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Open Discussion: Cabin Fever

By sevon,

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Happy Friday morning, folks! Sevon here. So we all watched it, let’s talk about it. I’m not good at recapping and there are already plenty who do that, so I leave it to them. But we all now have even more questions, more thoughts, and I’m SURE more theories.

Is Alpert Locke’s dad, or could it still be someone else? Shepard? Ben? The possibilities are intriguing.

Claire – dead or not? I’d hoped this would be resolved in last night’s episode, but for me the ambiguity remains. Though I will admit, I do personally now lean more in the direction of her being dead. Also, was I the only one who found her kind of creepy?

Abaddon sending Locke on his walkabout. As creepy as this guy is now, what was he like before? What’s his story? I’m sure this is one that will be elaborated on greatly in the future.

“He wants us to move the island.” Will the Orchid be involved in this in any way, or will we be seeing some new mysterious part of the Island?

So let’s hear from you. What are your thoughts and questions from Cabin Fever? What do you hope to see in the last three hours of Lost for seven months?