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Flashing Forward to “He’s Our You” (Spoilers Ahead!)

By professorstotch,

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Yar! Thar be spoilers ahead, matey!

Warning to spoilerphobes: This article will contain spoilers, and information from the recently released sneak peaks. You’ve been warned, so don’t throw a hissy.

Last week’s episode “Namaste” was chock full of…well…filler. There’s no doubt that it was a set up episode for all the big things to come. The most exciting part of last week? The preview for this week. I’m in no way bashing “Namaste,” it was a great episode that stayed on par with the so far amazing season five. I just have this feeling that when we look back on it and comparing it to the rest of the season, we’ll see it more as a filler/character episode than anything else.

But back to that preview! Did you see it?! Explosions, gunshots, and Sayid is gonna go BAMF on some one pretty soon! Let’s flash forward and take a look at some things I want to see in “He’s Our You:”

Sayid gets a taste of his own medicine…

Sayid has been riding the bad luck train for quite some time now. I’d call it karma. This is what happens when you torture people. You end up crashing on an island, have two girls you love killed, and then traveling back in time to that same island, only to have people think you’re an enemy. From the looks of the sneak peak, the bad karma isn’t over for Sayid. Looks like we’re in for our first dose of torture in a while. And let me tell you, just judging from his looks…that guy who’s going to do all those things Sayid used to do…that guy is messed up. You can just tell. He’s been doing this a damn long time, and it probably doesn’t even effect him anymore. And it may just be me, but I’m pretty sure I saw a look on his face when Sayid was resisting. A look that said: “Now this is gonna be fuuuuun.”

…and then turns into the BAMF he was back in season one!

The sneak peaks usually come pretty early in the episode. So what happens after Sayid gets his daily torture medicine? He goes nuts. I’m not talking crazy, I’m talking bad ass nuts. All those explosions in the promo? I’d put money on saying they’re because of Sayid. You want to know what else I think will be Sayid’s fault? There’s a feeling in my gut that just tells me Sayid will be the reason we see Harry Potter turn into Voldemort. We already know Little Ben has been in contact with Richard. He told Sayid that he could help him. My prediction? Little Ben is going to help Sayid. And once he’s done, Sayid will return the favor by trying to kill him. This will result in Little Ben’s view on life changing forever. How can he trust anyone if the one person he helped tried to kill him? He can’t. From now one, he’ll be looking out for Ben, and Ben only.

More Big Ben!

Speaking of Ben, let’s get more of his grown up self. How long are we going to have to wait for that Locke/Ben confrontation? Just give me…five minutes. One scene and I’ll be happy. Let’s just see Locke kick his ass, and then Ben come back with some smart ass remark. Those are the moments this show is made of!

More Jack/Sawyer showdowns.

Ok, I’ll admit it. As a Jack fan, that scene in “Namaste” hurt a little bit. But Sawyer was right, Jack’s made a lot of bad decisions in his time as leader. But, sorry Sawyer fans…Jack’s coming back. And right now, I believe the overall score is in favor of Jack. One verbal smackdown in Sawyer’s favor didn’t do much to change that.

Kate finally dies!

I couldn’t believe they’d release a sneak peak that showed Kate actually dying! …ok, I made that up. But how awesome would it be to just see her finally go? I cannot wait for the moment where Kate finds out about Sawyer and Juliet. She’ll be put into her place faster than she’d hop into bed with any guy who makes her feel good about herself. I can see the scene in my head already. Juliet and Kate standing there. Juliet coming right out with it…”Listen you little tramp, if you think you can come back here after three years and hope James has moved on, you’re wrong. And if you even try to screw up everything we’ve got going here, I’ll ****ing slit your throat.” It may not happen exactly like that…but it should.

Tonight’s episode is going to be awesome. That’s all there is to it. It’ll obviously be very Sayid centric. And it looks like we’re going back to our old flashback style of doing things. So what are you looking forward to tonight?

  • besch64

    Considering next week is Kate-centric, I doubt she dies tonight.

    But yeah, I’m excited for Sayid to mess some **** up.

    • professorstotch

      I wasn’t saying Kate was really going to die…I was being sarcastic to emphasize the fact that I don’t like her, and she better not mess things up.

      • besch64

        I gotcha. I agree, if and when Kate dies, I’m going to be a happy man. It’s a shame though, because I love Evangeline Lily.

  • Keep Kate

    Kate is just too yummy to lose.

    • Seabiscuit

      Yeah, I hear she tastes like strawberries. :p

  • The Magician

    I disagree that Namaste was full of filler. Filler is Hurley spending an entire episode discovering an old Dharma van, cleaning it out and pushing it down a hill. Or Sawyer searching for a bullfrog.

    Everything in Namaste was necessary, and needed to be shown.

    • Dude, uh, that tinkering with the van saved some lives.

      Not filler, exactly, but what we writers call “backstory.”

      • The Magician

        It was dragged out over the course of an entire episode, so certainly a good deal of it counts as filler.

        Being a writer myself, I would say it is more foreshadowing than ‘backstory’.

        • RandomZombie

          As a fellow writer, I’d call it character development.
          A story is nothing without good characters.
          I love “Tricia Tanaka is Dead.”

  • THinIL

    If Sayid spills the beans, which I assume he does…why not, right…then that puts Sawyer, Juliet and Miles (possible Faraday unless he’s really missing) into a ton of trouble.

    I predict that when Chang finally realizes that the Losties are from the future, some really crazy things will happen. The Incident?

  • Beena

    While I like Jack in spite of him being a bit of a control freak, I had a huge problem with him basically turning his back on the left-behinders for 3 years. But likewise, I think I’ll have a huge problem with Sawyer pretty much doing the same thing to Sayid. So maybe after Locke spends at least 5 to 10 minutes kicking Ben’s butt, I hope he talks some sense into his friends!
    Good post, Professor!

    • RandomZombie

      I’m with you on Jack turning his back on his fellow 815ers. I can understand the need for the lie, but to ignore it when Locke told him that they were in trouble – that’s just selfish.

      I don’t agree that that’s what Jim was doing to Sayid. Jim came up with a plan that could save Sayid and get him in the Dharma Initiative – which is surely better than being locked in a cage and killed. It was Sayid who refused Jim’s help.

  • jaime

    Sayid will choose to go rouge. Causes a bunch of trouble at the Barracks (not sure why). We’ll see some flashbacks or is it forwards now considering what year he is in 🙂 Well we’ll see some more of his off island time spent with Ben as his assassin. He’ll shoot little Ben. Who will try to take are of wounded Ben though? Juliet, Jack???

    • professorstotch

      I think it’d be Juliet. And that causes little Ben to develop a crush that lasts the rest of his life.

  • clueless1der

    Hey… a few things. One, HAHA you’re such a fanboy. I know you have all that Suliet and Jate fic all bookmarked on your site.

    Two…I thought tonight’s was Sayid-centric?

    Three- YES. I agree. Locke and Ben have been twiddling their thumbs for two episodes. Move on already!

    and Four- HARRY DOES NOT TURN INTO VOLDEMORT!!! Sheesh, people! Quick knocking Harry!

    • “Sayid-centric.”


      Uh oh, not good news for Sayid. Would they have really released a clip showing him die (on the ground, his eyes staring up at a circling daylight sky?

      Well, he’s got TWO good women waiting for him in Heaven. Death is not so bad.

    • professorstotch

      1. Pffft. I hope you’re not calling ME a fanboy!

      2. And I said tonight will be obviously Sayid centric.

      3. At least we can agree on something.

      4. Spoiler! Spoooiler alert! Now you just ruined the whole series for me! 🙁

  • Mike

    Will the teepee guy’s torture include watching his old reruns of Newheart along with his brother Darrell and his other brother Darrell?

    • boonesghost

      It looks like he’s gonna give Sayid the brown acid.

    • Ed Einstein

      Thank you for confirming that is the actor for Newheart for me. This makes me look forward to the episode tonight even more. That actor will be terrifyingly terrific as a torturer.

  • JimDD

    Why all the Kate hate?

    • RandomZombie

      I can answer that.
      And I in no way mean this as a personal attack against anyone who likes Kate. She’s a well-developed character played by a talented and lovely actress. That being said:

      Kate is completely selfish. She does whatever she wants to do with no thought for the feelings or safety of others, including either of the two men that she “loves.”
      She insists on tagging along on every expedition, and sneaks after even when she agrees to stay behind. That didn’t work out so well when she was captured by the others and was nearly killed by Tom.

      She killed her step-father to “save” her mother, without considering the feelings of her mother, who obviously would have preferred him alive. But this was all an excuse, because she actually killed her step-father because she found out that he was her biological father – and committed patricide with no thoughts for her mother.

      She was supposedly in love with Jack, but ran off the only time that they kissed on the island. She led Sawer on, keeping distant unless Jack was unavailable, or with Juliet. Then she’d jump on Sawer for a few nights before distancing herself again. Basically, she led both of them along, jumping back and forth to whichever one wasn’t showing interest in her (but always favoring Jack a little more.)

      Her repeated cries of “They’re trying to take my baby,” were extremely selfish. For one, as far as any of the 06 knew, Claire was alive and well on the island – and the one person who should have been able to take care of Aaron off-island, his own grandmother, didn’t even know who he was. He was never Kate’s baby, and she had no right to claim him as her own. (I know, I know, it was necessary for the lie, but that doesn’t change the lack of morals involved.

      Sawer sacrificed his freedom to save her, jumping from the helicopter and to what could have been his death. Kate had no interest in going back to the man that she sometimes loved, even when she was told that he was in trouble and could only be helped if they went back.

      She’s guilty of what most of the oceanic six was guilty of, turning their backs on their fellow survivors. They got off the island and were content to let the others fend for themselves.

      Bottom line: she’s been a troublemaker from the beginning, causing chaos in every situation she’s involved in.
      If the powers-that-be see fit to get rid of her, I won’t mourn.

      • clueless1der

        Well said. I don’t know if it’s Kate Hate… per se… but she her flaws get annoying.(And the problems they cause!!)Especially season 1-2 Kate to now. Blech! For me though, and I can not make this more clear, EL plays Kate beautifully. We’re supposed to dislike some of her choices and the way she reacts,and she makes that whole character pop off the screen. I just happen to want to smack her back down onto it. 😀

        • professorstotch

          I agree here. Its not that I HATE her…I’m just tired of her. She’s selfish, and doesn’t care about anyone else but herself 99% of the time. If you look at every other character, they all would stick their neck out to protect some one else, or something. Kate just does what’s best for Kate, and doesn’t care about anyone else. In this way, she hasn’t really evolved at all. Looking back, I don’t really see any evolution in Kate’s character. Everyone else has changed in some way, for better in the case of Sawyer, for worse in the case of Jack, but Kate is the same character she was in season one.

          • Beena

            What Kate said to Locke when he got off the island, about him never having loved anyone before (and I’m not quoting her exactly, here) had me seeing RED! Who is she, that makes her think that she’s an authority on love?Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

            Okay. I feel better now!

      • Michel

        I don’t buy it. The reason can’t be the harm she has made. Ben has done more harm than her, why doesn’t anybody want him dead? Treason, cons, baby-kidnapping… he had all of that. Besides, where is Aaron now? I can tell you, without a shade of a doubt, taht he is with his grandmother, Ms. Littleton. So, there you go with all the hate.

        She’s just lost, and it’s very conflicted about her own desires and the person she wants to be (with). And people are getting frustrated with that because she’s lovely and attractive and want her to end up with somebody… but no, Kate’s flicky. At least she suffers along and doesn’t enjoy it. It’s not like if she’s playing with anybody.

        And if she didn’t end up with Jack or Sawyer before it’s because they both treated her VERY WRONG at some point, or didn’t understand where she was coming from, a bad place or not. She’s one of the best characters in these series, and it’s getting all that bad rap only because fanboy eagerness. Too bad.

  • JaySin420

    I totally agree that if they don’t show at least one 5 min scene with Locke and Ben tonight I’m going to lose my mind.

    • Beena

      But 10 minutes would be even better….

  • Neoloki

    Before Namaste aired quite a few people were very excited for the episode because of the trailers and sneak peaks. I thought Namaste was brilliant, actually, especially for a set-up episode, but I am going to reserve my excitement about tonights episode until after it airs. I am hoping I don’t have to read a bunch of negative comments about tonight’s episode because people thought it was boring or another set-up.

    I am looking forward to seeing more of young Ben. I am excited to see how he becomes corrupted and the interaction between him and Sayid should be fairly loaded. However I don’t know how interested I am at this point to see how Sayid made it on the plane. I suppose it is necessary to the overall mythology but I wish that would have been handled back around 316.

  • halfstar4815162342

    i just want to learn more about the smoke monster. we only saw him in “this place is death”, and i am eager for more. everyone wants to learn about the characters, and where they’ll end up. i want to learn about the island.

  • horselover

    Sayid watched 3 women he loved die if you count Elsa, Debatable I guess, but he did try to save her by telling her to leave even thought it jeopardized his mission to kill the economist.

  • Wow… Those were some damn good predictions.