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Interview with Reiko Aylesworth spoilers episode 5×08

By lyly ford,

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Lost Preview: Who’s the New Woman in Sawyer’s Life?

This Wednesday on Lost (9 pm/ET, ABC), Sawyer, Juliet and the other time-trippers cross paths with, among other people, a woman named Amy — and boy, is she about to make a special delivery. 24 alumna Reiko Aylesworth gave us a tease-filled look at her multi-episode turn. How has it been for you, basically a New York City gal, filming in Hawaii?
Reiko Aylesworth: It does feel like another country, but it’s great. It’s also weird because I got there and everybody looks like me and my family, which never happens. It’s that whole mixed Asian thing! [Laughs] So first things first: Who is Amy?
Aylesworth: Good question. I’m trying to think of how I can describe her without giving anything away… . You come upon Amy in the midst of the biggest crisis of her life. Actually, two of the most intense moments in her life are in this first episode. When is Amy?
Aylesworth: I was told I’m not supposed to reveal that, even though it’s the worst-kept secret. You could probably tell me. Well, the photos would suggest the 1970s. And she seems quite clearly to be having a baby. True?
Aylesworth: Yes. Do we know who the father is?
Aylesworth: Following that [first episode], you do find out who the father is. Might Amy be giving birth to someone… “special”?
Aylesworth: I will say yes, it’s a special person. And you eventually find out who — but not in that first episode. Might the castaways not want Amy to give birth to this special person?
Aylesworth: They don’t know at this point who… well, what the stakes are. My character really draws them into a new world, I will say that. That’s mainly what she is for, taking them to that point where they have to decide [about interfering]. This week is a Sawyer-centric episode. How so?
Aylesworth: Most of my interaction is with Sawyer. Throughout the episode, all the characters at this point in time debate about whether to interfere with the past or not — and what the consequences might be. Josh Holloway is clean-shaven in these new episodes. Does Sawyer clean up upon seeing pretty Amy?
Aylesworth: Ha! Um, OK, that’s a loaded question. No… It’s something a little more unexpected. This episode’s really exciting because it takes many unexpected turns. The end of this episode is really cool. [I say that] just having read it; I don’t know how they filmed it. Does the ending involve the hooded woman Sawyer uncovers in the promo?
Aylesworth: No, that’s not at the end. There are so many reveals in this. This episode opens up many cans of worms. [The hooded woman] leads into the whole shift in the storyline. But then the end is very cool, too. It widens the scope of the show even more, which is hard to believe! It’s game-changing. Team Carlton told me that an “interesting” romance is on the horizon for two island characters. Could Amy be one of them?
Aylesworth: Hmm… Actually, there’s a very interesting romance. I think I’m kind of a red herring when it comes to that, though. I do work mostly with Josh and Elizabeth [Mitchell, Juliet]. You were a fan of Lost before this. What’s your theory on who’s the bad guy here — Ben or Widmore?
Aylesworth: I’m leaning towards Widmore, but Ben… I just want to know why he did what he did with the massacre. We have you for four episodes?
Aylesworth: So far. That I know of. Have you shot the fourth?
Aylesworth: I have not.


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  • professorstotch

    Since this is a spoiler article, I gues spoilers in the comments are game too. Anyone else think that Sawyer is going to be the daddy of pregnant Amy?

  • i would say so. lets get a list going on people the baby could be. since its 70s i am gonna say either charlotte. cant think of many other people it would be

    • BAK2530

      I think its Ethan

  • marc

    Hey Lyly your biggest fan marc again. I didn’t ready anythign past what it said on the main page. BUT PLEASE DONT WRITE SUCH A DESCRIPTIVE DESCRIPTION ON THE MAIN PAGE. Everyone else can be vague but you. You are the worst. That is a spoiler. Learning there is a new character named amy is a spoiler. Just write in the description. Casting spoiler for episode eight. Don’t reveal so much. Damn. I love this sight but im going to have to stop coming here.

    • Ray

      marc, not sure how telling us about a new character’s a “spoiler”.

      “Descriptive description”?

      site, not “sight”

    • docarzt

      This is not a spoiler. Spoilers reveal story information.

    • dolce

      I heard there was a character named Jack in season 6, episode 17.

  • marc

    Ray i typed that quickly but since we are being so picky. character’s a “spoiler”. That is so gramatically wrong i dont know where to start. character is a spoiler. There is nothing wrong with descriptive description.

    doc it may not fit under the exact definition of a spoiler. but i didnt know there was a new character. I only watch the preview after the ep. This is a piece of info about an upcoming ep that i had no clue about. Is it that dificult for her to write on the main page Lost Casting Spoiler. Instead of that whole description. It would be like writing on the main page reddick or malcom david kelley wil be int his next episode. Would you consider that a spoiler as it ruins a suprise? I dont want to know anythign going into an episode. There are alot of people like me. Please oblige.

    • Ray


      I wrote “…how a new character’s a “spoiler” because I was abbreviating, ‘character IS a spoiler’. I was using an apostrophe to replace a letter(s), which is grammatically correct. Here’s another example…your comment’s asinine. See, there I used the apostrophe to replace the “i” in is.

      I think the reason you’re getting so much reaction is that you say “may not fit under the exact definition of a spoiler”, thereby contradicting your main complaint. Then, letter, you give an example of what was NOT done. Your example cited exact actor/character names, which the article did not do.

      I don’t (apostrophe replacing an “o”)think people mind criticism, it’s when it is ridiculous and contradictory that it’s a problem.

  • marc

    ohhhh dolce your so smart. I wish I had that type of wit. How did you every come up with such a clever joke? That must have taken you hours. You clearly have missed the entire point and if you can’t see that point that you have kind of weird arrogant agenda to be the ultimate and final word in what can be considered information about a future episode. I personally like to be introduced to characters and plots by the story itself, not by reading about it before hand.

  • marc

    its like im not allowed to voice a complaint without being attacked by minions. I know i have the option of not coming to the site itself, but im sure thats the last the thing the site’s runner wants. I like reading reviews and articles without being forced into reading descriptions about future unviewed events on the show itself (which includes a new character). I do not understand why you are all struggling so hard with this concept.

  • AL

    the other number one dint die ……..the one who bagged amy..!!!!!!! EX?? NOT SURE….PRICIPAL JOHN SKINNER flashback babey……..

  • Eh

    Wow. I absolutely do not want to get in the middle of this silly fight, but I did want to side with Marc. While I agree that giving a character’s name would not spoil much, giving the actor’s name can be a spoiler in this instance because she is not “an unknown actress.” We know Reiko from 24. We know that she has curly hair. We know she is of mixed Asian decent. We may not have known that she was pregnant when this was posted, but in this show when everyone is connected we can imagine who she is related to just by knowing her looks. Now we know she is having a baby boy and we’re all searching our brains for any known character that could have looked like he could be her son.

    This is just an example to prove that Marc has a valid point.

  • marc

    sorry for the asshole comment ray. i just felt like you were attacking/belittling me and i didnt appreciate it. and thanks for the support eh. although i do agree ray that it is very minor it is still info about an unseen episode nonetheless. for instance i didnt know lance reddick would appear on lost in season four and it was a great surprise. i prefer to not know anything at all. but i also like coming to the sight, reading reviews, interviews etc, i just think the headlines of the spoilers should be as vague as possible. that way its the viewers choice to read it or not. i dont want to have to not come to the website. I dont see how u can have a problem with this..

  • ray

    Marc, don’t worry about the a-hole comment, I’ve been called worse. SHOCKING. I just disagree with you. The example you gave of Lance Reddick, I actually would agree with you as being a spoiler. My point was that if NEW characters are mentioned, and their roles (in the story, or their names) are unrevealed, that really nothing is spoiled. And again, while I get your point about Abaddon being in the show being a spoiler, we still don’t know what will happen to him. It wasn’t like it said, “Lance Reddick appears as Abaddon, and is shot and killed in a cemetary.” So, I get your point, but I still respectfully disagree with you, and believe that not all casting notices are spoilers.

  • OK cool to see- informed blogs are always helpful! See yas.

  • This is my Excerpt