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LOST Season 6 Promo Pics Released (Spoiler Free)

By docarzt,

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ABC has released a bunch of character promo pics for LOST Season 6.  There is absolutely nothing spoilerish about the pics, in fact they are all photographed against a slate gray background.  Feel free to discuss who is, or is not, amongst the pics though.

[nggallery id=70]

  • angjen0816

    i knew something was gonna be posted! the pictures are very interesting. clair looks so lost and sad. i was surprised to see lepedis

    • angjen0816

      why is there 4 kates >:( and only one richard!!! i need more guyliner!

      • Could there be a reason – deeper meaning – some characters have more pics than others?

  • Benjamin

    I think they’re just pictures hidden meaning behind 1 or 4 pictures.

  • Matze

    As expected, no Desmond.
    I want Matthew Fox’s jeans. They would look great on me.

    • Sarah

      Yep, Didn’t expect Desmond, Still felt like a kick to the gut, not seeing him though.

    • Evangeline Lilly. She would look great on me…

  • “No Spoilers”? Oh yeah? What about that picture of Hurley with his pinky sticking out?

    His pinky!


    I hate to say I told you so, but, well you know the rest…

  • docarzt

    Is it just me, or has Jorge LOST some serious weight?

  • Rick_of_faith

    Not sure if this is a spoiler or not. Has Sun ever had a wedding ring, because she is not wearing one in these pictures, but Jin is… Very interesting.

    • JimmyFord

      Yes, a whole ep. in S1 on her losing it, but then finding it again. Don’t recall it being focused on since.

      • Marc

        that was season two ya jerk.. she lost it burying the message in a bottle

        • MsDee

          If I remember correctly Jin gave his ring ot Locke just before going in to the well and turning the wheel, right?

          • MsDee

            oops just reread the question

  • Seabiscuit

    Lovely pics, even with the plain background. I seem to recall they had “plain” promo pics last year along with ones with sets, though, so maybe there’s more to come?

    Don’t much give a flying fart about Desmond or Juliet anymore so no complaints here on their absence.

  • If the show creates alternate timelines for the characters, some of these pics seem to give us a good idea of the feelings they might be having. There has to be some explanation behind the decision for some of the poses (especially those looking away from the camera).

    It’s been a while since I’ve said this, but Kate is HOT! Irregardless of the ratio of pics per character, she seems to demand more.

  • japhy

    Why isn’t Richard wearing a blue shirt? That looks like the same shirt he always wears, except now it is not blue.

  • Major FX

    The pics of Ben look like he’s daring you to “go for it, if you feel lucky”.

  • Marc

    I love lost

  • CLA

    Where is Juliet? Crap. 🙁

  • RodimusBen

    Two points.

    First, the presence or absence of any particular cast member amongst these photos does not indicate whether they will be making an appearance this season. Don’t forget, last season they released this same type of cast photos without Daniel Dae Kim, specifically to keep it a secret that the character of Jin was in fact alive.

    Second, these are publicity still of the ACTORS, not the characters. Daniel Dae Kim is married, Yunjin Kim is not. End of story on the ring question.

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