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LOST Spoilers – “Some Like it Hoth” Promo Clips

By docarzt,

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If you hate spoilers, don’t watch these videos.  Your eyes will explode just like in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Scanners.

  • imfromthepast

    WOOT! I watched and my eyeballs are intact!

  • timm

    Hahahah!This looks like it’ll be amazing!

    Good ol’ Hurley and his “Powers” lol

  • Seabiscuit

    Aw, Jules, you and Kate could have taken Roger out easily!

  • imfromthepast

    I for one am glad Miles doesn’t talk to dead people. I didn’t want any paranormal mumbo jumbo in LOST.

    Aside from resurrected Locke and Smokey, that is…

  • dolce

    “you’re just jealous ’cause my power’s better than yours.” Classic.

  • ashcards

    I’m so excited. I wonder what order those go in during the actual episode???

    • lockeheart

      it usually seems like the promo picks come earlier in the episode which makes sense, but then again who the hell knows

  • Aublub

    Yay I survived! I think Miles is jealous!

  • richie

    can anyone see what logo is on those black jumpsuits???

  • justnoticed

    this has nothing to do with the videos, but i just saw a small article on entertainment weekly about matthew perry squashing rumors that he was going to appear in the final season of lost. He said he is a huge lost junkie and frequents lost fan sites. I know there is a matthew perry that i always see leaving posts on this site and i have seen someone question him before if he was really matthew perry but i dont think he ever gave an answer. Does anyone know the truth? And if it is really matthew perry, you are my new favorite actor. Not many celebs would go on fansites and use thier really name and consort with us common folk. Like the characters on the show we are connected by a common bond: our love for lost.

  • Vayne81

    I tried to hold off for as long as I could, it only got me to 20 minutes before the show begins… and boy was I shaking… and after seeing those clips I’m shaking even more! Finally, an episode about Miles!!!

    • Vayne81

      Crap, make that 40 minutes! Now I’m even more anxious, plus mad at myself for miscalculating the time!!!! Arg

  • Matthew Perry

    I’m Jack and Kate’s son in season 6

  • Worked with this guy my first factory job, he’d say, “You’se just jealous” as his one comeback.

  • I really don’t believe it. I hope Wayne Rooney is ok for the world cup!

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