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LOST Spoiler – 5.07 Preview – One of tonight’s Guest Stars Speaks!

By lyly ford,

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Malcolm David Kelly arrives at 'Target Presents Variety's Power

Lost fans really haven’t spent much time with Walt in recent seasons, save for a hand-wave from an apartment window and a haunting visit to Locke’s would-be grave. But this Wednesday, Michael’s son will get a bit more screen time as “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” details Locke’s odyssey from donkey wheel to casket. Malcolm David Kelley — who as Walt was one of Lost‘s original cast members — shared a glimpse at his character’s latest appearance. I have to tell you, a reader emailed me saying she was skeptical about your Lost future because of that Tyson chicken commercial you’re in.
Kelley: Oh yeah, my manager told me about that! A lot of people are bugging out about that commercial — “What are you doing?!” But sure enough, Walt returns this week. In what capacity?
Kelley: Let’s see…. I don’t want to give anything away…  but there’s a situation where he knows something is going on, but nobody told him. It’s that sort of thing. What, does he get wind that Jack, Kate and the others are returning to the island?
Kelley: I’m just going to be talking to somebody, and…. Let’s just say I know a little bit about what’s going on, but nobody wants to tell me. Now that the show is time-jumping around, do you get to play closer to your real age of 16? No more waving from windows or skewed camera angles?
Kelley: I do, and that’s a very cool thing. I don’t have to play this young boy anymore. I don’t have to change my voice or have them dub in someone else’s voice. There were a lot of things we had to do to try to make me sound younger. When you first started the show, did you worry, “If I start to sprout, I’m going to lose my job”?
Kelley: I really didn’t expect me to grow that fast! It was just over a year period that I started sprouting up and my voice got deeper. I wasn’t really thinking about it. I didn’t know how long the show was going to go, but then they started saying “2010”…. Does Walt know that his father is dead?
Kelley: [Pauses] I… don’t think so. I’m not sure. There’s talk that Walt actually was on the flight back to the island in spirit, because Hurley took some of his comic books with him.
Kelley: [Laughs] That’d be pretty cool. But I hope I get to go back to the island myself at some point. But maybe since Walt has his telekinesis-like powers, somebody doesn’t want him back on the island. He could prove too useful to … someone.
Kelley: Right, that’s true. So maybe they’re doing a smart thing!

Get more from Malcolm David Kelley later this week in the new “Getting Lost” video.

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  • getisboy

    please don’t spoil people in the description!

    • oh no DON’T START AGAIN -_-
      i didn’t say anything, and if you read press release, watch abc you saw promo
      seriously i start to be nervous to post anything here because of people like you here :s

      • Devin

        Some of us intentionally avoid the promos and press releases. If you wanna post spoilers, post away, but those of us that avoid them appreciate fair warning. 🙂

        • dolce

          Isn’t that a little extreme? Avoiding promos, really?

  • Devin

    Come on Doc! Usually you’re good at keeping spoilers out of the headlines! Usually I see SPOILER in my RSS reader and am able to avoid anything.

    ::sigh:: Oh well. I guess it’s not that big of one, Walt did say that Locke came to see him.

  • Alistar

    Get a life, will ya? If you don’t want to be “spoiled”, what the hell are you doing browsing around a site that has Lost spoilers? Turn off your damn computer and come back after the series ends.

    • I think the point is that Doc’ had previously made a no-spoilers promise. Which was in post-titles and on the main page.

      Personally, I won’t be able to continue reading the site any more, simply to avoid things like this. Which is depressing, since when you filter out the garbage like this, there’s some really top quality posts, and one of the few blogs with actual journalism taking place.

      • docarzt

        Did we not know already that John Locke visited Walt? This is not a spoiler. It’s even in the first page of Jeff Jensen’s article?

        • Sure, it may be considered as a commonly known thing, but there’s people who would consider that a huge spoiler, and would prefer to have the surprise, people who avoid Jeff Jensen’s article (of which I’m not sure how that relates to the discussion. Is that an indicator of what is and isn’t spoiler?) and other released material would consider this a spoiler. Since this hasn’t aired, it’s technically spoiler material–I mean it does exactly that, it spoils the surprise.

          But sure, not getting bogged down in semantics, I was mostly referring to the fact that two of these were posted by the same person in quick succession. The latter post which really does reveal something for tonight’s episode, which is just hours away.

          My problem isn’t that I was spoiled, since I already knew this, but just that it’s possible for other, more detailed information, to make it into the subject-lines of other posts. This comes back to the same point about the quality of your posts, compared to other contributors here, Jon. It’s baffling that you allow such low quality posts which have not been edited for grammar, spelling, and spoilers in the title, on such a blog with an established level of quality.

          But going back to the spoiler issue, I think that it was a genuinely great move to make to remove spoilers/possible-spoilers as titles and FP content. The people who want to know such information–however lite–are going to click when it’s mentioned as such. Those who don’t? Can happily avoid it.

          • docarzt

            Yeah, we will go back to that. I just think in this case, the ‘outrage’ is artificial and serves a different purpose.

            So for those concerned, I’m doing a few things here:

            1) Instituting the title convention that we had before. Spoilers will be simply titled:

            “Lost Spoiler – Episode x.xx – [Vague Info]” With vague info being “Casting scoop, story details revealed, title revealed” etc.

            2) A common graphic will be used for ALL spoilers on the front page. So no accidental spoiling with the images.

            3) NO details beyond teasers in the excerpts/rss. I do not consider “Guess who is returning tonight” to be a spoiler, for the record.

          • Devin


            I, for one, didn’t mean to come off as outraged, if I did, so sorry about that. It was more of kind of an “Ah! Spoilers!” thing.

      • Alaine

        So, my wish to read a spoiler is superceeded by your need to avoid them? I just don’t get it.

        • The world of collectivism is here, friend.

        • That isn’t the case at all. A little effort to cater for /everyone/ is surely welcome. It doesn’t take much to /not/ include spoilers.

          Like I said above, people who wish to read the actual spoiler are going to read further when the article is marked as such. So by not being specific in the title, and having the spoiler contained within the article content, everyone is catered for. Which I thought is what the idea was with the recent ‘spoiler-free’ pact.

          I’m more than willing to stop reading as regularly as I do, and coinciding my reading until after episodes — but that isn’t the point. I’m not trying to impose anything, just questioning the (assumed) already existing principles being broken.

  • Bookhouse Boy

    The article acts as if it’s forgotten the appearance of “present day” Walt at the end of last season when he visited Hurley.

  • docarzt

    yeah, not a spoiler. It’s pretty well known that Malcom is guesting on this episode. The network lists him as guest star in all listings. There is no story information revealed. overall, I thought the interview just barely qualifies as a spoiler to begin with…

    • seals

      i didn’t know any of that. and i was spoiled by the headline.

  • RandomZombie


    Tonight’s episode is titled “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham,” and taller, non-ghost Walt told Hurley in “The Beginning of the End” that Bentham came to see him. I thought that it would be obvious that taller, non-ghost Walt would return soon.

    Maybe my definition of a spoiler is different from others. “The finale is a flash-forward” or “Smoke monster kills Eko” are spoilers. “Lapidis is in this episode” or “Bernard fights Ben” are not. That’d be fun to see, though.

    • Tim


      • Ed Holden

        Locke shot Mr. Burns!

  • My daughter avoids the blog home page when she doesnt want to be spoiled, if some feel its spoiler packed then ….simple suggestion avoid the home page and stick to the forums 🙂

  • *sigh*

    May I ask, why is she still posting here, unedited/vetted? She’s slowly raping the image of your prestigious name with a rusty pitchfork. I don’t mean to be vulgar, but this is what she brings me to.

    Screw it, anything I say here will only be rehashing this:

    • martin

      too funny and very true bauer

    • Alaine

      You may not have ment to be vulgar, but that’s exactly what you did. Mentioning “rape” and a “rusty pitchfork” about a Lost article is going too far. Walk a mile in a rape victims shoe and see how you feel.

      • Welcome to the world of collectivism…oh, wait. I already mentioned that, didn’t I?

        Good grief. Screw Sensitivity 101 – how about Thick Skin 320!!!

    • Hey, that was totally uncalled for and really rude considering Lyly’s been working hard contributing to the site and helping out Doc Arzt. She does a great job finding Lost media material and bringing it here for the rest of us to read.

      You don’t like how Doc runs things? Go create your own Lost blog.

      • Whether she’s been “working hard” or not is beside the point. Hard work does not equate to good work. As I’ve mentioned already, Jon has set a superb standard, and the fact of the matter is, lyly ford has repeatedly proven that she’s not worthy to post at such a level.

        I understand that the content of her posts often superseeds her ability to report, and I suppose all that is required here is a little bit of vetting to ensure that this content is delivered at the same great quality already established.

        The sentiment of “don’t like it? Make your own” is kinda’ lame. I think it’s much wiser to try and improve the already great sources for material. I enjoy reading the majority of the content here. I see myself as a regular reader, and I believe I’m entitled to state my issues plainly, if sometimes ‘offensive’ or ‘crossing the line’. This is the internetz, after-all.

        • What I’m saying is that you probably don’t know how much collective hard work goes into running a site this big, and scouring/gathering all the information from the corners of the world wide web. For you to personally attack Lyly (who’s doing us a service) and Doc for choosing to have her as one of his main contributors is pretty darn meanspirited. What have you done for the Lost fandom recently? Griped on that blog of yours? I see you turned the comments off, so you don’t really want a discussion.

          Your personal crusade to tell other people how to run their sites, and give unsolicited advice about who they should choose as friends and collaborators just smacks of intellectual snobbery and elitism of the worst kind. It’s not noble. It’s not even constructive. It’s just plain sour grapes IMO.

          • Whether I’m aware of how much work goes into it, or not–again–is besides the point. As is my “contributions” to the Lost community (is that something that can be measured?) The matter here is the quality established, and the quality being posted. They differ greatly, and I think it’s about time somebody spoke up about it.

            I’m on no crusade, just voicing my opinion. Just as you are commenting on how /I/ run /my/ site, I am entitled to do so about others. I never claimed, nor tried to be noble or constructive. I’m not sure those qualities are even desirable, nor why you would conjure them up as something to compare me to.

            Again, outside the scope of the discussion, but the comments are disabled blog-wide (spambots causing problems, no need for comments).

          • docarzt

            Okay no more fighting guys, I’m going to address all sides of the concerns.

    • First i’m FRENCH
      You know, paris, moulin rouge, le vin, les escargots etc…
      BONJOUR DE FRANCE mais prends pas le train sinon mimi va vnir te pecho et il peut être vrt vener tu sais alors prends pas de train si tu tiens à pas voir la racaille 😉

      Second, i’ve source and if i say things it’s because i learn it MYSELF not my fault if people can steal stuff it happened to me sometimes too

      Third, be jealous all you want, i’ve stuff and i share with REAL LOST FAN, i don’t try to get attention just share what i can get but be jealous it’s funny and maybe one day you’ll get some infos and everybody will point a finger at you and you’ll see what it make you feel 😉

      and To finish, helping people don’t mean OMG look at me but hé put a post like make me think it’s the way you’re acting
      enjoy NOT this place
      bon vent, bonne bourre !

      • Krypter

        Hé, ma petite poulette, moi aussi je peux parler en français (correctement j’ajoute, contrairement à toi qui parle comme si t’étais sur MSN — mes yeux saignent tellement c’est mal écrit).
        Pourquoi “parlé com sa ^^” sachant qu’on est sur un blog quasi-pro là, un peu de respect pour tes lecteurs diantre !
        De plus, écrire à la Tarzan ou utiliser Google Trad, c’est pas de l’anglais correct. Et par ailleurs, n’oublions pas également l’existence de la ponctuation et des majuscules.
        Si tu ne sais pas correctement écrire en anglais, pourquoi poster sur des blogs justement anglophone au lieu de te contenter de poster sur des sites français ?
        Tu pourrais simplement passer l’info à DocArzt par exemple, pour qu’il fasse une news propre, et non un truc qui donne envie de se suicider.
        Encore une fois, on est pas sur MSN ou un site de troll, on est sur une ressource sérieuse d’infos sur Lost, si tu n’es pas capable d’être à la hauteur du site, GTFO.
        Et comme on dit : KTHXBAI.
        P.S. : En anglais il n’y a pas d’espace après un ?, : ou un !
        P.S. 2 : Tu peux m’aider à traduire la phrase ci-dessous, j’ai rien compris (et c’est pas faute d’avoir essayé).
        “helping people don’t mean OMG look at me but hé put a post like make me think it’s the way you’re acting”

  • Andy W.

    There’s no reason for the unwarranted and unkind attacks on Lyly Ford. She does a fine job despite the language barrier, and in any case, this article was NOT A SPOILER since anyone watching last season already knew that John visited Walt before he died. Since tonight’s episode is a rundown of what happened from when he returned until he died, then obviously Walt was going to be in it. It’s just common sense, and anyone who thinks Walt’s involvement is a surprise or a spoiler isn’t thinking too clearly. We’ve known it was going to happen for a year now–it was a given. Lighten up, people.

    • Devin

      As I said above, since Walt did say that Locke visited him, it wasn’t a huge spoiler, so even though we could be pretty sure we’d see Walt tonight, I’d still rather not have that confirmation. I like to go in knowing as little for sure more than what’s been presented as possible.

  • horselover

    Rad that not a single comment actually has anything to do with the content of the article, or speculation on if Walt will get back to the island or anything else relevant. I’d much rather read people bitch about spoilers, other people, political correctness and the fact that all anyone is doing is bitching. I get the feeling some of you are happy to be spoiled or whatever else so you have something to complain about.
    Anyway, I hope Walt winds up back on the island and with a bigger part again. I doubt they would just leave his storyline unfinished without him knowing his father his dead, or explaining his abilities that seemed so important the first few seasons.