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Lost 4.03 Pre-easter Eggs – Things to Look For! (Highly Spoilerish)

By docarzt,

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eggs.jpgTonight is “The Economist” and the big question on the airwaves seems to be who is the new member of the Oceanic 6.  I won’t reveal that here, but I will take a look at a few items you should keep an eye out for tonight.

  • xtremdelt8

    Interesting that his Bday is Sept. 22

  • JohnB

    Everyone keeps saying that Sayid is going to be the 4th of the “Oceanic 6”. To me this seems obvious, but he’s really just the 3rd. There is no way that Kate is considered one of the six. She’s a fugitive wanted for murder. The US Govt wouldn’t forgive murder just because she survived a plane crash. It’s much more likely that she cut a deal with the rest of the 6 to get off the island, but she’s in hiding. Why else would she be meeting Jack in the dark, near the airport?

  • icyone


    Maybe because Jack didn’t want to meet in broad daylight where he would probably be more visible to the likes of Abbadon? Maybe because it just happened to be night when his not-so-sober idea to meet entered his head.

    Further, Oceanic probably cut a deal with the government on Kate’s behalf upon her return.

  • xtremdelt8

    icyone makes a good point…

    There’s obviously a huge cover-up here and it wouldn’t surprise me if the government was somehow in on it. (Being a conspiracy fan myself, I hope this is the case)

    Jake and Kate met at their “usual” spot. This means they’ve met there many times before and I’m assuming it has more to do with Jack’s twisted fetish of getting back to the island than it does with Kate still hiding.
    She was driving what looked to be a new Volvo and had to get back to “him” so I’m guessing Kate is doing alright for herself when we last saw her off the island.

  • JohnB

    Icyone & xtremdelt8,
    I agree with what you are saying, that Abbadon could have gotten the charges taken care of. But don’t you think it is right up Lost’s alley to give us the 6, we think that’s it, and then they throw in another person without us expecting it?

  • AlphaSigChainsaw

    We’ll see Kate stand trial. She probably beats the murder conviction, because in some way it was “self defense.” She could say he abused her. But how she justifies shooting those guys in the bank to get Tom’s plane, I have no idea.