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LOST 5.04 – The Little Prince – Sneek Peeks

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ABC has released four clips for LOST 5.04 “The Little Prince.”  They are very intriguing, and I would say not very spoilery – but if you fear spoilers, you probably want to stay away.  More after the jump.

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  • Jose

    Ben is the client – FOR SURE. . . applying pressure to ensure kate comes back to the island . . .theres no way she would do it otherwise . . .

    • Chemicalroad

      I agree. Makes a lot of sense. So with that logic, Ben sent hit-men to Sayid’s hotel room, and to the hospital. I believe that, so far, Ben, Richard Alpert, and Anna Lucia/Charlie (Jacob/island), are the only one’s that have told the Oceanic 6 they have to go back. They have always worked together, correct? So is all this so Ben can get beck to the island? Is it for his benefit, or theirs? Ben selfish? Of course. And is there anyone else who believes, sadly, that Locke is a patsy? Every time he says, “I’m the chosen one” I feel he’s being set up for a fall…..or death. His father conned him out of a kidney. That kid cop in the “Sweat lodge” episode said his file said that, “he was susceptible to coercion”…maybe that’s his real part in the puzzle….I hope not….By the way, Doc, you rule! Thank you for helping me with my LOST addiction… feeding it…..

    • JumboTron

      Hmmm, I’m not so sure it’s definitely Ben. I am guessing Claire’s mom. How she found out I don’t know, maybe Jack got emotional and spilled the beans?

    • Jacks Back

      My money’s on Linus because it would be the only way to move Kate to going back to the island.

      I’m putting some long shot odds on Sun so Ji Yeong would have a little playmate!

    • rick

      for what reason would ben want custody?

    • Landry B.

      I’m not so sure, it could be that the hitman in the hospital was going to Kate’s address next…I do wonder about something though, in the screen caps of this episode, Claire’s mother is in one…is she, or how is she, somehow connected to who is trying to expose Aaron and Kate’s real relationship?

  • Mike

    Thanks for the nice and proper clips Doc! This episode looks just as fine as ol Jughead.

  • Denise

    What a set up this whole thing is….

  • Gusteaux

    I agree with JumboTron…the “client” is Carol Littleton…”exchange of custody…”

  • imfromthepast

    LOL, Sayid rocks!

  • Anderson McCutcheon

    The fact that the “hitman” has Kate’s address in his pocket suggests a clever orchistration and manipulation, and that points directly to Ben. Who else would have motivation to get them all “back to the island” I don’t think its Widmore, cause he could care less about them, plus its been three years. With his vast finances he could have brought them back together through some means awhile ago. But Ben is working with limited resources, on a shortened timeline, I think its Ben.

  • VeryInformedAboutLost

    I believe the hitman is from Ben Linus, and he was suppose to use scare tactics to get Kate back to the island or that either the hitman was employed by Charles Widmore, because he’s a resentful b*stard and doesn’t want them on “his” island…

    But i believe the client is Claire’s mom…because for one, she’s going to be seen in this episode, if not atleast talked about…she was in a coma for several years, and maybe being in that coma…Jacob may have came to her in a dream or something of that sort, and told her the whole scenerio about Claire, Aaron, Kate, and Jack. it’s possible i believe…or maybe Ben Linus went to Claire’s mom and told her about it… and used that as a backup plan, incase the scare tactics didn’t work…he knows that if all else fails, that will probably make her return to the island.. though Claire told her in a dream or epiphany, to NEVER bring him back….i think they need to go back so the island can stop shifting in time..but i believe by the end of the series, either they all will return to civilization and expose Widmore and tell everyone the truth, because you see what lying has gotten them into…or decide to stay on the island…and live there in harmony with the others, because they will all realize, that’s the islands plan or will….

  • Seabiscuit

    I don’t know, Carole seems like too obvious a choice. I’m wondering if she’s going to be used as a “gotcha” moment.

    Looks to be an exciting episode regardless.

    Love this site!

  • Will

    How does Locke know the O-6 aren’t dead? Am I forgetting something?

    • professorstotch

      Richard told him during the premiere. He also told him that in order to come back, Locke would have to die.

  • August

    what if Jack is behind the lawyer? he was right outside the lawyers office when he was talking to Kate in that clip.

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