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Lost Recap – Nikki Stafford Takes On “Something Nice Back Home”

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112675_194_pre.jpgNikki Stafford, author of the ‘Finding Lost’ books and the fearless editor of the book I am co-authoring with Hijix from Fuselage (and believe me, you have to be fearless if you’re going to be my editor) publishes a weekly recap on episodes that is second to none.  Here latest has just hit the interwebs:

This week’s episode boasted more of a story and less mystery than last week’s (thank goodness for that… my head is still hurting from that one), and two major storylines of the future are starting to evolve. In the one corner, we have the Hurley/Jack/Kate/Aaron story, with Sun on the periphery of that one, and in the other corner, Sayid and Ben. Both stories are important, but I think the Sayid/Ben stories are going to point to the essential physical mystery of the island, where the Jack/Kate future stories will hinge more on the rescue itself and what happened to the rest of them. This episode had its devastating revelations (Rousseau really IS dead… waaaaaaaaah!) and some very happy happy happy ones (Sawyer is NOT dead… and maybe Jin isn’t, either!) Jaters will be very happy about this flashforward, but what about another (albeit it) short-lived ship? Sclaire, anyone?”

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  • MerlboroMan

    I was kind of rooting for “Clawyer” myself. Just because Claire is my favorite female character and Sawyer is my second favorite male character…Locke is still number one.

  • Razan

    I completely disagree where she says that Sawyer is not dead. I presume she’s making a comment about in the future where Jack says something like “Sawyer’s not here, he made his choice, he stayed.” On the SURFACE that of course means he’s alive and playing house on the island but come on? Surface? LOST? It’s entirely possible that Sawyer made a choice to stay on the island which then got obliterated by Chuckles. Shouldn’t read into that anymore than “he didn’t leave the island with us.”

  • Nel Bot

    Did anyone else see Jack shirtless and think to themselves boy he’s got himself some man boobs, guess he got a series spot and let himself go– then I started looking for the scar…

  • Katers

    Anyone notice in the flash forwards of Jack, there is no scar on the right lower abdomen? Does this future happen? Did the Island “heal” is scar? Why allow him to get sick in the first place if the island heals the scar? thoughts

  • Nel Bot

    there is a scar, just hard to see- look here for a close up