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A Lost Supper

By Fishbiscuit,

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Our first glimpse of the first cast photo for Season Six of LOST was just a shiny, wavy photograph that was a bit distorted, but thanks to Susan at Outlaws we’ve finally got a high quality scan of the US Weekly picture to glom over. I love it! I admit I was disappointed by the odd, rather ugly shot that was used for the big Comic Con poster with its bad proportions and what looked like amateur rush job photoshopping.

Pretty much the only interesting thing about it is that Locke, the central figure, has his back turned. It was a cool way of reminding us that Locke is “turned”, that he’s not “Locke” anymore, but seriously…couldn’t they have thought of something interesting to do with the rest of the cast? Some of those photos are so old, like Boone in his leather coat, that they feel moldy.

But hey, The Last Supper! That’s the kind of classic pose that feels fresh no matter how many times it’s been overused and overdone. Of course it’s not original. In fact, it’s become almost a predictable finale bow for big ensemble casts. We all remember how it was used, beautifully, in the last season promotional campaigns of both Battlestar Galactica …

… and The Sopranos.

But Last Supper ensembles have a much longer history than that. There’s the famous scene from the 1970 movie M*A*S*H.

And my personal favorite version is this creative rendition of the inimitable Big Lebowski.

“Look, let me explain something. I’m not Jesus. You’re Jesus. I’m the Dude. So that’s what you call me. That or His Dudeness… Duder… or El Duderino, if, you know, you’re not into the whole brevity thing.”

There have been mockups and parodies done of almost any grouping you can think of, from South Park

to Mario,

from George W. Bush’s cabinet

to the Hollywood chapter of the Scientology convention

The Last Supper, aside from being the greatest example of single point perspective ever painted, has also served as a template throughout our modern Popped Culture for posing large groups of people in a cool way that instinctively challenges us to analyze their identities and positions for clues and inspiration. Finding Clues in The Last Supper has been going on since before forever. And this is Lost, man. That’s what we Lost fans do! So what all are we going to make of Lost’s L’ultima Cena, our Season Six LOST Supper?

Do we analyze the shirt colors? Richard is a Redshirt and Jack’s a Purpleshirt. Are they goners? Does it mean anything that Sawyer wears a shirt of many colors, like Joseph the dreamer? Do we make anything of the placement of objects on the supper table that’s been made from an airplane wing? Whose drinking Dharma wine, Dharma beer, Dharma cola? What do the different flowers signify?

What of the Swan Station symbol over Sayid’s head? Or the skull at his feet? Is Sayid the next dead man?

And the skull and and the lilies placed in front of Hurley?

Not Hurley!

Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece depicted the moment when Christ had just informed his apostles that he knew one of them would betray him.

Now when the even was come, he sat down with the twelve.
And as they did eat, he said, Verily I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me.
And they were exceeding sorrowful, and began every one of them to say unto him, Lord, is it I?
And he answered and said, He that dippeth his hand with me in the dish, the same shall betray me.

-Matthew 26:20-23

“What if God was one of us?
Just a slob like one of us
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make his way home?”

The apostles are grouped in threes. The first group is Bartholomew, James Minor and Andrew, brother of Peter, who is apparently trying to Stop! what’s going on.

For us, that would be Ilana, Richard and Claire, who is, like Andrew, an important sibling in our tale.

Of this group only Claire seems to be doing anything interesting. Is it just me, or is she giving Kate the evil eye here? I mean, why is Kate the one with the peanut butter? That’s Claire’s special symbol! Does Peanut Butter = Baby Aaron?

At the other end of the table is Matthew, Thaddeus and Simon,

or as we call them, Sun, Miles and Frank Lapidus. Does this mean Frank, like Simon, will be the one everyone turns to for the answers?

Doesn’t really look like it. This depiction seems less animated than most. Everyone is fixated on Locke and there isn’t much inter-character interacting going on. However, as in most pop culture Last Supper parodies, these end groupings of the lesser apostles are used as places to dump the lesser characters from the show. Perhaps there are those who care to analyze the thematic connection betweeen the mostly anonymous St. Bartholomew and the johnny-come-lately character of Ilana, for example, but I’m thinking that’s probably well past the point of diminishing analytical returns.

The important groups are always the ones in the middle. (Which, yes, does make it seem a little odd that Jin is part of this group, but since I can’t think of any explanation for that, I’m going to just ignore him. Because, seriously, WTF is Jin doing there?)

The grouping at the right hand of Christ is perhaps the most important in daVinci’s painting, certainly the most compelling. We have Judas, who is clutching a bag of silver and reaching for the same bread as Jesus, which clearly identifies him as the traitor. Then there are Peter and John, who are intimately conferring about this sudden accusation from Christ.

In our photo, this group is made up of Sayid, Sawyer and Kate. But who’s who? Sayid is clearly in the traitor’s spot, and he does look the most confrontational and demanding. But perhaps we shouldn’t jump to that kind of conclusion.

Kate’s arm is on the table in the same way as Jesus Locke’s is. Only instead of bread, they’re both reaching for the Dharma peanut butter.

So is she Judas? Will Kate finally get something really cool and pivotal, maybe even something evil, to do in Season Six? The other interpretation is that Kate is Mary Magdalen. When Leonardo painted his Last Supper, he chose to make St. John, the youngest and dearest apostle, look so soft and girly that some have surmised that the person to Jesus’s right hand was really meant to be his alleged girlfriend and lady confidante Mary Magdalen.

This theory has entered pop culture through Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code. It’s a pretty weak theory, in my opinion, given that Leo himself ID’d the Apostle John in his notebooks and given that it makes no sense whatsoever that Mary would have been invited to this dinner and little John left out. However, in almost every parody, this position is reserved for a girl. Wonder Woman, Princess Peach, Maude Lebowski – all have been sit ins for St. John/Mary Magdalen. So I’m thinking Kate is sitting there because she’s The Girl and that’s The Girl’s Chair.

Now what to make of Sawyer as Simon Peter? I mean, aside from Hell, Yeah! Like Peter, Sawyer is impetuous and prone to bursts of violence, but deep down he is The Rock, the most dependable hero in the bunch. Peter is the apostle that Christ appoints as his successor, even though Christ knows and accurately predicts his imperfection. In both cast photos done so far, we’ve seen Sawyer placed directly to Locke’s right. Even if when Locke’s back is turned, he’s technically at Locke’s left, but … whatever. You get what I’m saying.

Does this mean that Sawyer’s role as Locke’s right hand man will come back into play in Season Six? Will Sawyer be the one that lives on when the resurrection allegory is complete? And more importantly, what does it mean that he is leaning on Kate?

Does he have Kate’s back now? As anyone who has ever waged battle in the bloody LOST Ship Wars knows, there’s no way this beautiful couple was placed together in this way randomly. So to my Jater friends and my lovely Suliet pals, all I have to say about this little bit of photographic evidence is … BWAH!

It looks like we have our Han and our Leia. But where’s our Luke and Anakin?

The grouping at the left hand of Christ in Leonardo’s painting was made up of Thomas, James Major and Philip.

But we’ve got a big problem here with LOST’s choice of characters for this final group. First of all there are FOUR of them, and that’s all wrong. Maybe it’s just because there will be 14 characters in the Season Six cast and none were to be left out of this promotional photo. That’s the likeliest explanation and it’s not as if any of the correlations are literal. They never are in these kind of parodies.

Ben makes an acceptable fit with Philip, who wonders aloud if it is him that Christ is accusing. I’m sure many would feel that Ben makes the best fit for the Judas role, since he already killed Jacob. But I think that kind of leaves out the fact that Jacob is not in this picture. Perhaps we should be rearranging some of our presumptions of who exactly is the highest Higher Power in this story. The person Ben was serving was the being that currently inhabits John Locke’s corporeal shell, so unless there’s another major twist upcoming with Ben (an obvious possibility) then the serene being in the middle of the picture is not the one that Ben has betrayed.

Jack appears to be in the position of Thomas, and there is probably no better fit in the whole photograph than that. Jack has been associated with doubt and lack of faith since the earliest moments of LOST. If any of us had ever managed to miss it, we had it beaten into us last season when Ben gave Jack a tutorial on the subject, via Caravaggio’s magnificent painting of Doubting Thomas.

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”– John 20:29

But the name Thomas also means Twin, which is one of the subtler repeated motifs of LOST. The way Jack is holding on to Locke’s chair, it’s almost like he wants to pull it out and dump Jesus Locke on the floor. It reminds me of how dubious the distinction between good and evil have been on LOST, how mysteriously they’ve been camoflauged throughout the series. It reminds me also that we really don’t know who the central protagonist of LOST really is. Most of the time it seems to me to be John Locke, and the deliberate choice to place him in the uncontested center of both major cast photographs seems to back up that assumption. But for all its Biblical imagery, LOST has always been more Star Wars than New Testament. We have our Han Solo and our Princess Leia. We have our Luke Skywalker and our Darth Vader.

Those are the four central characters. And it seems to me that one of the biggest Star Wars debates – whether Luke or Anakin is the central hero of the piece – applies very similarly to LOST. Is it Jack the Shephard or Jesus Locke who this story is really about? Or is it both? These two characters have always seemed to represent the essential duality at the core of the plot, and in this photo perhaps the explanation for the fourth man is that Jack is not part of his triad at all. He’s the other half of the Christ. Jack is trying to unseat John at his own symbolic feast. But will that be possible?

Then saith Jesus unto them, All ye shall be offended because of me this night: for it is written, I will smite the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad
– Matthew 26:31

Most likely, as with most such cast parodies, this is all a big steaming pile of Overthink. I’ve seen some fans already bitching that this isn’t as artful a representation as other casts have done. Maybe so. I’m just delighted to see this first sign that the coming promotional campaign is going to have some FUN mixed into it. I’m done with the drab promos we’ve gotten, the endlessly recycled Season Five scenes and the badly photoshopped poster. It’s time for LOST to start showing some flair as they step out into their finale season. I really hope this is the start of weeks and weeks of our appetites being whetted and our anticipation ramping up. Come on, guys, we’re ready for your closeup. Bring it on!


  • cjones416

    why are people looking so deep into this still? this was a photos were put on by US weekly right?
    not the producers or ABC. they could have done ANYTHING. its just set up to look like a cool photoshoot.

    • it’s official promo pic of ABC ! don’t you see the clothes they were ? the same they used on the promo pic of the cast

    • Shinto

      No, it’s sanctioned. There’s no way the cast would have done this without approval from the producers.

  • briguyx

    How could you not mention that thing behind Ben. Is it a pile of boulders or just a very cheap Halloween costume of the Smoke Monster?

  • Eren Zaki

    While I agree with the previous posters about not reading into every single detail too much – I think there are a few simple clues to certain characters’ roles and alliances in Season 6 (The Big Four: Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Locke and Sayid).

    The fact that Sawyer, Kate and Sayid are on one side with Jack, Ben (whom Jack has grown a sort of alliance with) and Hurley (who regretted going on Locke’s side in Season 4 as depicted in his Oceanic Six flashforward) on the other side is a clue in itself in my opinion. So it’s obvious that there will be factions in Season 6 (though I could be wrong), but there have been hints of factions working against each other since Season 4 but Season 5 especially with Miles’ flashback with Bram in “Some like it Hoth”. Kate and Sawyer’s faction will probably be fighting for Jacob since Richard Alpert and Illana (sorry if I mispelt her name)are also on that side, not to mention Sawyer and Alpert built up a healthy, trustworthy relationship during Season 5.

    Additonally, Kate and Sawyer were on Jacob’s list (still an unanswered mystery) and they seem to be the only two survivors that were visited and touched by Jacob when they were children, and don’t forget LOST does have a lot of children-orientated themes in its mythology like the Island’s tendency to kill pregnant women during childbirth and the Others tendency to kidnap children and pregnant women and Walt’s supernatural abilities. Is this the connection Sawyer felt to Kate in Season 1 when he mentioned off-screen that they had a connection. A lot of people assumed it was their criminal connection but I think it was this Jacob connection Sawyer felt to Kate. Something tells me this will somehow play a part in Kate and Sawyer’s decision to join Illana and Alpert’s faction. Don’t ask me why, I just got a gut feeling there’s a big relevation involving that plot thread. Of course, I could be wrong.

    Finally, I agree about the Han Solo and Princess Leia comparisons with Sawyer and Kate in the promo – I just can’t ignore it. The Season 5 finale pretty much confirmed to me that they will end up together. Though, I don’t know why Sawyer would be backing Kate after her meddling in Season 5 when she came to the submarine and persuaded Juliet to come back and stop Jack from detonating the hydrogen bomb and then both oddly ended up helping Jack instead which tragically ended with Juliet’s death.
    So I guess Jack will have a Luke Skywalker ending of sorts with him staying on the Island to carry on his father’s work or something to that effect or maybe even die in some heroic fashion to save everybody – that would be his ultimate redemption. Ben’s line to Jack in the Season 5 premiere that he was never coming back from the Island again convinces me even more that he will remain on the Island come the Season 6 finale and closing image of LOST.

    • Mick

      Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Hurley and Sayid were all touched by Jacob. Rewatch The Incident. Kate and Sawyer were not on the list either. None of them were, therefore they weren’t taken by the others in season 1. And, as we all know now, they weren;t on the list because they were meant to travel back in time and set off the bomb to get to where they are now.

      • Eren Zaki

        Oh, sorry I don’t think I was clear. I’m well aware Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Hurley and Sayid were all touched by Jacob. The reason I was singling out Kate and Sawyer was because they were touched by Jacob when they were CHILDREN hence my rant(in the second paragraph)about the children-orientated side of LOST’s mythology.

        I was suggesting maybe the fact that Sawyer and Kate were touched by Jacob as children is somehow significant in some way to the story since the show has a lot of children-orientated subplots. And I was also saying maybe the fact that Sawyer and Kate were on the list was related to them being touched by Jacob as children. Because remember the Others were reguarly given lists by Alpert via Jacob to kidnap children and pregnant women from camps (such as Ana Lucia’s tail wing section camp and Walt). I dunno I just think there maybe a connection there. A possible relevation somewhere in there involving Kate and Sawyer and that connection he felt to her.

        But now you tell me Kate and Sawywer wern’t on the list. I could swear Picket or Ben said in Season 3 that “Ford and Austen are on the list” or something and mentioned that Jack was not even on the list. Oh, well, you’re probably right on this one because I’ve only watched Season 3 once. I’ll re-watch those episodes to make sure. Also, it makes sense I suppose, in the context of the story, of them not being on the list so that they could time travel to the 70s to set off the bomb.

        But anyways this is what I was trying to say. I wasn’t trying to say Kate and Sawyer were the only ones who were touched by Jacob – but the fact that they were touched by Jacob as children. Hope I was clear this time.

        Thanks for your response.

  • ghanima

    Other than to say a big “Amen” to the Kate/Sawyer “LOL”, I just want to add that I *heart* Fishbiscuit and look forward to the episode analyses to come.

  • Absz009

    Hmmm, I’m liking Eren’s little theories involving the Jacob connection between Kate and Sawyer, and the different factions on the Island.

  • Absz009

    By the way, if anybody wanna chat to me on MSN – my address is . I’m too excited for Season 6, I need to unleash my excitement and theories on somebody so feel free to add me. This is what happens when you have no friends or family who like LOST. I apologise in advance if I’m not allowed to advertise my address. Peace.

  • Allison

    All i see is Sawyer leaning on a chair. But let’s ignore other posters where Kate is by Jack’s side, just because we’re skaters and we make no sense ever.

    • dtruth

      We know that’s all you see dear, but taht’s not all there is.

  • Glue your eyelids

    It might just be that, as FB has said, they simply had to fit 14 characters instead of 13 in this pic, but I think it’s interesting that – comparing the picture to Leonardo’s original painting – the one that gets to be “off” is Hurley. Sure that skull looks ominous (“NOOOO!” indeed!), but it’s true that Hurley always seemed to have a special connection to the island, the numbers and all that jazz. He’s “magic” although without the sense of purpose of Locke. I see Hurley as some kind of neutral pawn in this game, but I have no clue about what this means for him and the overall plot, lol.

    Although, Fish – I think that if we identify the characters seat-by-seat, we’d have Sayid as Peter, Kate as Judas and Sawyer as John. It’s not just the order they’re placed in, it’s also their poses – Sayid is in a dynamic pose and bending towards Locke just like Peter (who wears blue clothes) is bending towards Jesus, Kate replicates the Judas pose almost perfectly, and Sawyer – who wears red and blue just like st. John – looks almost relaxed, leaning back into Kate. I’d say let’s just forget about st. John being the “girly” one (curse you, Dan Brown) and let’s focus on the fact that he was Jesus’ favorite – he is the one that always gets represented at the feet of the Cross together with Mary. Again, I don’t know what this is going to mean for Sawyer and the others, but that’s my interpretation.

    • MoniquE

      That does make sense. I can see Sawyer as John and Kate as Judas, but I’m not feeling Sayid as Peter. How would that figure in? Kate as Judas would be the most interesting thing they ever had her do though, like Fish mentioned. I’d love that.

      • Glue your eyelids

        Well, the strongest Sayid/Peter parallel I can think of off the top of my head is that, like Peter denied Jesus at a certain point, Sayid was the one who most strongly opposed the return to the island (heck he was practically dragged there by Ilana) except eventually jumping on the “it’s my destiny to be here!” bandwagon with complete convinction. I also suppose a lot of these interpretations depend on a) how accurate this picture is, b)whether it refers to the present or future situation of the characters. While I don’t think they’re clueing us in for any major plot twist, there might be things that are going to make sense only in retrospect… pure Lost style.

  • MoniquE

    LOL, Alison, I guess your Jate blinders didn’t let you see who was IN the chair. Even in the big poster, Kate and Sawyer are next to each other, behind Jack. But keep trying to pretend The Fish is a Skater who makes no sense ever. ROTFLMAO! Is there a self described Jater anywhere in the audience who has ever written a coherent review of Lost like Fish does all the time?

    You can tell the Jaters are freaked out by this photo because they’ve been totally silent on it. Except for the ones who I guess can’t SEE whose chair Sawyer is leaning on.

    Loved your LOL, Fish. Love when you throw a little snark at the Jaters. They richly deserve it.

  • Avatar88

    Interesting read. The Skate part is a bit far fetched cos all i see is Sawyer BEHIND the rest. There is a gap between him and the rest of the characters so…*shrugs*. The rest sounds plausible, especially the Kate/Judas part.

    MoniquE- Sawyer and Kate are next to each other in the main poster? LMFAOOOO. I’m no jater but if you guys think Skate is next to each other in that poster i can see where they are coming from when they remain silent like you said. To debate, you need someone with reasonable arguments to talk to. Never change people. The LULZ are priceless.

    • MoniquE

      I suggest you look again then Avatar, maybe with your glasses on this time. Since Jack is in front of Kate and Sawyer in the large photo, they are absolutely standing next to each other. And if all you see is Sawyer BEHIND the rest, I guess you didn’t notice his ARM leaning on the back of the CHAIR that KATE is sitting in. There is no gap. LULZ indeed. Arrogance disguised as indifference doesn’t make for a “reasonable” argument,debate or discussion. Try again.

  • Gina

    Kate is standing firmly behind/close to Jack in the previous official season 6 promo photos. Sawyer is not even near her. Unlike with this Last Supper picture, it’s been confirmed that Damon and Carlton were involved in the making of the first posters so I’m not sure things are looking so great for Skate.

    I have to say I’m with Fish when it comes to Jin’s placement. He’s never been a central character and he never seemed to have much, or anything, to do with Locke. Yet, he’s sitting right next to him here. Weird.

    • MoniquE

      Not even near her? Ok, the picture is right up there. It’s as clear as day, so I’m not sure why we even need to waste words on it. And anyone who thinks Damon and Carlton weren’t involved in the decision to stage a Last Supper with Locke in the Christ chair must really be living in a different reality.

  • Avatar88

    *pets on the head-slips some of Jack’s Oxycodone*

    Anything to help you chill 😀

    • MoniquE

      Nice. Add some condescension to your faux arrogance. Anything to help you feel superior, even when you’re talking trash.

      • Avatar88

        Sawyer is leaning on Kate’s chair, fair enough. But SK next to each other in the poster? This is some bad drugs i tell ya. And do you have anything to add except from shippery stuff? Sheesh. Goodbye now girl.

        • MoniquE

          And do you have anything to add except from shippery stuff?

          Do you? LOL. At least you realized your first try to bash Skaters ended you up with egg on your face. And honey, if Sawyer isn’t standing next to Kate in the big photo, then who is that on his right standing BEHIND Jack next to him? You’re the one with the constant drug comments, so maybe it’s you who needs to remedicate.

          • Skaters or Jaters, who cares? Kate flip flops constantly on both these dudes. Just because she with one guy last by the finale doesn’t mean she won’t continue to flip flop once the show is over. Only if one is dead or cut off from her would be the only thing to stop her. Kate sucks period, they both need to find a decent chick and get over her. This show is better then who’s going to hook up with who anyway.

  • Paty

    This pic is made by ABC but I doubt Darlton had any say on it. I doubt they would give such spoilers in a tabloide magazine. It’s just a cool cast pic. Without big meanings IMO.

    The oficial poster is the only thing was planned by Darlton. They don’t give any say on cast photoshoots for god sakes.

    • MoniquE

      LOL, I guess it means nothing that Locke is in the middle. Just random. Like Tony Soprano being in the middle or Six or the Dude. Just a meaningless coincidence. We will have to wait to see how the rest of the promotional stuff looks, but I’d bet anything Darlton had to have approval of this kind of picture. I don’t think all the characters mean anything but there’s a general feeling you get from it – Locke in the middle, Kate and Sawyer together, etc., that didn’t happen by accident.

      • dm

        Maybe the way to read the official promo picture is this:

        Jack is in front of the trio because he is the hero. Behind him are the two supporting characters that are closely tied to his story (the woman he loves and his rival).

        This is just a suggestion, because, really, I haven’t given any of these pictures any thought. It just seems like there are more ways to read the thing that do not explicitly deal with finalities.

  • Allison

    It takes a real wack head to think that Kate and Sawyer are behind Jack in the official poster. Get real, that’s all i have to say. Kate is by Jack’s side. End of story. And it’s not a poster that will determine who will end up together.

    • MoniquE

      No actually it just takes a pair of eyes. And since you’re the one who couldn’t even admit that it was KATE’s chair Sawyer was leaning on, I don’t think you need to be calling anyone else a “wack head”.

      And no one said this was determining who would end up together. But it’s funny how Jaters are just refusing to see what the whole rest of the world will see at first glance.

      • Paty

        Rest of the world??????????????


        I’m not a skate or Jate or Suliet or whatever, but I’m seeing nothing that could make you so excited based on this poster. It’s just a cast photoshoot geez! LOL

        • MoniquE

          Honey, “Darlton had nothing to do with anything except the Comic Con poster” is codespeak for “I’m a non shipper (LOL), but Jate is fate.” You’re not fooling anyone, not this late in the game.

          Actual non shippers don’t need to single out skaters for bashing. That’s a tried and true “non shipping” Jater trick.

          • Madge

            What do you call folks who would prefer that Kate just die already, thereby saving both Sawyer and Jack?

            Desmond and Penny are ‘the’ Lost couple! Mwah ha ha! :o)

  • Allison

    You said it right, sweetie. Kate’s chair hahahaha! Kaet Austen is not Kate’s chair, baby.

    The rest of the world will see what at a glance? That Skate has no chance of coming back and that it would be pathetic if so? Yes, they saw that at half of a glance. They also saw that Skaters have completely lost it and the only thing they have left to hold on to is a damn poster LMAO that actually says nothing good to them. Oh, only if they make up that Kate is not by Jack’s side, she’s behind with Jack, as Sawyer is, one mile away LOL, which is downright batshit and ridiculous. Have a great season six, which is barely possible for you.



  • Lucy

    I can’t believe the skater are totally hyper because of this poster and ignoring all those fuck spoilers they got and recent Josh’s interview. This is beyond ridiculous. They are squeeeeing over a fuck poster (that they even know has anything to do with darlton) and ignoring the bad spoilers/interviews/history. They lost it. Sorry.

  • MoniquE

    Bad spoilers? Uh, not sure what spoilers you’re reading but they seem awesome for Skate to me. Won’t spread them here, out of respect, but let’s just say Jaters havaen’t been very successful at interpreting this show in the past, that’s not going to change until they have to.

    Josh’s interview? The one where he said Sawyer will be fighting his UNDENIABLE love for Skate. Skaters are supposed to feel bad about that? Or are they supposed to feel bad about the confirmation that Juliet’s story is being “tied up” and TV Guide believes the reunion everyone wants to see is Sawyer and Kate? WTF are Skaters supposed to dislike about that GREAT interview? I know Jaters spin their own web of misinterpretation about everything and then jump on so hard they can’t even see things like KATE being the one Sawyer is leaning on. But I think you’ve all gotten lost from your usual spot spewing Skate hate over at Dark UFO. Do everyone a favor and crawl back to that hole.

    And sorry to muck up Doc Arzt’s site with this shipper nonsense.

    • MoniquE

      OOPs, meant Sawyer is fighting the undeniable love for Kate. Not Skate. Typo.

  • Olive

    Didn’t Josh’s interview also say that it’s“not possible for him to be with Kate. Right now, he doesn’t give a f— about life…or anyone in it” and that he doesn’t think he could swallow a happy skate ending and that the thinks she would have a happier life with Jack. Yeah, that sounds really great for skate.

    • MoniquE

      He said, speaking as himself, that he’s “not sure” he can see a happy ending for Sawyer and Kate. That’s not a prediction, that’s his own feeling. It means exactly as much as Yunjin Kim’s comment that “Kate is better suited for Sawyer”. Jaters, try to understand this much: THE ACTORS DON’T KNOW THE ENDING. Jaters always go with the flattest interpretation of everything, pick what they like to hear, turn deaf to the rest.

      Speaking of his current plot, he said Sawyer will be fighting with everything he has not to give in to his UNDENIABLE love for Kate. That’s what’s awesome, sounds like vintage Skate, full of passion and angst. Also, he wouldn’t have to fight the feeling if Kate wasn’t there making him feel it, i.e. giving him something to want. We know now that Kate always loved Sawyer, the whole time she was off island, and that’s why she took Aaron.

      But Jaters, if nothing else, are professionals at ignoring the parts they don’t like. Like Sawyer leaning on Kate’s chair. LOL! No way you’re going to stop now, not until it’s as UNDENIABLE to you as it already is to Josh Holloway.

    • MoniquE

      Hey, Olive, I’m just curious. Did you actually read the TVGuide article or did you just read the talking points from your Jate friends? If you read it, I wonder did you just screen out all the parts where he talks about the undeniable love for Kate and how he’s going to have to fight tooth and nail not to give in to it? How do you interpret the things you don’t like to hear? Do you just run to websites and bash perfectly legitimate Skater interpretations without having read the source material or given a lick of thought to anything? I really wonder how this works.

      • STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! The ONLY SHIP of any consequence in this story is the Black Rock.

        • dolce

          Agreed. This is retarculous. Really. Time traveling disappearing island with strange physical properties, people that don’t age, smoke monster, ancient ruins of questionable origin and still there is so much focus on who’s in a relationship with who? I can understand rooting for one or the other, but this sounds like an all out war. Personally, I don’t get it, but to each his/her own I guess.

        • Seabiscuit

          For something that’s of “no consequence” as you imply, Darlton sure seem to love spending a lot of time on it. Just a thought.

          But I agree that this whole Skate vs Jate thing has gotten to ridiculous proportions. Time to let it go, folks. It’s one thing to root for your couple, entirely another to go out of your way to attack others just because they don’t ship the same couple. (and I am speaking in general here, not singling any one person or any group out)

      • Shane

        Thank you Monique (& see my comment above) for reality based thought.

        • Shane

          oops i meant below, there are too many comments flying fast and furious, but yours are some of the few on here with regard to this particular subject that make sense.
          Below was my response to something you posted. Thanks

  • nephew, please!

    “what looked like amateur rush job photoshopping.”
    Thats down right hilarious coming from fishbiscuit.

  • dm

    Monique, serious question: what’s your stake in this conversation? I disregarded this poster as nothing more than corny and I don’t care about the love triangle outside of the end having some kind of resonance when the story finishes, so I’m asking objectively and with a little bit of concern because you truly appear to have lost your mind.

    • MoniquE

      I’m asking objectively and with a little bit of concern, dm, do you honestly think you’re fooling me that you’re a. objective or b. feel concern for me?

      LOL, I see you’re still “not reading” Fish, though. Some things never change.

      • Don’t you worry about them. I find it hilarious how people comment on being ‘non shippers’ but finding Skaters to be crazy people. They’re either a) crazy, or b) they think we’re stupid. Either way, it makes an ass out of them, not us.

        • dm

          I don’t find Skaters or Jaters crazy.

          • I do. I find both to be crazy. And, sadly, they are missing the point of the show. Doc, didn’t you take some measures last year to keep this ridiculous shipper crap off the discussion boards. Seriously, Jaters and Skaters, take it to the forums and let’s discuss LOST here. Geeze.

      • dm

        What are you talking about? What do you mean “still ‘not reading’ Fish”? I read it. I didn’t think there was anything to say about it. It was definitely wasn’t cluttered with the usual misreadings of certain concepts. I don’t think you’re going to find substantial clues in this picture and I really don’t care about speculation concerning the love triangle.

        If you do want to talk about the triangle, I think it’s more beneficial to cite the actual story rather than a TV GUIDE promo photograph. I think there’s still a lot of ambiguity. Isn’t it best to start with Kate’s reason for returning to the Island? Is there even room to continue any of the romance in a meaningful manner? Can we draw from internal conflict of being torn between two men (Kate’s time with Sawyer in the Jungle; Kate’s time with Jack in Richard’s camp)? I don’t think there has been any clear choice established as of yet, and I’m not convinced there will necessarily be one.

        But let’s get back to you. What’s your deal? You’re like “LOL this; LOL that,” and mad rambling about the certainty that comes from a goofy cast photo? You seem really upset that anyone would dare believe there will not be a definite Sawyer + Kate. Out of all the things in the world, why is so much feeling invested in this single point?

        • SharkTaco

          Out of all the things in the world, why is so much feeling invested in this single point?

          Come on DM, look who youre talking about.

          • dm

            Yes, I know– but I want to know what drives the irrationality. There’s the blind loyalty to FBs writing even when it is flat-out wrong and the deep faith in some fictional romance. It’s really weird.

          • MoniquE

            There’s nothing irrational about Fish’s writing and I’m not blindly loyal. I just enjoy it and am irritated by the kind of crap she has to take from the likes of you and the jaters. I know people like me do a bad job of defending her and I probably shouldn’t try, but that doesn’t mean arrogant fanboys who don’t contribute a single useful thing have any place trashing her.

            Why don’t you ask Doc Arzt why he publishes Fish. Are you saying he’s irrational. An idiot? This is his site. Who are you really criticizing here, you fanboys?

  • meems

    Fishbiscuit is the goddess of awesomeness and photoshopping. Please respect this woman! 😀

  • Olive

    Yes, I did read the whole article and the part where he talks about undeniable love for Kate. I was just pointing out that there where other things he said too, things that imo are not so good for skate, which you just seemed to conveniently leave out when talking about the interview and saying how great it was. I don’t really see how you can say Jaters always ignore things when you did the same thing yourself.

    • MoniquE

      What did I ignore? The article says the big reunion fans care about is Sawyer and Kate. It says the Juliet storyline is being tied up. Josh talks about how Sawyer will have to fight his love for Kate and he doesn’t see how it can work out. Neither can I right now, but I think it sounds like a great story for Skate. Lots of emotion and tension and passion, just how I like it. If we could see how it might work out then it wouldn’t be worthy of Lost. I didn’t ignore a thing, not even Josh’s opinion, which as I said is no more of a prediction than Yunjin’s is.

      I have just noticed Jaters latching on to Josh’s meaningless opinion and pretending he didn’t say the love for Kate was undeniable. He strongly hinted that Sawyer’s story will revolve around battling against something that can’t be denied. I honestly can’t think of a story for Skate next year that sounds better than that, because it fits perfectly with where the characters are right now and the kind of emotional stories they had in the beginning.

      • Seriously, Doc…if you are going to allow these discussions to devolve into this kind of BS, you are going to lose your long term serious readers/contributors. For the past four years, I have responded with a donation to every “save this site” plea you have made. I didn’t do that to provide a place for this riduculous skate/jate crap. Please put an end to it!

  • whateverhappenedhappened

    …not that arguing over the more boring charcaters in lost isnt great fun and all, but has anyone else noticed the giant hand stage left?

    • Seabiscuit

      Damn. I’m adopting this as my own personal “official” s6 poster over that Godawful one from Comic Con. Much more thought put into this one. I hope a hi-res version is released.

      Good analysis, Fish, and “word” to just about everything. Kate in a Judas role would make me very happy.

    • Glue your eyelids

      Everything for a change of topic.

  • Lucy

    [Josh thinking it’s not possible to skate anymore: His opinion. Totally meaningless.]



    oH GEEZ!!!

    • MoniquE

      Ok, Lucy, you’ve convinced me. Who can argue with that level of common sense and intelligence? LOL. Enjoy.

      • Lucy

        Nonononon, you conviced me. LOL
        Skate is totally endgame based on a cast pic. lmao.

      • Shane

        First of all, let’s recap.
        Josh @ Comic-Con: Sawyer will be destroyed and he hopes Kate will bring him back to life
        Josh @ TV Guide: Sawyer IS destroyed, making it impossible for him to be with Kate right now. (We assume that Sawyer is the character who will attempt to kill himself, the character that Jack saves).
        More important than either of these statements are the statements of Darlton who have already said that while some things remained the same all through the show’s life, some changes have been made based on the character’s growth and the way the actors worked together, their chemistry.
        If that is not your answer, I don’t know what is.
        Jack is not good enough to lace Kate’s boots, and the chemistry with he and Kate is almost as paint-dryingling-horrid as the chemistry between rebound-cliche-blonde Juliet and James. There is only one outcome and it is the relationship that the two writers and two actors have spent 5 years crafting – intense,complex, passionate, difficult and fiery and the one that has all the power of redemption – and that is the union of Kate and Sawyer.
        There is no other way for it to end, not without the characters selling out and settling for realities that are not even good fictional cliches. (Not to mention I cannot for the life of me imagine Matthew Fox going along with ANYthing so cliche as the hero gets the girl, he is SO NOT that man, or that actor).

        • Absz009

          I agree 100%. Well said, Shane. Exactly my thoughts 😉

  • MoniquE

    As usual you’ve got it all bolloxed up. But I’d be as crazy as you if I kept trying to explain it all. Have fun in season six, darling.

    • Lucy

      I’m sure I’ll… not so sure about you lol

  • Absz009

    Why is this degenerating into a Skate/Jate flaming war? Seriously? There’s more to LOST than this love triangle. The love triangle was kinda interesting in the beginning in Season 1 because it wasn’t the main focus of the show but by Season 3 It’d become so tedious and soap operatic because everything started revolving around this stupid love triangle. Sorry but it needs to be said.

    I honestly don’t care for the love triangle but I will say I do prefer one of the pairings more than the other, but I won’t say which one because if I do I know I’ll be attacked and accused of being either a Skater or Jater and trying to secretly help one of you.

    Lucy and Monique just let it go, girls. None of you are gonna back down so what’s the point? I understand you both madly each want Jack and Sawyer ending up with Kate but all this arguing is pointless because nobody has any real evidence that either will end up with Kate except for some interviews and filming reports which doesn’t indicate much to be honest.

    You know what would be a good twist? If Kate was killed in Season 6 XD. Then neither Jack or Sawyer would have her in the end and then the Skaters/Jaters would both have no bragging rights and everybody’s happy. Seriously though, Kate never ever comes close to dying or being injured or at least having her life in serious danger unlike most other characters – It’s like she’s invincible. Maybe Jacob granted her invincibility with his magic touch ;P just like he granted Alpert immortality.

    • Glue your eyelids

      Honest – we’ve gotten to the point where I think that the best ending for the triangle would be for all three of the parties to move on… or either settle for a threesome, lol. I don’t want her to die also because, seriously, this shows has killed off too many female characters already :[ I’m not the biggest Kate fan but I don’t want her to be fridged.

      • Absz009

        LOL threesome. That would be funny.

        Regarding my killing off Kate comment, haha yeah I was joking about that – I don’t want her to die – I just said that in frustration to this pointless Jate/Skate war. If Kate was to die, then both of my favourite eye candies will be gone in Juliet and Kate hehe. They’re both stunning indeed. Plus, I think Kate’s story arc in Season 6 will finally be something meaty and interesting so killing her off would be a bad idea I agree.

        Also, you’re right about too many dead female characters. I never noticed that until your comment. But to be fair there are a lot of dead male characters, too. I honestly thought Mr Eko would last till the end of the show because it seemed it had an important spiritual role to play on the Island and even Smokey seemed afraid of him. That was of course before he was chucked around the jungle like a ragdoll by Smokey in Season 3.

        • Glue your eyelids

          Yeah, but – I don’t want to sound all feminazi, but in terms of *relevance* to the big plot female characters often tended to take a backseat in Lost, and/or are used more for romantic plots, like Kate post S2, so I agree that it would be great if they actually found her something to *do* this year 🙂 One of the reasons I was such a big Juliet fan is that she seemed to have an agenda of her own (i.e. solve the fertility mystery AND get the hell out of that island) and even her romantic plots didn’t interfere with this. Except that, as sweet as it looked, her relationship with Sawyer in S5 sort of flattened her character in my eyes… and eventually it indirectly killed her. That was quite a letdown :[

          Yeah, it sucked that Eko was written off so early, he seemed important mythology wise, but I heard it was Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje who asked to leave, so we can’t really blame it on the authors.

          • Absz009

            Yeah, that’s true I suppose. A lot of the females on the show were used just for romantic plots then killed off in some messy way like Libby and Ana Lucia.

            Totally agree about the Juliet point, that’s the reason she became one of my fave characters. too. Yeah, her relationship with Sawyer did damage her development as a character somewhat because she became part of the Love Rectangle and we all know how everything in the show revolves around this thing.

  • Absz009

    Anyways, let’s get back to discussing LOST, guys. As Eren Zaki mentioned, I think there are a few simple clues to certain alliances that will be formed (or already are formed) by the characters on the show. As Eren, the promo gives a clue that the characters will be split up into two factions. I think Kate, Sawyer and Sayid will side with Alpert and Illana’s Jacob faction – while Jack, Ben, Hurley and the rest will be their own faction. I’m not sure which side Evil Locke will be on because as we know he’s not the real Locke.

    Something tells me Evil Locke will trick/con/manipulate one of the factions into working for him and something me this will be Jack and Ben’s faction (Ben has already turned into his hitman poodle). Because remember Jack has now been converted to a man of faith (much like the real Locke) and all his troubles off the Island with alcholism/Kate breakup was because he had begun to believe in Locke’s faith in the Island and that’s why he visited Locke’s coffin and touched it because he probably felt guilty and sorry for not believing in Locke (all of which I’m sure everybody already knows). And in seeing Locke alive Jack will be overwhelmed and will try to redeem himself in Locke’s eyes for not believing in his faith in the Island. This will blind him of the fact that this is not real Locke but the Smoke Monster/MIB or whoever that entity is. And it will take Kate to convince Jack of this fact.

    • Glue your eyelids

      Am I the only one thinking that speaking of good and evil wrt Jacob and the MiB is relative? It’s true that’s what we associate with light and dark, but the point of this juxtaposition is that the two sides outbalance each other. So (I’m just speculating here) Smokey might represent death and also the “judge”, but what are Jacob’s motives? Does he do what he does for the good of… what? Haha, I don’t know, I’m not sure I want to trust that guy either! In a way, I feel that Jacob represents predestination, as we see him actively manipulating some of the Losties’ lives, while the MiB might end up on the side of free will – you do what you want with your life and only in the end you are going to confront his judgment, facing your responsibilities… so yeah, I don’t know what I’m trying to say here, but I wouldn’t put it past the Lost authors to turn the tables on us big time before the finale.

      • Absz009

        Nope, you’re not the only one. I’ve been thinking about this also. Jacob’s actions and motives in all this confuses me too. All we’ve seen him do is manipulate the lives of the Losties so he could use them as pawns in his never-ending war against MiB/Smokey (But why are they at war? Over different idealogies? Fate and Freewill maybe? Just like Locke and Jack and their Faith and Science conflicts). That doesn’t strike me as good. I’m not sure Jacob will turn out to be as good as everyone seems to think on LOST. While Smokey, the security system of the Island, just kills people after they’ve served their purpose to the Island and likes playing ghost with other people’s bodies.

        I like your theory of Jacob and Smokey representing two sides: Predestination/Fate (Jacob) and Free Will (Smokey) – it makes some sense and that could be why there will be factions in Season 6 with some of the survivors supporting Fate (Jacob) and some of the other survivors supporting Free Will (Smokey/Evil Locke). But what context this will all fit in I’m not sure. Nevertheless, it’s all very interesting. Good points, eyelids.

        Good and evil is something that is hard to distinguish between in LOST. It’s camoflauged within the show by the writers. Just look at the Widmore and Ben situation. Both guys have done bad things (Ben is generally more violent and devious though) but also some decent things. But it’s still not clear which one is actually the Big Bad pulling the strings in the shadows such as the fake Oceanic 815 plane wreckage in the ocean (We still don’t know who was actually responsible for that since Ben and Widmore like to blame each other for it). So you can never be too sure if a certain character is good or bad on LOST. Characters generally walk the grey line on LOST. They just love to mess with our minds don’t they?

        • But I wonder if you have it backward? In the opening scene of The Incident, MIB is the one who says that it always ends the same, which would seem to indicate a belief in FATE/Pre-destiny. But Jacob says that it only ends once (everything prior to that is just progress) which would seem to indicate a belief that FREE WILL can (eventually) provide a different (and FINAL) outcome.

          • Absz009

            Hmmm that is a DAMN GOOD POINT. I tip my hat off to you, sir. I probably do have it backwards. And I guess that would make more sense Sawyer being on Jacob’s side since, as he mentioned in the Season 5 finale to Jack, “I don’t do destiny” or something like that, so it makes sense Sawyer would believe in free will not fate. And Jack has now become a man of faith and fate, like the real Locke, so he would side with Smokey/Evil Locke for the time being at least until he realises he’s a fake Locke. Actually this makes more sense than my original post about the Smokey and Jacob factions on the Island.

            But then what about Jacob’s magical ability to guide/manipulate people’s lives with a touch of his finger. Like a magic touch of destiny/fate. I’m guessing the touch he gave to Sawyer and Kate as kid was to ensure that they both walked the path he wanted them to walk in life (criminality and revenge) – the path which would ensure them getting on Flight 815 in the future and thus their arrival on the Island. So it seems like Jacob has like a magic touch of fate/destiny where he is able to manipulate the course of one’s life. My question is, why would a man of free will have an ability to manipulate one’s destiny/fate if he doesn’t believe in those idealogies/philosophies?

            Just trying look at it from all angles. Nevertheless, very good points, Gusteaux. I have to watch the Season 5 finale again cause I haven’t watched it since it originally aired.

            Your theory of Jacob as the man of free will and Smokey/MiB as the man/monster of fate makes a lot of sense when analysing the mindset/beliefs certain characters have at this moment in time on thw show, that of course depends if my own theory of their being warring factions on the Island is correct in the first place.

          • trampledtim

            I’ve been thinking the same way about Jacob and MIB. One of those articles in Entertainment weekly contained a comment by producers that the “good/evil” view of the two men isn’t exactly right. Everything has an opposing force that keeps things in balance. Angels/Demons, Dark/Light, War/Peace…Each not existing without the other.
            I think of the two as creation/destruction, each one being a form of the other. The conversation in the beginning of “The Incident” shows on side fearing change and growth and the other wanting to enourage it. It reminded me of the Garden of Eden story where God tells Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge. Eventually, an opposing force, the serpent, tempts them to eat and they are cast out. Metaphorically, this story is the beginning of human creation, which, in order to grow, has to destroy what is already there – creation is put in to overdrive rather than kept in the control of God and his little garden.
            I guess my point is this – when you put Jacob and MIB into this story about the nature of our place in the world. Jacob is closer to being the serpent, the opposing force. Therefore, good and evil my not be the way to think of it.
            Sidenote/early prediction – The end of the world as we know it will happen, and two people will be left to start the game again. Everyone else will die.

  • Lucy and Monique i’m gonna to delete your post ! NO SPOILERS ALLOWED ON DOC’S PLACE ! respect the rules !
    Guys, i’ll not repeat it, NO SPOILERS ON DOC’s PLACE please !
    I’m sorry if people who didn’t wanted to be spoiled were ’cause of two irresponsible girls who can’t accept rules.
    Let’s your war off this board,you can express your feeling about what you prefer, have argument if you want but Please, do not include spoilers !

  • Absz009

    Well said, Lyly. RESPECT THE RULES!

    I have to say I was a bit annoyed by the spoilers but oh well life goes on.

    • i’m sorry for you if something else happen feel free to contact me on my twitter
      i’ll come here and fix it if doc isn’t around
      i don’t take any side of the story here ’cause it’s just about spoilers rules, if people hates locke for example, fine, i love him to death but if they add spoilers, i’ll do what i did tonight.
      now let’s talk about the review and share your theory/analysis guys !

      • Absz009

        Will do. Thanks 😉

  • Dan815

    Has everyone missed the big arm and hand to the right of the picture. I presume this is part of the picture and not just an overlapping picture that magazine put in.

    So, what does the arm mean?

    • whateverhappenedhappened

      thank you dan

      • confidence_man

        ya, for serial

        • stweedle

          I saw the arm as well and assumed it was from a larger photo from the page on the left, as I didn’t see any crease or staples in the center of the cast photo. But, with this group it could be that since the hand is over Sun, and Sun isn’t sitting next to Jin, that she dumps Jin, gets with Jack, then we have a new shipper debate called Sack. Or she could get with Hurley since she’s near Hurley, then they could be called Shurley (as in “Don’t call me Shirley”). Or wait no I got it Smiles, yeah thats it Smiles, Sun and Miles. Then we could spend countless hours debating about relationships. So forget about the hand because all its doing is telling us to look for more shipper debates.

    • dolce

      I could be wrong, but I thought that was a branch or something in the foreground. However, if you look at the most recent post by Lily Ford, it doesn’t appear at all in the photo. Weird.

      • dolce

        Actually, after looking at another wider view of the photo, It loiks like it may not be part of any photo at all. Go to tv overmind and click on The Lost supper and judge for yourself. I’ll attempt to post the link below also (my computer skills are lacking).

  • Bookhouse

    I noticed the arm too…looks like the arm of a female(maybe Juliet’s?.

  • Absz009

    Or… It could be Aaron’s arm. Think about it, Jacob could’ve touched Aaron and transformed him into a kid giant ala “Honey, I Blew Up Kid” hehe XD

    • Shane

      I think it is pretty obviously the photographer or someone on the team, gesturing to them. Juliet! LOL!!!!!

      • Absz009

        Nope, I’m telling you it’s Aaron XD. He’s been transformed into a lumbering kid giant by Jacob. He’s LOST’s version of the BFG hehe.

  • Absz009

    whoops sorry I meant “Honey, I Blew Up the Kid”

  • PLove17

    Where’s Desmond? I know his story’s almost over but I’m sure he still has something to contribute to the LOST puzzle. Remember, “the island’s not finished with you, Desmond.”

    • Madge

      I think they’re hiding Desmond away because of his issues over the summer. He’ll be back, just not in any promo photos though. As you said, the island isn’t finished with him yet.

      • PLove

        Good call, Madge…

        • Shane

          Des will be back, we already know he has a centric episode with show 11. But…if you remember the poster at the Lost underground art exhibit, there is no Penny.

  • Rubik

    Kate really does seem to be styled like Judas. Very interesting. Notice how her top has two layers with a v-neck like Judas and even her hair is styled – pulled over her left shoulder – to mimic Judas’ beard. And Sawyers’ eyes are downcast just like St. John’s.

  • spacebender

    I was looking at the facial expressions; most of which appear to be a mixture of skepticism, disgust, and wariness, with Ben’s showing more dread and desperation. Thank you, Fish, for the most engaging analysis!

  • dolce

    28 days…

  • bulleteyes

    The X Files also had their own version of a “Last Supper” photo that caused a great stir and endless speculation when it was published. It was from the last episode of the seventh season, “Requiem”.

  • Bezmina

    Oh Fishbiscuit how I missed you! Thanks for this little tidbit!

  • Jeza

    Yo! What is that thing above Lapidus’s Head? it looks like some kinda freaky stretchy arm!! XD JACOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB! lol

  • Nice stuff writen here, i will be visiting this site once again…

  • Hmmmm..Will have to dig into this when I have a moment and see. I believe that the whole cast is representative of a Microcosm…A smaller version of the whole…Each Character representing a certain persona present in our day to day life, and in a much larger context, of course, globally. Charlie’s Song We are Everybody is the whole basis for the show. Despite the despicable things many of the character’s have been responsible for, even Jack, you find it in your heart to tolerate each, even to see their point of view. This is an important aspect of the show. Locke always has something telling to say of course. In the end, I think Hurley wil have a much bigger role thant they have let on. He’s the unassumimg background man…We shall see…

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