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Evangeline Lilly interview about the next episode

By lyly ford,

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phpthumb_generated_thumbnailjpg1 Lost fans were in an uproar when reports alleged that Evangeline Lilly was leaving the show and auditioning for pilots that could launch this fall.

Her reps were quick to put out that fire, saying the story was absolutely false.

So decided to ask the actress herself, and hopefully, fans will be pleased by the answer.

“Why on Earth would I want to leave the best female role on television, in my humble opinion?” says Lilly with a laugh. “I’m happy at the show. The rumour started because the world was bored and they need a little drama, so they make things up, and that’s it; it’s very simple.”

Phew, right? The preview for the next episode of Lost has alluded to the long-awaited reunion of Kate and Sawyer (Josh Holloway), and Lilly dished on how she hoped it would go down, and what did indeed happen.

“For Evangeline, it was great fun because it’s been a long time since I worked with Josh, and it was great to have that reunion,” she reveals. “I was also nervous that they would write something that would undermine Kate’s character.

“The notion that she might come back to the island and start things up with Sawyer again after three years of being involved with Jack, I was very nervous that that would happen and warrant having to justify that. Because I’m the one who has to make that believable, and if you don’t believe it, then it’s hard to make other people believe it. But they didn’t do that.”

Lilly adds, “It’s a very intense thing for both of them; I don’t think Kate realized he was even alive still. The last time she saw him, he had jumped out of a helicopter, was swimming in an ocean, to an island that, minutes later, disappeared.

“So for all intents and purposes, Kate thinks he’s dead. She really is holding out a little measure of hope that he’s alive, but the skeptic and the realist within her is saying he’s dead. So to see him again, more than being intense and romantic, it’s just intense and shocking.”

source : tv guide

  • Mr. Rob

    I knew it now I’m even more convinced shes the one in the hood.

    • Yonko

      But the girl in the hood seems to have blond highlights… I’ll root for someone else…

      • jessea

        i really think it sounds like cassidy… how, i don’t know…but check out the sneak peek and listen to her voice…

  • penny

    i don’t know why kate insists on being with jack. both of them know that kate doesn’t love him…it’s soooo clear.
    i’m in sawyer’s team.

  • Ed Holden

    I’m wondering if there might have been something to those rumors and this is all just damage control. Killing Kate would definitely create some tensions among the relationships of the remaining characters and would allow the writers to abstain from deciding whether she ends up with Jack or Sawyer.

    Oh well, one of the fun things about Lost is that anyone can get killed at any time, so any side of the debate is plausible.

  • jaime

    Kate rolls up with Hurley, Jin, and Jack in a Dharma van. As they get out Sawyer is standing there and sees them all. The girl in the hood is someone else.

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      agreed. kate was wearing a differing outfit too. the one in the hood is wearing a zip up hoodie….something a younger girl would wear. the return of Nikki?