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Another Ryan filming Report

By lyly ford,

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SPOILER ALERT! ”LOST” returned to downtown Honolulu this morning to film a New York street scene. The intersection of Bethel St. and Merchant St. was converted into the Upper West Side in Manhattan, with a tell-tale subway entrance (”Columbus & 67th St. Station”), New York cabs, some news racks, and an antique rugs shop (”established 1902?).

The centerpiece, though, was Honolulu’s upscale preschool, The Cole Academy. Through the power of quality set signage, its ornate entrance became the door to Fieldcroft School.  Students, perhaps in their early teens, stood around with their backpacks.  Nearby, a limousine waits.

So does, I’m told, John Locke (Terry O’Quinn), Matthew Abbadon (Lance Reddick), Ben Linus (Michael Emerson)… and Walt Lloyd (Malcolm David Kelley)?  I might be taking a long lunch today to check this out!

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