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Lost Promo: 515 “Follow the Leader”

By ErasedSlate,

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Here is the promo for Lost Season 5 pisode 15, “Follow the Leader”

  • Iwantmykidneyback

    back to the temple? woooooo!!!

  • Is it just me, or are Jack and Kate going to become the new Jack and Locke?

    • adam118

      With Kate being Science and Jack being Faith?

  • Jack is a flip-floppin’ maniac!
    Were any of their lives any better without the crash?
    Kate’s certainly wasn’t!

    • emoticon

      I completely agree. Kate was probably going to spend the next 20 years in jail if the plane didn’t crash.

      • JJStrange

        I’m finding it really hard to believe that ANY of them would want to erase the past…yes bad things happened…but the experiences that they lived through and how they came out on the other side…wasn’t it worth it? They can’t undo what’s been done!

        • emoticon

          Jack may be the only one arguably happier before the crash. Sure his dad had just died and his wife had left him, but he was still a successful doctor.

  • Like, why go through the trouble of this flying around to get back to the island, if the plan is to stop it all from happening?!?

  • ErasedSlate

    I would bet that they ensure that the failsafe is installed. Their purpose, before returning to the future, is to make sure that Desmond has a key to turn. As Ben has said, “Destiny is a fickle bitch.”

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    I’m just not buying the direction that Jack’s character is going. Its like they are trying to find a way to keep him interesting at this point. Why the heck would Jack want to initiate a string of events that would land Kate in jail, Rose with Cancer, Locke in a wheel chair, etc?? Just seems a bit ridiculous, from a story development stand point. I’m the biggest Lost fan, don’t get me wrong, though I can’t believe that there aren’t other directions to focus the story.

    • emoticon

      Agreed. I thought one of the overarching themes of the show was the redemption of the characters who themselves are lost.

    • DKUVA

      I think it’s a bit of misdirection on the part of the promo creators to keep us interested and debating. Just like I’m pretty sure they edited out the “If” in front of Kate’s “. . . You’re wrong, then everybody’s dead.” What else is in this Journal? other than “Desmond Hume is my constant.”

  • rootAg

    Check around :17 secs. That looks like Ellie and Sayid on the river bank as Jack dives in. More important, though, is that it looks like Ellie has a baby ‘bump’.

  • Sarah

    one reason Kate may go with Daniel’s plan? It’s not better for her personally, but supposedly she went back to find Claire. If the plane lands in LA, then Claire lands safely, has the baby etc etc…

    • emoticon

      Remember that Claire was going to give her baby up for adoption.

      • Sarah

        yeah but Claire would be safe (as far as Kate knows). right now Kate can have no idea how/when/where to even find her…

        I don’t think that’s what Kate is gonna act on though – she seems to be in opposition to Jack, thank goodness

  • ekim

    change the future and all that died wont be dead, jack is doing what he promised, saving everyone

    • adam118

      *Slaps self*

      Okay, THAT would make sense. I could see that as his motivation. Or, he just wants to do the craziest shite possible.

  • test

    think jacks character makes scence. he has a sort of scence of peace. he accepted the island.