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Lost Finale Rumor Roundup

By docarzt,

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Usually, we avoid these sorts of things… BUT!  There are some pretty awesome rumors circulating including some highly credible cast sightings and shooting alerts that work together in a very interesting way.  So without further delay…

  • Francois Chau is ON THE ISLAND!  This may suggest that he has a large part in a flash sequence, or that he is doing the orientation film work for The Orchid set, which leads us to rumor number 2.
  • The Orchid is one of the largest Dharma Station sets built so far.  It apparently features multiple floors and different sections that have different purposes. 
  • Ryan from The Transmission reports the Greg Grunberg has been seen out and about on Oahu.  Will we be seeing the pilot in the finale?


  • Yup, I thought that said HUMOR roundup and I accidently got a little bit spoiled. Should Doc and crew not give out mild spoilers? Nope, this former English major should learn to read. Hahaha

    Worth it, because Grunberg rocks. Does ANYONE not like that actor, seriously?

  • Alias Fan

    Loved him on Alias! I always wished he had been a bigger part of the show.

  • downthehatch

    My theory is that this finale is going to show us how they get off and how they get back simultaneously. They have been discussing how by the end of the season, fans are going to wonder how the flash back/forward can continue. They have also speculated that the audience’s notion on the present events will be challenged. I mean are the island sequences present or past now that we have the future.

  • preztige

    yes…i have a huge feeling that the pilot was part of this shit as well.. think saw 3ish type shiznit….
    even tho smokey got him

  • zmxncvb2

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