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Naveen Andrews interview with skyone

By lyly ford,

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source : skyone

  • unclebeaver

    I don't think I've seen or read as many interviews with Naveen Andrews, as some of the rest of the cast, but he usually seems a little loopy. Cool guy, though.

  • Hexonxonx

    Naveen Andrews is clearly the actor who is least like his character. Naveen himself would make a great Frogurt- or Arzt-type one-off character– entertaining and odd for one episode and goes out in an unforgettable way.

  • Michael

    Dude, he's hilarious. “A Hitler with a song in his heart….ELLO!”

  • He is my favorite character in Lost. Too bad that he is into older women …

  • james

    he has been awesome since first episode of lost. heis my favorite actor too

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