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Damon and Carlton reveals some hints how the show will end

By lyly ford,

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Lost masterminds Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have been dropping hints about how the show will end next spring.

Among the mysteries unravelled in the very last episode will be the significance of the four-toed statue, what the Smoke Monster really is and who the skeletons in the cave were.

(We reckon Egyptian fertility goddess Taweret, conscience and Penny & Desmond respectively, for what it’s worth!)

Says Cuse: “The end of the show will be a combination of trying to answer mysteries the audience still cares about, such as the statue and the Smoke Monster.

“We’ll also be answering the skeletons in the cave question. We will answer the questions we feel are important and central to the plot.

“At the same time we will be trying to tell redemption stories about the characters. These characters do indeed have a destiny.

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  • how about the mysteries that most of us fans have forgotten about, but a few of us still like answers?

    • Kevin JJ

      Like why the ladder in the hatch shaft was broken >_>

      • Will

        Or like what that light was coming out of the vault that we saw in season 5 during one of the flashes… I really want to know that one…

        • icy_one

          You mean the light from the hatch that was from the season one episode where Locke is beating on it after Boone dies?

          Mystery solved.

          • stonersteve

            damn noobs not paying attention

  • Ashley

    The skeletons in the cave are Rose and Bernard. I think it was Damon and Carlton that gave us this clue already. They provided the full length version of the Room 23 brainwashing video in the DVD as an easter egg. They said that if you watch the video, and made an anagram out of the words at a particular part, it will reveal who “Adam and Eve” (the skeletons) are. In the video, there is a part that displays “Only fools are enslaved by time and space”. If you rearrange these letters, you get “bones of Nadlers may lay lost deep in cave”. This leads many people to believe that the skeletons are Rose and Bernard Nadler.

    Some folks say that it may be too obvious, or that it doesn’t fit with the plot. I think it’s perfect. Imagine: Rose and Bernard are around 50-60ish when they first crash on the island. Then, we get shifted back to the 1970’s and they are still in their 50’s and 60’s. We already know that Rose and Bernard are attached to the island and have no intentions to leave. Maybe they live until around the 1990s and go to the cave and die together. Then, when the survivors crash on the island in the 2000s, they run into the skeletons.

    • neoloki

      Problem, Jack estimates the age of the remains to be 40-50 yrs old. Regardless, this mystery is not solved. I am really hoping it is not Rose and Bernard.

      Also, regarding some comments above, Damon and Carlton were only talking about the mysteries that will be addressed in the Finale and not all the mysteries that will be answered in the final season.

  • joe blow

    when did they ever say there was an anagram in the room 23 video? and when does it say only fools are enslaved by time and space in that video? i only remember seeing that when karl was in room 23.

  • Ashley you are half right, but all they said was there were two easter eggs in Not In Portland. The first was Mittelos Bioscience, anagram for Lost Time/Time Lost.

    The other was never confirmed, people assume it is the “only fools are enslaved by time and space”

    • If the anagram was one easter egg maybe the part in the “brainwashing” video that said WE ARE THE REASON FOR OUR OWN SUFFERING is the other one. Think about it. Kate and Sawyer went into that room to rescue Karl. They had been locked in cages and abused by Ben for weeks. But we found out in Season 5, after they took little Ben to the others, that they are complicit in his losss of inocence.

  • John Unlocke

    Firstly for those who don’t know, when the room 23 video is played in reverse the a woman’s voice can be heard saying “only fools are enslaved by time and space”.

    I know I’m getting off topic, and this thread has probably already been investigated by many but i have to ask the question because it only just occurred to me. The room 23 video was developed by Dharma. Dharma are a scientific community in a show where one of the major conflicts is faith vs science. So why do they refer to god when they would clearly be in the corner of science? And why do they make a reference to Jacob, when Jacob is Someone only the Hostiles would know of? Even if the Jacob reference is a biblical one as many do believe, why would they make it? I know there roots in Buddhism are strong but this seems a stretch to me.

    And furthermore, why would the others be using this video in 2004 when they want nothing to do with the Dharma initiative? I mean they purged the DA themselves. If anybody knows anything on this issue please do reply because i am very curious?

    • chris

      I’d have to double check, but I don’t think they ever specifically said that the Room 23 video was actually made by the D.I. It makes more sense if the Others put it together themselves. They probably could have used the technology they had at the Flame station after they took it over. Again, would have to double check the facts, but I think that makes more sense.

    • JB

      I agree…I’ve always thought that video was Others’ made but just used technology from DI…it does really seem like some of the Others have been brainwashed, as they are awfully sedate and seemingly unemotional or “sheepish” in their utter devotion to Jacob (they really don’t really seem to be curious about following someone/something they have no proof actually exists)…Since the Hydra was an animal station, I’m not sure how much brainwashing would have been done there by the DI, but you never know (they had to train the polar bears to turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel somehow, no?)

      • Kevin JJ

        Dharma never trained Polar Bears to turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel, they never even got into the hidden chamber. The station was built next to the pocket, and it was only opened when Ben placed all the metallic objects he could find in the vault.

        • Thor

          Then what about the polar bear in the desert?

          • Good point Thor. Maybe they started training them to turn it then realized when they do turn it they transport to the middle of the desert and decided to quit with the polar bears.

          • neoloki

            Maybe the exist point is the same for the wheel and the DI vault.

  • Bookhouse Boy

    Smoke Monster is conscience? Doubt that. Since when can’t conscience get by an electric security fence? And I think Adam and Eve won’t be Bernard/Rose or Penny/Des…it could very well be a couple we have not met yet. I’d like to know what the whispers are and more about the dude in the hot air balloon.

    • lockeheart

      yeah i definity what to get the story of henry gale. I thought i remember hearing spoilers for season 5 saying we would get that story but we didnt. It would be very cool to see how ben got in that situation because chances are he was by himself. Im starting to assume he got trapped in the net on purpose so he could be captured and infultrait the hatch. but why would the others have thier leader do it? Maybe jacob told ben to do it, via jacob.

      • neoloki

        I couldn’t possibly imagine a reason why Henry gale would be so important as to be addressed in the final season. what is their to learn. We got all the info we needed about the real Gale from the note written on the dollar bill that Sayid found in his wallet. The Others or just Ben comes along and finds the body. They buried the body and Ben uses his name as an alias. I mean how many passport does ben have.

    • Cecil

      Yeah, not finding out about the whispers will be a huge negative.

  • Uncle Beaver

    Didn’t Cuse and Lindeloff tell us that we would find out why BEN was in the jungle, caught in Rousseau’s net? Remember that BEN told LOCKE he came to the survivor’s side of the Island to get/find LOCKE?

    I want more answers about BEN’S past. How the HELL does he know all the shit he knows? Why does Juliet remind some people of a woman from BEN’S past?

    Where or WHAT is Claire?

    Can we get some history on Richard Alpert?

    • adam118

      dude, that stuff will get answered, calm down buddy 🙂
      TPTB were just stating some specific mysteries that will be solved.

    • neoloki

      Please read the article more CAREFULLY! They are talking about The Finale specifically. Not the whole season and ALL the answers that will be addressed.

      • Uncle Beaver

        I know that. I was just stating what some of my personal major questions are. There are quite a few more I have.

  • PLove17

    And why is Walt so frakkin’ SPECIAL?
    Simply a case of TPTB filling out 24 episode seasons with no end date in site? (Prior to Stranger in a Strange Land)
    …and Libby?!!!

    • adam118

      maybe they could tie up Libby’s story with mobisodes

      • the actress who plays libby is not interested in coming back, that has been said before.

        • I think I remember Darlton saying that they are not concerned with telling Libby’s backstory. And that mysteries like that are not important enough to answer.

          • RandomZombie

            Libby’s story could be told simply, and without Cynthia Watros. The main concern is that they’ll just toss the mystery aside as if it was never presented.

            In “The Life and Death of Jeremy Benthem” I was somewhat expecting Abaddon to mention Libby – he explained that his job was to get people where they were supposed to be. He could have added that others had this job, such as Libby, who could have been watching Hurley at the institution and provided Desmond with the boat that he needed..

            It will only take one line to provide an acceptable explanation: someone saying that Libby worked for them. It’s better than ignoring the issue.

          • Zonker

            RandomZombie: exactly!

            I thought Darlton were being deliberately dense on their podcast when they paraphrased the fans’ concern about the Libby mystery as “how she wound up in the mental institution.” Guys– THAT’S NOT IT AT ALL. The mystery that many of us want addressed is who was Libby working for? Was keeping tabs on Hurley, providing Desmond the boat, and finally becoming an Oceanic 815 passenger part of someone’s grand design? Whose? Because if not, that all seems to be stretching the show’s coincidences beyond the breaking point. I can accept that Kate’s mom also being Sawyer’s waitress, or Kate’s dad serving in Operation Desert Storm with Desmond’s hatchmate Kelvin are just part of the show’s theme that everyone’s connected. I can even buy (barely!) the coincidence that Cassidy was both Sawyer’s girlfriend and Kate’s confidant. But Libby just happening to be in the right place at the right time on 3 separate occasions is too much to leave unaddressed!

  • adam118

    How would I be able to ask these guys about Walt comin back? They didn’t comment on it.

    I think revealing Smokey, the biggest and most interesting part of the show, in the last episode is great.

    I don’t think Adam and EVE are final episode worthy…but what do I know.

    • I agree about Adam & Eve. Maybe sometime during the middle of the season would be fine. Unless they do it in a dramatic way, like a Penny/Desmond reunion or something.

  • Matthew Perry

    Walt is a shitty actor so he was written out of the show.

    • Will

      like u could do any better…


    • adam118

      haha he’s so overrated

      • wldktz10

        Agreed. I’m so glad I don’t have to hear his name screamed 10 times an episode anymore.

    • Cecil

      Chandler Bing calling people shitty actors…

      • Could you BE anymore jealous!

  • boonesghost

    What if the smoke monster turns out to be Old Greg????!!!!!!!

    • That would be the best ending ever!

      Easy now, fuzzy little man-peach.

  • IKilledJeremy

    I’m more interested to see where all the character’s end up, which is strange because I started the show being completely into the mystery and many questions etc, now I am just enjoying the mysteries as they unravel but so into seeing all the Locke/Ben stuff… One thing is for certain, though, Darlton will have to be giving answer’s out by the dozen throughout the next season if they think they will get away with answering three main questions in the finale!
    Wouldn’t Adam and Eve being Rose and Bernard be quite obvious by now? I think TPTB deserve a bit more credit than that! I hate Jack and Kate, but to be honest I think that they are the only answer I would be completely satisfied with…
    By the way, Boonesghost hit the nail on the head with that one. Hahaha

    • lockeheart

      isnt there more to adam and eve that we are forgetting. I havnt seen the episode in a while, but didnt one body have a black rock in its pocket and the other a white one. And, not sure on this one, but werent they both wearing Dharma jumpsuits. Im just thinking there is a lot more to the mystery then simply who they are.

      • IKilledJeremy

        There clothes had decomposed, remember? Either Jack or Locke was saying that it would take a really long time for clothes to decompose in those conditions. I think.

    • I don’t remember what they were wearing but Darlton stated early on that Adam & Eve where in the show to prove they have known where they were going all along – not just writing things in on the fly. So, to me it seems like Rose & Bernie are the most likely. I love the Jack & Kate theory. I can not stand them & it would make me smile if they were Adam & Eve!

      • IKilledJeremy

        Exactly. Dead Jate sounds very appealing to me. Plus I’m such a romantic that even people I hate I secretly want to die together in a really sweet way. I don’t know, I’ve just always had this image of them laying there together, declaring their love for one another and saying something cheesey like ‘I could die here and be happy,’ as the series ender.

        • Live together, die together!

          • IKilledJeremy

            Just hurry up with the dying together part.

      • El Yerbero

        Jin and Sun is my vote. They somehow are reunited, and at some point have to make a choice weather to leave the island and risk separation (again) or stay on the island. Perhaps they “sacrfice” themselves by volunteering for a task that will strand them on the island in an incorrect time, but allow the others to return to their correct time. . . or maybe have to stay put in a certain time for the good of their child . . .something ilke that. . . either way I feel its Sun and JIn after all the seperation drama in this season. . .

        • IKilledJeremy

          For some reason that never occured to me. It would be nice, but it’d have to be a really good reason that Jin doesn’t go back to see his child; none of that ‘I’ll just go back to the messed up island I was stranded on for 108 days with no rescue and leave my young child with no problem,’ bullhicky from Sun.

  • wldktz10

    I think finding out the deal with Richard is finale worthy, but it probably needs to be said earlier in the series to help tell the story and reveal more info about other things (like Jacob and the enemy (and a million things that could be connected to them), etc.).

    I also wish we could find out whether or not Richard Malkin is a fake or not, but I doubt it would happen. It hasn’t been talked about for too long.

    PS. At this point, Libby is such an afterthought in the LOST world. Who cares.

  • Ben and evil (or is HE the good guy?) John Locke will be interesting next season, those 2 are great to watch on screen!

  • richards_compass

    I didn’t know that 4 toed statue was still a question. I thought the mystery around it was wrapped up in the season 5 finale.

  • Andy

    The headline of this story should say “reveal,” not “reveals.”

    • Andy

      And the word “about” should appear before “how.”

      • JessGurr

        I believe “about” is optional.

        • Andy

          No, it’s not optional–it’s needed.

  • Jack

    One of my biggest questions is:
    ** Why did the Others draw blood from Michael, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer when they were captured??
    Any ideas?

    • ryan

      to see if they were infected maybe? I need closure on that one too

  • achtungpv

    what about the group of kids marching through the jungle? Kidnapping of kids? Why couldn’t Claire not raise Aaron? I fear 16 episodes won’t be enough!

    • ryan

      pretty sure that only two of them were kids (zach and emma) and that the rest of them were just “others” that had captured them

  • Amy

    So many theories so little time… i think it’ll be Des&Penny in the cave, and that their son Charlie somehow makes it off the island with everyone else and ends up adopted in England, becoming our beloved Charlie of the future, which is why he develops a fear of the water/swimming, after dear Daddy/Des forseeing his death….i think Ben really does already know it’s a time loop and is just playing along….I think the whispers are the voices of the ppl traveling/looping thru time commenting on/trying to fix/influence what they are seeing, like we saw when Sawyer watched Kate help Claire deliver Aaron, or when Locke saw the hatch light scene from a distance….

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