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Warning, these clips reveal plot elements from this week’s episode of LOST “He’s Our You.”  Don’t push play if you don’t want to be spoiled.

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  • dolce

    OMG! Where are Daryll and his other brother Daryll? Also, that kid playing Ben has that part down! Creepy. It’s like actually seeing Michael Emerson as a kid playing Ben.

    • horselover

      Yeah, it’s weird since all the kid did last time was stand there quietly while people talked at him. I thought he was just supposed to look like Ben, but he can act, too.

  • Vayne81

    I’ve been known to speak of theories and opinions… but at this point, all I can say is… “Wow”

    • clueless1der

      I know! The first two I almost expected verbatim, but the third almost made me pee myself lol.

  • jack

    Great the book is called ‘a seperate reality’ thats gona kick up a right fuss…

    • dolce

      yeah, I think you’re right. It should be interesting.I hope.

    • That obviously is another proof that the writers mess with us about alternate timelines/realities. Playing their game…

  • Yes, little Ben is showing he was a Bad Ben long before the Incident, eh?

    Bad Little Ben.

  • RandomZombie

    Ooh, it’s our first non-female former Deadwood cast member.

    This episode could be fun.

    • rob

      excellent point. id love to see McShane do a cameo. thanks for posting these vids. stupid managers at my work actually had the nerve to schedule me to work wednesday night. bastards! will have to watch on dvr late. oh well.

      • RandomZombie

        I’m always “busy” on Wednesday nights. And my non-Lost-viewing friends have learned when not to call.

  • dolce

    23 hrs. 11 min. and counting…

    • dolce

      oops,22 hrs. and 11 min. and counting…but as of this post 19 hrs. and 51 min. and counting…

  • veryinformedaboutlost

    i get it now…the guy they brought Sayid to is the Dharma’s version of him, as a torturer and getting things “done” (for lack of better words…ie. When they first captured Ben pretending to be Henry Gale). And i believe Sayid doesn’t want to stay in Dharmaville because he wants to get back at Ben for making his life a living hell after his wife’s death….if he stays with the Dharma Initiative, then he is forced to stay there and possibly never get that revenge…though i feel he needs a peaceful life for however long he can have it. This out to be interesting….can’t wait…

    • Whoever thought 5.09 was the ultimate karma episode did not see this one comming. 🙂

  • elijahmoon

    ooh hes our other schmother… I want more statue damn it.

  • horselover

    So he (the guy in the tent) is Dharma’s guy who watches every woman he has ever loved die in front of him?

  • Calichusetts

    No one has mentioned this but isn’t the “hes our you” guy listening to the billie holiday track that Sayid and Hurley picked up with their radio?

    Nice little easter egg if that is right

    • daveisreal

      If my memory serves me correctly, the tune Sayid and Hurley heard was Moonlight Seranade…Glen Miller.

      • Calichusetts

        damn, thought it might be something. Would have been cooler, thanks for the correction

  • Malakai

    Just a week after some people on here were gushing about how loyal Sawyer was to his friends. Now we see him selling out Sayid so he can continue to “play house” nice.

    • Well, the other O6’ers came at a FAR more opportune time… and without Radzinski’s supervision. In clip #3, he gives Sayid the choice- Trust me, or things will be difficult for you. Sayid, I’m sure, chose poorly.

    • momma

      Now why won’t Sayid except help?

      • Charlie’s Ghost

        yeah, why wouldn’t he want to hang out? doesn’t make sense. camp in the jungle and hope the Others pick me to be on their team, or live like a civilized human being and eat Dharma Ranch Dressing with Hurley. Doesn’t make sense….

  • professorstotch

    Doc, is this the same format the videos are always in? I can see these ones, but I can’t see the clips for any other week. Let’s use this video format! 😀