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LOST: Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse interview

By lyly ford,

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20090123053255_lost_s5b_r1Crave Online: Should we assume the season three finale was the first flash forward, or could other previous ones have been in the future?

Carlton Cuse: Well, it’s all kind of relativistic. I think what you will really learn from the season is that if you look at the sort of, if you look at Lost in its totality, where sort of various pieces of the jigsaw puzzle go in, they all go in relative to each other. So that was the first one we saw on the show but in a timeline sense, you may see other flash forwards that would slot earlier than that.

Damon Lindelof: We weren’t trying to be cutesy. The actual answer to your question is that’s the first event that happened after the Oceanic Six was rescued. Nothing else that you’ve seen happened after that.

Crave Online: Will we be seeing a lot more Nestor Carbonell?

Carlton Cuse: You will.

Crave Online: How would you have told the story if Cane had been a hit and Nestor were unavailable?

Damon Lindelof: Yeah, that’s a great question. The good news is that since we got the end date of the show, that allowed us a tremendous amount of preplanning time. So in the case of Nestor, basically he was on the show Cane last year and we found ourselves in a position where if that show had been successful and had been picked up beyond the 13 episodes and he was a series regular on the show, that Lost probably, you never would have seen Richard Alpert again. So we had to have a plan B which would have been sort of catastrophic for us since we had sort of weaved Richard Alpert into the show in such a significant way. So once Cane did not get picked up, we did a deal with Nestor which basically secured his services should we choose to pull the trigger on them until the end of season six, so we have him until the end. When you have sort of secondary characters who are essential to the plot like Charles Whitmore or Richard Alpert, the benefit of knowing the story ahead of time is that we can try to lock those actors down and not find ourselves in a situation where we’re waiting around for them to be available. The other good news is, because we shoot the show, the show doesn’t premiere until January, we have latitude. Someone might not be available for the episode that we want them for, but because we’re shooting starting in July all the way through March, maybe they’re available a little later and we can slot them into an episode at a later date.

Crave Online: Will we see Claire and Jin this season?

Carlton Cuse: We’ll definitely see Jin this season. I mean, he’s a series regular. Claire is not a series regular this year but her story is by no means over, so you will see her but you’ll probably see more of her in season six. And Jin will we back. What we’ve said is that we’re not saying Jin is currently alive after the explosion of the freighter but since we are telling stories in both the past, the present and the future, you will definitely be seeing Jin stories. We’re just not telling you when those are occurring.

Crave Online: So he’s still a regular? Because he’s not in any of the photos.

Damon Lindelof: That’s correct.

Crave Online: Do you plan on revealing who Ben answers to or maybe revisiting Ms. Hawking?

Damon Lindelof: You know, who Ben works for is probably Ben, but the fact that he is obviously involved with other people and as you’ve seen from these first three episodes, has some sort of relationship with Ms. Hawking. We don’t know how long it goes back or what exactly the nature of that relationship is, but again, characters’ alliances, certainly those who have been on the island for a while like Ben or Richard Alpert, is stuff that we’re going to start to do fairly intensively towards the latter half of this season and much more so in the final season of the show.

Crave Online: What’s the plan for incorporating Ajira Airlines into the mythology?

Carlton Cuse: That’s a very good question. Can we go way in the back there? [Laughs]

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