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Soundbite epi 6×08 with Evangeline Lilly

By lyly ford,

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Evangeline Lilly talks about Claire and Kate reunion and what Kate feels about it. Nothing spoilers.

  • She is so gorgeous and talented, hope she gets a “wow” episode soon.

    Evangeline would be a great cop in the new “Hawaii 5.0”.

    • Marc


      I must say.. I am a big fan of your photo blog lol

      • Abur

        Not me. I think it’s pretty cheesy for someone to take photos of herself naked and post them for the world to see. Get some self-respect, Brissa.

        • Marc

          Abur dont worry about what other people are doing… No body is making you look at anything..

          Fart Monster: You are clearly an overly obese nerd stuck in his recliner with hand controlling a computer trolling blogs, one hand controlling a computer playing an online role playing game of choice, and a tv in the background showing gay porn.. while you sit covered in potato chips, sticky with soda, and covered in your own excriments.. in other words.. people in glass hoouses Fart Monster should not be throwing stones.

        • Matthew

          Wasting*. She’s wasting, those pics. Any ways, not into fat chicks or ugly people. Therefor, Kate should die.

        • Chrised

          Fat chicks need love too…not this one, mind you, but some do.

          Actually now that I type this, I feel sick. Why someone would do this is beyond me. It makes me think about how shitty Santa would be if he wasn’t jolly. What good is a fat person to the world if they have no personality? A skinny hot chick can be whatever she wants to be but an ugly fat chick had better have one hell of a personality or they have nothing to offer.

          Word of advice, keep the lens cap on next time.

  • Drew Lancor

    Nothing spoilers.

    • Nick Turner

      Yeah, I was worried of something spoilers.

  • Seabiscuit

    I get the feeling that Kate’s going to wind up going back to raise Aaron when its all said and done, no matter what she does to try and reunite him with Claire. I mean there’s no effing way LooneyTunes Littleton is fit to be a mother now, poor girl.

    • naultz

      I would think if Aaron doesn’t come to the island, he would stay with Claire’s mother. Maybe, kate would be involved in Aaron’s life, but now that Claires mom has Aaron, Kate could not legally raise Aaron without Grandma giving up her rights to Aaron.

  • Marc

    Wow.. Looks like I struck a cord with Fart Monster… You have never posted anything constructive to this site… every comment you make is to trash someone else’s.. go fuck yourself.

    • Marc

      ps.. Im actually gay so no i have never touched a vagina and im quit scared of them.. but i am quite talented in the art of reach arounds..

      • Abur

        You’re scared of vaginas? Why? You’re unlikely to ever encounter one unless you choose to, and even if you did…no one would make you enter if you didn’t want to. What is there to fear?

        As for Fart Monster, he’s the worst kind of fan, and gives the rest of fandom a bad name. Pay him no mind.

  • Abur

    Fart Monster, you’re an idiot. I’ve never seen you ever make any posts on this board that were worth reading. Go away.

    • naultz

      I second that, fart monster…stinks 🙂 check out last weeks blog were he thought sayid was talking about Shannon instead of Nadia. I don’t even think he watches the show, he just likes to lash out at other people.

      Brissa, i haven’t seen your blog, but regardless, you have the right to do what ever you want. I learned along time ago to not worry about what everyone thinks and to just believe in what you think. opinions are like assholes… everyones got one and most of them stink.

      • Cody

        I also found that funny. This idiot actually thought he was talking about Shannon. Must be tough to follow the show with so little knowledge of it.

        • marc

          naultz u just have to click on her name to see her blog.. and for the record im not really gay but i was looking for a way to make put fartmonsters stinky foot in his mouth or should i say ass…

  • “Jacob” made me this way…

  • Marc

    Jacob made you hot.. dont listen to FAT Monster

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    Yeah so…LOST is good….yeah…

    • Handsome Smitty

      Except for the idiot fans.

  • Marc

    fart monster you caused this asshole.. or maybe now YOUR trying to hit on her.. lol.. asshole

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