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Henry Ian Cusick DVD Release

By clueless1der,

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Some of you might remember the dark comedy  Dead Like Me- even after its cancellation in 2004.  If so you might also be interested in a straight to DVD release of  Dead Like Me: Life After Death.  Fans of the show are rewarded with their diligence by being able to see much of the original cast(Minus Mandy Pantakin)- and a few extras.

The crew of Reapers find themselves confronted by change, as their habitual meeting place Der Waffle Haus burns down on the same day that their boss and head reaper, Rube, disappears (having “gotten his lights”). They shortly meet their new boss, Cameron Kane (Henry Ian Cusick), a slick businessman who died falling from the World Trade Center.

(Note- this was actually released in February, but I hadn’t heard about it until recently!) If you’re already planning for your hiatus- it might be worth it to check out the show.

  • professorstotch

    I wonder if he’s a big part of the movie? Also, when did it film? If these two things add up, maybe that’s why he hasn’t been around on Lost much this season?

    Probably not likely, I just like to think that the reason is him being busy, rather than the writers not utilizing him.

    • clueless1der

      He’s the new leader, and has quite a large role. 🙂 It was weird to see him without his shirt hanging off and I just cringed when I expected a “Brutha” to come popping out. 🙂

  • Mike

    I was flipping channels the other night and saw Henry playing Jesus in a movie. I was like woah! there is des playing Jesus. “Blessed are the peace makers, Brutha.”

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