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LOST Season 6 DVD Plans Released

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From TVShowsonDVD

Lost – The Complete 6th and Final Season debuts on ABC this coming Tuesday. But even before that last run of episodes begins airing, the word has leaked out about the home video release for this concluding year of the show. According to VideoETA, a website produced by distributor Ingram Entertainment, both DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases will be coming out on Tuesday, August 24, 2010. Running 714 minutes long, each version will come on 5 discs. The site lists the cost of the standard DVD version at $59.99 SRP, and the high-def Blu-ray Disc edition at $79.99 SRP. Our thanks to one of our readers, Richard , for the heads-up about this info. Specs and package art have not been provided there, nor has Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment officially announced the title at this time. But VideoETA does give a list of some of the bonus material on these releases, and we’ve got a quote of that list for you below:

  • Original scripted content that goes deeper into some of the stories, exclusive to Blu-ray and DVD produced by Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse
  • LOST Bloopers & Deleted Scenes
  • LOST on Location – Go behind-the-scenes and get the stories from the set, on location in Hawaii from the actors and crew who make it happen.
  • Crafting A Final Season – Investigation into the goals and expectations of the season through interviews with writers, producers, cast, and crew
  • Audio Commentaries
  • LOST University (BD Exclusive, powered by BD-Live)
  • And MUCH More!

Additionally, VideoETA also says that Lost – The Complete Collection will arrive on that same date of August 24th, in both DVD (37 discs, $229.99 SRP) and Blu-ray (36 discs, $279.99) configurations. In addition to the bonus material content from the separate season sets, the information given there says that these big packages will contain “One full disc of bonus exclusive to the Complete Collection…At least two hours of content“. Again, ABC/Disney has not formally announced this information yet, so we can’t vouch for the complete accuracy of any of the details posted over there. Nor is package art provided, or even described. Stay tuned, though, and we’ll fill you in as further developments occur!

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  • clueless1der

    is it a bad thing that I’m really excited over the bloopers? I don’t know why those always crack me up.

    As for the additional content- it better include an explanation of WHY it didn’t make the show. I appreciate the fanserive and all… but I guess I’m just greedy. 😀

  • I don’t think it has anything to do with not making the show, I’m sure it’s just extra content, and probably some encyclopedia type stuff.

  • Michael

    Probably because the majority of casual viewers don’t want the final season to be like a checklist, completely forgetting the characters.

  • Person

    I’m sorry, this is completely F-A-K-E! How can they know how long it runs if they haven’t finished writing every episode?

    • mega

      Each episode is roughly between 42 and 44 minutes. They probably just did some math and averaging and came up with there 714 minutes.

    • Shinto

      It’s not fake. is a creditable site–they don’t publish fake releases. They confirm them first. It’s real.

  • I love the possibility of new scenes exclusive to the set.

    I really hate, though, the people who have dutifully bought each season as they came out get screwed over by there being an extra disc in the Complete Set.

    • Major FX

      I agree with you on both your points. I deserve better.

    • rodmanrc

      I also agree with you 100%. Why do studios constantly do this to a cash-depraved public? I’m all for more “Lost” content, but not when it’s bundled exclusively in a DVD set that will cost upwards of $250.00.

      Why not just skip the bundled set altogether and include the exclusive disk in the original and Blu-Ray versions of Season 6? There, everyone’s happy, and no one’s forking over a ridiculous amount of money for something they already have and do not need.

      The real kicker, though, is that I probably will buy this darned set when it comes out because…like I said, I’m all for more “Lost” content. The more, the better. I just don’t think it’s $250.00 better.

  • I’m so looking forward to getting the complete series box-set on blu-ray…. and the completionist in me will have to get the Season 6 DVD as well after buying the last 5 seasons on DVD. Start saving now I guess 🙂

    • Shinto

      See, that I don’t understand. If you’re going to buy the Blu-Ray set, why waste your money on the DVDs of season 6? Why not just sell the other five boxsets, instead of spending your money on a sixth boxset you no longer need? (No disrespect intended–it’s certainly your right to do so.)

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