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UPDATED – LOST Season Six Scheduling Still Up In The Air (Despite What You’ve Read)

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inukshukolympicIf all of this talk about LOST going dark during the Olympics has you freaking out – relax.  I have it on good authority that there is no plan to pull LOST off the air through the entire month of February, unfortunately I do not have any better news to share as far as specific scheduling goes.  Here is what I do know from my sources close to the show:

  • The Premiere Date for LOST is still not solid. (Various folks say January 27th, but that is NOT official and is not verified by any of my sources.)
  • If LOST is preempted by the Olympics, it would not be for the entire month of February anyways as the events run from the 12th (a Friday) to the 28th (A Sunday).  Worst case scenario: No LOST for two weeks. (Again, none of this information has been confirmed by anyone at ABC/LOST.)

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Some don’t want to believe this, which is fine. To be clear:  there is no schedule, and there is no break.  Whether they are being talked about or not is completely up in the air.  However, most reports are saying LOST will be off the air for February, which makes no sense (IGN for example) since the Olympics are for two weeks, and everyone who wants this controversy to live – for whatever reason – continues to claim they have sources verifying this despite the total removal of the one blog post that spurred this whole thing.

Folks, that is the literal equivalent of saying it is true because you read it on the internet.  Next thing you know, it will be on Wikipedia, facts be damned.

What IS true, is that the last time the Winter Olympics aired LOST was not pre-empted and in fact won it’s time slot. Now, there is something else going on in February besides the Olympics… Sweeps.  Who believes that ABC is going to forfeit two weeks during a sweeps month?  Y’know, it’s not entirely impossible and it has happened before but with the Olympics performing poorly in ’06 I have to say, logic gives me hope for no breaks.

On the other hand, I’m not trying to be vehement about it.  There definitely could be a break.  What is clear is that right now anything that riles up the fans is good for the bloggers, meaning this manufactured ‘controversy’ over a break.  If there is a break, it will hardly be the end of the world.

What makes more sense?  That Carlton casually gave a hot scoop to someone at the Harvard office, so we bloggers could start a firestorm of discontent?  Or that ABC hasn’t actually worked out the schedule yet? And trust me, everyone will claim to have bigger contacts to verify or disprove things, I’m confident in mine.  There is no schedule, yet.  There may be a break, but right now it’s up there with pigs could fly with the proper wingspan – entirely possible, but not real.  If ABC decides to graft wings on pigs and give LOST a couple of weeks off, I’ll let you know.