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Lost Clips – ABC Releases ‘Revelations’ and ‘QuickCut’ of the Finale

By ErasedSlate,

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Seriously, why take two hours when they could break the episode into these short clips. Here are the Quick Cut and Revelations clips posted on for the Season Finale of Lost, There’s No Place Like Home, part deux. 



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  • Charlie’s Ghost

    I’m convinced that Ben needs the 06+Locke to get himself back to the island. I think he desperately wants to go back, but doesn’t know where it is…..because he moved it, and was ‘moved’ himself. It will take Jack and crew back, which means a way to return for ole b.linus. I wouldn’t even doubt if Ben killed Locke.

  • graham

    When are you going to do your evaluation of this season?
    I would like to know your opinion. Because, mine is not very positive (4/10) .Of course that, now, Lost HAS a direction, but I am not sure that I like this exactly new direction.

  • steve

    I think Ben maybe getting the “gang” back together to get near Desmond and subsequently Penny.

  • DocArzt

    Graham, I’m actually working on it now. I’ll have something here, and I’ve been commissioned to do something for Craveonline. (all while finishing the final rewrite on the book with Hijinx. I’m going to curl up and die now.)

  • graham

    Too much work,you need to take a break, man.
    And thanks for answering me, I’ll be waiting to read your recap, but take your time.

  • chemicalroad

    Maybe Charlie’s Ghost is right. Ben always seems to think of himself. Maybe when Jack said, “The day that I left some bad things happened”. Maybe Locke didn’t know that bad things happened cause Ben left? Maybe Clair, in Kate’s dream, when she says, “Don

  • erica cristiane


  • erica cristiane


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