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Ausiello Unleashes The First Real Season 6 Spoiler So Far

By docarzt,

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And by real, I mean independently vetted.  Just like the good old days.  Ausiello has released a spoiler concerning a new character joining the ranks.  The length of this characters visit is unknown, but considering some of the codewords in previous casting calls this character seems like he/she might be an interesting one.

Lennon: Scruffy, edgy, charismatic, and slightly stir-crazy, Lennon can be deferential when it’s called for. He’s the spokesperson/translator for the president of a foreign corporation. He’s a wily negotiator, and far more powerful than his lowly position would seem to indicate. Recurring.

If you want to see my prediction of who Lennon is, click here.

Source: Michael Ausiello,

  • Andy

    Cesar sounded interesting, too. We all saw how THAT character turned out.

  • I think that Lennon will turn out to be Magnus Hanson, first mate of the Black Rock.

  • august

    He’s the spokesperson/translator for the president of a foreign corporation.

    Paik Industries?

  • LockeButNotLocke

    I’m with Crazy Bearded Jack, it will be someone black rock related I think.

  • cameron

    foreign corporation could be some black rock company waaay back in the olden days (dont ask me when) but it is an interesting character

  • malakai

    I think the corporate reference shouldn’t be taken literally. The casting call for “the man in black” referred to him as the hea d of a corporation looking to make his next big takeover.

    The one term I find interesting is “stir-crazy”. It is a term most commonly used to describe a condition that prisoners experience Kind of like “Cabin Fever” hmmmm ….

    • docarzt

      ooooo good catch. Jughead let the genie out of the bottle.

    • dp2

      I had already thought this sounded a bit like Richard. Given that they called “Caesar” the head of a corporation, I’m even more convinced: this is Esau’s “Richard Alpert”.

  • Okan

    How about Alvar Hanso ?

  • grasspike

    Someone from the Black Rock, who will be seen in Richard’s backstory. We know that there are dead people on the Black Rock, our Losties assumed that they were slaves but my guess is that they are the original captian and crew which is why the Black Rock is called the final resting spot of Hanso. There were slaves/prisoners on the ship, Jacob wanted them on his side and to bring them to the island. So somehow the prisoners got lose and the captain and crew of the Black Rock was put in chains. Then the ship winds up on the island, these prisoners become part of the “others” as they were on Jacob’s list and the people not on the list were left to die still in chains

    • Andy

      Yeah, but there may not even BE a Jacob’s list. Ben was lying about communicating with him.

      • DM

        I believe Richard acted as an intermediary between the two.

  • jacksbeard

    If he comes out as a true spokesperson/translator for some corporate big shot, the first name that pops in mind that needs translating is Mr. Paik. But it could be Alvar Hanso. Maybe he’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle as far as i know. All guesses are as good as no guess at all up to this point.

  • grasspike

    also interesting is that the “others” seem to all speak Latin, so people new to that group would also need someone to translate Latin for them. Perhaps long ago pre Richard latin was the only language they spoke

  • dp2
    • Ament

      I never watched Deadwood, but I remember this guy from “The Perfect Storm”. I think he could pull of this role very well.

  • Ament

    The role sounds a lot like Ben.

  • Benjamin

    I too like to think it has more of a literal meaning..I want to think it may have something to do with Mr. Paik. I think he would be a great surprise and welcome to the final season..alot of people have theorized that he has a bigger part in the LOST mythology, but nothing has been revealed as of yet. It would be a great opportunity to delve further into Sun & Jin’s amazing story.

  • DM

    I’m not sure what you mean by “persona non grata” in your speculation.

  • Marc

    I mean i think if we are speaking in terms of a flashback, I think the obvious person he is a spokesperson for is Jacob (pre-richard) or MIB.

  • numbersarebad

    John Hawkes has been casted for this role. He plays as Dustin on Eastbound and Down on HBO. I could see him playing as one of the Others. Maybe he is part of a group of the Others that has been at the temple.

  • ash

    What if he’s both the representative of the Black Rock and Mr. Paik? If he’s MIB’s Alpert, he could have been granted immortality, too.

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    I don’t know about these connections to Mr. Loopy(MIB) or the Black Rock. I think he works for a THIRD party which I’ve been thinking strongly about. I’ve often wondered if Ben had Sayid killing Widmore’s men or someones else’s. Think about it:
    -people in Guam sending bounty hunters to get Sayid.
    -the guy who attacked Sayid in the hospital and the ones at the safe house might not have been working for Widmore. If he was watching them and wanting them to go back to the Island as he told Locke, why would he have any of them killed?
    -Why was Nadia murdered and did that man work for this third party? If so what was her connection to these people. It has seemed to me that Nadia had been working with a somewhat mysterious company since season 2 when Locke checked her house out. How else could she make such great money. I think she left the company when Sayid came back so that she could live happily with him but they didn’t want her to spill so they had her killed.
    -When Bram and his men took off with Miles in their van, he said something about Miles being on the wrong team. Now they could be working for Ben but I don’t think so. I think Ben and Widmore’s problems are more personal than business and both truly want the same thing. Maybe the new arrivals work for this third team, other than Illana, who works for Jacob, she did know about the bounty on Sayid and that the person wanting him was in Guam, so she’s using these people perhaps. I don’t think they’re bad, maybe they’re all in on it in some way.
    Just a theory.

    • preztige

      that’s a clue that is was Widmore’s people who were going after Sayid. They had tranquilizer guns, not guns with bullets that could potentially kill Sayid and Hurley. So that means they wanted Sayid alive; that he was important for something. Possibly helping Widmore return to the island.

      • Jack’s Sidekick

        that is true…come to think of it though, why would Illana come after him, if theyre not on Widmore’s side? Maybe she intercepted some information?