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LOST Season 6 Premiere Title Reveals

By docarzt,

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So you haven’t been paying attention to this Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear fiasco huh? Just fan-mocking weirdness? Well, you should be. Paul’s quest to get to the bottom of the whole Ronie Midfew fiasco has yielded the title of the season 6 premiere. Whose paying attention now?

So LA X huh?  Could that possibly translate to LA ’10, as in 2010? Stay tuned.

  • theglasseye

    I’m thinking maybe X like “X-Files”, “X-Factor”, x-cetera….?

  • neoloki55

    So is that the Official title?

  • Kieron

    How about LA X, as in the airport all the Losties were heading to and would be arriving at if Daniel’s plan worked?

    • Domo Arigato

      yeah we all know about the airport. but it’s spelled “LAX”. The space between “LA” and “X” is supposed to mean something

  • KFR42

    This is getting interesting. 2 things I noticed (other than the Damon and Carlton cameos):

    The cup in his car had the logo of Hurley’s Chicken Resturant on it.

    The other thing is more of an idea. Paul mentions that his fan fiction is on the back of the painting and docarzt recieved a numbered copy. Have you looked at the back of it to see if Paul’s fan fiction is included in your copy?

  • jimmybones


  • PLove17

    How about something along the lines of The Matrix. The Architect told Neo he had always chosen incorrectly and had repeatedly failed to save Zion. Could this be the 10th time the flight 815 lands in LAX?
    Jacob thinks that each time progress in the human condition is evolving…

    • richie

      rewind so far, so they crash again, but this time they know what’s going to happen?

    • Madge

      In Flashes before your eyes, just before Des (as the drenched Scotsman) enters the rotunda, his friend Donovan is telling a student “Repeat the same test 10 times and you’ll get 10 different outcomes”. Maybe this is their 10th test.

      • richie

        “flashes” was always my favourite episode, and the constant, and basically the desmond-swan- story line so i really hope this features in s06, but i suspect whatever the guys have in store for us will be to the same standards we have seen so far, i cant wait!!

  • Mlomeara

    Ronie Midfew Arts = Rewind time so far ….

    • Bezmina

      So it is!
      I think the Widmore one is a red red herring!

  • Eli

    Ronie Midfew Arts’ site has been updated ( Roll over to see a message from Alexandra Miller (Ronie’s assistant)
    Also, I found a few good screen caps here:

  • KFR42

    I think Widmore Fine Arts is the only anagram so far that I’d go with. None of the others actually make much grammatical sense and can pretty much be ruled out on that basis.

    • JacobsLather

      Actually “Rewind time so far” does make sense, too. It may sound odd at first but it’s basically like saying “undo everything so far,” or “forget everything you’ve seen so far.” I vote for making it the official anagram of Ronie Midfew Arts, as “Widmore Fine Arts” is almost not even an anagram.

      Did anyone see the Simpsons episode where Lisa tries to make an anagram out of Jeremy Irons’ name? She comes up with “Jeremy’s…iron.” Yeah, that’s about like Widmore Fine Arts.

  • Who is this spaz?

    • An actor. Aren’t all spazes? Or all actors spazes? I forget.

      • Cody

        Smitty, you’re an idiot.

        Now you’re going to cry about that being a personal attack and you’re right it was.

        • Mack

          I am confused why you would be offended. Are you a spaz, actor or both?

          • Cody

            oh neither and his post didn’t offend me. i just think he’s an idiot and he’s always got something stupid to say that i’m sure he thinks is realy funny. he annoys a lot of people on here and i just finally got around to posting that.

        • A joke, dud. You and some others in here have a serious problem being able to discern criticism from a joke.

          It’s called sarcasm. Satire’s ugly cousin.

          Or your problem is with me. In which case, you’re just a fool for being personal.

          And thanks for admitting it’s a personal attack.

  • Marc

    Here is question.. How come he says the titles of the first two episodes of season six? can anyone find the second title?

    • Marc

      its a two hours premiere. so 6.01 would be LA X part one and 6.02 would be LA X part 2

      • Marc

        is that a two hour episode as opposed to last years two hour premiere of two episodes? if so then that is great.

        regarding the post above.. i agree with cody, it pains me to ready any comment from smitty

        • Marc

          he does say two episodes after watching again so i would assume two titles.. like last year because you left and the lie.

          • Yeah, but this year’s premiere is a two-parter. Last year they ended up doing the first two episodes on premiere night. I’m guessing “LA X” is written as 1 episode with 2 parts, while last year’s were two seperate eps.

        • See the name, don’t read.

          I know, my intelligence just rubs people the wrong way. Especially morons.

          • Marc

            Crazy Bearded Jack you are right its kinda like the pilot.. i guess that is one of the extra hours they were talking about.. it took me long enough to figure it out..

            handsome smitty if you have not noticed everyone on the site is annoyed by you.. and people who live in glass houses should not throw stones in regards to “personal attacks” which you are so concerned about. I didnt attack you, i just said its painful to read your posts.. you need to learn to take some criticism.

          • What is so ‘painful’ about my posts? Perhaps I can address the issue. Perhaps I can quit posting my website (which is stagnant at the moment, having spent a vacation as a guest of the Wood County Jail, a political prisoner of The Man). Maybe my politics automatically cast a pall over my words.

            Is it my avatar, that smirk on my unshaven face? I don’t know how to change it, but want to. Perhaps it’s the color of my skin. I use to get a good tan in the summer, but the Court stole another summer from me.

            Everyone, though? That’s pretty harsh. We ALL live in glass houses when it comes down to it. We are all hypocrites about something. It’s because of our animal nature, something we humans, thinking rational creatures, have to contend with every minute of our pathetic material lives.

            But let me know, Marc, Cody, et al. How can I change for you? If I wear a purple shirt and go to a townhall meeting and assault someone in a Brooks Bros. suit, will that make you like.

            I just want to be like Sally Struthers – “You like me, you really really like me.”

            Oh, wait, that’s the other Sally, Sally Field.

            In the words of the true American – “Can’t we all just get along?”

            JFC – it’s just a TV show.

          • Marc


            Sorry man i cant reply to your last post so i am reply here. The reason you annoy me personally is cause you come off as a prechy know-it-all and your sarcasm does not come through as sarcasm but rather as arrogance. Tone it down, contribute something meaningful or entertaining to the conversation, and stop trying so damn hard. Thats about it.

          • DocArzt

            play nice children

          • Marc

            come on doc you know that if there is one thing you can change about this site it would be to eliminate smitty lol..

      • Jack Daniels

        Maybe 6.01 is called ‘LA’ and 6.02 is called ‘X’. It doesn’t matter anyway, because whether it’s two seperate episodes or one episode with two parts, there will still only be sixteen episodes remaining once they’ve aired, that’s if their doing eighteen and not seventeen this season. The law, atleast within in Lost, has so far dictated that one television hour constitutes an episode, so for example: the season four finale “There’s No Place Like Home” had three individual parts, not one short part and a second longer part, it’s just that parts two and three screened on ABC on the same night.

        The DVD releases differ from Region 1 to other Regions such as 2 & 4. I know that in Region 1 “There’s No Place Like Home” is packaged as having two parts, in line to how they aired, whereas in Regions 2 & 4 their packaged as having three parts. Part Two ends right after Keamy dies and Locke says, “You just killed everybody on that boat”, and Ben replies, “So!”
        If “The Variable” was the one hundreth episode, then you have to break down all the finales in such a way to make that many episodes, otherwise you’ll fall short.

  • What if the X is actually the number 10? As in the number of survivors?

    Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sawyer, Sun, Jin, Locke, Claire, and Aaron

    • TobiasFunke

      Whoops! Didn’t see this one. Good catch.

      • toft

        You forgot Rose and Bernard

        • eger

          Paul also forgot the rose. He left it in the dumpster.

          • Benmanben

            OH!!! I can’t believe I didn’t see that as a reference to rose!

        • Bezmina

          And that Locke actually really did appear to be dead.

      • Fingers Stuck in Hatch Door

        I believe that X (10) refers to the deceased main characters, which include:

        -Locke, Charlie, Shannon, Boone, Ana Lucia, Eko, Libby, Michael, Nikki & Paolo.

        This episode as told by Matthew Fox is told to confuse and surprise.

        What better to surprise then to bring back 10 people from the dead.

        • Darlton has all but eliminated Libby coming back, and Michelle Rodriguez is done as well. That, and if they’d made deals with people like Adewale and Rodrigo Santoro, we’d have heard about it. The only returners with deals, or rumored deals so far are Charlie, Shannon, and Boone.

          • Sindy

            Not true–the season six cast poster has Eko, Libby and nearly every other dead character on it.

          • Dolce

            I thought Ana Lucia was one of the characters that appeared in the moving s6 promo poster at comic-con.

          • Ament

            I would assume if the poster is showing us who will be in S6 it will be cameos as they did in S5 with charlie and ana lucia. Not enough time to bring them all back and generate a story around it.

    • Eli

      Substitute Locke for Charlie, and I’m on board.

      • I think you’re right on that, actually

        And Sindy – Every main or supporting character who’s ever been on the show is on the poster.

        • You’ve captured this perefctly. Thanks for taking the time!

    • Madge

      I just posted this up thread a bit, but it may be more appropriate here…

      In Flashes before your eyes, just before Des (as the drenched Scotsman) enters the rotunda, his friend Donovan is telling a student “Repeat the same test 10 times and you’ll get 10 different outcomes”. Maybe this is their 10th test. And final test I would guess.

  • TobiasFunke

    I like all the ideas posited here so far… theglasseye’s idea that the title is a la American History X is interesting. Also Doc’s idea that the ‘X’ could signify 2010 is very thought-provoking. My friend Liz’s first notion was that X marks the spot. Also it occurred to me that there may have been ten main characters still alive and well at the conclusion of The Incident (discounting characters like Claire). A penny for yall’s thoughts…

  • Ament

    In most cases the title of a “Lost” episode has multiple meanings. LA X could simply mean Los Angeles Airport, Los Angeles 10, Los Angeles the target (X marks the spot.

    Here’s my question, if it did work and the plane never made it to the island then that would mean Claire’s psycic would of changed his intention in having her crash on the island and she wouldn’t be on the plane, right? Yet we know she will be on the show this coming season.

    • TobiasFunke

      Good question.

      If we’re looking at an alternate timeline where the plane never crashes and makes it to LA, and we kno that Richard Malkin had privileged knowledge that the plane was going to crash in the original timeline, then he must (or might) also know that the plane will not crash in this alternate timeline. But yeah I see the problem here. It’s probably gonna be a non-issue this season.

      Also we don’t know whether Claire will appear corporeally or spiritually, a la Christian Shepherd…

      • Claire should be alive.

        Watching closely the last few episodes from this season I noticed in “Dead is Dead” that we never see Locke and Smokie at the same time. In fact, it was so obvious during the re-watch that The Darlton was giving us a reveal – or a very stinky red herring.

        Some of those clues involved Ben summoning Smokie from his home and waiting on the porch for It, warning Sun, and then Locke walks out of the shaking trees. Ben falling into the Temple chamber and Locke going away to find something to help him get out, after which Smokie appears. Even more telling, Smokie going away before Ben is visited by his dead daughter. There are a few more, too.

        But in an episode I think from Season 4 we see Claire and her father together. I am assuming Christian has to be unLocke/Esau, who I am almost certain is Smokey as well (the etching on the wall when Ben is being judged? – that’s Smokie/unLocke being confronted by Jacob). The Darlton has said we’ve not seen Jacob in any other form or character, so I have to rule out Jacob as Christian, although there is a chance Christian is alive.

        Except, the Island can’t raise the dead according to RA and Ben (although that’s not a certainty since they can only attest they’ve never seen it before).

        • Brad

          Yes, Clair is alive because the producers have confirmed it. In the video of the writers room her picture was under the “alive” or “living” category. And it wasn’t there as a trick.
          Clair will be seen on the show, whenever she is finally shown, and will be alive.

          The “ten dead characters” idea for the LA X title is…a little complicated, in my opinion. Because “major” and “minor” to some people are different to others, and why ten? Why not 8? Or 20? It just doesn’t make much sense, and is too…nit-picky for LOST. Based on recent spoilers I assume LA X implies that something obviously takes place at LAX but is quickly either negated or thrown into a different context by the end of the episode (the 2nd hour that is).

  • A rose in the dumpster?
    ‘Jugheadverse’ or not,
    really intriguing is Alexandras emphasis on the statement “This will not happen”

    • JacobsLather

      Both things I noticed, too.

      Any theories on why there seemed to be so much emphasis on the broken rose? Does it symbolise the character Rose, or is there a less-obvious connotation there?

      Some possibilities (a little thanks to Wikipedia):
      a broken compass rose–being directionless, being lost
      the rose as a symbol of silence–broken silence
      the rose blocks vampires and demons (pagan mythology)–a broken rose might allow those things to come through?
      of course a symbol of love–broken love, broken vows?
      or it could just be something they threw in to send us all on a wild goose chase

      –As for the comment “This will not happen,” it seems like there might be some connection with WH,H. Maybe we’ll find on the 15th that it, in fact, doesn’t happen. Maybe suddenly the whole law suit will disappear and Paul Scheer will act like nothing ever happened–as in, his timeline was reset. Hmm…

      • With a cup from Hurley’s Mr. Clucks in his car, everything is possible 😉

      • neoloki55

        The Dark Tower

        • Kermet

          You are on my wave length (and I’m not surprised). I’ve not done the digging to find out what rose everyone is talking about, but as soon as I read through these posts that’s the first thing that came to mind.

          And I unlike everyone, I’m excited abou the ending of Lost. I think it will be exceptional and definitely rewatchable on DVD, and it will mean the beginning of the Dark Tower!!!

          • neoloki

            I agree. I can’t wait to be able to watch the whole series through from beginning to end, but I won’t need my computer anymore because it seems I only use it to read, watch and comment about Lost.

            I have a strong feeling that Damon will get involved in a Dark Tower project. It is suitably grandiose and he is one of the few who could get the backing for it.

          • Kermet

            Damon Lindelof is alreadyo n the Dark Tower project. He has the film rights. It’s the next project after Lost.

  • And ‘LA X’ can be just a hint that Sayid chose a career as a Lacrosse player in the shiny new ‘Jugverse™’

    • brett

      Wow I really like this theory, just to expand a little bit

      What if the season starts with Alpert coaching Lacrosse in a flashback, or even trying to recruit Jack much like he did a young Locke

      Mittlelos lacrosse camp?

      Christian, because he is a keeper of island secrets, recognizes Mittleos and bans Jack from ever playing Lacrosse again…

      This season Ghost Christian will appear holding a lacrosse stick out to Jack, he then puts a coconut in it and heads to the statue, MIBs weakness = can’t play sports.

      Jack will just repeatedly throw the coconut into one of Jacob’s old fishing nets over and over again, frustrating and embarrasing fake Locke until he shrinks to the size of….. A Black stone, that Jack puts in his pocket, he then restores Jacob to full health, but since Jack is a cocky A-hole, and wants the Island to himself he also scores on Jacob over and over again, shrinking him to a white stone… that he puts in his pocket

      Jack then runs around the island cradling the coconut until he comes to the caves wehre they camped in season 1.. he shoots he scores into the cave, but unleashes yet another pocket of exotic matter transpoting and kate (who was cheerleading for him the whole time) back in time and kills them, becoming Adam and Eve

      wow I just figured out the secrets of lost…. u can thank me later

      • Marc

        I have to say i have been theorizing about lost since day one, but i always knew i was missing something. That was until three minutes ago when I read this theory.


        Thank you Thorsten and Brett for making everything so clear to me. That would be such an amazing twist. I am sending this to Darlton immediately.

        • Dolce


  • Adam R

    People what we should be focusing on is what Damon said on the phone when he walked past the dumpster!

    I heard something along the lines of “I don’t care. Just make him dead”. Is that what everyone else heard?

    These lines were put in for a reason as this was acted (obviously by the fact that this guy pasted both Damon and Carlton). So I think the clues are in what Damon said not in this “title” that was given to us.

    • JacobsLather

      Didn’t seem like a clue to me, so much as a joke about how they write the show. What he said was “I don’t care what his motivation is, just make him dead.” For a show that’s all about character, this seems very tongue-in-cheek to me.

      • My favorite line… Are you ‘Him’ ???


    • Madge

      Yeah, he said “I don’t care what his motivation is, just make him dead”. So they have a character they need to manipulate in to death. Who could it be?

  • The Magician

    X could refer to ”unknown”, as it does in mathematics.

    Thus, LA X = LA (unknown)

    Possibly an ”alternate” LA?

    • neoloki55

      I agree completely, this referring to the variable x.

    • bondsinseconds

      this is the theory that makes the most sense to me as well.

  • IKilledJeremy

    Why is everyone reading into the X so much – IT’S THE NAME OF THE AIRPORT THAT 815 WAS HEADED TO!

    • KFR42

      Because its not LAX its LA X.

      • neoloki55

        Thank you. I wish people would slow down and actually look at the information in front of them.

  • Fingers Stuck in Hatch Door

    I believe that X (10) refers to the deceased main characters, which includes:

    -Locke, Charlie, Shannon, Boone, Ana Lucia, Eko, Libby, Michael, Nikki & Paolo.

    This episode as told by Matthew Fox is told to confuse and surprise.

    What better to surprise then to bring back 10 people from the dead.

    • There’s no chance Libby will be back

      • Sindy

        She’s on the season six cast poster.

        • So is EVERY other main or supporting character who’s EVER been on the show.

        • Brad

          Libby is not going to be back.

  • LockeButNotLocke

    Love it! Trust darlton to come up with a title that thankfully doesn’t spoil anything and throws us off, I like what I’m reading and X could literally mean the story goes either way. I seriously cannot wait until January but will be upset to see Lost finish as it’s possibly the only show that is entertaining, intelligent and constantly rewards the viewers and keeps them involved through the entire series.

  • Benjamin

    This may sound retarded but..could ‘X’ be referring to the crossing of two timelines?

    Either the crossing paths of ’77 and ’07(or ’08?), or the crossing of ’77 and what WILL be the new future?

  • Dolce

    Maybe LA X means Jack’s plan didn’t work ( which is what I’m really hoping for since I spent all last season in the WEH,H camp and would hate any alternate time line result ), as in LA? WRONG! Didn’t see this coming didja?

    Whatever the result, I am intrigued.

    • Dolce

      P.S.: Smitty, you do have a knack for firing people up. Although I too find some of what you say annoying and a little in-your-face, the ensuing comment battles are highly entertaining for me.

      • Thanks. I think. Hmmm.

        Really, this about Lost and not us posters. My faux pas on the grammar. And I am a bit sarcastic. But I like to think I answer easy questions for others, present opposing arguments on ideas and supporting thoughts on others.

        Jesus – I mean, Ben is a murderer and there are people here that worship the guy, his character and not just the actor. My Ex is like that, smooth tongued and can lie right in someone’s face, saying the trees behind her are blue and having people standing right there looking at green trees agree with her.

        Ben Bad Bad Ben.

        Handsome Good Good Smitty.

        I only say what I think and believe. Ben says anything and no one knows what he believes.


  • preztige

    X can mean crosswords. As in LA X is the place where Jack and gang meet the crossroads. They are all dead. LA X can men fail or death. Or it can mean alternate or it can even mean…..aaagghhhh X-Men? As in Professor X? As in Locke is Professor X?????!?!?!?!?!? They look so much alike and share equal brain powers…..

  • Paul did it again, in his newest post he claimed to call up Greg Grunberg, talking in a deep german voice. Which is funny, because I have a deep german voice ;))
    He painted three new images and will reveal them Saturday Night at MIDNIGHT…

  • Sindy

    Actually, that’s not true. Walt, Penny, Nikki, Paolo, Ethan, Tom, Mikhail and a few other regulars or semi-regulars are missing from the poster. That means there’s a specific reason those on the poster were chosen.

  • Lendau

    Doc, I wish you guys would do something about the pop-up ads on this site, and about the site’s loading speed.

  • jacksbeard

    Man, Carlton is one lousy actor! Thank god that he’s a great producer and writter. I’m enjoying the cheesy tone of this “ARG”. Feels like a mock-up of TLE, like it’s making an homage to it, with the “secret” mission thing and the camera following the “Hero”. Haven’t anyone talked about the fact that in the Temple page Paul found, was saying something about season 6 episode one? Is the Temple finally gonna show itself? I’m in a weird mood this days… All this revelations are gonna pop-up in the show and things aren’t ever going to be the same. How sad is that? I’m not ready for season 6 yet. =/

    • Benmanben

      They’re obviously not trying to be convincing. They’re joking around mostly.

    • jacksbeard

      That’s what i meant by “the cheesy tone of the ARG”.

  • Benmanben


    I love darlton!

    LOL… Mr Friendly.

  • Benmanben

    What if Damon Was pretend talking about Paul on the phone call?


  • spacebender

    So far, here are a few possible meanings for LA X (from above, plus my random musings):

    Los Angeles “10” (as in 2010)
    Los Angeles “10” (as in 10 people)
    Los Angeles somewhere (but not the Airport)
    Los Angeles “target” (X marks the spot)
    LA “X” (variable, as in unknown)
    LA “not” (as in “wrong”)
    LA “X” (as in crossroads)
    LA “X” (as in crossing of timelines)
    LA “X” (as in cross to bear)

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    As long as it’s not a commercial for a ‘laxative,’ they can thrown whatever they want at me. As for Preztige’s idea that it’s all connected to “X-Men,” here’s some info for you.:

    -Like Locke, Professor X was of course bald and bound in a wheelchair. Here’s the ironic part, when he was stranded in the Savage Land, which was a ‘tropical-island type environment’ inhabited by dinosaurs and other things that don’t belong, he realized that he could walk again. Sound familiar?

    However, I highly doubt that it’s connected to “X-Men,” that would be damn silly. It’s obviously another referance or inspiration.

  • jacksbeard

    So, wasn’t the title page shredded? How can we know for sure that this is not just some prank by Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear? Those Polar Bears are such pranksters!

  • Toga

    You guys are awfully litteral with the meaning of the “X”

    Earth X was a comic based in an “alternative present” of the Marvel universe.

    Also regarding the ARG Paul had a Mr Clucks cup in his car, what universe is he from?

    • JacobsLather

      This sounds plausible to me, given the geek-nature of the producers. It works for the alternate timeline idea, without being overly abstruse.

      But it’s also possible that they didn’t have anything specific in mind and just knew that the fans would go nuts coming up with theories about such a vague “clue.” (Myself included.)

    • I expect some clues in Pauls artwork next saturday, his velvet paintings should tell us if he worked in this, or the Jugverse…

  • preztige

    I was completely joking about the X-men outcome. Sometimes I try to bring some humor to forum [no trolling intended] but it usually ends in complete fail…lol
    I’m glad spacebender referenced my “crossroads” possibility though. As in “X” possibly stands for the crossroads, or death…LA X… LA Death…a new beginning or an after life. Here is another suggestion I just thought about!!!!!
    You know how LOST may be about different timelines!!! or “Parallel Universes”. Well two stright lines make “Parallel lines” and an X is two straight lines crossed together. What if it means two different timelines, but its crossing paths??? HMMMMM As in two seperate realities, possibilities, parrelel univers crossing paths and having an effect on each others realities….That would be a stretch, but another possibility.

  • Phil’s #1 fan

    As you all probably saw, both Damon and Carlton just hopped in and how he found the title, this was oviously scripted, which means the LOST people had to know about this, which means they might have put easter eggs and I think i might have found one

    Notice while he is in the trash can he picks up a ROSE then breaks it

    Could this mean Rose might break (die)which would mean the plane lands in LAX and Rose dies of cancer. This could also explain why in the trailer with Jack and that chick fom desperate housewives, Jack says we have to go back, meaning the survivors will remember the past and return to the island

    Also in the trailer with Charlie it could be why he says he “was” dead

    What do u guys think

    • Toga

      Roses are very significant in the dark tower. Breaking a rose if even possible would be disastrous.

  • numbersarebad

    Maybe the X means 10 and refers to ten people. Ten people who show up in LA that were never on the original flight, but due to weird time bending rules and blown up islands end up with the 815ers because of course correction.
    Maybe we are being tricked into focusing on the X, and the LA part actually means something else besides Los Angeles.

  • numbersarebad

    Maybe we are being tricked into focusing on the X, and the LA part actually means something else besides Los Angeles.

  • Okan

    If It is LAX, then we will probably see them landing LA.

    But They will see that John Locke is dead on the plane. And they also know each other. So they will decide to go back to the island.

    They will push Ben to kill Dharma folks so that they can control the time machine. They will start to travel in time just like Richard and they will change their previous lifes.

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    The creators said that the time traveling is over though… with all of these LA X theories, I think I’ve got a new one that no one else has thought of. X=multiplication symbol as in “times”. LA X= ‘LA Times’ as in the newspaper (maybe that’s the paper bearded-Jack was reading on the plane when he saw the obituary for :Jeremy Bentham). Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a reporter on the Ajira plane that was a reporter for the paper? Think about it: they notice that the adult members of the Oceanic 6 get on another plane together; a plane that crashes just like 815. They would be intrigued by all of the possibilities of good Press. Maybe not…who knows, maybe an “LA Times” will at least appear. You have to admit you wonder what the rest of the world is thinking about the idea of the O6 getting on another plane together, which crashes.Hints that Desmond, Walt, and others will have a part to play in this mystery.

    • Okan

      Creators also said that losties will continue just like they did in season one. If so there are two possibilities. One is that they will land in LA and come back to the island again. the other, they will crash on the island. Maybe they will crash with 815 again or maybe with BLACK ROCK.

      I think that the opening eye belongs to Jacob. He will open his eyes, find himself lying on the ground. He will get up and start to run. Finally he will find Black Rock in the jungle.

  • MexLostie

    LA X in spanish means “THE X”, X being either the UNKNOWN as some pointed out or a variable that can change everything, maybe some character represents the X here, the one with the capability of changing everything.

  • Jeffrey

    I’ve been thinking about Jake in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. He died and didn’t die, and lived two divergent realities simultaneously (which nearly drove him crazy). If the bomb went off successfully and corrected the timeline, AND the original timeline was also intact simultaneously (explain it to yourself however you want), then maybe they DID get to LAX successfully, and also they DID NOT. LA…X?

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