up, you may have the inside track on polar bears, numbers, and time travel but you don’t know squat about how romance is written.

    As for the complaints about the episode, those who find a Kate centric or anything ‘romantic’ unwatchable, this was Damon’s response via Twitter on ‘What Kate Does’:

    For those of you complaining of “filler.” Seriously. PLEASE WATCH NCIS: LOS ANGELES. I promise not to hold it against you.

    “Vozzek’s a woman if I’m not mistaken.”

    I didn’t know that. Since The Fish is a woman as well; there are at least TWO women doing Lost re-caps. Note to the geeks and fanboys (no insult intended since you view most women viewers as simply shippers) Lost isn’t a GUYS ONLT zone. Statistic show almost half the audience is female. You think Damon and Carlton don’t know that? You can bet your *** they do!

    • Annie

      Would it be possible not to post about alt or island scenes that are being filmed right now? Those are considered spoilers.

      Any information about episodes that haven’t aired yet is considered spoilery, unless released by ABC for promotional purposes.

      I’m a Skater and I’d love to see Sawyer and Kate together at the end of their journey. But I don’t want my viewing experience to be ruined by people who keep posting spoilers all over the place and base their hopes, not on what they are watching and seeing right now, but on what they think they’ll be watching in future episodes.

      Please, leave spoilers for spoiler threads.
      Some of us want to take it one episode at time.

      It’s annoying when people try to prove their point in current discussions with details they have about 10 episodes in advance.

      Let’s also remember that spoilers are not always what they seem and that Lost is always full of surprises, even when we think we know what’s going to happen. So, even if Sawyer ad Kate are filming together, that does not mean that they are together romantically or that they will be together romantically until the finale. You never know when Jack or Juliet might pop up and make things confusing again.

    • KiKi

      ‘there are at least TWO women doing Lost re-caps.’ There are MANY more women than TWO doing recaps. How bout Nikki Stafford who posted her recap on Feb. 11th, right here on THIS website.

      So ALL, everyone of the female audience is interested in the romance? Don’t sell women so cheaply, we are capable of enjoying the show for other reasons. What a stereotype, ‘let’s throw a little romance in the plot to attract and hold the female attention.’ BS

      • MsDee

        Thank you KIKI! I am a female and I’m not super interested in the triangle. Actually I disliked Kate until this episode and it had nothing to do with romance. I saw Kate as a busy body wanting to get in everything because she was a wannabe and frankly,thought she loved the attention BUT I finally got her when she was at the temple and Jack was making an effort to resucitate Sayid. At first she was standing , useless with Sawyer and Hurley as they watched Jack’s labor but within seconds Kate was in there holding Sayids feet and not standing by useless and it occured to me that , she’s not nosey or busy bodied or wannabe. She just can’t stand by and do nothing. Which is why she killed her father and did not just stand around and let it happen. She runs, she doesnt stand around and take it when she can escape or be proactive in her situation. As for her crying on the dock, I don’t know , maybe, just maybe, she was having a mini breakdown because she lost her friendship with sawyer and is confused about her love for him and Jack and maybe because she just timetravelled and prior to that crashed on an island, saw smoke monsters and other fun stuff, I think a girl or for that matter a guy can break down every now and then

        For those of you who already read my analysis of Kate, I apologize for repeating it

    • MoniquE

      Vozzek is most definitely a man. I think he even has his picture on his blog.

      • Jennifer

        Really? Okay, I’m confused then. I thought “Vozzek” was the female special guest on a podcast I was listening to last season. Hmmmm… Oh well. The woman they brought on that podcast was some big-deal recapper, though, and quite intelligent at any rate.

  • meems

    Thanks again, Fishbiscuit, for the most insightful and awesome recaps and analyses anywhere on the internet. I feel lucky to have had the pleasure of reading you over the past year (or more?) and I don’t know what these people are talking about. Fish is clever, intelligent, funny, and able to make so many brilliant connections, I wish I had many of the genius moments she does. Well done, once again!

  • Fandango1

    Excellent recap, Fish! I love Kate, so I might be one of the few who actually looks forward to her episodes. I loved her Alt-Lost scenes. They established that Kate’s still impulsive; still manages to hurt innocent people in her headlong running from whatever, but that she still tries to make amends when she realizes it. I like that we’ve established that she and Claire and Aaron seem destined to bond, whatever universe they’re in. It was so nice just to see Claire again!

    At this point, I think the Jack/Kate side of the triangle is over and the Sawyer/Kate side is on hiatus. Sawyer has closed out the world for now, and Kate thinks she’s way too late and has missed her chance with him. She’s going to pursue her mission of finding Claire, and I’m looking forward to seeing Kate with an actual agency and story of her own. Go Kate! I don’t expect to see anything between Kate and Sawyer until near the end of the season, but I do think it will go in that direction.

    Ultimately, I do hope Sawyer will also get an opportunity to help Claire at some point because I suspect it still weighs on him that she was lost on his watch. He’s in such a bad place right now… I just hope he doesn’t get himself in trouble while in this state of mind. *crosses fingers*

    As for John and Yoko, I am completely mystified about what the hell is going on at the Temple. Sayid has to take the pill willingly? What part does the “willingly” play in how the pill would work? Haven’t played backgammon for years, so thanks for reminding me that lost pieces can be reclaimed. I will continue to hold out hope that Sayid and Claire can be saved from whatever (or whoever) has claimed or bewitched or possessed them.

    Jack has been humbled to the point where I’m starting to feel sorry for the guy, and I haven’t been able to stand him since S-2! Will wonders never cease? I felt sad for himw when Dogen was telling him that he acts as he does because a leader needs to keep a distance from those he leads, and there’s Jack wearing a fateful tattoo naming him as “He who walks among us but is not one of us.” The lack of understandable info from Yoko is a bit frustrating, so I hope we get some clearer answers there soon.

    Never would have caught the anagram “Used by Malkins” – good one! I’m impressed with how many shout-outs we’re getting to events of past seasons, and am really enjoying trying to spot them. Didn’t like the sound of the Alt thing when I first heard about it, but I find I’m loving it now. I look forward to getting to know all the Alt-Lost characters.

    Thanks for a great recap. I’ll look forward to the next one!

    • Seabiscuit

      “At this point, I think the Jack/Kate side of the triangle is over and the Sawyer/Kate side is on hiatus.”

      This is pretty much how I see it.

      • Jenna

        I’m a Skater, and I wouldn’t even say the Jack/Kate side of the triangle is over. None of it’s over yet. Especially when Jack is still in love with Kate. I don’t believe she’s in love with him (though she loves him, no doubt), but as long as they’re both still alive, you can’t really say it’s over. She could still end up with him if Sawyer dies. It would be kind of dismal, and I can’t see how Jaters would be happy with it, but it would definitely be bittersweet. (I really think Jack will die, though. Nothing sounds lamer for that character than happily ever after with the girl while Sawyer gets to be the big damn hero. Not fair to Jack, and I would even say not fair to Matthew Fox.)

        But I also can’t discount the idea that Kate will die with Jack. It wouldn’t negate the fact that Sawyer and Kate have always had the passionate love story, but I think there’s at least a decent chance she will “have his back” in the ultimate way. It would mean Kate chooses her soul over her heart, sacrificing herself (probably) for the others. In a show where redemption is such a major theme, it’s not out of the question. But I like to think that at least two major characters will get a traditional happy romantic ending. It could be Jin and Sun, but I’m still hoping for Sawyer and Kate.

        • Andy

          I agree with your assessment. For me, it’s always been obvious that Kate loves Jack but has never been IN love with him. But Jack has to finally let go of her and I don’t believe he’s done that yet. Him pulling her towards him in an attempt to have an intimate moment proves it.

  • dolce

    Wow. Think I’m going to have to stop reading once I finish the recap. These weekly shipping wars are starting to make my head hurt and my nose bleed.

  • greg dharma

    this is easily the best recap/analysis of this episode yet. it’s like you are focused on the true dharma of lost while other net geeks are playing apologist and trying to get bitchy about spoilers. the illustrative screencaps really help us see where you’re coming from. i like that you dont get too caught up in speculation on red herrings–except for the alternate rousseau theory.

    when you break it down like that, i guess that episode wasnt so bad after all. great insight into the illness being part of the island’s mojo. that clears up the inconsistencies of smokey’s “possession” and claiming people–he didnt appear to touch Sayid at all–to some degree.

    so, it all comes down to a game of backgammon, and what pieces are in play. sometimes the simplest explanations are the best.

  • eric

    Just wanted to thank you, Fishbiscuit, for an awesome post!

  • Sappho

    I just have to laugh my ass off at all the people proclaiming “the end of the triangle” in your smug, self-righteous way. You really ought to let Damon and Carlton know about this, considering they just said the triangle would be “absolutely central” for Season 6 and they’re “very engaged by it.” I mean, since you fanboys think it’s over, they really need to get the message! You clearly have a better grasp of the story than the freaking head writers.

    It’s hard to even contemplate the idiocy of viewers who think a triangle that’s been in place since Episode 1 of this series, that has been Kate’s primary storyline (like it or not), that has arched over the course of the entire six-season long story – is going to end in the THIRD episode of the last season, because one character is in a bad emotional place. Despite the fact that Darlton continue to hype it in numerous interviews. Despite the filming reports that contradict you. Despite the ABC promos that promise we’ll find out how the triangle ends. Despite the writers including “Who will Kate end up with?” in their list of character-based questions they’re primarily concerned with answering for the audience this year. But yeah, it’s so over.

    You schmucks. I hope I never get involved in a fandom as dense as this one again.

    • dolce

      Calm down.

    • Cronue

      Don’t be a dick, Sappho. Relax, for crying out loud.

  • Zoriah

    Thanks Fish for your usual brilliance. I had no idea Dogen was a real historical figure and that he had such memorable quotes. I agree that the term ‘claim’ seems to really evoke the idea of a game board. Backgammon or chess especially. I’m a little bemused by the whole infection/Sayid/Claire/Temple Others storyline at present, but at least we are revisiting Rouseau’s S1 references to the sickness. I did feel that while she went crazy from the loneliness, she hadn’t been lying about the sickness. Seeing Robert act so weird after that episode where he and the other science team were taken over by smokey was very chilling. Is Sayid going to become like that? I hope not.

    However, I am thrilled that the ‘Claire piece’ is back into play. It always seemed weird when she walked off with Christian, abandoned her baby and went to chill with Christian in the cabin. Can’t wait to see what happens there.

    I also got vibes that the writers are finally dismantling the romantic triangle, but not in the way that certain spoiler asses would have you believe. The Jack/Kate scene made me chuckle, with Jack wanting more than Kate wanted to give. Her leaving him with no intention of coming back or even being honest as to her true intentions.

    The dock scene and the other S/K scenes were just beautifully acted and filmed. It broke my heart to hear Sawyer say he believed that some people are just meant to be alone. I think he will be proved wrong. I loved that we got to see Kate finally committed to being with Sawyer, wanting to work it out together with him, being worried about him and crying over his pain and the loss she felt knowing he’s not in a place to be able to reciprocate her feelings.
    Loved the retcon of the ring which just makes it even more obvious that Sawyer didn’t love Juliet enough to talk her out of dumping him in the Incident and convincing her finally she was the one. It makes his look to Kate even more telling of his true feelings. He may have bought the ring but he NEVER gave it to Juliet, NEVER mentioned his intention, even as she was tearfully breaking up with him and planning to blow up the island so she’d never have to lose him to Kate. Never even mentioned it as she lay dying in his arms. Why not?

    Loved that we got confirmation from Sawyer that he used Juliet as a rebound/substite to heal his broken heart over losing Kate. And Kate totally understood that because she did the same with Aaron and Jack off island. He asked Juliet to stay so he wouldn’t be alone, he feels it’s his fault she ended up dying. And is obviously suffering from huge guilt because Juliet was right to be insecure.

    Sawyer is taking himself out of the triangle right now, but I don’t doubt that eventually he will move past his guilt and grief and realize that he does deserve to be loved, and that Juliet would want him to be happy, especially with someone that she’s known all along was the gal he wanted to name dumb stars with.

    I’ve gotta say that I am really digging this new more humble Jack. He’s becoming more of a decent leader since he’s acknowledged that his decisions hurt the people around him. I actually was really impressed with him putting his money where his mouth was and taking the pill to call Dogen’s bluff.

    I disagree Fish, though, that Ethan was the same in the OtherLost. I felt he came across as genuinely kind, and caring as a doctor. Like he had no agenda at all. I also wonder if we will discover that Kate really IS innocent of the murder she’s accused of. I think we are going to see more divergences from the Lost verse. And more incidences of recognition of bleed-through between the characters. I suspect they will be the ones touched by Jacob too, which will be sensing something is up.

  • Lockab

    Flocke is a polar bear. Seriously. Look it up. That’s gotta mean something!

  • Lockab

    By the way, Jughead never blew up. Whatever happened, happened. Jack etc. didn’t change anything from how it always happened. Otherwise, what are we to believe happened the “first” time around, the time that they all went back in time and didn’t blow up Jughead? We know they went back in time and that in 2007 their Dharma recruit photo is still up on the wall at the Barracks. So this is still the same timeline in which they went back and lived in Dharma 70s, but the Swan station’s still been built. So if we’re to believe that in this timeline, they didn’t blow up the bomb, what did they do? The same Jack Shephard who dropped a thermonuclear device into a hole in 1977 has reappeared along the same timeline but 30 years later. So what happened to the Jack Shephard who supposedly didn’t drop a bomb down a hole? Answer is: such a man never existed. To me, this means that the “alternate” timeline, is not a result of them having done anything “different”.

    I think this makes sense. One major thing I can’t work into this is why Richard Alpert told Sun he saw them all die. Did he just think they died because they all vanished around the site of where the real incident, an event involving electro-magnetic energy, occurred?

    I hope there’s a moment down the line where it is revealed that Jughead was always a dud.

  • cap10tripps

    It’s my belief that the bomb was not detonated in “The Incident.” My contention is that the failsafe was jughead. The incident was always the incident. It was the failsafe that set things awry.

    Also (prompted by other bloggers), I rewatched “Flashes Before Your Eyes” shortly after “LA X” and noticed something that seems very very important. Des has red paint on his neck after his fall in his flat! The parallel between that and Jack noticing blood on his neck (seemingly surprised) after passing the point of the original crash is no coincidence…

  • wnt2kno

    Anyone who starts a review with Rilke is okay by me — actually more than okay. Biggest insight in the episode — Kate is absolutely the same as she was in Season 1 and everyone around her is different (except for Aldo, and boy was i surprised to see he was a douche).

  • MsDee

    One question. I’m not an expert on reading Sonograms. i know that might surprise some of you. My question is, I see the baby in the sono but I also see something floating above it. Is this normal? Or am I just reading too much into this?

    • Twitchy

      you need a vacation, bro ;>

    • aug

      that transparent band above the baby?

      if you are, then yes, its very normal. i dont know exactly what causes it though if its some sort of proximity effect from the sonogram or an actual body part (like the lining of the uterus or something) but yea, sometimes you see that.

      • MsDee

        okay I figured, just wanted to be sure

  • minnie swirl

    This was a brilliant breakdown/analysis of the episode. I love the format. Thanks.

  • nutmeg

    I think that things may wind down with Kate and Jack, but I think we will see Kate pregnant with Jack’s baby – that’s why they had that improbable one nighter before they left for the island. I think it was meant to be totally spontaneous, to take Jack unpreparedl that’s the only way she could get pregnant with Jack, unless they had married. I think this will bring them together in the end. But what happens to the baby on the island? I guess it’s ok because it was conceived off-island. Any one else think about this?

    • Jennifer

      I’m worried about a baby myself. After reading a spoiler about some further “complication” in the triangle. What else could the complication be? But why? That’s what I want to know. I don’t believe that Kate’s character has really loved Jack since they were engaged. So why would she want his baby?

  • NaBa

    I just started reading Fishbiscuit’s reviews this season and I gotta say I absolutely love them. I’m guessing here, but I have a feeling since someone else wrote here that her reviews come out after a few days, that she waits, digests what she reads, ruminates that with what she thinks and then spits it out into this blog. I think it’s very intuitive even if she is grabbing onto what other bloggers are putting out there and so what? Isn’t that what critical thinking is? Taking all the information available and then forming your own opinion. Add in the photos and you have a jewel of a review. This week I appreciated FB’s review FAR more than Jensen’s, while I love the Doc, his review was like tangents on acid! Can’t wait for another episode tonight! 🙂

  • Ament

    I don’t think the love triangle has ended just yet, I’ve read many opinions on this but let’s face it, there is just too much to it. The writers have been building this odd relationship up between the three for the past 6 years.

    Now this was mentioned but worth mentioning again, Sawyer had the ring yet never proposed. The fact that he even considered settling and marrying Juliet shows how much she really meant, at the same time he waited…why? It was when Juliet died did Sawyer finally realize who mattered more to him, and why he went back to the ring. We know Kate loves Jack, but it’s becoming more clear she doesn’t have the passion that she has for Sawyer. Now with Kate upset in the hallway, was she crying because of Sawyer’s hurt, because she felt guilty, or because she learned she will never have that place in his heart that Juliet had? Maybe all of the above. Obviously the only way to end a triangle is to take away a player, now I dont think it will end with someone surrendering to the other. That would be boring. Now a heroic sacrifice would be a decent ending to this issue.

    • Jennifer

      Nah, Juliet didn’t mean more to Sawyer. In fact, before she died Sawyer had basically let Juliet let him go without much of a fight. Granted, he didn’t really fight to get Kate back either. But he’s still probably under the misapprehension that Kate is fickle and will go between him and Jack indefinitely.

      Now that Juliet’s dead, well, there’s guilt. So obviously he can’t go running after one of the factors that led to her death (his and Kate’s mutual and obvious attraction). Not yet, anyway. He might have realized how much he loved Juliet, but I don’t think it was actually more than Kate.

      If it was, we would have seen a proposal last season not been given a shot of an unused ring this season. He asked Kate to play house after just a few months, which, at the time, was the equivalent for Sawyer of popping the question and probably even meant more because it was a first for him.

      So I think there’s still a lot to work with there.

      My only fear is that the immense and unexpected popularity of Suliet has caused Darlton to lose their way. I do worry that maybe they’re going to give us Suliet as some kind of endgame given the “coffee shop” rambling.

      Also – you could set Juliet vs. Kate up as some sort of free will vs. destiny thing. In interviews Josh Holloway’s been talking about the two women and saying that Juliet is a mature love he’s had to work at and choose, whereas the love for Kate is undeniable – it just is. So maybe free will = Juliet? Destiny = Kate?

      I’m not sure what the end message of the show will be, but I suspect that free will might be the winning team. What implication will that have for which love Sawyer chooses, if any?

      That said, I think in real life and in fiction it’s ideal to have a love that is destined AND chosen. Someone you really connect with (and not just because you’re the only two hot singles left on the island) and then choose to stick it out with.

      Kate and Sawyer could have both if they’re able to get it together this season.

      I’m hoping that this happens – and maybe that we’re shown a scene with a resolution for them that takes place in the future (not too distant) thereby getting rid of the argument that it’s too soon after Juliet’s death. This is fiction, after all. We can have epilogues, “2 years later” etc.

      I’m also hoping that Juliet is scheduling a coffee date with someone else. Maybe Jack? After all she and Jack were the original pairing and have common interests. And in the alt Jack is looking much more promising. And even last season there was a weird scene where Juliet goes to yell at Jack in the shower and presumably sees him naked. What was that about? She also looked jealous when she found out he and Kate had been engaged. So why not Juliet and Jack? That way everyone gets their happy ending.

      I know a lot of people think “Lost” will be more meaningful or realistic or something if everyone gets a tragic ending. But I’m not sure where people get that idea. Why is a happy ending any less meaningful or realistic? Do these people’s lives really suck and so happy endings seem unbelievable? I don’t know.

      Anyway, that would be my ideal. I’d love to see a scene of Kate and Sawyer together in the alt, walking along, when suddenly they stop in their tracks as they see Juliet and Jack. They both recognize them, and there’s a moment when you think – is Sawyer going to go after her? But then he hears Juliet flirting with Jack (or hell, even Goodwin, I always liked her with Goodwin) – “we could go dutch” – and he realizes that she’s happy where she is and so is he. Sawyer and Kate walk off into the sunset. Yeah. I like happy endings. Not everything has to be “Madame Bovary.”

  • Bezmina

    Wow. Crikey I love Fishbiscuit’s recaps but I really don’t think I can take the comments anymore, what’s with all the anger? Hey we are all going to miss the show you know!

    So as for me, I think Fickles Freckles would do a lot better sorting herself out than going with either guy. I am not a shipper and I resent the implication by some posters that as a woman this is all I care about. Similarly I would copunt myself as a fanboy (even though I have ladybits) because to give this much of a shit about a show then I must be one.

    I can’t believe how snipy some of you guys are being do you think we could actually debate the show without being so personal?

    Right I’m outta here til next week as am a UK viewer. Happy Lostnight kids, be kind to each other yeah?

  • rove3

    Great recap Fish, as always!

  • impressed, nice blogsite, made my day better :))