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Lost Mobisode – Missing Pieces 1.09 – What is in “The Envelope”?

By docarzt,

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Game Failure

I enjoy how they are leaving some room for debate on some of the items explored in the “Lost: Missing Pieces.” For instance, Room 23 never went as far as to say it was Walt in the room no matter how obvious it was that it was. This shows that the writers have enough faith in our brain power not to resort to piles of exposition in the dialogue. So this time around, there will no doubt be a lot of debate over what is in “The Envelope.” My guess, Ben’s X-Ray. For starters it looks like dark acetate.

The question is, was it worth revisiting? For me, I’d give it a yes. It shows that Juliet was more concerned for reasons not only relevant to her. Would the recession of the island’s healing powers have an impact on the population at large?

Let’s hear your theories…

  • UKlostit

    I think your right DocArzt, it is worth looking at.

    Maybe Juliet is concerned that there messiah (BEN) has encountered such a terrible illness (Assuming it is the X-ray), that the “book club” may be prone to such illness, lol.

    I must have missed this previously! (“revisiting” ^) is it some sort of clip which was removed from the original episode? or is it an extra?

  • Annli

    I think it is Ben’s X-rays. It’s pretty obvious, to me anyways. Juliet probably is concerned that Ben’s sickness is a bad sign for them all. After all, if their leader has been stricken with a life threatening illness, where there should be none, what could happen to the rest of them?

  • X-rays were also my first thought. What a way to revisit a character though – I still don’t really trust Juliet, and this just adds to my suspicions.

  • 163


  • Terri

    Sorry doc but Im going to have to stop coming here as you have said that you have seen all the episodes so your theories will have your knowledge of the first 8 in them.

  • David

    This is clearly Ben’s X-Rays, and for the first time, clearly a deleted scene and not new material for the mobisodes. So now they have technically lied about the content of the mobisodes. This scene is actually mentioned in the commentary of Tale of Two Cities. They cut it out because they felt it was introducing the tumor too soon, before you even really had a chance to get to know who Ben really was.

  • DocArzt

    Terri, I’m only focusing my theories on unsolved items. No spoilers even by inference. But the statement is a little out of place isn’t it? Since this is from the past and not the future, it isn’t a spoiler. Even though it is properly

  • drlori

    I vote the X rays. Interesting that the other woman assumed it was about Juliet and Ben having a love interest. That also explains Juliet’s comment to Coleen when she intrudes into their conversation in the Hydra.

    Great clip!

  • maven

    Also, it seems that Amelia and Juliet have a closer friendship since she calls her “Julie”. How many other people have called her that?

  • jonny

    this is a deleted scene from “A tale of two Cities” Thats why JJ abrams has a teleplay credit. Someone on Darkufo posted the promotional photos of Juliet talking to Amelia. So because of that, its pretty obvious it is ben’s xray in the envelop.

    im kind of disappointed when i found that out.

  • Jake

    Yeah, I have watch the first episode of season three with the commentary and (I think it was him) Lindelof said that there were a scene in which Juliet and Amelia look at ben’s x-rays. Or maybe Juliet was alone, I’m not sure…

  • daisy

    I was wondering where I had seen this before, and it was definatly on my S3 DVDs….

  • GreenBeretBob

    Does anyone know where I can download all of the missing pieces videos in high quality? Thanks in advance.

  • gusteaux

    Can’t believe no one has made this comment. Amelia? Hello? Isn’t it strange that a character named Amelia is intoduced on the island in a mobisode a couple of weeks after Amelia Earhart’s transmissions were featured in Find 815?

  • i think ben’s xray’s would be too obvious…from what i remember..goodwin was still alive when this took place… goodwin and juliet shared a night (at least one night) together… soon after this is when juilet really really wanted the eff off the island… what if she is pregnant? it would be one good explaination of why her and jack arent together in the flashforwards… and explain a few other spoiler theories i have that i dont want to type out.

  • daisy

    In the commentary of ‘A tale of two cities’ – Damon and Elizabeth Mitchell talk about the scene that they had cut out – it with with Julia ( which I assume is the character Amelia’s real name ) and how she talks to her about how Ben may feel about Juliette. They also talk about how the scene tells about the x-rays and Ben’s tumor but they cut it out so that it kept the suspense for a little while.

    I’d say it is the scene they are talking about. I’m sure it’s hidden in S3 dvds somewhere, because I am sure I’ve already seen it, but I’m too tired to find it.

    Interestingly in this commnentary, Damon keeps bringing up the ‘eye acting’ stuff. He keeps bringing attention to people’s eyes….but that’s a whole other discussion ! Lol!

  • Wes Johnson

    What this one does………… it shows us that someone else knows about bens x-rays.
    could everything be falling apart for ben because certain people now know he is sick???