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Darlton Dish on “Whatever Happened, Happened.” The Official Podcast Recap

By docarzt,

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In case you haven’t heard the new official LOST podcast – hosted by Darlton – here is a rundown of the spoilery hints the dynamic duo of LOSTdom laid on us, including a few questions that will be answered by the end of season 5.

  • Damon & Carlton apologize to Rebecca Mader
  • Ilana may not have been working for Widmore (surprise, surprise).
  • Darlton wonder if Sayid shooting Ben made him who he was.
  • Kate flashbacks are coming in “Whatever happened, Happened.”
  • We will see enough of the four-toes statue to determine what it is – definitively.
  • Ben will explain why he killed John Locke by the end of the season.
  • When thinking of Jughead, Darlton suggest to consider Stephen King’s “The Stand” as one of their influences – particularly “Trash Can Man.” Trash, if you haven’t seen/read it, wound up wheeling a leaky nuke into the middle of Las Vegas, which had come under control of the evil Randall Flagg.
  • Miles will reveal why he wanted specifically $3.2m by the end of the season.
  • Finalists for finale code-name:
  • The Joop
  • Baby Diaper Covered In Barbeque Sauce
  • The Fifth Toe
  • The Exploding Pretzel Jar
  • The Twinkie
  • Jack Gets Pregnant
  • The Droids You’re Looking For
  • The Hooded Leprechaun (Darlton feels this relates well to the actual final scene)
  • The Zombie Bake Sale
  • The Zeigarnik
  • Smokey’s Dorm Room
  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • The Fork in the Outlet

  • besch64

    When you say Ilana may not be working for Widmore, you meant to say she may not be working for Avellino’s family.

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      yeah, i think it was a clear manipulation tactic by Ben

      • besch64

        Well, yeah, but I’m trying to correct his typing mistake. DocArtz wrote:

        “Ilana may not have been working for Widmore (surprise, surprise).”

        What he meant to say was:

        “Ilana may not have been working for Avellino’s family (surprise, surprise).”

  • hyperRevue

    I wonder if we’ll somehow travel back in time again and see the 4-toed statue whole or if they’ll come across some more ruins of it.

    • JumboTron

      I was wondering if maybe the statue was still standing in the ’70s, until “the incident”? So maybe we’ll see it in “Dharma Time”

  • boonesghost

    I’m kinda partial to “The Fifth Toe.”

  • preztige

    the hooded leprechaun = Charlie

    • Devin

      It does seem that way, doesn’t it? What if we actually do see Charlie in the finale?

    • professorstotch

      How does a hooded leprechaun = Charlie? That makes no sense what so ever.

      • s.w.a.c.

        Leprechauns are just Irish hobbits…

        • coheed 2113

          genious lol

      • neoloki

        Yeah, if I was to guess that this was a reference (or I should say they picked this one as a reference) to a character and how they would effect the overall season in a significant way I would choose DESMOND!

  • Pat

    Fifth toe is AWESOME….by the way how about we get a Miles and a Faraday flashback before they get killed off the show or something! come on!

    • adam118

      We’re gonna get those! Miles= Some Like It Hoth and Faraday= The Variable
      Can you say AWESOME ONE MORE TIME!

      • s.w.a.c.

        Hmmm…that reference to Trash Can Man from The Stand…might that correspond with Faraday vanishing, only to reappear…?

        • neoloki

          That is exactly what I was thinking. Faraday will try to turn the wheel to get back to Jughead.

  • No Spoilers please.. thank you adam….