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Lost News – EW Tease & commentor JimmyJamz Gets it right

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Doc Jensen: ‘Lost’: The Show Is Back!


Big Kudos for JimmyJamz who correctly guessed what a Dharka was (Dharma-Parka).  He gets a mention on this week’s Doc Jensen column.  When Jeff Jensen posted the teaser, recapped the article, and JimmyJamz posted his guess in our comments.


Doc J only posted part of my email to him, here is the rest:


“Not from me but had to ask, JimmyJamz thinks that Dharka is a Dharma Parka.  This will be yet another foreshadow that the island has some relation to a place or a time that is very cold.
So, is Dharka a Dharma Parka?”


JimmyJamz got it right.  Great Job!  The prize for such an acheivment is.. nada.  But, he does get bragging rights.


Go check out the mildly spoilery video of Jensen’s interviews with Holloway, Garcia, Emerson and Cuselof.  The Show is Back!  This is going to be a long day waiting for 10 Eastern/9 Central.