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Ausellio Talks LOST Season 5

By lyly ford,

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spoiler_alert_102_wAusiello reveals there is a death coming and ’cause of the new we got for Rebecca, seem charlotte is gone 🙁

Question: Any major character deaths on Lost this season? — Sophie
None that I know of, but, after screening the first two eps, it certainly looks like a female cast-member isn’t long for this world. The fact that she was recently cast in a big Hollywood movie doesn’t bode well either. (Doc Jensen’s got more on Lost‘s Jan. 21 premiere!)

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  • Sonya Walger a.k.a Penny?

  • Kara

    It’s Rebecca Mader. Sonya Walger has been cast in another ABC show, so her chances of recurring have actually increased. And Mader has been cast in some movie with George Clooney I believe? She didn’t become a regular castmember, either, in contrast to Ken Leung and Jeremy Davies.

  • BizzaroKlyza

    Boo, kill Kate or Sun.

    • professorstotch

      And that would make sense because…

      • BizzaroKlyza

        I don’t like them, thanks. 🙂

  • penny

    please, don´t kill penny…she´s the best recurrind actress in lost. besides her love story with desmond is beyond anyone else´s…
    charlotte has never fit in the show…i guess they don´t know what else to do about her…

  • Tivnuts

    OK, I suppose we won’t kill penny. If you insist.

  • hyperRevue

    I will not mourn the loss of Charlotte, if she is to die. She’s kind of awful. Although she does seem to be a doorway to a lot of Island history stuff. So, maybe if she is to die early we’ll get her story (she used to be on the island?) flushed out sooner than later.

    • Uncle Beaver

      If Charlotte does die, it could set up some interesting storylines for Faraday (if the two ever do get involved).
      While there are some characters we all like better than others (Locke, Ben, Eko), every character has his/her purpose in the overall story, and I trust Lindelof & Cuse to give us the best characters, situations, mythology, and story of ANY show. Ever.

      • professorstotch

        Poor Paulo and Nikki never had the chance to realize their purpose to the story…

        • hyperRevue


  • Gusteaux

    DON’T KILL PENNY. I’m talking to you, Darlton.

  • numbersarebad

    Penny seems too important to the overall story, with Desmond finally reunited with her and Ben going after her for revenge. Kate and Sun would have to stick around to return to the island with the oceanic 6. (assuming that does happen) I think it would have to be between Charlotte, Rose, and Juliet. I think keeping Juliet around would be a wise choice because the left behinders need a doctor and Jack is gone, and it would be rewarding to see her leave the island or somehow see her sister again. It would suck to see Rose go too.

  • Kristina

    Wow.After reviewing everyone’s comments I feel like I am in the minority in that I like Charlotte’s character. Definitely dont want her to go.

  • Isomc24

    I hate Charlotte. Kill Her!!! She made me so mad when she first got to the island and she was lying to Locke,Hurley,Claire, etc. about their motives there. I don’t know why but that scene just enraged me. I think it was her condescending attitude and her pretentious accent. I would like to get the anthropology info out of her first. Whether in flashbacks or whatever.

  • PGP

    Don’t kill JULIET! In fact give us more Juliet! I also like Sun after the final episodes of last season, but Charlotte I could care less about either way. I don’t hate her, but don’t find her overly interesting either!