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The Return of the Natives – 5.06 ‘316’

By Fishbiscuit,

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In the end, it wasn’t complicated at all. As we watched Jack’s butt sail off the cliff, in not one but two dying duck dives, the truth about Lost suddenly became stunningly clear…We’ve been waaaaaaaay overthinking this thing.

After three years spent on the wrong side of the looking glass, three years of Sayid killing people and Sun chasing some ill-defined vendetta and Hurley locked up in recreational rehab and Jack and Kate becoming ever more wretched together….after three years of this misery, all they needed to do was trot on over to their Science Fair-y Godmother and pick up a flight schedule. It turns out the answer to the million dollar question – how can the O6 get back to the island? – was no more complicated than Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo!

They just FOOMED there.

It was so easy, it was kind of an anti-climax. But we aren’t going to all this trouble just to pick nits. With Lost these days, it’s not about digging under the surface so much as enjoying how pretty the surface really is. Like this awesome set they built.

As anyone who has ever seen one knows, a Foucault Pendulum is an impressive sight. The long pendulum oscillates in a fixed vertical plane, but since the plane in which it oscillates is moving along with the rotation of the earth, the end of the pendulum draws a pattern on the ground which is rotating beneath it, proving once and for all, in lovely geometric patterns unique to each latitude on earth, that the earth does in fact rotate about its axis once each sidereal day.

The blue line represents the constant, fixed oscillation period of the pendulum, and the green line represents the design that is drawn upon the ever spinning land beneath its swing. I don’t know why I’m bothering with all this because truth be told, it doesn’t seem to have frak all to do with how the O6 got back to the Island, but it’s an example of the elegance of science, of the way that science and art and mystery can find a beautiful alignment.

As Mrs. Hawkings detailed, in her twee Mary Poppinish way, the Earth is pockmarked with certain “unique pockets of electromagnetic energy”, which pockets are connected to other similar pockets, holes, vents, vortices through which one may enter the magical world of the ever moving Island. So a “clever man”, whose very clever identity will no doubt soon be revealed to us, built this arcane temple blending Science and Faith, where Grandma Time keeps track of the interdimensional subway schedule in case any raggedy stragglers like our O-suckers need to hitch a ride back to their misremembered destinies.

It’s akin to the energy portals described by Isaac of Uluru, to Rose when she was seeking her cancer cure. Uluru is an actual “Island Mountain” in the Australian desert, a place famed for its alleged magical properties.

One of the most interesting legends of Uluru is that those who steal rocks from it – much like Jack stole rocks from Adam’s corpse in the cave – will be doomed to disaster until they return and put the rocks back where they belong. We didn’t get to see Jack put the rocks into his baggage, as he packed for his one way journey, but then, we didn’t really get to see anything much of what such a melancholy and mysterious sort of day this would have been. The writers chose not to structure this episode as that kind of character piece.. We did instead get to see the inside of Mrs. Hawkings’ office and catch sight of a few familiar Easter Eggs: A presumably drug free Virgin Mary. And a snow globe from the Land of Totally Cool but Thoroughly Debunked Theories About the Island.

Mrs. Hawkings’ Church-Lab was named The Lamp Post and indeed, as one would guess, it is a creation of the ubiquitous Dharma Initiative.

The clues weren’t being buried very deep this week. Lamp Post = Narnia. That’s an easy one. In C.S. Lewis’s story, the children use the lamppost as a guide back to the location of the Wardrobe, their portal back to reality.

And so it may be assumed, our runaway Losties are using this Lamp Post as a guide back to their reality which, like it or not, seems to be Craphole Island. And the way back to the Island indeed was no more complicated than the prosaic way the Pevensie children went back and forth. They walked through a musty closet.

Our kids just jumped on an airplane from the make believe airline known as Ajira and got FOOMED out – sans that messy crash business this time – as it passed over the opened portal. Which means, quite astonishingly, that when Jack was taking drunken redeyes back and forth across the Pacific, he was actually, incredibly, on the right track.

Speaking of Jack, this was of course the Annual Jackisode of our fifth season of Lost. And that meant we got to enjoy…lots and lots of Jackiness. We got to see him visit Mrs. Hawkings’ secret office, where this keeper of all secrets brought her very special teacher’s pet to tell him all the innermost details of Mystery Island’s arcanum.

Uh, well actually it was more like she told him he had to go find “something borrowed, something blue, something old or something new” from his dead father and put it on Locke’s frozen carcass. In order to duplicate some of the conditions of the original flight, Jack needed to get something of Christian’s and give it to John. Now, Jack could have just gone home to his Mom who probably has an old handkerchief or something of Dad’s, especially considering Jack is never ever going to see her ever again, but … Nah.

Instead, Jack used his last hours on Planet Reality to not-drink some whiskey while waiting for a phone call from his never before seen random family member, Granddad Ex Machina.

Who looked way too young to be 42 year old Jack’s Granddad, but who just randomly had a pair of his mythically dead son’s shoes in his suitcase. Which allowed our resident John the Baptist to visit our resident Jesus Christ and perform a small sacrament upon the yet to be resurrected Savior.

I baptize you with water, for repentance; but the one who comes after me is mightier than I, and I am not fit to take off his shoes; he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.” – Matthew 3:11

What is up with all the Christian symbolism on Lost lately? They aren’t even being coy about it. The episode title, 316, while a reference to the Flight Number, was also a not so subtle reminder of the Biblical quote from John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” And, as noted in last week’s review, the Church of the Sacred Heart of Time has within it Caravaggio’s magnificent painting “The Incredulity of Saint Thomas”.

Pious Ben, pausing in his prayers, took the time to explain to Jack, who apparently never attended Sunday School, the famous story of Doubting Thomas.

While all the other apostles took it on faith that the Christ who appeared to them three days after his death was the same man who they had just seen murdered on the cross, only Thomas needed to touch the wound for himself in order to believe. Jesus was a sport about it, and let Tom stick his fingers into the hole in his side, but it wasn’t like he respected him for his analytical curiosity. Instead, Jesus admonished him.

“Jesus said to him, “Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.”

And in much the same vein, the lesson of this episode was that those who believe, those who have faith, are the heroes we should admire. The story seems to have taken a firm stand against the concept of rational scientific analysis and logic, which I do believe is a first for a story that has been aggressively hyped as a Science Fiction genre show. Instead, it seems that we in the audience are being admonished, much like Thomas was, to “Stop thinking how ridiculous it is”. In other words, sit down, shut up and just enjoy the ride.

And I think this is good advice. The story probably will never make sense, but it doesn’t have to make sense any more than Alice in Wonderland made sense or The Wizard of Oz made sense. It’s a fantasy, a fun one, with clues and puzzles and anagrams and self referential jabberwocky galore. The fun of it is surfing through all the cultural bric-a-brac and watching the loose ends of past seasons resurface as threads of a crazy quilt that’s constantly darting off into new patterns. It wasn’t an accident that our ubiquitous White Rabbit showed up this episode to remind us that white rabbits don’t just run down holes into Wonderland, they also serve the strictly utilitarian purpose of disappearing at rec center magic shows.

So let’s enjoy! Jack was certainly having a good time. Seriously, have you ever seen this guy so happy?

It’s like drinking the Faith Koolaid suddenly turned returning to the Island into a dream come true for Jack. He was practically giddy at the airport, greeting the old gang like a gladhanding cruise director or something. And Sun! She was happy too. Which was pretty WTF. Why is she happy to be leaving her daughter behind forever? Does she know she’s leaving her daughter behind forever? Did Jack not bother to share that bit of information? I’m guessing that was one of the many Scenes That Ended Up On The Cutting Room Floor.

There were a lot of those kind of scenes I’m thinking. They do have to keep the show trimmed down for time. So they probably had to cut this scene

And this one

No need to explain how all these semi-deviants were able to board a trans Pacific flight with so little scrutiny.

Or why suddenly no one recognized the formerly notorious group of famous plane crash survivors. Or why those who DID recognize them didn’t get up off the plane and run for the exits. I mean, would you get on a plane with these people?

And I’m sure they just didn’t have time to run this scene:

Though I think they owed us this one:

It’s ok that they can’t always show us what’s happening in linear time. It leaves plenty of fodder for message board combat and sets up the future cross currents in the plot. I’m sure we’ll find out that Sun’s promising storyline as Widmore’s accomplice hasn’t been dumped in the wastebin.

Right, guys? You wouldn’t just flat leave us on that one, would you?

And we’ll likely find out what turned Hurley around about going back, what ghostly visitation convinced him to pack up Charlie’s essence and bring him back to his spiritual home.

We’ll find out what Ben was doing that landed him bleeding at a payphone in a marina, the kind of marina where his “old friend” Widmore’s daughter Penny might be staying on her posh circumnavigating yacht.

And we’ll see if Sayid was truly boarding the plane under duress or if his arrest was another choreographed sham. Most importantly though we need to find out what happened to poor Kate. As happy as Jack the Baptist was to be going back to the hood, Kate was looking exactly that much ruined and broken.

Poor Kate. What depths of despair drew her to land in Jack’s apartment looking like Drusilla after a bad night of feeding? And that kiss!

I was pretty surprised that Jack didn’t pull a wooden stake out of his back pocket rather than go for the gusto like that, but I guess he’s a changed man these days. He’s the kind of loving uncle who just relies on faith that his tiny toddler nephew didn’t get drowned in a lake someplace. After all, Kate only seemed like she wanted to take a nap in a gas oven because of whatever happened, so it’s not like it could have been anything serious.

Apparently, all you need to function in Lostworld now is faith. Plus, it’s obviously a lot easier for Jack to get laid, now that he’s decided not to give a frak.

It wasn’t a good morning after though, more like one of those walks of shame after a dreadfully illtimed one nighter. Jack started in on the “here’s another funny story about my Dad” stuff and Kate wisely made a rapid escape.

It seems like old science based Jack didn’t think his dad’s corpse was worth a nice pair of shoes, which explains why the first thing he saw when he woke up after the 815 plane crash were his own old tennis shoes that had been wrenched off his dead dad’s feet.

But Locke is going back in styling black dress shoes. Christian’s shoes. Because Locke is a proxy for Christian on this flight. Mrs. Hawkings explained to Jack that the flight conditions for Ajira 316 should duplicate as closely as possible those of Oceanic 815. Even though they were flying the entirely opposite way, but whatever. Apparently this message got out to the rest of the gang as well.

See Hurley was reading a Spanish comic book on both flights, which makes him a proxy for…Hurley.

But also maybe for Walt ’cause Walt liked Hurley’s comic books. And he brought a guitar case, in homage to Charlie the Great. So Hurley is also a proxy for Charlie. And for Walt. And for Hurley.

And then we have Sun fingering her wedding ring, like Rose.

And Sayid in handcuffs like Kate. And Jack escorting another body like … Jack.

But also reading a letter like Sawyer. And also getting the brushoff from last night’s creepy one night stand, like Boone. So Jack is Jack and he’s Sawyer and he’s Boone. And Kate is Aaron’s mom, so she’s Claire. And also running from a crime, so she’s Kate.

And also icked out by last night’s creepy one night stand, so she’s Shannon.

So Sun is Rose and Sayid is Kate and Kate is Claire and Kate and Shannon. And Jack is Jack and Boone and Sawyer. And Hurley is Hurley and Walt and Charlie. And Ben is….Glory?

No, sorry, wrong show.

Ben is Hurley because he was running late the way Hurley did, and he’s also maybe Sawyer since he maybe killed someone the night before and he’s also maybe Locke since he has an incapacitated limb and he walked to the front of the plane just before the crash so he’s Charlie. So Ben is Hurley and Sawyer and Charlie and Locke and Locke is Christian and the swarthy new non American is maybe Sayid.

Or maybe he’s Jin and…b-b-but what about Michael?… And for the love of God, where’s AARON??? This can never work out!

And most probably that was exactly the point. Not surprisingly the silly proxy concoction didn’t work at all. Mrs. Hawkings said if the duplications weren’t sufficient, the result would be “unpredictable”. And the most important proxy figure of all, the forgotten nephew, the Island’s child, little He Who Must Not Be Named, was not there.

As we saw, only three of the passengers ended up in the waterfall for their obligatory rescue by the newly baptized Hero Jack.

What happened to Sun, Sayid and Ben? Did they get stuck in the plane when the rest of them FOOMED out? Did they get FOOMED to some other part of the Island? To some other TIME on the Island? Did Ben walking to the front of the plane mean that he FOOMED separately from the rest?

And what about the new Brillo scrubbed shiny Frank Lapidus? Was he piloting Flight 316 because he was meant to pilot Flight 815? Did he continue on to Guam or did he FOOM onto the Island too? I hope so, since this is shaping up to be one hell of a party when everyone finally reunites with all the lost souls they left behind and forgot about.

The last shot of the episode was the sight of one of those lost souls, Jin, who has clearly gone a couple of turns around the plot machine since last we saw him. He was spiffed out in a dorky Dharma jumpsuit, driving a late model VW Dharma-Blue van decorated with our favorite pseudo spiritual symbol, the Dharma dharmachakra.

In the meantime we are left with John’s wistful last message to Jack.

If Jack had only believed, so much pain and death might have been avoided. But Jack is making his amends now. He’s no longer asking any questions. He’s come over to the side of Magic and Fantasy and Make Believe, where it seems the rest of our story will be told.

It’s not cool to be asking questions or picking nits, but it’s an occupational hazard of delving into the intricacies of this overstuffed story. I can’t help it. I’ve got an enquiring mind.

If transport to the island is all about catching a ride on the next available telluric current, how did Ethan and Alpert and Tom travel to and fro so freely back in the day? Was the submarine a prop that they dumped bodies into after first drugging them and dropping them into the FOOM pockets?

Why Guam? Does it mean anything that it’s a major U.S. military encampment in the Pacific or that the roots of some Island mysteries seem to be connected to the U.S. Army, from which this photo was taken, exactly 50 years to the day before Flight 815 crashed into the Island?

What kind of spinal surgeon dives head first off a towering cliff into waters of unknown depth?

What was the significance of the headless boy in Jack’s apartment? Please don’t tell me that’s what happened to Aaron!!!

How did Dharma manage those food drops? And what happened to them anyway? Is there a whole bunch of unclaimed generic foodstuffs floating around the vast wastes of timespace, like space junk?

Why is Hurley the only O6 with any semblance of humanity left in him? That was so sweet of him to buy up 78 seats and keep all those eager Guam tourists from a fate worse than death, but why didn’t any of the other O-suckers think of that?

Why didn’t anyone ask about Ben’s meat face and busted arm? Is it because no one loves the cute little feller?

How did Mrs. Hawkings end up with Locke’s suicide note?

Who cleaned up Jack’s recently filthy apartment, but left all the gazillions of empties? Don’t forget, bro. People, places and things!

Wouldn’t it have been funny if the pendulum had knocked somebody over?

Don’t these two make the cutest couple? I’m thinking of shipping them but I’m not sure what to call them. What should it be? Jenjamin? Or Backass?

When did Kate suddenly become the kind of person who gives away the things that make her sad?

Are we maybe, just maybe, inching towards some kind of explanation about why she has seemed so coldhearted about Sawyer?

Does the fact that we have now revisited Jack’s race through the bamboo jungle mean that the series will not end with Jack’s eye re-opening?

Can we cross that one off the list of possibilities?

What is the significance of Ben reading Joyce’s Ulysses? I am going to go against the grain here and propose that the only reason for referencing this book (including encoding one of its lines in the Ajira Airlines Website) is to make the connection that Lost is filled with “so many enigmas and puzzles that it will keep the professors busy for centuries arguing over what I meant”, as James Joyce famously described Ulysses. Lost isn’t nearly as firmly grounded in myth as Ulysses is, but it’s the same kind of mulligan stew of games and teases, of self parodies and allusions, of seriousness and silliness…and it requires almost as detailed a guidebook to keep track of it as reading Ulysses does.

But what made Ulysses classic is the one thing I really hope Lost will keep a hold of as it starts to roll down its last takeoff runway. I think we got the message, or at least I did, that we can throw the Science part of Science Fiction out the window here. They not only don’t want us to pay attention to the science, they’re pretty much telling us that science itself is for suckers. Faith is where it’s at, baby. And I’m good with that. The only thing I ask for is that they never toss out the Fiction part. And good fiction, sci-fi or any other kind, requires true, real characterizations. Not human-ish playing pieces getting pushed around a chess board to set up the next convenient plot maneuver. So I’m willing to follow Locke’s orders here. I’ll believe. But I think the part of his letter that matters most is the little fragment that Jack was left clutching in his fingers.

When we wish, we believe in magic. Here’s hoping there’s still a way for everyone’s wishes for Lost to come true.

  • ErasedSlate

    Backass…. I’m still laughing.

    • triangulatedsignal

      yea i think that one will stick haha

  • KeepingAwake

    Nice job FB!

    The Focault Pendulum graphic is great! It really is something to see live if one can manage it. I’ve seen the one at the Franklin Institute in Philly (which is an all-around wonderful Science Museum, btw.)

  • clueless1der

    I love that you post here now. You really crack me up, but you also make me think about things that I was too psyched when watching to notice.

    • where?

      Post here now? Where did fish post before? I thought these posts were always here.

  • Ben

    Awesome review. Hilarious and on point.

  • Erikire

    W O W !!!
    Your best work on one of the best episodes.
    Mrs. Hawkings as a proxy of Mary Poppinish (so true…..)!!!

  • The Magician

    I think Ben was reading Ulysses because it is widely regarded as one of the most difficult/impenetrable books of the 20th century. For him to be reading it at such a tense, anxious moment, succinctly demonstrates his powers of concentration.

  • sv

    Clearly the best thing I’ve read about LOST lately.
    One more question: if the flight had to be as close as possible to 815 (which I find ridiculous, and I think it’s just to help Jackass to perform his leap of faith), why the heck did Locke have to *die* and be in a coffin? Couldn’t he just get his ass in a wheelchair and sit down with the party-on-the-verge-of-the-most-exciting-thing-to-ever-happen-to-them-but-who-won’t-fraking-TALK-about-it-even-though-they-have-half-a-plane-for-their-privacy?
    Gee, this episode seemed more like the jumping-the-shark episode to me – more than I don’t rememeber which one from season 3. Frankly the inconsistencies are enormous – but I’m willing to just sit tight and shut up, I just hope it’ll be worth iy-t.

    • hyperRevue

      I agree about the trying to re-create 815. It’s like they’re trying to trick fate so they can crash again. Like, “See, there is a guy reading Spanish comics and a guy with a guitar on board and a dead guy underneath wearing Christian’s shoes…totally the same flight, fate. So, can you make it crash again, please?”

      • rick

        i think its not so much trying to trick fate as a prop in the theory of course correction

        very well written by the way

  • Toga

    Now I realize I liked this episode so much because I havent seen jack that happy in years.

    I think people have been overthinking this stuff since the pilot.

  • GrandDad

    I was a bit disappointed by the return trip being so Cinderella ish too.

    and there was a Sheppard baby on board, Jack.

    Awesome review!

  • Go with the flow

    With regards to the food drop, I had an idea recently which I’m prepared to have shot down, but thought I’d throw it out there anyway.

    Could it be possible that if there are to be more time jumps at a later point, that the food drop is actually from the past and was brought with the Losties just like the rifles/canoe/rope from the well?
    Would explain why no one saw it being dropped, because in theory one or more of our time jumpers were touching it at the time they flashed away from the past.

    Bit of a stretch but would be sort of cool if that was the case as shows the writers were thinking that far in advance.

    Good review by the way, always interesting.

    • RandomZombie

      Interesting, but there is a problem: When Desmond abandoned the Swan at the beginning of season two the pantry was pretty much fully stocked. He had been in the Swan for three years, Kelvin before that, and Radzinski even longer than that, so they had to be getting food from somewhere.
      All three had spent some time alone, and couldn’t go very far from the station, given the countdown timer. If there hadn’t been random drops, they would have run out of food.

      Also, the others seemed to be enjoying several Dharma products in the barracks, even up to the point that Jack was staying with them. So someone somewhere is still making food drops – perhaps unaware that everything has gone all to heck on the island.

    • jphimself

      Didn’t we learn that when the blast doors shut in the Swan hatch, trapping Locke, again by his legs, that the lockdown was to prevent any of the assigned Dharma staff from seeing or being seen, by the plane or chopper dropping the food?

    • Folks – it’s a Dharma station, the Lamppost. They used it to make those drops and sub-trips. Perhaps the landing strip being built was meant o somehow access Island quicker, and not just a precog by Ben.

      The Lamppost explains a lot about events we might not have understood before. I don’t think it creates new questions – other than how come it took Widmore ( IF he’s the one running Dharma) to figure out he’d lost control there?

  • Andy

    I almost died laughing when I saw Aaron’s picture on the milk carton LOL
    Great one Fish. And I didn’t think about that. Things went wrong because not everyone was represented.

  • Bartley

    “It’s akin to the energy portals described by Isaac of Uluru, to Rose when she was seeking her cancer cure.”

    –Actually The Dark Territory Blog first pointed this out days ago and also theorized on it (calling it the “316/S.O.S Pocket Theory”) at:

    –You should AT LEAST put a reference or due credit to them for this find. It was also put up on the forums days ago:

    And people were even building off of it on the forums:

  • Castaway

    Nicely done, Fish! I enjoyed your recap more than the actual episode.

    • Mrs. Alpert


      you made the episode 10 times better!

  • The Mantis

    Love your reviews Fish, But it’s Mrs. HAWKING. Not Hawkings…. As for the Aaron “proxy”, and also the young Sheppard blood, what if Kate is now carrying both, in her beautiful womb…? Maybe Locke will have something to do with that in the next episode, telling her thshe has to get down with the Doc to complete the puzzle?

    • rick

      who cares how its spelled .. we all new who he was talking about .. why throw daggers?

  • -Sagat-

    Good read. Always interesting.

  • “It’s akin to the energy portals described by Isaac of Uluru, to Rose when she was seeking her cancer cure.”

    –Actually The Dark Territory Blog first pointed this out days ago and also theorized on it (calling it the “316/S.O.S Pocket Theory”) at:

    –You should AT LEAST put a reference or due credit to them for this find. It was also put up on the forums days ago:

    And people were even building off of it on the forums:

  • Ben is Glory? LMAO that was too funny. As an old Buffy/Angel fan that really made my day.

    I really loved this recap because it not only gave me some info on the whole pendulum deal, and Uluru, and the religious references, but it also reminded us that we fans DO tend to overthink things.

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thought the Proxy thing was there mainly to explain Locke, and also to set up the “unpredictable results” angle. But it seems everyone’s coming up with silly proxy connections now.

    I read someone say they thought that Kate was pregnant with….Annie!

    Yes, how hilarious is that. There’s always an X=Annie theory floating around.

    I agree that J/K seemed like Boone/Shannon. They always have this squicky vibe that sets my teeth on edge. But at least we were spared the gory details. Yet again.

    I almost felt sorry for Jack missing the memo that the sex was a one night thing and not an indication of twu wuv.

    His glaring lack of concern about Aaron, and what terrible thing happened to both Kate an Aaron was pretty WTF to me.

    Loved the ‘what we never saw’ scenes. They totally made me giggle. Especially the one where Des rants about talking to Daniel in a vision and Eloise being Daniel’s mother. Why was no-one freaking out over that?

    The J/K scenes could not have been simultaneously funnier and sadder. Can’t wait for Kate to finally be in Sawyer’s orbit again, even if the course of that love story is still destined not to run smooth.

    I felt this episode dragged at times. It wasn’t very emotionally engaging, and the way back was a little hokey for me.

    Why did they waste time introducing Jack’s grandad to get the shoes, when Jack going back to say goodbye to his mother one last time (and getting the shoes) would have been more poignant?

    • rick

      forget the shoes .. didn’t his dad give him a watch? .. could have used that to explain something else .. but i do like an explanation for the white tennis shoes .. so i wont harp too much

  • “What is up with all the Christian symbolism on Lost lately? They aren’t even being coy about it. ”

    Does that bother you? Can the writers not draw from one of the oldest texts/traditions in known human history like they do from others? It was relevant to their message and that’s all that mattered. You afraid some viewers are going to suddenly see the light and head off to the closet church and convert (not to mention, of course, that Lost is scheduled on a traditional church night).

    sv says: “Gee, this episode seemed more like the jumping-the-shark episode to me – more than I don’t rememeber which one from season 3. Frankly the inconsistencies are enormous – but I’m willing to just sit tight and shut up, I just hope it’ll be worth iy-t.”

    I agree. A disappointing and weak episode. A hurry-up quality to it that makes me question what else the series will not be able to show that enriches Lost because of the pre-determined end of the series.

    Of course, doesn’t mean they can’t create a new series that tells the story of those Island-bred Losties like Aaron and Sun’s daughter.

  • xgirlnxd

    Fantastic review fish! Your reviews always make the episodes ten times more enjoyable. “Backass”, haha, good one. And Aaron’s face on the milk carton – too funny! You bring so much insight into the things that I don’t even bother thinking twice about, it’s good to have someone do the hard work of digging into this crazy show.

  • neoloki55

    Actually now I remember why I didn’t like your reviews in the first place. The cynicism gets really old after a while. I mean you Do mention it, this is a fantasy oriented T.V. show. Everybody is taking it way to seriously.

  • kate >

    Man, this site usually has good articles to read. this one though, sorry, I wasnt entertained at all…..and the stuff that was intended to be funny, was not.

    If this is what the site is gonna become, then see ya.

    • MoniquE

      ^ LOL. Is that a threat? How petty and unconvincing.

      • iamme

        I fear that the vampire kiss and all the Jack ribbing was just a little too much for poor Kate>

        Too Bad. So sad.

        Was funny as all hell for me though 🙂

        • MoniquE

          So Doc is going to have to endure a Kate> boycott unless he stops posting Fish reviews? Oh my how terrified he must be!

    • Andy

      I guess simply skipping Fish’s recaps never occurred to you. It’s either your way or the highway, huh? Good riddance.

  • iamme

    Fish, I have to say thank you for that, because I was just about to park this episode somewhere dark along with Stranger in a Strange Land, never to be seen again. But you actually showed me that there was a lot more to love about it that I never noticed.

    Keep doing your thing, and I’ll keep reading.

  • Patrick

    this was a pretty horrible read

    i think i chuckled once

    the show has always been this ridiculous since season 1. and by ridiculous i mean ridiculously awesome

  • Masheen

    Man you were harsh this time. Looks like you are totally pissed about the direction LOST is taking. Did you really (ahem) believe there was some kind of explanation behind all the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo? LOST is like STAR WARS… drawing stuff from each and any religion, pop-culture, whatever … and that mangled into a screenplay. There is no scientific explanation on how the Island “works” as there is no explanation on how a light-saber “works”. Don’t take it too serious man! But please… continue with your recaps.

  • Butterfly_Kate

    Great review, Fish – some very interesting things to think about along with some laughs, as always.

    I don’t see the negativity some are complaining about, I just see discussion. I’d rather read a review that looked at the show from different angles instead of just talking about how awesome it is (we all know that, that’s why we’re here).

    The only thing I’ve really got to add was that I was excited to see Hurley reading Y: The Last Man, as it’s my favourite comic and written by Brian K. Vaughan. I’m desperate to know how he (and Sayid) ended up on that plane, as well as what convinced Kate to go. (Surely if Aaron had been taken from her she’d be desperately trying to get him back?) It seemed very easy for Kate to get out of the country though – surely the authorities would have confiscated her passport?

    • rick

      i dont get the negativity either .. surely anyone with half a brain would understand to not personally attack the author of any composition because maybe how you interpret the work wasnt the way it was intended to come off .. in particular the person threatening to leave this site if this is what it’s become .. really??? .. just skip articles by that author .. people are so pety these days, whether or not i agree with the article .. it still was a well written piece giving insite from a different angle .. so i appreciate it and will continue to visit this site ..thank you!

  • MoniquE

    Loved this review. I thought it was a pretty cheesy episode and haven’t understood the love it’s getting from so many reviewers. I think I love Lost the same way Fish does. It’s so much fun to follow, but I don’t feel the need to worship it. Maybe I’m a Doubting Thomas too.

    The Uluru reference was really interesting, especially the part about the rocks. And that pendulum graphic actually taught me something I always had trouble understanding before. Thanks for all the work, Fish. Please don’t ever stop doing these. I look forward to them so much.

  • Darbi

    Funny…James line about Locke having a subway to catch befor he decended into that well of time wasn’t just a quippy line after all. Great review, Fish as always. I think it’s true we all over think this show way too much, which can be fun at times, but in some instances, it keeps us from just sitting back and enjoying the pretty. This episode didn’t offer up a lot of the pretty because it was focused far too much on a singular character and the opportunities to evoke some emotion that would resonate (Jack going to say goodbye to his mother rather than grandpa Ray whom we’ve never met before and could care less about) were either deliberately by-passed or weren’t of great importance to the writers. Either way…I came away from this episode unsatisfied for the most part. Other than Desmond’s rant and Ben being his usual awesome self…it was very hoo-hum. Next week, thankfully, looks cleanse the palate and deliver a really great Locke episode.

  • rove3

    Great review Fish! The episode itself was pretty dull compared to those that have come before this season, but you’re review made it sound more interesting than it actaully was. I too was disappointed that the O6 returning seemed somewhat anticlimactic though I’m not sure what I was expecting either.

    Oh, and Backass totally has to stick. LOL.

  • EkoIsAlive

    So frakking glad somebody brought up the issue of the food drops again. It’s been irratating me for 4 long seasons. I also appreciate you calling a spade and spade, and not falling in line with all the other cappers (who seem to think that each episode this season has been the greatest episode of Lost ever). The purpose of the recaps used to be to help us make since of all the different clues and good stuff packed into each episode. Lately, theres a lot more good stuff packed into the recaps than the actual show. I’ve seen so many people leaving comments about how enamored they are of the show this year. To each his own and all that, but, come on folks, this story has developed some serious holes. That’s okay, if you compliment it with some serious storytelling, but thats been missing all season too. Not that there haven’t been terrific moments so far this season. I’m having trouble liking or caring about any of the characters this season.

  • docarzt

    no hostility.

    • EkoIsAlive

      I dont think I was hostile at all!

  • docarzt

    icksnay on the amingflay.

  • SayeedIsWhatineed

    hilarious post! can’t wait for next week!

  • KalS

    A mediocre episode with very few great scenes (dying duck dive being the best ofcourse) but luckily we can count on you for entertaining and thought provoking recaps nonetheless! I would never give this epi a second thought-or even viewing- and I am glad I get to revisit it through your recaps otherwise I would miss out on some of its better points… thank you!

  • Reading Fishbiscuit’s recaps without the pics is like watching Lost by only listening to the audio track. A much less enriching experience. Lost is a very imagery-laden show with plenty of self-referential visual gags, and I love that the Fish keeps that in mind when writing her reviews.

    I for one am glad she decided to move her recaps here, Doc’s been a far more hospitable host.

  • tractorbeams

    A mediocre episode with very few great scenes (dying duck dive being the best ofcourse) but luckily we can count on you for entertaining and thought provoking recaps nonetheless! I would never give this epi a second thought-or even viewing- and I am glad I get to revisit it through your recaps otherwise I would miss out on some of its better points… thank you!

  • Doc, looks like the comments are acting up again. KalS/Tractorbeams has an accidental duplicate comment upthread. She asked me to let you know as her computer’s on the fritz.

  • am I the only one who noticed this?

    the “Longitude” and “Latitude” signs in the Pendulum Room are transposed– if the island is at 176 degrees west Latitude it’s no wonder it’s difficult to find; apologies if this or other fansites have mentioned it, but I haven’t seen it–

    fishbiscuit, this summary was very funny and info-packed; how many people are you really 😉

  • LostTvFan

    Late to the party. Not one of Lost’s finest episodes IMO but I think I appreciate it more after reading this review. Aaron on the milk carton, too funny. I work for an Australian company and it took me a year to learn how to pronounce Uluru; now I know a bit more than how to say it. I do hope Jack’s grandfather was there for some other reason than just as a shoe donor, otherwise LAME. Great backass job Fish!!!! I’m glad to see you posting your reviews HERE and, as always, I enjoy the pictures as much as the text.

    Doc is a class act, both personally and professionally. He has proven that again and again. BTW Doc thanks for your email answer to my question about problems loading the site! Cheers, Ann