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  • Ok, Kate knows why she came back. Are we going to see another “What Kate Did” episode? Sayid knows exactly why he’s there. I guess we’ll find out why “exactly” that is Wednesday. I was wondering though, why Hurly, after being so afraid to go back, is back. Why does he NEED to be back, or does he?

  • Bezmina

    Damn straight Juliet you warn Fickle Freckles right off!

    I think Hurley needs to go back because there was nothing for him but playing chess with dead guys on the island back in the real world.

    • redondofuentes

      hurley needed to come back to set up the numbers at the radio tower, engrave them on the swan hatch and orchestrate the dharma ranch/apollo bar drops (hey radzinsky, don’t forget to put a galley and a talking chicken in that swan model you’re building…).

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    Kate came back to save Sawyer from danger, per the words that Bentham, Ben, and Jack expressed. Sayid now realizes that he has to kill little Ben.

  • Uh oh. That last shot, Sayid dead-eyed looking up at a circle of light.

    Guess it’s Sayid that’s leaving the show.