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Episode 6×14 promo#2

By lyly ford,

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thanks Odi for uploading the promo ! i can’t wait !

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  • Ed-Mars

    Merci lyly πŸ™‚

    I feel like there’s gonna be a bloodbath is this episode. One or two characters might get executed at point blank range. The promo doesn’t give away much visually, but the audio is far more interesting πŸ˜‰

    • Ioannes

      I think it’s Claire, unloading her rifle into… (What are we calling this group? Camp Widmore?).

      I think Kate is shouting at her to wait… presumably because it’s counterproductive to shoot the people who’ve locked you in cages. And Claire is the “she” whom Widmore seems to want dead or alive.

      • Rams

        Or maybe Widmore doesn’t care if Zoe is dead because Sawyer has a gun on her head…

        • kaptan36

          Please kill Zoe!!!! She is just another one of the crappy actors that has been taking up space the last couple of seasons until her inevitable death. I cant decide which actor was worse and more completely unnecessary, Zoe or that guy Caesar from the Ajira flight. This has been one of the main flaws of seasons 5 & 6. The writers haven’t really been killing off any main characters, so they have been introducing all of these new characters(who all seem to be played by community theatre drop-outs), teasing you with just a tiny bit of their story(if any at all) to make you think that they may be important to the story, until their all-too-inevitable death, which we all knew was their sole purpose for being introduced to the show anyways.
          This season I was particularly disappointed with the way they handled Dogen, Lennon, & Ilana(and the temple for that matter). All 3 of these characters were interesting and seemed to be of significant importance to the show,but we only got small glimpses and hints to their story and no solid explanation of their purpose or significance. The temple had been talked about since season 3, and while it was a cool set design, it didn’t really answer anything or offer many answers to the mythology of the island. I personally thought that they should have somewhat explained the importance of the temple to the Others(other than the obvious safehaven from Smokey), and what the deal was with the pool they drowned Sayid in. I would have really liked to know more about Dogen and Lennon’s story too, or even the stewardess who has just been wandering around with the others for 5 seasons. All in all, if the quality of the directing and storytelling don’t VASTLY improve over the last 4 episodes, I think it’s pretty safe to chalk up Lost: The Final Season as a relative flop and bust.

          Btw; does anyone else feel that the interaction between the characters this season(w/ the exception of the Desmond episode) has been awful? Especially with the reunion of Jack and Claire? It was kinda like, ” Oh hey, What’s up. Yeah I know your my sister. Anyways, I don’t want this to be too emotional cuz I’m just gonna try and ditch you and leave you to rot on this island in the next couple of scenes.” Also, aside from the one episode devoted to Ben, he has just kinda been hanging around in the background waiting for the one line of dialogue that he has to offer every episode, much like Lapidus and somewhat Miles. Ironically enough, those 3 have now wandered off into the jungle towards what I can only assume is inevitable death. I give the lost writers a D+ for effort this season.

          • max

            it’s not over yet, what happen if in this four episodes left, they explain the temple and dogen and a lot of other stuff ?

            will all of you shut up and say THANK YOU ??

          • gusteaux

            Lapidus has not “wandered off into the jungle” with Ben and Miles. The third member of that party is Richard. Frank is still with Sawyer, Sun, Kate, Jin and Claire.

          • smokiebad

            I give you an F in life.

          • kaptan36

            Oh I’m sorry SmokieBAd. WE can’t all have your life. You get an A+ in Living in your mom’s basement, playing videogames all day and bashing people’s comments on internet post sites.

      • kaptan36

        I think it’s a pretty good bet that Sayid, Claire, Ben, Miles, Richard, and Lapidus will all die this season.

        Btw; does anyone remember at the end of season 3 when Desmond told Charlie that he saw Claire and Aaron getting on a helicopter and leaving the island? And that Charlie had to flip the switch and drown or it wouldn’t happen? Well…. Claire never got on that helicopter, and I don’t think there is a chopper coming in the next 4 episodes.

        • kaptan36

          Yeah Max says, if they do, I will say thank you, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Rams

      I agree- quite the scary promo…

  • Drew

    Sounds like Jack yelling “Sayid!” during the shooting

    • Lost in NYC

      Maybe Sayid gets shot in the outrigger by Juliet

      • Rams

        It looks like the three of them are already on Hydra Island. So, the shooting probably doesn’t happen this time.

  • max

    it’s not over yet, what happen if in this four episodes left, they explain the temple and dogen and a lot of other stuff ?

    will all of you shut up and say THANK YOU ??

    • kaptan36

      I will if they do, but trust me, they won’t.

    • dan

      for every time i hear someone complaining about how they can’t possibly wrap all this up in 4 hours, i respond that you need to think about it like a movie… in a movie, a lot happens in just 2 or 3 hours… and that includes set up, character explanations/motivations, etc… we already have all that. this sets up 4 straight hours of non stop exposition, climax, and conclusion. there’s a lot of time left.

      • Zonker

        5 hours… 5.

  • Weakleydrake

    Almost sounds like an Australian accent yelling “wait”

    • minnie swirl

      I agree. I think it sounds like Claire yelling wait because what I hear is an Australian accent. That promo sounds terrifying. I loves it–very effective.

      • Rams

        I think she’s saying “Wait”

    • Silas

      You mean “Walt”?

  • gusteaux

    So, I wonder if Widmore’s missle attack on Locke’s camp in the last episode killed Cindy, Zack, Emma and the other hippie Others? I guess no one is going to take Charles to task for firing on helpless children.

  • gusteaux

    And speaking of Zack and Emma, shouldn’t Sawyer and Super-Mom Kate have included them in their escape plan?

    • Ed-Mars

      I doubt Sawyer’s even aware of the kids’ existence. I may be wrong, but weren’t they abducted early on by the others?

      • gusteaux

        That’s a good point Ed. They were taken from the Tailies camp while Sawyer, Jin and Michael were still being held in the pit.

        • Benjamin

          They were actually on their own beach, doing their own thing. Other side of the island.

  • Cody

    I think Widmore sounds like Darth Vader.

    • Rams

      LOL too funny!

  • chris

    I heard AAA is back as Eko in one of the last eps and he is rumored to play a huge role….anyone else hear this?

    • adam118

      I heard he was going to be back. Don’t know if it’ll be prominent.

    • kaptan36

      He was an idiot for leaving the show in the first place to go film a movie about his life story. Very few people actually saw the movie cuz it was only released in 3rd world countries and briefly released in the UK. That is the definition of career suicide.

  • brlebu

    Who else heard the “bonk, bonk, bonk” of the Swan countdown alarm between 0:08 and 0:10?

    I can’t imagine how they’d bring that back for the actual episode. Maybe they just added it to ramp up the melancholy tone of the promo…