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Video of the Lost cast at TCA : what mystery they want to know this year

By lyly ford,

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the wall street journal made an interview with the cast at TCA and asked them what they could love to know as mysteries

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  • Uncle Beaver

    Thank god you got rid of that “Twitter” shit.

    • dolce

      I’m with you. I did not like it one bit. Why change something that works perfectly fine, and frankly, is one of the main reasons that this is my favorite LOST site?

      • GeigerCounter

        my thoughts exactly

  • Was Jorge slurring a little bit? Must have had one too many cocktails! 😀 But I did notice that he said we’d hear more about the numbers…

  • Mark

    I would love to know more about the numbers if there is more to them. But aside from talking about the valanzetti equation on the show then what can be said?

    valanzetti equation is formed, they’re used as a code in the hatch and broadcast from the island, sam toomey and leonard hear them, hurley hears it from leonard, makes up this idea in his head that they’re cursed (i believe whether it is coincidence or not that bad luck came from them will NOT be answered) and there you go. what more needs to be known?

    • Uncle Beaver

      Yeah, the MYSTERY of the numbers is what makes them so appealing. I’m surprised Evengaline said that, knowing how many times Lindelof & Cuse have compared the revealing of the meaning of the numbers to the “midochlorians” of “The Force” in “Star Wars”

      As far as the numbers go, I’ll consider looking for their appearance during the rest of the show the end of anything more technical than that.

  • Benjamin

    Jorge clearly states in the video, that we haven’t seen the end of the numbers. Whether we’ll find out the exact meaning or reason of the numbers or whether they’ll just make another appearance is unsure..but either way would be excellent, I’m sure.