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LOST Spoiler – LOST 5.09 Namaste Promo

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  • Skip

    Can you please help me what are the words before “as a group of survivors could be”?

    English is not my first language.

    • professorstotch

      I believe it says “They were as close…as a group of survivors could be.”

    • eruf

      “They were as close as”..

    • Skip


  • professorstotch

    Hey, Doc, just a question here. Are these videos all embedded from Youtube? I can see any video posted from DailyMotion, but then I get random ones like this that I can’t see. Just weird is all.

  • Timm


    Is that Leonard there or do my eyes decieve me? (Hurley’s mate from the Institute)

    Any thoughts?

    • dharma bum

      Its Radzinsky

    • spacecowgirl

      Looks just like Leonard! But is said to be R. Just check actor credits. i want to be surprised — no spoilers. darn, just figured out a biggie. But must stick with estimable Docarzt rules here.

  • I think the island is more ancient than the egyptians. Come one people it’s right in front of us. LOST = Lost city of Atlantis.

    From Plato: ” the whole sky turned the colour of dry blood, and a mass of black clouds swept across it with such a dreadful sound as had never been heard before. The seas rose in gigantic waves which swallowed the entire fleet, while the whole world reverberated with earthquakes and the ocean roared and rushed from one sea to another like water swilling around in an immense bowl. For days on end it seemed the whole Cosmos would fly apart. The skies deluged the earth with water, the mountains shuddered and cracked apart, the oceans were a torment of monstrous waves.
    When at last the seas became calm again a few battered ships crept into port. They brought the news that Atlantis had disappeared, and that the Atlantic Ocean rolled over the place where this magnificent empire once flourished in all its glory.”

    The Beat Down

    • simplevincent

      I do agree that the island is more ancient than the Egyptians…it’s just that that was a prominent culture (among many) who’ve attempted to use the island for relatively the same purpose as everyone else who seeks the island.

      I don’t think the definitive answer is Atlantis though…I like to think they’ll take an even bigger swipe and throw us something along the idea of Every Myth or Story has it’s Root in Some Original Truth….we just keep cycling through versions of the same original story over and over until we find that substantial balance…whatever that is.