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Vodcast with Terry O’quinn

By lyly ford,

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Terry O’quinn discusses with ABC about Flockey/MIB and then hear Darlton answering fan’s question.

  • Andrew


    • Dude, Lyly is always bringing us cool tidbits about the show. Why do you feel the need to be so rude?

    • Come on man, this is a community of Lost fans. Show some solidarity. On another note, has Mr. O’Quinn ever been awesome this season. I can see why he didn’t submit his name for Emmy consideration; he was waiting for season six.

  • Flocko

    In truth, someone really does need to proofread Ms. Ford’s posts before they go live.

    • wanna take the job ? feel free to email Doc 😉 I’m sure he’ll take in consideration your request

  • bioariel

    What’s with all the hate? I don’t get it… And I’m not lyly’s fan or anything, just think that there is nothing wrong in any of her entries… Anyway…
    I love these vodcasts

  • dolce

    Dudes, she’s French. Could you do any better if it was the other way around? Just sayin’.

  • TheTailSucktion

    I couldn’t disagree with you guys more. There SHOULD be proofreading conducted. The fact that she’s French SUPPORTS that notion, not negates it. It’s a matter of professionalism and pride in the site. Doc should want the articles on his site to be well-written. You can’t just say, “Well, she’s not a native English speaker, so it’s fine that her articles are always an unedited mess.” There should be more pride taken to keep this site up to its usual standards. Ford’s articles are always below that standard because they’re so sloppily written. What’s more, they’re always very short, so how much effort would it really take Doc to read them over before approving them for posting? A couple of minutes, nothing more, and it would keep his site up to its usual excellence.

    • TheTailSucktion

      After all, this site isn’t AICN or TheTailSection–this site actually has integrity and respect. Why let that reputation drop due to pedestrian writing?

  • I just find the typos pretty amusing.

  • since my english is so bad i’ll answer you in french
    alors voila je suis une GRANDE FAN DE LOST et j’adore doc mon anglais est peut-être merdique mais j’adore l’aider quand il dort car oui doc et moi on dort mais pas les même heures alors quand lui il dort, moi je bosse pour lui, j’ai vu cette vidéo sur mon compte ABC j’ai posté pour VOUS, je suis malade depuis une semaine mais je maje mes blog, LM, et ici car LOST est important pour moi, mon anglais je le relis pas car en plus c’était le matin que j’ai fais ça, j’avais la tête dans le queue c’est fort possible. maintenant, allez sur google faire la traduction.
    Bonne soirée à vous et si doc ne veut plus de mon aide qu’il le dise.
    A bon entendeur

    • Ed-Mars

      Lyly, ma chère, ne laisse pas ces remarques négatives t’affecter, ces gens peuvent etre de vrais connards des fois. Aucune classe et aucun respect pour une demoiselle. Je pense que c’est super de ta part de mettre toutes ces petites choses de Lost à notre disposition. Je comprends l’anglais aussi bien que le français, donc pour moi, il n’y a aucun problème à ce sujet. J’èspere que tu iras mieux très vite et je te suis très reconaissant pour tout ce que tu fais sur ce site. Bonne soirée à toi également.

      For the english speaking folks : please don’t be rude to a lady, she’s doing it all for free, despite being ill. Keep in mind, her heart’s in the right place and she’s doing all that because she’s a Lost fan, like everyone here.

      • Merci pour ton gentil message, je ne l’ai pas mal pris, c’est plutôt “amusant” d’une certaine façon mais c’est aussi “épuisant” d’une autre. bah c’est rien, un virus qui va passer mais c’est que j’ai la santé fragile c’est pour ça que c’est parfois long.
        Bonne soirée

        • Ed-Mars

          Mais je t’en prie, de rien, ça me fait plaisir 🙂

          • poop mcgee


    • Twitchy

      Allez allez Lyly! Nevermind such shovinist critics.

      Un cousin italienne.

  • Amazing how they keep the actors in the dark yet they pull it off like bandits!

    Is Smocke good or evil, we are to assume evil because of the “darkness”, however Jacob could have been the supreme bad guy.

  • Hey guys,
    is it really necessary to bicker about someone’s ability to write in a foreign language?
    @all captious critic: Have you seen Lost and did you understand Lost?
    We’re not in A Tale For Two Cities here, or in Stranger in a strange Land or
    The Others vs The Survivors.
    Better watch Lost better and act by the wise messages behind Lost.

    … and learn to speak an write French. I know native speaking English people who write more worse than Lyly does.

    • Fyfy Lord

      “I know native speaking English people who write ***more worse*** than Lyly does.”

      You don’t say? 🙂

      • I’m not going to be on a level with some guys here.

  • Oh, sorry for my mistakes! 🙂

  • Twitchy

    magnificient line

    • Man in Blue

      Eh. It was an okay line. Kind of dickish, actually.

      • GeigerCounter

        It did seem a little bit rude because if you don’t know their sense of humor you might think they’re racist or something.

  • spacebender

    Delightful vodcast! Thanks, Lyly, for posting it (and so many other goodies!), and I do hope you are feeling well very soon.

  • dd

    Anyone else hate the question about concerning “do they make it up as they go along?” It’s so completely irrelevant as a measure of quality and ignores that LOST was not released as a finished piece. We see on-the-fly editorial decisions. If something isn’t working, they don’t have the luxury of making changes before it is viewed by millions of moronic fans.

  • Latoria Falvo