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Doc Jensen tibits about episode 5×11

By lyly ford,

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As it happens, I visited the Oahu set of Lost back in January while they were shooting ”Whatever Happened, Happened.” Somehow, I escaped the experience without anyone letting anything slip about the Sayid-shooting-Young Ben thing or its outcome. But I did learn that the episode focuses on Kate. ”This is the linchpin episode for Kate this season,” Evangeline Lilly told me during a break in shooting. ”This is the episode where we understand why Kate made the decision to come back to the Island. The entire Kate story for season 5 is revealed here in this episode, so it’s been very cathartic to finally reveal to everyone what’s going on behind the mask for 11 episodes. What I always hope is that people would go back and re-watch episodes and think, ‘Oh, so that’s why she reacted like that in episode 5 of season 5!’ There’s so much more than meets the eye.” So tonight, we will get some insight into what happened to Aaron — and I’m pretty sure we’ll finally learn what Sawyer whispered into Kate’s ear during the season 4 finale !

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