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(Light Spoilers) Josh Holloway Talks Life After LOST

By lyly ford,

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New interview of Josh by People magazine who went on the set and spoke to Josh about Sawyer and what we can expect now for him and if Sawyer and Kate are really over and the second part is about Josh’s life and his future after LOST will end.

How’s poor Sawyer holding up when we see him again in Tuesday’s episode?
He’s still racked with grief and full of guilt for allowing [Juliet’s death] to happen.

But Juliet’s the one who let go of Sawyer’s grip and detonated the bomb!
That doesn’t erase the shame and guilt of not being able to hold on. At the core, it’s a man’s responsibility to protect, no matter what. Going forward, Sawyer’s all anger. He hooks up with Locke because he just doesn’t care to live anymore. He’s already dead inside.

Are things officially over then between Sawyer and Kate?
Any feelings he allows for Kate are a betrayal to Juliet and their love. As the character, I don’t want anything to do with it. It’s shameful to him. Yet there’s an inevitable attraction. I want the writers to honor what Sawyer and Kate have built together, but I don’t know what that looks like.

more about the interview read it here :

  • Vlad

    Hired Gun for the MIB! Didn’t see that coming.

    • Sawyer’s not a dummy. He’s been betrayed by the bad(er) guys before. He will not kill Jack. Probably sacrifice himself to complete the reset.

  • Andrew

    Lyly, it’s very non-journalistic to refer to Holloway as “Josh.” You should use his last name, not his first name. If you call him “Josh,” it cheapens the integrity of this site since it sounds extremely unprofessional and fan-ish. It’s not what real journalists do.

    • flagg

      shut up, drew. when you have your own column feel free to address the content anyway you’d like.

      • Andrew

        I do. And relax, flagg–no need to be a dick.

        • Stobbsy

          whoa, chill and enjoy the content, and be grateful we have it. Andrew needs to chillax

    • The Roy Wonder

      To tell the truth, I don’t really think fan-ish writing does that much to hurt the integrity of a fan blog.

    • It’s a fan site, not really much integrity going on. What gets me is the lack of proofreading at times…

    • Dr Violence

      Oh my god do you realise what a dick you sound like? get a life you mug.

  • Hexonxonx

    “Going forward, Sawyer’s all anger. He hooks up with Locke.” After five full seasons, FINALLY something for us Lawyers.

    • dd

      NOOOO. He has to be with Kate! Noooooooooooooooooooooo!

      • Zoriah

        Guess who just can’t seem to let it go….

        • dd

          Let go of what? I was making a joke about the dumb shippers that misconstrue everything.

  • Major FX

    At the People magazine site commenters are speculating about what JOSH should involve himself in next. Action/Adventure seems to be the concensus. I agree but I’d like to know what you guys think (not drew). Indiana Jones reboot? Mitch Rapp in a Vincde Flynn techno-thriller?

    • cap10tripps

      The Gunslinger in “The Dark Tower.”

  • yoyage

    how about Snake Plisken in remake of escape from new york?

    • Dr Violence

      solid snake

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    He should play Neal Cassady aka Dean Moriarty in an “On The Road”movie.

    • jim

      he turned down the role in the x-men movie when he was on lost but I still think he would be a great Gambit.

  • jackisjacob

    i said it after season 5 does not surprice me. i think sawyer will do a u turn by the end