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Abandon Ship(per)? Darlton Talk Skate, Jacket, & Suliet

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E!Online’s Kristin discussed the newly dubbed ‘quadrangle’ with Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, exposing some info that may fray the nerves of shippers at every corner of LOST’s romantic boxing match.  At least with a quadrangle everybody ends up with somebody, unless somebody dies! (Gasp).

lost_kissHow would you describe the Kate/Sawyer/Jack love triangle storyline this season? Is it given much prominence or are you pulling away from that a little bit?
Carlton Cuse: Not at all. I think we’re always trying to find the balance between character-based stories and mythology-based stories, and I think it’d be better to categorize it as a quadrangle. Juliet is very much in the middle of that. In fact, Sawyer and Juliet were last seen together on the island, and Kate and Jack were off the island, so that’s something which is interesting to us and we will explore. It very much is a quadrangle.

Damon Lindelof: What’s cool about the show this year is that we’re kind of picking up both stories exactly where we left off. On the island there’s been this big flash of light, and Sawyer and Juliet are standing there on the beach having just seen the freighter explode. For those guys, Kate just left on the chopper five minutes ago and for Kate and Jack, they were engaged, they broke up, she went on trial, he got addicted to pills, he grew a horrible beard…

That was a bad beard.
Damon: (Laughs) Yes, but it’s gone now so we’ll never have to speak of it again. The fact of the matter is, it’s all a matter of perspective; if you’re watching the Oceanic Six show then the island scenes are flashback, if you’re watching the island show then the Oceanic Six scenes are flashforward. But as far as the relationships are concerned, Sawyer and Juliet have kind of just started hanging out, and Kate and Jack have already gone through the wringer. If and when they all come together, there should be some interesting permutations in play.

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  • MoniquE

    I don’t think there has ever been a show where the romances were written with less emotional insight than on Lost. It’s a shame because it’s an otherwise brilliantly written show. Is this a casualty of having fanboy writers that just don’t get it? This Sawyer/Juliet thing baffles me. They haven’t had a single romantically charged moment yet between them yet it’s being presented in the fan columns as a done deal. It’s so contrived and transparent that I just can’t figure out who it’s supposed to appeal to.

  • docarzt

    I know. when they focus on it, like with the quad and charlotte/daniel, it flunks. But the ones they don’t really try that hard on, in my opinion, work. Desmond and Penny being that story. This is why, imho, if adam and eve are people we know – it must be des and penny. True love just isn’t as fickle, and it would be a waste of a tragedy to not have those two lovers sharing a cave for all eternity not be the one couple on the show that hasn’t slept around and been all hormonal.

    • amen

    • numbersarebad

      I thought Boone and Shannon had more chemistry than the quad…ew! I am not into the romantic stuff so much, but I don’t dislike the character story stuff entirly. I must agree the ones they dont try so hard on is the best. Desmond and Penny stuff “feels” real. I thought Charlie and Claire really had something. I may be alone on this, but I like the Rose and Bernard stuff. Jin and Sun seem so genuine as well. The Hurley and Libby stuff seemed a little forced, but its always fun to see Hurley win. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet… well, they remind me of highschool kids playing truth or dare. It never feels emotional to me as a viewer (just my opinion). Maybe it’s something that appeals to women, I don’t know. But I consider myself somewhat of a manly man, I totally dig the mythology stuff, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed a tear when Desmond made that call to Penny on The Constant, or when Hurley told Claire about Charlie. Seeing Rose and Bernard reunited in season 2 made me almost say, “aww”…almost. Seeing Sun yell when Jin “blew up” was completely sad, and in my opinion some of the finest acting I haver ever seen.

  • doc my eyesssssssssss, enought of this horror sorry just hé ho i can’t stand anymore jate cap lol, seriously, matthew fox don’t know how to share a kiss
    thanks for the spoiler even if i read already this morning
    anyways, sometimes writters spoke more they do crap on tv so for now i trust them, we’ll see

  • Adam R

    The thought just hit me that if the Oceanic 6 get back to the island they might be 3 years older than the people who they left behind on the island because they were traveling through time but they can’t possibly show them traveling for years.

    At the moment it feels like the island people have been traveling through time for 1 or maybe 2 days… It would be great to have the Oceanic 6 come back to find that for the island people it had only been a few weeks since seeing them last. All the Oceanic 6 have changed over the 3 years since the island moved. And what would this mean for Kate/Sawyer or Jack/Juliet?

    • numbersarebad

      it means Sawyer will have some sarcastic remark when he see Jack’s “I (heart) Kate” tattoo! If Juliet gets with Sawyer she will just seem too easy. Such a strong character shouldn’t be easy. How’d she end up with that Edmond Burke guy anyway? He cheated on her, Goodwin cheated on Facelift, I mean Harper with Juliet, Ben tried to get her, she did the flirting with Jack…It has to stop somewhere. I would rather see her and Miles, he did say she likes him.