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Are the ‘Ships Sunk? Big News Jaters and Skaters May Not Want to Hear! UPDATED! (Debunked?)

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6a00d83451b92469e20112790e7b4f28a4-800wiWarning, although this classifies more as general entertainment news it would most certainly be considered a spoiler by LOST fans.  Shut off your TVs, don’t buy newspapers, and stick your head in the sand – this one is going to hit the mainstream faster than Joaquin Phoenix’s Letterman appearance.

Korbi at Zap2it has broken perhaps the largest scoop in the history of LOST scoops.  It appears that Evangeline Lilly is planning for her post LOST career, NOW.  Not now meaning after season six is shot, now as in she’s available – right now. Shocking news for sure, or maybe – just maybe – not(?). The love triangle has, by some estimations, run its course and Kate’s story has been told.  Let’s not forget that part of that story is that Kate is one who has loved and lost for her whole life.  Her death would be devestating to the shippers who have placed a stake in one coupling or the other, but from a writing perspective it would allow the LOST scribes to jettison what some consider a plot element that is ready to come off the taffy puller – stretched beyond comic, and tasteful, proportions.

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Personally, I’d like to see Kate hang in till the end, but the fact is if she is there she carries the baggage of the triangle with her.  And as we all know, these romantic entanlements always end in tragedy in all of the great works of literature – LOST models itself after those works, so it is no surprise that a tragedy would decide the triangle.  In a sense of timing, should they risk the triangle continuing to grate on non-shipping fan’s nerves?  Those fans are starting to look at Kate’s bed hopping antics in a reputation soiling regard.  Perhaps the decision was made to kill off Kate before the anti-shipping poison weakened that fraction of the plot into insignifigance. What is your opinion of this news?  Is Kate gone for good?  There is always the Claire factor.  Although Claire is gone, the producers have assured us that she is not gone from the LOST story.  The same could happen to Kate.  Another alternative would be that if Evie leaves LOST, she could still make time for appearances in a guest star capacity – particularly towards the finale.

Solid sources tell me exclusively that Evangeline Lilly is auditioning for pilots … pilots that are intended to launch this fall. And Ms. Lily’s people are apparently saying she will be available. Say wha–??

Thanks to LyLy – Source: Zap2it


Perhaps Korbi should have stayed with her better informed collegues at E!?  According to Watch With Kristin, this rumor is absolutely false.

Well, we checked, and according to Lilly’s publicist, the story is “absolutely false.” A relief to be sure—who has the time to brainstorm why Lost and Lilly might be parting ways—but is there more to the story? Maybe a grain of truth in there somewhere? We’re still digging, so keep checking back.

E!’s cracker jack investigators aren’t dismissing it completely out of hand, though – they are continuing to dig on the odd chance that there may be a grain of truth to this after all.

Source: E!

  • WOW Scary News :s
    Do we have to deal with another major character death this year?

  • professorstotch

    First off, that’s an awesome picture of Ms. Lilly.

    Now, on to more pressing matters…I wonder if this will give rise to…”Sack” or “Jawyer”.

    • clueless1der


      • professorstotch

        SAwyer + jaCK

        • clueless1der

          Oh. Hm. Man, Jack gets *everyone*.

        • Seabiscuit

          No way. Sayid gets him if Kate can’t.

          • Shrodes

            Sayid and Jack is still Sack (and a little weird) 🙂

          • Seabiscuit

            Yeah, but I meant Sayid gets Sawyer if Kate can’t, so that would be Sawyid.

  • clueless1der



    That sound you hear is all the skater and jater jaws dropping. I’m neither so I think I’ll survive. Kudos to her for advancing her career. (Life after LOST..? Say WHAT?!) I kinda hope they kill her off. Something big and dramatic and Emmy-worthy. But you’re right… all she’s seemed to do lately is bed hop. It was boring.

  • cameron

    sky 1 magazine had an interview with her and she said she wants to concentrate on writing after lost. Didn’t actually say when, just ‘after lost’, but they also said after her 6th season those were her plans later on in the article. I’m saying no kate death

  • Aaron

    do you realize that the spoiler shows up in the RSS feed? So just by clicking the feed I saw the biggest actor spoiler in Lost history.

    I don’t really care, but some people are gonna be PISSED.

    • docarzt

      Yipes! Fixed. Thanks for telling me.

  • The Mantis

    Personally, I lost my love for Kate when Miss Lilly said she hates the direction of the show in regards to the scifi elements. That really bothered me that she seemed so ungrateful to be a part of this brilliance. After all, if it wasn’t for LOST, would anybody even know your name Evangeline? That just really bothered me, along the lines of people who stopped watching the show because Locke found a hatch and it was getting “weird”.

    • manugon

      Take it easy dude. Remember that if she leaves the show, you’ll have to remove her from the entire-cast tatoo you have on your chest. Then again, I guess you could just cover her up with some black scribbles and say it’s Smokey.

  • KeepingAwake

    It seems unlikely that Lily would be leaving the show midstream. Not buying it.

    And I am sooooo not a shipper, it’s not even funny. Besides, the only ship Kate’s really been on this season is the Kate + Aaron ship. The writers have beaten that into our skulls on every episode. Including last night’s.

  • hyperRevue

    Am I the only one who doesn’t really care?

    The whole Jack-Kate-Sawyer thing never interested me in the slightest.

    Kate doesn’t really seem to have any great importance to the story.

    • hyperRevue

      Oops. Just read the update. Aw well.

  • I would still like to know where the term “shipper” comes from.

    • clueless1der

      Shipper is someone who looks for a relationship b/t characters….. ship…. shipper. (one who ships.):D

  • CorrosionX

    The update saddened me.

    Seriously I can’t take anymore of Kate, just knowing there’s going to be a Kate-centric episode (whatever did she do with Aaron) in the future makes me cringe.

    • Like wise! but, as the votes say, im in for the story, where ever it takes me, (y) but she is fitt

  • WLN

    Ok, first off, Kate is not a “real” person. So, when the actress says she didn’t like the direction that the scifi was taking, it really doesn’t matter.

    And folks, this is a business. Even though, in general, the producers have said almost from square one that they had the basic plot arcs and story lines in mind, as in most long term episodic TV series, they have the wiggle room to make adjustments.

    So, for me, as a viewer, even though I like certain characters, I am more interested in the actual story they are telling, and as long as the producers do not have to compromise the story, I’ll take a occasional business decision like this.

  • Jenna

    Charly´s death was bad enough, but if Kate is getting killed off, I´m done with this show. Seriously, I won´t ever watch it again.

    • hyperRevue


    • you are kidding, right? a show without deaths wouldnt be anything! infact, youd probs be saying “wait a miniute, no one is getting killed off” thus anticipation going!?

    • Seabiscuit

      Even if Evi really does leave it doesn’t necessarily mean Kate’s going to disappear forever(or even die for that matter). Dominic “left” but he still has a holding contract AFAIK, as does EDR.

      We could still see Kate in some capacity (haunting Jack and driving him insane would be lovely).

      But the rumor’s been debunked, anyway.

    • grayslostgirl

      And does anyone really stay dead? Come on…You’re still watching and John Locke was brutally murdered by Ben.

  • Wally

    of course since Lost is still in production for the current season how could she currently be shooting any pilots? Pilots for series TV run have shooting schedule that runs from March to May. Any pilots for next fall are all ready well underway.

    She could be interested in shooting a pilot for a Mini-Series or Made for TV movie, which of course would not interfere with her shooting lost season 6

  • Sunkenship

    All this ship nonsense has bored me since the beginning of S3. There is so much more to LOST than who Kate ends up with.

  • SaNnY

    if kates gonna die, Im done with lost…come on people…the kate sawyer jack relationeship drives the whole show…i know everyone on lost,theyr great….specially lock, ben &… but lets face it!since the begining weve seen jack and kate togather & sawyer & kate relationeship in dark…but after season 3 we had 2 lovers, a beautiful love triangle…i dont care whos gonna be with kate or who will she end up with…all i know is we have alot of jaters and skaters, lets just respect them, by killing her off, nothing will happen to lost but only the fans…Im not a jater no a skater , but i care about the show…lets just dont think about killing her, lets just think about the damn island and the whole jhon/jacobs mystery…losts 4ever!!!