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LOST Gallery – Spoilery Screengrabs from LOST 5.05 – This Place is Death!

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Warning, these screengrabs from LOST 5.05 do reveal some major plot points (if you study carefully). Consider this a spoiler minefield.

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  • Hipster Doofus

    hm. nothing seemed that spoilery to me…at least not any more spoilery than it was when I watched the preview on tv. i just wonder what the hole it is that Locke is being lowered down.

    • spinflip

      Mhm, either the Orchid’s elevator is broken or this might actually be Smokey’s lair (hence the light?).

    • rysjules

      come on man, it’s a “spoiler minefield” what’s wrong with you.
      smokeys lair, yah that’s clever. Room 23 needs a writer, head there immediately. he’s being lowered into the orchid, the elevator isn’t there anymore or hasn’t been built yet.

      • dolce

        Agreed. Has not been built yet.

  • Malakai

    So they are back before Dharma and there is a well that leads down to teh time-anomoly thing and presumably the frozen donky wheel. However, another time jump happens when lock is in the middle of being lowered down so who knows what it will look like in the next period.

    Is that an explosion Jin and the french team are running from or is that white/gray smoke the monster? Could the monster have looked different in the past?

    • Justin

      If there was a well or shaft down to the “donkey wheel” why wouldn’t Darma have already found it or know of it, long before digging and happen to come across it. I agree that is what it should be, the light seems to be the same light that there when Ben turned the wheel.

  • Will

    I must not be studying carefully enough.

  • Rod

    The Explosion with Jin and the French team seems to me like a landmine explosion more so them Smokey.

    I think the Well is the orchid before the hatch was built.

    Nothing in this pictures seem to give away anything.

  • preztige

    who is the bald guy sun is pointing the gun at? or am i just seeing things

  • the traveler

    Maybe, when they jump again, when Locke is in the well they will jump to a period of time before the well has been dug and locke will jump into the solid earth. How cool would that be? 🙂

  • Yonko

    Or he might fall from a considerable height, getting spinal damage thus rendering his legs useless… (rings any bells?)

  • Hole

    Ummmm looks to me like Jin is right behind Juliet in the first picture. I don’t think anyone in their group had a brown shirt on did they?

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