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Lost – Michaelpalooza Part 2 – Behind The Scenes (possible Spoilers)

By docarzt,

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  • tecwzrd

    I was most surprised to learn they don’t use a steadicam for the motion shots 😮 Seriously they aren’t that much money and give a much more polished production IMO. I understand not using one for climatic scenes of racing through a jungle but for anything else it should be used or else it just looks like your high school friends shot it.

    Plus they were making a ton of noise with 3+ people backing up. I know that the boom microphone is going to keep some of it from being picked up but overall I was kind of disheartened at how unprofessional it all looked 🙁

  • tobi42

    it’s not only the cam that is expensive, it’s the steadycam’s operator…