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Lost Mobisode – Missing Pieces 1.09 – What is in “The Envelope”?

By docarzt,

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Game Failure

I enjoy how they are leaving some room for debate on some of the items explored in the “Lost: Missing Pieces.” For instance, Room 23 never went as far as to say it was Walt in the room no matter how obvious it was that it was. This shows that the writers have enough faith in our brain power not to resort to piles of exposition in the dialogue. So this time around, there will no doubt be a lot of debate over what is in “The Envelope.” My guess, Ben’s X-Ray. For starters it looks like dark acetate.

The question is, was it worth revisiting? For me, I’d give it a yes. It shows that Juliet was more concerned for reasons not only relevant to her. Would the recession of the island’s healing powers have an impact on the population at large?

Let’s hear your theories…