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  • Timm

    Wow! Thanks for sharing!

    I’m liking Locke’s “sith master” impression! lol

  • Paul

    Okay… so it’s clear Locke ‘comes back to life’. And since that shouldn’t be possible I see two explanations. Theory 1 – He’s dead and this is his spirit, in the same way that Christian’s and Yemi’s spirits have been seen on the island. Theory 2 – This is the death of Jeremy Bentham but not Locke. In other words the death was faked, and although the false identity of Jermemy Bentham is dead, Locke is very much alive. Now this may seem rediculous, and from the promos it seems Locke tried to commit suicide. But what if he failed? What if he was unconcious after his attempt, found by Ben, and then injected with the paralyzing agent from the Medusa Spider seen in Season 3? Everything is relevant, right? And the paralyzing agent gives people the appearance of death. And since we havn’t witnessed Jeremy Bentham’s death yet, it is entirely plausible that Locke never died and that we have been fooled.

  • docarzt

    Wow. Those crazy canadians! How could they give up something that huge?

    • Zonker

      Really? Wasn’t this pretty definitively spoiled by the original ABC promo shown at the end of 316? The one where Locke clearly says “I remember dying.” And it is pretty clear he is speaking on the island to the woman that escorted Sayid on Flight 316.

  • dolce

    It looks to me,given the context of the dialogue of the promo that this is a full blown ressurection. As to the matter of Christian Shephard, one of the mysteries I’ve always wondered about, I’m still not sure that he isn’t ressurected himself. This was a question I had posed last week in the comments section of the post that listed 10 unanswered mysteries of Lost ( sorry, can’t remember who wrote it at the moment ). I have two thoughts on this:

    Christian is not ressurected, and is a ghost-like figure doing the Island’s bidding. Unlike Locke, he had not been Chosen by the Island prior to his death, so his work is done in the form of an apparition.

    He is ressurected, but his work for the Island requires him to keep a low profile, rather than mingle amongst the survivors. At least not while the true nature of the Island has yet to be revealed to them.

  • dbarrus

    The island won’t let certain people die, Michael (remember how many times Michael tried to kill his self, Rose (free of cancer), until their destiny or part is fulfilled. That said, I don’t think Locke could die, the island would not let him..So I’m sliding towards the whole Medusa Spider theory.

    • dolce

      Didn’t Doc Arzt say in Expose that the spider’s bite only induced death-like symptoms for only about 8 hours?

      • Paul

        Yeah, but Ben and Jill would just have to administer it every 8 hours. He’s been in almost constant care by the Others since his death.

    • rysjules

      how the frig did Ben bring medusa spiders with him while he was busy turning the wheel,
      dumbest theory ever
      oh Locke you’re awake, here’s a medusa spider
      that’s plausible
      give Darlton a lil bit of credit for you know thinking.

      • Paul

        Because this is of course the first time Ben has EVER travelled off the island in his life. It has been clearly shown that Ben has travelled to the mainland since he became leader of the Others, as evidenced by Miles having a photo of him at an airport and the fact that he was a preffered guest at that hotel under the name Dean Moriarty. It would be a simple matter to transport island wildlife to the mainland on a previous trip. Not to mention the fact that since Artz recognises the spider, they are obviously found elsewhere off the island as well.

        The theory may not be correct, but please tell me how it is dumb to postulate that someone who has the appearance of death on a show where a paralyzing agent which gives the appearance of death has been introduced may be under the effects of said paralyzing agent?

  • Axolotl

    Christian Shepherd is not resurrected. He appeared inside the freighter right before it exploded and killed Michael. Locke’s (Bentham’s) death could’ve been of such a nature that it could be “cured” upon arrival to the Island. Not sure about that, but definitely certain that Christian can’t be alive after the freighter explosion.

    • dolce

      Oh yeah. Good point.

  • rick

    my question is when in 4 and a half seasons was it revealed to locke that jack was so important .. i mean they hint at it all the time .. but no one ever said anything to locke that i recall so where does he get his “i know something you don’t” attitude from .. how does he know jack is so special .. if he doesnt even know why he is?

  • master1c

    anybody else thinking that widmore is not the bad guy? I believe that i read that darlton said that we should pay attention to the second protocal and think about if keamy followed it or not…

  • Moe

    In the last scene, when Lock posed more like a saint or more like christ to hang himself while Ben (I think he is Ben!) fell on his knees more like he was praying to him. Didn’t came up to your mind like s fresco of the Apostles or something

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