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Sneak peek episode 6×08#3

By lyly ford,

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yeah another one !

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  • DeSelby

    I thought Jack was about to list off all the other candidates since he’s a smart dude and would figure out it’s the unscratched names from the lighthouse . . . then I realized he probably stopped reading after his own name.

    • Mack

      Sounds like something Jack would do.

  • This episode looks to be a slow one from the sneak peeks. Ugh. At least 6.09 will be good.

    • minnie swirl

      Hmm…I don’t get “slow” from these sneak peeks for 6.08. It looks like another good one to me.

      • 316er

        i liked this meeting… only a shame that’s to late for them to start conjecturing…

  • adam118

    I think she was looking off camera to Richard. Nice to know both camps are in this one.

    • adam118

      OR off camera to Hurley

  • lostfanboy16

    Mesa if you think this season has been slow then I dont know why you watch the show. This season has had some great character development

    • No I don’t think this season has been slow at all! My comment was only referring to episode 6×08. I definitely think this has been a good season so far, with Dr. Linus topping the list.

    • Abur

      lostfanboy16, good job misinterpreting mesa’s comment. He never said this season has been slow.

  • sansen

    I don´t know how you can say this. It´s an unqualified post. Both characters are important. Without them lost wouldn´t be as good as it is. I´m looking forward to every single episode. Just enjoy the show^^

  • YouIs

    LOL. Smoke Monster made my day. I agree.

    • Abur

      I do like Sun and Jin, but I’ll tell ya’…I’ve been rewatching the series and am now just about done with season 2, and I’d forgotten how much a part of the show they were back then. Now, they’re both very marginalized. If both characters were killed off, it wouldn’t be that noticeable, given how infrequently they’re utilized these days. And when they ARE utilized, it’s in ways that don’t match the characters–Sun would not have abandoned her daughter to go back to an island she has little chance of escaping a second time, even if it was to find Jin, because the odds are good that she’d end up leaving her kid an orphan. No mother who deserves motherhood would do that.

  • boonesghost

    Congratulations lyly on getting one of your questions chosen by Darlton.

  • lostfanboy16

    Sorry Mesa, I misread your comment.

  • Handsome Smitty

    Where’s Fishy’s recap!?! She must really be upset about all the religious references in Dr. Linus…

    • Marc

      smitty as much as i hate you..
      that is her blog.. she isnt doing it this week.. but if you want to see some extra content from fish including bonus jack hate.. go there..

      • Handsome Smitty

        That’s so…sweet!

  • bps

    Listen to the audio. Sounds like this peek was chopped up. Perhaps to shorten it, or perhaps to leave something out intentionally.

    Also, I don’t think Richard was in the circle. Look at the shot of the circle from a distance. There are only 7. Clockwise starting with Illana in the front: Illana, Ben, Miles, Hurley, Jack, Lapidus, and Sun.

    • Yea there are definitely some cuts.

  • notsoshaggy

    Where the hell is Fishbiscuit?! I needs mah Fishbiscuit!!

  • 108

    is that clip from s06e09?

    • lostinlost

      That’s a good question because it was not in last night’s episode.

  • I was looking for something completely different, but found your website! And have to say . Nice read. Will come back.