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“That’s very privileged information, why would I share that with you?” – Doc’s Early Thoughts on 5.03 “Jughead”

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A couple of days ago I caught another episode of LOST, 5.03 “Jughead.” While it is definitely too early to review, I figured a few spoiler-lite observations were in order.  Cruise on through, but beware of spoilers.

I’ll be publishing a full review of Jughead next monday, and The Little Prince the following monday.  In the meantime, here is my general take on how the series performs beyond this Wednesday’s premiere event.

First, you’ve already been given your first spoiler.  The title of this post is a bit of dialogue from Jughead.  Between who?  What are they talking about?  That is for you to figure out.

First, my thoughts on episode 2, “The Lie.”  I think it’s important to get that out of the way because it helps set the tone for where I’m going on these subseqeunt episodes.  A good friend of mine, whose opinion I value, who will remain nameless suggested to me the other day that the reason for a double episode premiere was specifically to hide “The Lie” in the shadow of “Because You Left.”  Basically, the gist of the conversation was that “The Lie” had some problems.  I liked the episode, and have said that it would benefit from not being so close to “Because You Left,” but the truth is the two are night and day.  Is that a statement on Because You Left’s awesomeness, or The Lie’s lack of it?  The fact that there are going to be great episodes and less than great episodes is a given, but at its worst LOST is still better than average – “The Lie” is no exception.

That said, I expect many will have a similar experience with “Jughead” in some regards.  A Desmond/John Locke centric episode, “Jughead” is in many ways an answers episode.  A few of LOST’s bigger questions are answered, and as such the series becomes accountable for those answers.  This is the history of the show, every reveal is judged.  What did Kate do?  What caused the 815 crash?  You get the point.  I won’t give the reveal, that is too much of a ‘ruiner’ in my opinion, but I will say that what is answered concerns why Mr. Richard Alpert wound up observing the birth of John Locke.

Fans are going to walk away with their own interpretation of whether the reveal was sufficient in magnitude to the mystery – of course – but on a personal note I’ll say that the series wandered into a territory seldom visited – cliche.  I accepted the reveal without it rattling my reverence of the overall story too much, and you HAVE to see it with your own eyes, but I was a little surprised.

Overall, though, the episode presented some great advances in the forward movement of the story and certainly is a testament to the fact that LOST is still on track.

  • doc lol you posted twice your article ^^

    • DarthVibbert

      as long as we’re pointing out small mistakes

      “LOST, 5.04 “Jughead.”


  • graham

    Answers? that’s great.
    But, you are telling that the answer could be disappointing. Considering that I had a lot of problems to buy most of the season 4 twists/plots, that doesn’t sound so good.
    Anyway, if it’s a Locke/Desmond centric, it will be ,at least, entertaining. Or that’s what I hope.

    • docarzt

      Well graham, I wouldn’t say it was entirely disappointing. I accepted it, I just let a little groan out. That said, I’m open to the idea of other people totally loving it – it could definitely happen.

  • professorstotch

    Perhaps…an asterisk is in order?

  • docarzt

    Perhaps… but after Wednesday.

  • The Magician

    I’ll bet it involves an ancient prophecy, which told that a special child would be born (Locke). Richard was the one in charge of investigating this…

    Am I on the right lines Doc? 🙂


    maybe richard was in charge too much i bet richard is locks real father lol

  • Andy

    Maybe Richard knows about Locke’s death later on, off Island, and is sent to recruit him earlier to the Island to try to advert his death much later in 2008-ish. So Richard goes to try to find him as baby, tests him and tries with the objects when Locke is a little older and tries with the Mittelos Labs brochure with his High School…. hmmm…

  • DarthVibbert

    Richard quotes Obi-Wan “You Were the Chosen One!”

    • professorstotch

      Locke travels to the future, finds an elderly Ben who is hooked up to a oxygen machine. We hear loud and heavy breathing that almost sounds like sighing. Then…

      “John, I am you father.”


      L O S T

      • kristina

        OMG ROFL!

        • Mrs. Alpert

          well, Ben did try to kill him…

  • Evangeline Lilly did say that the last half of episodes of Season 5 make the first half “very rewarding”. If you think about it, the beginning of Season 3 felt like LOST meandered. Yet, by the end, we had a lot of payoff for the things set up in those first episodes.

  • Shiro

    Prophecy sounds like a good bet. That’s a really cliche idea that certainly applies to Locke’s concept of destiny. It would completely explain why Alpert was there. Reincarnation is also possible and sufficiently cliche, hence why Richard would think that Locke would recognize those items. If anyone ever watched that Nickelodeon cartoon, Avatar, the main character is a reincarnation of someone else and this was proven because he claimed artifacts from his past lives as “his own.” Certainly fits what Richard was testing.

  • graham

    My theory (or what I thought after Cabin Fever) was that Richard went to the past after meeting Locke on the Island on present time (and that maybe he did the same with Ben).
    But it doesn’t have much sense, I know it.

    • yaisuah

      graham, what you said actually makes PERFECT sense, and something I had never thought of. Really good job.

  • Jonas

    The thing is, the very essence of a mystery, the thing that makes it enthralling and enticing, is that it is a MYSTERY – something outside of the ordinary, something unanswered, vague and slightly out of our grasp. The not knowing, the not fully understanding; this is what makes a mystery attractive to an audience. The initial questions that Lost threw up, especially in the first and the beginning of the second series, were television writing at its best. As the show develops and answers to those questions are given, it is only natural that in the knowing of those answers, by having the full knowledge to what was previously a mystery, all the suspense and anticipation is gone. A mystery stands alone and is an end in itself if it is to remain something that we desire answers to. As Lost develops, it is inevitable that the answers the writers give to the mysteries that have been established through the various series, will be prosaic and never as fantastic to watch as the mysteries themselves. I for one hope that they leave some things ‘hanging’, as the not knowing is more enjoyable than an answer that lies in the mundane…the explainable…the everyday. The idea behind Lost is that it is not ‘everyday’….

    • JD

      Damn skippy!



    I agree with you that the answer as to why Richard ends up at Locke’s birth is a tad cliche, but you have to admit that it really makes sense in the big scheme of things and that there will probably be more events of this nature as the season goes on.