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Lost – Missing Pieces 108 – Jin Throws a Temper Tantrum

By docarzt,

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Here is mobisode 108, Jin Throws a Temper Tantrum, in HQ.

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  • DocArzt

    Absolutely lame. This one…

  • El Prez

    yep…that one was a mystery….It looked like a Korean version of Happy Gilmore

  • preztige

    I think it was to emphasize more on Jin’s characteristics back in Season 2. If he is jealous agaisnt Sun because he has a reason to be angry at her…or if he is just a lonely ass dude like he says….but i dont know…lol
    they really didnt put effort in this one

  • morty

    pardon my french but wtf… this does not look like somthing from lost, it looks more like a parody, i wish i was a joke… to quote Doc, “Absolutely lame”, I’ve liked all the mobisodes till I saw this one, wow thats outta character for Jin

  • morty

    FYI i meant to say “I wish it was a joke” my keyboard sucks.

  • morty

    message to preztige: Definitely from season 1 because the first thing Jin did when he got back from the raft at the beginning of season 2 was get that handcuff taken off, you see his handcuff in the vid so it’s definitely supposed to be from season 1…

  • numbersarebad

    I don’t know what we were supposed to get from that…maybe to show us why ping pong replaced golf as the island’s national sport?! Maybe to remind people that Michael used to be likable? I guess it shows that Jin has come along way from being a lonely, violent, son of a (fill in the blank with whatever you want to call his mother)

  • morty

    am gonna go 4 son of a motherless goat its from a movie called ‘THE 3 AMIGOS’

  • DocArzt

    To top it off the dialog is like something someone who didn’t speak english would use if they were trying to speak English, not a literal translation. Lamo.

  • LockeHume

    I hope this is the last crappy mobisode. I figured that the closer we got to the premiere the better and more relevant the mobisodes would become. I’m still holding out hope that the last two will be better. I thought this one was stupid right after I heard the name. Labsolutely Ame.

  • Brian Holmes

    I didn’t think it was bad at all! Easily one of the best, in my opinion. Not everything, especially during the off season, has to have relevance to a large part of the show. It was a short, hilarious filler clip. I loved it.

    Anyway, where’s the first addition of your “Season 4” posts, Doc? HUH!? HUH!?

  • Jane

    I agree, I thought this clip was quite humourous. I liked how Hurley knew to give Jin room to vent.

  • Jimbo08lak

    I have to disagree with you Doc. I don’t think it was lame whatsoever. I think it gave us a great insight to how Jin must have felt early on when he could understand nothing and how alone he must have been with only and angry Sun to talk about. I feel like we really go to know what Jin was thinking. Of course he is like my third favorite character, so I may be bias.

  • LiamPace

    As far as grandiose content goes, it was on the lame side. Regardless, I still liked it. Jin is one of my favorite characters, and I always want him to do more on the show. I loved it when he went all Bruce Lee on Patchy in “D.O.C.” I’m looking forward to Jin’s flash forwards. Ten bucks says he’ll be speaking fluent English in those.

  • Desmundo

    I liked this one, it was funny and humanized Jin a little. One thing I always wondered was why more of the Losties don’t freak out once in a while. The ones who have have been goaded into it by an apparition or something fishy. But I would think there would be more freaking out in general, just because of how f’ed up their situation is. And Jin is usually pretty stoic, so it was nice to see him vent a bit.

    Hurley and Michael’s reactions are perfect as well.

  • Human Juggernaut

    I liked this episode, too. Although I do agree with the Doc that the dialogue was a bit cheesy and sounded “too American” for an Asian, I do think overall it was good for a couple of reasons.

    1) It was cool for someone to finally touch on Jin’s loneliness. Yeah, they’re all stranded. But he is the only one with a language barrier, so in a sense he is truly the loneliest person on the island. To be honest I had never thought about that, but now I am like “duh!”

    2) LOST oftens uses bits of comedy in its narrative. But it seems more like a flash because it is buried in 42 minutes. This is a 2 minute webisode (or mobisode or whatever) so the time seems longer because it is the girth of the scene. I thought it was a welcome, refreshing and relaxed clip. Not everything has to queue the drama music.

    These little clips are not regular season and are not meant to be taken as such. They are additional insights into past events/shows. Because of this I think they can produce them anyway they want.

    It’s better than!! I still don’t understand the fascination/appreciation over that. It’s horrible!
    [I know we all have a LOST jones, but this is not as good as everyone posts and you know it!]

  • robotcat

    You horrible ball. why? why? why?
    it may have just been too long since lost has been on, but I think that was as funny as “the polar bears only took two hours” gag. Plus it references the idea of repentance, Jin is paying retribution for past mis-deeds and nothing goes right for him, or something…what you want in 2 minutes?

  • soopafly

    This one is amazing lol, its funny but sad at the same time. Jin is dope

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