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Lost Recap – 4.05 The Constant

By ErasedSlate,

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This is Lost at its best.  The love story between Desmond and Penny make the best episodes.  His first flashback was after being released from military prison at a time that shortly follows this sequence of events.  This flash was another unique one for Des, this time Desmond didn’t have a flash to the past where he remembered the future or experience flashes of the future.  This time a past self came to the present.  Which we now know is Christmas Eve 2004. 

He had a flash-through (Koobie came up with that).  One question that was answered was how and why Desmond was dishonorably discharged from the military.  He went AWOL looking for Faraday and Penny.

There were some interesting numbers.

  • 755 – Widmore’s Auction Number
  • 423 Cheyne Walk – Penny’s Flat
  • 7946-0893 – Penny’s phone number

It is interesting that Frank doesn’t trust his employers.  He defied them multiple times in this episode alone. 

I wonder where Minkowski was flashing through.  He said that he was on a ferris wheel, so could he have been going back to the past.  Or, was (past tense) he going to a time in the future?  Is this it for Minkowski or will we see him again.  I hope so.

Faraday was genuinely surprised when Desmond made a comment that he has forgotten about their encounter in 1996.  He replied to Desmond, “yeah right, how would that happen?”  We know that Daniel has short memory problems because of the card game last week.  So, did the prolonged exposure to his experiments cause some kind of disconnect in his mind?  Something catastrophic happened to Daniel between then and now.

hanso_journal.jpgThe Hanso Journal is another interesting piece of information that may have relevance for Desmond’s past.  Tovard Hanso was the only other one to know the contents of the journal.  Out there theory… The journal contains instructions specific to Mr. Widmore telling him that he must make sure that Desmond enters the sailboat race.

Why did Mr. Widmore leave the water running in the restroom?  Was it because he is just too important a person to turn off the faucet? Or, was there something more to it?

Penny does know about the island.  She has been researching it. The heart strings were really tugging at my wife (and myself) during their last exchange before the phone died:

Desmond: I don’t know where I am, but..
Penny: I will find you, Des
D: I promise…
P: I promise…
D: …I’ll come back to you
P: …I won’t give up
D: I promise
P: I promise
Together: I love you.

Don’t even ask me about what Faraday had in his notes.  I can;t even wrap my mind around imaginary space and imaginary time as opposed to real space and real time.  Whew, where are the Physics professors around here that can explain that stuff?

What in this episode sticks out for you?